No, you dopes – FIRST it’s Civil War, THEN Reconstruction

There’s something cracked about the new movie coming out this spring called simply Civil War. Supposedly Texas and California are on the same side among the rebelling states. So much for cinéma vérité.

But staying with the real world, the problem for Barack Obama, George Soros, Klaus Schwab and other such social arsonists is that the aftermath of the populist Ronald Reagan’s two-term presidency, and all the social upheaval re civil rights and war mongering which had preceded it, was an America where people of all stripes actually got along pretty darn well and more than that – liked each other!

You can simply go back to the major Hollywood movies produced in the ’80s and ’90s for compelling anecdotal evidence. Any Republican or Democrat, conservative or progressive, Southerner or big city urbanite could watch just about any show from that era and not fall into one camp or another at each other’s throats.

Take for example Independence Day, one of the biggest (and most fun!) movies of the 90s. We all pulled for America! And Earth! The melting pot was celebrated – there were heroes of all stripes in that movie. We laughed at our differences then. The villains were the ones who wore chips on their shoulders, the stiff-necked zealots for whom every dang thing was a provocation. In Independence Day, Jeff Goldblum played one of those guys who would be today’s progressive, constantly haranguing his coworkers to save the planet by recycling and riding bicycles and such, until he actually did have to save the planet.

Today, unfortunately, the people with chips on their shoulders are ascendant.

It is not the first time in the history of America. No period has ever come even close to the discord we have today as the South under Reconstruction. Abe Lincoln, of course, was one of the greatest human beings ever to serve as president. It can be argued persuasively, however, that the rampant death and destruction of the Civil War could have been avoided if he had not been so quick to pull the trigger, had focused on stronger negotiations with the South than his feckless predecessor, and had hastened the end of slavery through legislative means. But as a wartime leader, Lincoln like FDR later, was a genius, and he managed to reach his goal for the country – which, of course, was not ending slavery but preserving the Union.

However, the assassination of Lincoln at war’s end was a cruel fate. With Lincoln gone, lesser heads prevailed and America’s worst angels were released upon the beaten South. The following decade of Reconstruction was as un-American a period and an environment as counterproductive for the country as any time its history.

The evils of the real Reconstruction are far too involved to detail here, but do yourself a favor. If you have never read (not watched, read) Gone With the Wind, buy a copy and dig into it. It is not just about the Civil War and not just about Scarlet’s and Rhett’s personal struggles, but Reconstruction as well. Margaret Mitchell was a master of the art of painting human nature and personalities in all their wonderful (and vexing) diversity – with humor and pathos. And she was incomparably artful in depicting the details of class envy, race baiting, and exploitation of the vanquished by the conquerors in their hypocritical, self-serving zeal. (See Chapter XXXVII for a summary of Reconstruction.)

Reading about Reconstruction in GWTW is exactly like experiencing the tumult of our times today as our worst angels stoke flames of discord over race, sex, and ethnic differences; twist the law to punish their political opponents; rob property in the name of social justice; and go generally about, as the architect of today’s Reconstruction promised, “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

It’s an open question at the moment whether the new movie Civil War will be a fun, uplifting movie like Independence Day or a strident dud. But ironically, today’s conventional wisdom is that only a civil war will free us all from the Reconstruction we’re living through now.

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2024: The Great Impresario’s magnum opus of Willful Incompetence comes to its dramatic climax!

You may remember that shortly after Barack Obama took office as President, Somali pirates attacked a ship called the Maersk Alabama and took its captain hostage, an incident later made more famous in the movie Captain Phillips starring Tom Hanks. What wasn’t shown clearly in the film was that, although Navy sharpshooters had the pirates clearly in their sights, they were told to stand down by the Obama administration. Only by faking loss of radio reception was the rescue team able to countermand what they knew to be nonsensical orders. They killed the pirates and rescued the captain.

America rejoiced. But not Barack Obama. He was said to be furious with the outcome. And he revealed his passive-aggressive antagonism at other times. Such as when the white cop responded to a burglary report from a neighbor who saw a black man attempting to break into a townhouse – which actually was the suspected perpetrator’s own home because he was locked out! Obama immediately jumped into the national discourse, claiming it was an example of a white cop abusing a black suspect. Except it turned out that the neighbor who reported the mistaken “crime” was black herself, and that the white cop had handled the situation perfectly.

It did not take long for the discerning public to understand what the priggish, self-aggrandizing Obama was really about. Where he had run on a motto of “hope and change,” he in truth pitted black against white and have against have-not in an America that had come such a long way in the fifty years since the racial and political strife of the sixties. But American exceptionalism be damned. Thus under his watch, BLM grew, Antifa, Occupy Wall Street, and cops became Public Enemy Number One. Every American social convention and institution was attacked and weakened from the small business folks on Main Street to the patriots in the Pentagon.

The problem for passive-aggressives is that eventually, in real life, their true colors come out. Obama gutted it out for eight years pretending to lead the Free World while in fact working to bring it down. He expected to act behind the scenes after that with Hillary Clinton as the figurehead. But whoops, the voters elected Trump in a big league upset victory in 2016. Hell hath no fury like what Trump then ran into. Only through the strength of his own convictions and the reality of his winning policies did Trump persevere despite the backlash from the scorned woman, Barack Obama. He was aided by his fellow travelers: the self-flagellating and the disaffected, the nervous young and the bitter old, who make up the minions of the Left and populate the bowels of the federal bureaucracy.

Four years ago, Obama and his keepers turned every screw and pulled every lever to ensure that Joe Biden wrested the prize away from Trump regardless of the voters. Now Obama, besides serving as the ex officio, de facto POTUS who pulls Biden’s strings, fancies himself a movie producer as well – his latest, a dystopian film about a technological Armageddon. This must spring from one of his (or his father’s) fevered dreams of leveling humanity by crushing the West, returning the world to a tribal state with himself as the head Shaman. Perhaps it is Obama’s Mohammedan way of pre-warning.

Either way, 2024 is upon us. It is a presidential election year. Israel has its back against the wall. China is poised to take Taiwan. Ukraine is a disaster. ISIS is growing again. The American military is at its lowest point since before WWII. Joe Biden and his gang of incompetents have the world’s bad guys laughing at us. America is spending itself into insolvency. And inflation has the common man flat on his back.

The Great Impresario Barack Obama has his screenplay written. Tech Armageddon may be a plot twist indeed, but most certainly in the ending Obama has written, the 2024 election issues the coup de grace to the American Way.

We who actually love America and love one another must stand ready to play our parts, providing an alternate ending for the final cut so that Obama and his fellow troupers are left on the editing room floor.

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Wokism is not a religion of peace.

There is a direct line from the madness of the Covenant School killer in Nashville to the madness of the Hamas killers in Judea.

It is no news that Christianity is taking it on the chin these days. Antagonism from within has been building against it in the western world for some time. Certainly Christianity’s glory days, when it led the world with moral authority, peaked in the era of Pope John Paul II who “led from behind” to hasten the downfall of communist fascism in the Eastern Bloc.

Already during John Paul II’s tenure as Pope, rot was festering within the church, not just the Roman Catholic church, but Christianity in general. The most apparent sign at first was the still growing revelation that a significant number of priests were abusing children via homosexual pedophilia. Today Pope Francis is embracing Woke fads and purging traditionalist bishops. Christian churches everywhere swim in moral ambiguity re same-sex coupling, gender dysphoria, infanticide, and other poisonous practices and mores. The trends suggest that modern Christianity is coming undone.

Remember, faith is of God, but religion is of man. A fellow seeker once shared to me: “If you don’t believe in God, you’re going to believe in something.” It’s human nature. So now that TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and other AI-enhanced algorithms have infected the minds of millions if not billions, Wokism is the new religion. Another name for Wokism is Mammon. Or Ba’al. Or Communism. Or Mohammedism. Like Satan, these false-God religions take on many guises. The endgame is capturing th emind and enslaving the soul of the individual.

Such religions are always attractive at first, especially for the suffering and disaffected, the nervous young and the bitter old. But nowhere and at no time in history have such ideologies made life better for anybody, so they always lose popularity. If the society is civilized and follows the rule of law, they are voted out. And if the society generally has faith in a loving God, they die out. But if the people don’t have the power of the vote and if faith in Love is replaced by dependence on the State, it’s a hellish climb back. Just consider the millions killed by Stalin, Hitler, and Mao.

Everything possible is being done by the U.N., the Obiden regime, and the entire Leftist vanguard, including and especially spearheaded by the tech oligarchs and the media, to obscure this fact: There is a direct line from the madness of the Covenant School killer in Nashville to the madness of the Hamas killers in Judea.

Christianity has had its lapses. The selling of dispensations, the IRA, the Inquisition come to mind. But such aberrations have been expelled relatively quickly as cancers within the religion. Why? Because Christianity is a religion of Love. If a Christian religion is honestly based on Christ’s recorded life and words, it is all about loving, not hating, not killing, not beheading anybody for any reason, even apostasy.

Wokists, like Islamists, cannot tolerate opposing opinions. They do not want conversation, only submission. The inevitable result of such stridency is murder. Despite the supposed beauty of his supposed verses, Mohammed in real life was a violent, warring, pedophile. That fact from the historical record is precisely the connection to the Wokists. It should be no surprise to anybody that the college students of today, steeped for years already in Leftist, Wokist ideology, cheer the killing of Jews. Of course, the overwhelming majority of Muslims are peace loving and they, like nearly everyone, just want to live productive and loving lives. But where is the Islamist condemnation of Hamas’ violence? And where is the Wokist condemnation (and transparency) re the Covenant killer?


Wokists are Islamists’ kindred spirits. If Judeo-Christian civilization is to heal itself, we must expunge the growing Wokism within and rebuild our culture and faith on the foundation of God’s love, not religious hate.

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Mammas, get your babies ready for the draft.

One thing the Uniparty wizards are really good at is ginning up wars. And specifically wars they never intend to win. Mammas all over America should be especially worried right now.

At this moment the Obiden administration is holding Israel back from moving on Hamas in Gaza, allowing time for Hezbollah and other Mohammedan factions to coordinate attacks on Israel, thus prolonging the fighting. Meanwhile they are using U.S. tax dollars directly or indirectly to fund both sides of every potential conflict. The thing is (with apologies to Carl von Clausewitz), war is good economic policy by other means. Especially if you hold a sizable portion of stock and an insider trading position in the military industrial complex.

But the nation’s young men have other things on their minds besides joining the Army these days, especially when they know that it means vaccinations without informed consent, indoctrination in the religion of Woke, and leadership by boneheads like Mark Milley, Lloyd Austin, and God help us, Joe Biden. All for a plot at Arlington. The all-volunteer armed forces are nowhere near meeting the numbers needed to wage war on the multiple fronts shaping up now. Especially when it comes to well-qualified recruits.

Now that Trump and Trumpism are being ground out under the jackbooted heels of the Justice Department, the Uniparty is ginning up wars like crazy. So don’t be surprised when that mandatory Selective Service registration turns into a draft. Mammas, it would be much better if your babies grew up to be cowboys (with apologies to Ed and Patsy Bruce).

And this time, Mammas, it will likely include your daughters as well as your sons.

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Tweets I never tweeted…

…mainly because I don’t do social media, so I have never tweeted. Now that it’s bye, bye, birdie, I guess it’s time to release a few birds of my own:

My pronouns are Y’all and Y’uns.

Trying to have meaningful communication by text is as dumb as two thumbs.

Alcohol may not be the root of all evil, but it’s damn good fertilizer.

What Google giveth, Google can take away.

Don’t be surprised when Maui becomes a naval base for the CCP.

As a small business owner, I have lots of accrued time off – redeemable only postmortem, I’m afraid.

Citizens should be just as well armed as the Bureaucrats.

God is the sum of all our collective and individual love. Satan is the sum of all our collective and individual hate.

The four stages of wisdom: 1. Realizing your parents are not perfect. 2. Realizing you yourself are not perfect. 3. Realizing your children are not perfect. 4. Being fine with that.

War is good economic policy through other means.

When a woman butters a man up, he best prepare to be slid into the oven surrounded by carrots and potatoes.

Senior citizenship is just a state of mind: feeling old, fat, and bewildered.

The American media just makes me a bundle full of pissed off. So does the UN. And the WHO. And Congress. And the NBA. Well, just about every major institution left standing today, come to think of it.

The most tragic victim of Covid 19: Hong Kong.

It seems that most ethnic restaurants these days (Chinese, Mexican, Korean, etc.) are run by some kind of Mafia, picking the locations, financing them, providing the supplies, and feeding immigrant labor to staff them. Just a hunch.

The Obiden Administration’s efforts to level American exceptionalism and quash individual liberties seems to be taken from the disastrous post-Civil War Reconstruction model. The South rose again, so hopefully American can, too.

Re the 2024 presidential election: the die have long been cast and they are loaded. All the kerfuffle about polling, primaries, and debates is nothing but… kerfuffle. The Democrats have committed too many shameless crimes ever to allow legitimate elections to take them out of power.

There’s no such category as hate crimes. All crimes are hateful.

The most ridiculous virtue signaling of all is signing politicians’ speeches for the deaf.

Abortion is the most efficient from of lynching.

Don’t donate to the RNC. You are just throwing your money into a Bush-League, Never-Trumper money pit.

Has anybody else noticed that governments everywhere are trying to take over the jobs that the Mafia was designed to do? Numbers, dope, sex trafficking, protection rackets. Extorting money through taxes is apparently not nearly as fun as all that.

In the battle between the Barbarians and civilization, I’m with Israel.

I’ll try to get some x posts together before it xpires.
Yours Truly, Not@JohnArra

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Falling B’rackwards.

After all the other disasters of the Biden administration, the attack on Israel this weekend tells us with certainty that the chickens, as the good Rev. Jeremiah Wright was famous for telling us, have come home to roost. Delayed to some extent by four years of Donald Trump’s accidental presidency, Obama’s vision for Western Civilization is finally reaching fulfillment.

Born of a flighty Caucasian American mother and a hell-raising Negro father from Africa, Barack Obama has never been comfortable in his own skin. His father was the womanizer and drunk, so when he was abandoned by his mother and his father’s Muslim relatives, his stable grandparents in Hawaii stepped into the breach. Obama, however, threw his grandparents’ loving support right back in their faces as if his mixed up legacy were their – and all western civilization’s – fault. With the polished speech and manners and education they provided him and with dreams from his father, he grew into the greatest American ingrate history has ever known.

Obama told us he intended to remake America. Even in his first campaign he invoked an unconstitutional “civilian national security force.” Upon inauguration, he telegraphed that he wanted to expunge western civilization from the halls of government by having the bust of Winston Churchill removed from the Oval Office. He set about in short order stoking the fires of the “Arab Spring,” boosting Iran’s nuclear and terroristic programs, and all but personally creating ISIS. Meanwhile he eviscerated the military, purging patriotic brass and replacing it with Quislings. In these and many other ways he began in 2009 the remaking of the American system, and by proxy, all other democratic republics the world over.

Eight years was not quite enough for him to and his co-conspirators to remake America. Donald Trump certainly slowed the campaign down, but perhaps that helped the malefactors catch their breath and refreshed their enthusiasm. With the installation of the fool Joe Biden as President, Obama got what he wanted: to have the power of the presidency without the ceremonial responsibilities. He calls the shots from behind the curtain and his gang of useful idiots installed all through the federal bureaucracy rushes to carry out his aims.

If we could visit his dream, we would see Obama leaning over the craps table, finely tailored and with a cigarette hanging out his mouth, placing his chips first on this square, then on that, secure in the knowledge that no matter how much he might lose on an individual bet, he will never run out of money. He is the bank. And he keeps hitting jackpots. First, Afghanistan. Now, Israel. What’s next is uncertain, but what is certain is that 2024 is coming on fast as a freight train, off the tracks if Obama keeps getting his way. And what is to stop him?

In the streets of Israeli towns and soon coming to a street near you, what you are seeing today is the fulfillment of the bitter dream from Barack Obama’s dissolute father: The Free World flat on its back.

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Michelle Obama will not run.

It isn’t in her nature to work that hard. And she’s living the good life on her own schedule with people she chooses. And no matter how lax you are as POTUS, you’ve got to show up. If a plausible aura of popularity can be created around a Gavin Newsom, she’d much rather let him have the torch.

UNLESS… Congressional investigators and/or some rogue state Attorneys General sniff around too aggressively and find evidence that much of Joe Biden’s corruption was for Barack’s benefit. Then she’ll have to run to make sure their own fox is guarding the hen house. No doubt the Obamas were in on the graft, but so far their reputation has been untouched as if hermetically sealed and placed in a #2 mayonnaise jar on Funk & Wagnalls’ porch.

OR UNLESS… RFK Jr.’s third party campaign throws a monkey wrench into the DNC’s plan to re-elect Joe Biden or install some other figurehead by acclamation – “acclamation” in the sense that the backroom crowd decides who they want and simply makes them President – primaries, debates, and actual counting of votes in a bona fide election be damned. This is unlikely, as the Powers That Now Be have no intention of letting power pass to an opposition group. There is little doubt in anybody’s mind that they would not stop short of assassinating Trump and RFK Jr. if that’s what it takes.

If America as a legitimate democratic republic gets past this imbroglio and a truthful history of this era can ever be written, it will show that the Obamas and their co-conspirators have been taking the good citizens of the United States for a ride that was to end with the American Dream hurtling right off the cliff and Obama & Co. ruling what was left from the top of the heap left behind.

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Tralfamadore to Earth: Get Real

Kurt Vonnegut, self-portrait.

Billy Pilgrim

Kurt Vonnegut (1922-2007) wrote darkly hilarious, establishment-skewering short stories and novels. Much of his inspiration can be traced to his traumatic service as a young American soldier – and P.O.W. – at the firebombing of Dresden in World War II. Slaughterhouse Five, his most popular novel which also became a critically acclaimed movie, focuses on precisely that experience. His entire body of works repeatedly addresses the existential question: How does an individual handle a reality as horrible as war?

Vonnegut’s alter-ego in Slaughterhouse Five is the unsubtly-named Billy Pilgrim. After the war, Billy’s life is good. He marries a loving wife, they have beautiful children, his father-in-law sets him up in a lucrative job. But when Billy is plagued by memories of the war, he “time travels” to an alternate life on the planet Tralfamadore. There under a glass dome he makes love to the voluptuous starlet Montana Wildhack while their Tralfamadorian captors observe their Earthling specimens and giggle.

I smile as I think about it now. (Especially remembering Montana Wildhack played by Valerie Perrine in the movie. Yeah, Baby!) Billy Pilgrim’s escapism works as a salve for him, but for others of his characters, the solution to life’s difficulties is more elusive.

From the time I was a teen in the 1970s to this day I have read and reread most of Vonnegut’s work . It holds up. I believe that the bottom line of Vonnegut’s work is this: Life is wonderful but fate can be cruel. It is good to laugh. And look for ways to sabotage the devilment of the toxic people whom fate may cause to intersect with your happy life. Otherwise, outright mental illness, psychopathology, or even suicide can be the unfortunate outcome.

Two Kinds of People

There is a character in another novel for whom everything that happens in life can be summed up as a distinction between two kinds of people. For example, let’s say an old friend skipped breakfast one morning and got right to the work of trimming weeds, then dropped dead from heat exhaustion. He would say, “Well, there’s two kinds of people in this world, those who eat breakfast and those who don’t.” Somehow the fact that the deceased might have had a preexisting heart valve problem had nothing to do with it. It always boiled down to being one of the two kinds of people in the world, which may be true in itself, but is not the whole truth in the death of his friend.

That guy would certainly be feeling his oats these days. It is hardly overstating the case to say that there are two kinds of people in America on virtually any subject you bring up. For all of us, not just for Americans but for all individuals in this 21st century world who believe it is a right and an obligation to pursue happiness, it is now an existential necessity to determine which one of two kinds of people we are.

I am not talking Republican or Democrat, conservative or progressive, religious or atheist, black or white, straight or gay, pro-life or pro-abortion, vegan or omnivore, or any of the myriad ways that politics would have us divided. Those divisions are as meaningless to the existential question we face today as whether we eat breakfast or not.

No, the two kinds of people who count today are these: Those who live in reality and those who don’t. For there is no planet Tralfamadore for us, regardless of all the bovine scatology being dished out about UFOs. And deceiving ourselves about reality will get us Earthlings only deeper back toward the Black Hole we supposedly came from.

The Dumbing Down

What reality is, is a harder question to answer today than perhaps ever before in the history of civilization. The information revolution has proved to be more of a dumbing down for society. Caveat emptor: Anything with “smart” attached to it probably isn’t. Smart cars, which run stop signs and depend on batteries with a very short leash. Smart cities, which are Petri dishes for viruses real and imagined and easy prisons when the authorities deem it necessary. And those smart phones, which are so full of information, but all of it delivered in a little bitty peephole of a screen so that via algorithms and AI, the powers that be have a virtual monopoly on our brains to push whatever propaganda and lies they wish. I call smart phones Millennial Ouija Boards, but in truth, all ages are easily sucked in by the smart phone black magic.

I am no Luddite. I adapted early to using computers, so early that my AOL screen name is an easy abbreviation of my name using just five letters. I was using desktop publishing in my direct mail merchandising business before Microsoft even came out with Publisher. My little business survived and thrived when others failed because we embraced e-commerce ahead of our competitors.

But I started getting skeptical about the whole thing about the time Facebook gained steam. I had already discovered that Google’s Adwords was ripping us off with false clicks originating somewhere in Asia. And I saw little need for third parties like PayPal getting between me and my customer. I realized that sites like Amazon and and other etailers that crop up constantly have the following in common: 1. The Chinese model of selling without profit until they have wiped out competition; and 2. the coal mine model of setting up as the company store where they take your paycheck because they’ve killed off local retailers in their market segment and the only way you can get what you want is through subscription. They are so effective at it that they would make John D. Rockefeller blush.

The Dopium of the Masses

Big institutions deceiving the public is nothing new. The history of the world is replete with examples of the elite classes destroying competition and keeping the upper hand over lower classes via mass deception. It can be argued that the Roman Catholic Church got a head start on everybody, taking Christ’s Love and turning it into parking lots. But that’s just old time religion; the Church has nothing on secular politics. Five hundred years ago, Machiavelli detailed the devious politics of the royalty who at that time kept the population subjugated as literal serfs or slaves. In more modern times, wars have been started – or at least accelerated – by false flag incidents designed to enrage the populace against enemies legitimate and merely opportunistic as well. In perhaps the most pivotal example of all, the Warren Commission’s work was obviously part of a cover-up hiding the real story of JFK’s assassination, probably involving the C.I.A. To this day critical files that should have been released by law, have not been. And what about the WMD used as an excuse to start the Gulf War?

I could go on and on with such examples. Despite the promise of America, elites and wannabe elites have never stopped working to keep the masses down via a constantly evolving system of masters vs. the underclass. Now with the quickening technology under their control, oligarchs and politicians have the ultimate subjugation of the human race in their sights.

Perhaps I’m just an old crank and I see the world through binary eyes like one of Vonnegut’s old cranks. Or on the other hand (can’t get away from that binary thing; there are only two hands), maybe my personal and professional experience in this life has taught me a few things. Like skepticism toward authority, for one. And insisting on transparency from those who govern others. And an appreciation of the vagaries and weaknesses of human nature. And especially in the past few years, that we as a civilization are in grave danger of falling into a new Dark Ages.

Willie Stark

Robert Penn Warren

Turning momentarily to another great American author, Robert Penn Warren… The principle figure in his brilliant fictionalization of the 1930s Louisiana populist Huey Long put the crux of the problem then and yet today this way: “Listen to me, you hicks, Listen here and lift up your eyes and look on the God’s blessed and unflyblown truth. If you’ve got the brain of a sapsucker left and can recognize the truth when you see it. This is the truth: you are a hick and nobody ever helped the hick but the hick himself. Up there in town they won’t help you. It is up to you and God, and God helps those who help themselves.”

I am gobsmacked that so many so-called educated, so-called sophisticated Americans should be such stupid suckers.

There are no statistics that accurately reflect just how many are in the sucker category. It is, however, no small number; my guess is that at least 10% up to 25% of the population is prone to swallow any damn thing they hear if they hear it in the right way, like from social media or in slick streaming shows or from the mouth of a Taylor Swift. They don’t read anything, they don’t consider contrary viewpoints, they don’t get outside the bubble of their own comfort and their phone, and they are total, pathetic, Godless, spineless suckers. Then there is a big middle, maybe 50%, that could go either way. Probably the 25% who refused the jabs are the only ones left today squarely in the realist camp. How convenient that every government in the world knows exactly who they are.

The Wuhan Flu Damnpanic

Nothing brought the sucker quotient into starker focus than the so-called Covid 19 Pandemic. Sure, it knocked us all off our rockers at first. I will admit, there were a few days in the beginning that I would not even kiss my wife and frankly, for weeks I took hold of the gas pump wearing a glove. But by the time the panic had taken the world by storm, my B.S. detector was on full Code Red. Turns out, Covid 19 was nothing to most people. It was a corona virus just like common colds and was spread the same way. It had the same effect on old and sick people as the flu.

But opportunity was knocking for the confiscatory class! First, we were fed lies about the masks. We didn’t need them, then we did. Then, they lied in full measure about the “vaccines” stopping the spread. The jabs did no such thing. It came out that hospitals and health care providers were basically paid bounties for classifying deaths as Covid-caused, even if the deaths were the results of gunshots or traffic accidents. That’s why flu cases suddenly hit rock bottom, not because flu vaccines suddenly became effective.

And case counts? Every time a cold went around, all the hypochondriacs ran out to get tested for Covid. The tests were so defective that they gave false positives nearly half the time. Simple, effective, off-label antidotes to severe Covid infection like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin were demonized because they made the lethal use of ventilators and the “vaccines” moot – and thus not profitable. There simply was no significant rise in excess deaths during the supposed pandemic, though you’d think so from everything you heard from the media. Yet now, when there actually is a radical rise in excess deaths among young “vaccinated” adults, it is covered up as if myocarditis were a rare side effect.

In retrospect, for those with eyes to see and ears to hear, the Damnpanic was used as cover in 2019 and 2020 for a worldwide bait and switch operation. The bait was instilling white-hot fear in everybody; the switch was that instead of a cure, we got tyranny. Thus we ended up with a senile, thoroughly corrupt old boob in the White House fronting for those same Machiavellian forces that have lurked behind the scenes throughout history.

They got away with it. They have all the levers of power in their hands now – the justice system, the military, the bureaucracy, and the media. They have instituted a revolving scare message jumping from weather insecurity to health threats to evil enemies. And that 10% or 25% of suckers – they are the ruling class’s stormtroopers pushing everything from fake racial division to health mandates to sexual absurdities and religious persecution – all in the name of supposedly righting injustice when in fact, the discord and chaos is encouraged with the purpose of neutralizing any opposition. It is obvious that the usurpers of the American Republic expect never to be punished for their crimes because with elections in their pockets, they will never be turned out of power.

The Bitch is Back

2024 is shaping up as a pivotal year in the history of humanity. The mad scientists, One World Oligarchs, and bolsho-fascists have teamed up and are putting their plans in place to eliminate the power of the individual. Mask mandates and new “vaccines” are coming. More nonsense about perversion and drug use and parental usurpation and civil order and energy use will be shoved down the throats of the unwilling majority. Manufactured crises will come one after another: mysterious fires, explosions, grid failures, shortages, wars – all the way up to Chernobyl-level events. Donald Trump and anyone else who rises in profile as opposition to the Machiavellians is being neutralized and eliminated. The election will be a sham. The social credit system will be fully implemented. Though contrary voices might be raised on social media, they will be marginalized, criminalized, and shut down. Their utility to the masters used up, the suckers of this world will be steamrolled along with everyone else. What is coming will in effect be the fire-bombing of civilization.

Those of us who believe in human rights – true human rights, starting with each individual soul as laid out in the Bill of Rights – are already operating at a huge disadvantage and have lost a lot of ground in a short period of time. For example, you can see it very plainly in the degradation of conservative media. Ever since the sham election results of 2020, any questioning was met with a chorus of “no proof” and the courts went silent, refusing to grant standing – to ANYbody. Lawfare – warfare by court – was launched like neutron bombs. With very few exceptions, radio talk shows cut way back or cut out callers altogether for fear of being sued and bankrupted in endless litigation because of something someone said. And today leading up to next year’s election, they dwell on polls and debates and primaries and Donald Trump’s persecution as if a real game is on, when everyone on both sides knows the die are loaded and the result is preordained.

You don’t have to look far to see how other professions have been compromised. Most especially doctors. Also police departments. Academics. Priests and chaplains. It is disheartening.

January 6 prosecutions are being conducted as if the demonstrations and the contrived riots were an insurrection, over the top FBI raids are carried out for the simple exercise of free speech rights, and wildly absurd sting operations have become the norm. Persecution of religious expression and the abrogation of private property and parental rights are rampant. And social credit scoring is well underway. The vicious financial persecution of the truckers by the Canadian government was disgustingly successful, no less so than the destruction of human rights in Hong Kong by the CCP. These most egregious examples, sadly, are just the tip of the iceberg for what is going on. Real America is being governed today like the South during Reconstruction; lick the boots of the new man with the whip or take your beating.

One has only to study what alternative media is left standing to find more examples galore. See Robert Malone, Mike Lindell, Emerald Robinson, Jordan Peterson, Victor Davis Hanson, Julie Kelly, and Joe Rogan among others to educate yourself. Do it on the Brave browser. Supposedly your truth-seeking won’t be tracked that way.

Rocky 24

There is most certainly a fight coming. Those who are not in the ten or twenty-five percent will finally wake up, raise their heads from their smart phones, and realize that they own nothing and are not happy. My only regret as an old man is that I am aging out of the fight. It is already shaping up and it is a fight for the individual against tyranny. What form it will ultimately take, I do not know. But right now, we must struggle for constant reality checks. Readiness is everything. We do not know the day or the hour, but most surely we know that the fight is right here on Earth.

Each one of us who cares must stand up now and push back with every means at our disposal. In every instance where we see abuse of our sacred human rights, from governmental abuse of bodily autonomy throughout the panoply of human rights, we must refuse to comply. While the battle lines are forming, each sovereign human being should prepare. Stock up on food. Grow your own. Network with like minds. Arm yourself. Know your rights. Buy a generator. Store fuel. Make sure your local authorities have your back.

And especially, stay positive. Knowing and recognizing the danger coming is not negativity; it is prudence. Be a happy warrior when you know you are fighting for humanity, and most specifically, for your children and grandchildren. When you are raising a family, or running a business, or doing your best in a career or any kind, it is human nature to be reluctant to deal with unpleasant things like the wolf at the door. But you, I, and we all must do so if we expect to maintain the right to pursue happiness. If we don’t beat these bastards back, every day of every one of our lives is going to be like going through an endless divorce, battling mortal cancer, or mourning the death of a child.

So It Goes

I believe I know Kurt Vonnegut quite well from his works and the interviews that have tickled my funny bone and stimulated my synapses. Yet I don’t dare speak for him about the state of the world today. However, I do think, when it gets right down to it, despite some seemingly radical opinions, on a personal level Vonnegut lived in Realville. He was an equal opportunity bubble-burster for extremists on both left and right. The characters in his books are not just cartoon exaggerations or action figures. They come right from real life and come right to life for the reader. And if they are successful human beings, they keep it real one way or another. They don’t stay on Tralfamadore any more than Billy Pilgrim did. The answer to the question for Vonnegut’s heroes is: They are not suckers. They live in reality. As he did, too. Despite chronic depression, flirtations with suicide, and a lifelong diet of Pall Malls, he stayed with the struggle and died as normal a death as anybody does, writing prodigiously up to the end trying to explain the confounding world to his readers.

And so it goes. Not counting the sociopaths on Mount Olympus, there are two types of people in this world: Those that live in reality, and the suckers.

Which kind are you?

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The Fatal Flaw of the Third Reich

Here’s what you don’t realize about watching The Sound of Music: For every million or so decent people like you who wholeheartedly cheer the von Trapp family as they escape Nazi-occupied Austria, at least one sociopath is watching who couldn’t care less about the van Trapps, but is turned on by the raw power of the Nazis to ruin others’ lives.

What sociopaths lack in empathy is typically over-compensated in IQ. That is the reason they are so dangerous. That’s why they make successful serial killers. And concentration camp administrators. It’s only when their hubris exceeds their self-discipline that they get tripped up.

Adolf Hitler was just such a sociopath. Had he not made certain fatal mistakes such as declaring war on the U.S. prematurely or trying to take Moscow, he might well have succeeded in holding Europe, and the history of the last eighty years would be quite different. Fascism, rather than flying under the radar, would openly be one of the three great ideologies of the world competing with the communism of Russia and China and the freedom of America.

Fascism, it is worth pointing out repeatedly, is not goose-stepping soldiers or Jews forced to wear yellow stars. Those are symptoms, not the disease itself. Fascism is the merging of corporate and governmental power for total control over its domain by obliterating competition from other entities or individuals.

Hitler did not invent fascism. The word derives from Latin and in fact it first really hit the world stage with the Romans. Fascism grew in the last stages of the Roman Republic, as the republic deteriorated and the stage was set for Julius Caesar. The Republic’s senators were in effect the first fascist capitalists, establishing grossly profitable fiefdoms with their political power as the Republic became more and more corrupt. The Caesars then co-opted the Senators’ various business interests much as Putin has used the Oligarchs since the dissolution of the Soviet Union. For a time, the Roman Empire was the greatest economic and military power in the world because of this fascistic framework.

But the Roman Reich never managed to control the entire world. Rotten Caesars and aggressive enemies were the main reason. The Holy Roman Empire devolved into the monarchical system that dominated Europe – and brought on the Dark Age – for centuries. Elites collected taxes and owned practically everything from the top, and the rest of mankind served as their serfs if not outright slaves.

Finally by the 18th century the promise of America was busting that up, leading to a succession of revolutions and wars that ultimately resulted in World War I and the humiliation of Germany. Hitler’s toxic ideology of racism found fertile ground in the humiliation of the German people. Hitler grafted the fascist ideology of the Italian socialist Benito Mussolini to his nationalist pitch to the starving Germans. Voila, within a decade Hitler had remade Germany into a world class power because, you see, fascism is the most efficient economic system ever created… for short term gains. But since it does not derive its economic power from free markets, the only way it can grow is to confiscate the economic assets of other countries. Thus, Hitler was bent on aggression. Czechoslovakia, Poland, France, and as noted previously, Russia.

Though Hitler’s Achilles heel was taking on the sleeping giants America and Russia, that mistake in itself was not the reason the Third Reich failed. The Third Reich failed because in effect the success of Nazi Germany was dependent on Hitler’s cult of personality. He had assembled a ruthless band of sociopaths like himself – people like Goebbels and Speer and the others – but to the world and his own people, when Hitler cracked, the fascist crusade fell apart. Thus, it was Hitler himself who was the Third Reich’s fatal flaw.

The fascist experts of the Third Reich, those who weren’t hanged or imprisoned for crimes against humanity, scattered to the four winds after its downfall. The U.S. and the U.S.S.R. took the lion’s share of them as we squared off in the Cold War. Others went to South American and elsewhere as free agents. It is a misnomer to say that Red China adopted capitalism after Mao. Rather, the Chinese Communist Party adapted their system along the fascist model, with the CCP owning a piece of every significant business.

But in all new fascist enterprises since WWII, the cult of personality like Hitler’s is scrupulously avoided, though certain strong men tend to stay in position for long periods of time. Perhaps Putin is the exception. You get the impression that there is no succession plan there, though that remains to be seen. But if Xi Jinping suddenly disappeared, there is little doubt the CCP would replace him as the face of China lickety split.

Today if you have eyes to see and ears to hear, you know that the American government is falling in line with the other great powers along fascist lines. Again, the aim is to hold all power in the hands of a few, and for the rest of us – even what was once the great American middle classes – to serve the masters. Thus we see that the hallmark of American democracy, the Bill of Rights, has all but been completely neutered. Elections are corrupt. Free speech and freedom of religion are increasingly constricted. And privacy, private ownership, and even national sovereignty are all diluted to the point of irrelevance. The “pandemic” revealed that this is happening not just in the U.S. but around the world, most shockingly in Canada and New Zealand where civil liberties were not just compromised, but torpedoed.

So it is not another Civil War that is around the corner. It is a world war. Not North vs. South, nor East vs. West; not nation against nation, nor bloc vs. bloc; not race vs. race nor faith vs. faith. There will be some of all of that as the fascist sociopaths jostle each other. But this world war will be – and arguably already is – citizen vs. tyranny. It is the decent people of the underclass vs. the sociopathic overlords of the fascist system worldwide.

That is why everything seems upside down. Morality is confused with perversion. Protest is confused with insurrection. Opportunity is confused with dependence. The fascists will not make the mistake this time of investing their ambitions in a cult of personality. There will be no face of fascism like Hitler. Not even an Obama, certainly not an imbecile like Biden – in fact, the sociopaths mock decent people by putting complete incompetents in the top positions. It is not the personality who is the potentate, but it is the corrupted system.

Just in the past week the news has broken that portable generators will be outlawed and that standards will be imposed that make personal gas-powered vehicles obsolete, and this on top of the elimination even of gas stoves. Fears of global warning and hints of another manufactured pandemic are being ginned up with greater stridency. How much evidence do sovereign individuals need crammed down their throats before they realize that they are being maneuvered right out of existence? How much stupidity will people absorb before they finally push back en masse?

Hopefully, not much more. But as they say, hope is just counting on other people to do something. It is time to stop hoping and start doing. Resist the encroachment of the fascist sociopaths on your personal sovereignty. Buy a generator, quick. Have a stash of gasoline. Keep your old car running. Turn off those demonic “smart” phones where your every move and thought is tracked. Get off Google and Facebook and Amazon and their clones and every other multinational platform; they’ve all gone woke. They are your enemy, not your friend. Shop local. Buy from small companies. Nourish yourselves off the produce and meat of independent farmers. Support your local sheriff and police force. Know your neighbors. Stock up against the shortages sure to come. Exercise, stay strong, and refuse the shots and masks and shutdowns they are sure to impose again. Have an escape plan from the cities where they know they’ve got us trapped. Make love, not war, at least on behalf of the system. And above all, don’t let the bastards get you down.

In short, don’t be a sucker to the fascist overlords. In the developing war, compliance will be the fatal flaw. Decent people must resist the sociopaths of this new world for the freedom of generations in the future world.

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The M.A.G.A. vote for RFK Jr. in 2024

Normally I veer away from showboats. Before Donald Trump ran for President, I barely paid attention to him. I knew of him like I knew of the Kardashians. Never watched their shows but their images and infamy were ubiquitous so a body couldn’t avoid them.

Once Trump announced in 2016, however, I knew in short order that he was the one contender against Hillary Clinton who could win. And I believed he would win. Many conservative political commentators – including notably Glenn Beck and Mark Levin – could not stomach him. Trump did not have conservative bona fides. He was uncomfortably brash. He was bold. He was in your face. And he called it like he saw it, no matter which side the truth made look bad.

Trump’s primary opponents could hardly blow their noses without a consultant’s help. They melted before him like butter. Especially the mealy-mouthed Jeb Bush, who as a family legacy candidate had built up the biggest campaign war chest in history. The problem was, Bush could not make a convincing case for why he was any different than Hillary. Trump blew through the b.s. class of Republicans and won the general election.

I don’t care if Trump is coarse. I don’t care if he was ruthless, unethical, or even criminal in business and romance. All I care about is that he took it straight to the bastards who want to get us all down. He did that by instinct, not by consultant. But it is clear to me that “they” will never allow Trump to be president again, even if it comes to killing him, which they are assiduously avoiding so as not to make him a martyr and poke the sleeping beast.

After eight years of Obama’s ninny government of passive-aggressive and sometimes downright aggressive anti-Americanism, Trump as President turned over a new leaf for the country. Meanwhile the entrenched bureaucracy, whatever you want to call it and in all its different forms, worked from Day One to undermine him and eventually, with the help of an overblown pandemic scare and devious election monkey business, backed him up against a wall and out of office.

Since then, the Biden Junta (aka “the BJ”) and whoever all are behind it (aka “they” – of whom no doubt Obama is still the cloaked chief villain) have made an ever deepening mockery and a mess of American government. No need to detail that here. If you don’t see it and know it by now, you are willfully ignorant, duped by social media manipulation, or whatever, but bottom line, hopelessly delusional. The BJ has acted so flagrantly, so unashamedly in the destruction they have wrought that it is clear they expect never to be held to account for their crimes.

With compromised election integrity and the traditional and online media catering to the passive masses under their control, no one, not even Trump, stands a chance to throw them out of power.

For those of us who believe in America as a land of individual liberty and opportunity for all, it is a depressing time. The future seems bleak for our children. They may be happily distracted by material fun-things now, but at some point as they mature and get into the really hard business of “adulting” they will realize that they have no control over their own lives. They, and their children, owe their souls to the company store. If they cannot vote miscreants out of office, their future is no better than the serfs and slaves of 19th century Russia and America. Except that future is likely to have a distinctly Cantonese flavor to it.

And then along came Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

RFK Jr. is a Democrat but he is not of the ilk that own the D.N.C. today. He is, from all evidence, a true constitutionalist. I believe, as a Democrat challenging the current establishment, he has a better chance of exposing its corruption and overthrowing it than anyone else. And I think he has the moral fortitude not to be bought out. We’ll see.

I am, some by nature and some by hard knocks, a conservative. So typically, the only place I can find candidates who share my values is the Republican party. That does not mean I am a Republican. The Republican establishment is disgusting to me. They are more interested in being popular at the country club than with the majority of their countrymen. So they stand for nothing but middling appeasement and quisling collaboration in a vain attempt to win in the court of public opinion.

Occasionally a Democrat catches my attention. For example, I liked Joe Lieberman. And one notable example still active is Joe Manchin. But among the Democrat elite, Joe Manchin is the only example. He survives only because he votes typically with the Democrat bloc yet wears conservative colors enough to hold his seat in West Virginia and thus preserve the Democrat majority in the Senate. Otherwise, the Democrats have purged their rolls of anyone who might deviate from the leftist agenda ushered in by Barack Obama’s presidency. The Democrat elite have gone full Bolshevik just as the Republican elite have gone full country club. The middle class be damned.

What happened to the honest American Democrat? What happened to the little guy Democrat, the blue collar worker, the small business operator, who loved America, believed in American exceptionalism, and yet had honest differences of opinion with conservatives? The ones who elected Jimmy Carter over the bumbling Gerald Ford, Bill Clinton over the effete George Bush and the slow Robert Dole, and Barack Obama over the half-crazy John McCain and witless Mitt Romney?

How can those Democrats stomach the BJ and its radical, soulless agenda?

They can’t. That’s why the D.N.C. had to cheat to win in 2020. But those MAGA Democrats are still out there, and in big numbers. In big enough numbers that when RFK Jr. announced his bid to oppose Biden for the 2024 election, he showed 20% support right out of the gate. And frankly, that 20% probably knows almost nothing about him. To them, RFK Jr. is somebody, any damn body, who isn’t Joe Biden and his bunch of sexual deviants, incompetent administrators, and other saboteurs of the American Way.

I have followed RFK Jr. for several years now because I became convinced early on that the whole Covid thing was overblown to begin with, then shortly I realized it was being used as a cudgel against the American people by those same people Trump had taken head on, who want to get us all down. RFK Jr. runs a group called Children’s Health Defense that has led the way in fighting the mandates and restrictions. It is the best resource I have found for fact-based information about the virus, the vaccines, and the draconian restrictions and mandates which were imposed during the “Covid Damnpanic.”

For now I like what I am seeing of RFK Jr. I like that he has identified the marriage of big government with big business as the greatest threat to the individual today. The use of the government cudgel against its own citizens to force not just compliance but submission is the core issue of our time. And I like that Kennedy, like Trump, speaks extemporaneously, without teleprompter or even notes, and can command the facts of history and real experience to mount his arguments.

Working from within the Democrat Party, RJK Jr. stands a better chance of unraveling its corruption and domination by the Bolshevik faction. The real Americans who still hold positions of authority in the D.N.C. and hold small offices across the country will turn to RFK Jr. in a way they could never turn to Donald Trump. I believe he can win the nomination away from Joe Biden or whatever mannequin the D.N.C. chooses to replace him. I believe Kennedy will win the nomination. Especially if MAGA Republicans vote big league for Kennedy in the Democrat primaries.

Don’t even think about a Trump-Kennedy “unity” ticket. They are both alpha males. They would eat each other alive. But either one would be a better choice than what the elites in of the two mainstram parties will offer.

Kennedy vs. Trump is quite possible, however. And might even mean we all get to participate in an honest election this time around.

If “they” don’t kill one or both of them first.

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