Obama’s Middle Finger

Different personalities react to coming-of-age challenges in differing ways. Without getting too deeply into dimestore psychology, it seems that Barack Obama reacted in a bizarre way to the witches brew of his biracial DNA, his crackpot transcontinental and transcultural parents, and his loving grandparents who paved the way for him. He metamorphosized into a bitter, reactionary, spiteful, passive-aggressive…
super achiever.

In short, Barack Obama got revenge on the world by climbing like Spiderman to the peak of power in the Free World, all the while hating the country which elected him President, its good and bad people alike, and everything the American dream stands for.

While posing as POTUS, Obama took every opportunity to strengthen our enemies – even creating one out of whole cloth, ISIS – while weakening our allies – case in point Israel, not to mention all the victims of the Arab Spring he promoted and the oppressed people of Iran, whom he ignored.

Constrained from ruling for life by the presidential term limit in the “negative” Constitution he so despises, Obama expected Hillary Clinton to carry the ball forward for him. The Clintons have always been for sale. He had them bought and paid for. But Obama and Clinton both took success for granted. That allowed Donald Trump to spring into office as the skunk at their garden party.

Unlike prior presidents, Obama maintained a presence in D.C. after leaving office. By God, there would be no second Trump term. From day one of his administration Trump was countered and undermined at every turn, all directed by the hidden hand of Obama and his cohorts. For four years they held their noses, but whatever the perfidy necessary, whatever the cost, Trump would not be allowed to take a second term.

And what did Obama & Company give us instead? Joe Biden, whose utter incompetence was on full display in last week’s debate before nearly 100 million viewers and countless more through “highlights” passed around by email and text. And it is not just Biden. Pete Buttigieg. Rachel Levine. Karine Jean-Pierre. Alejandro Mayorkas. Merrick Garland. Et al. All by nature or willfully incompetent.

Last week millions of Democrats watched Biden’s performance feeling betrayed by their party. After the debate they could no longer disagree with MAGA friends and family who said the Biden regime was turning the country into a monkey house. These average, patriotic, hardworking Democrats felt played. They were played with Hope and Change. They were played with Obamacare. They were played with Russiagate. They were played with the laptop. They were played with the most secure election in history. They were played with January 6. They were played with Biden-Harris. The veil has been lifted. The arranged bride is butt-ugly.

Yet even the day after the debate debacle, Obama had the nerve to excuse Biden’s meltdown with, “Bad debate nights happen,” the ultimate example of gaslighting. Every conscious adult could see that it was no bad debate night, but utter failure. Yet the DNC will go forward with Biden as their candidate until nature or one too many Adderalls makes it impossible. Hubris may be driving Obama to stand by Biden. Only if reality makes it impossible to contrive a win with Biden will Obama stand him down.

Why? Because Biden is Obama’s middle finger to the American electorate. His middle finger is operating the Joe Biden sock puppet. By carefully cultivating a hate cult against the opposing candidate, and pretending the emperor is wearing a fine suit of clothes, Obama shows just how much he hates the American exceptionalists clinging to their God, guns, and country.

As damaged as Biden is, and with the depth of the Biden family’s corruption still to be plumbed, Obama knows that Kamala Harris, even in her prime, is worse. Kamala is too lame a horse to carry the team across the finish line. So Obama & Company will lie, cheat, and steal their way with Biden as long as they can. If their calculation is that they have to change horses, they’ll stick some other schmuck in his place through an open convention or ride with Kamala no matter how thoroughly she is disliked. Once they get through the election, they do not care because then it is Katie bar the door. They will have the country flat on its back.

Look at it this way: The absurd, destructive presidency of Joe Biden is like the warning before the Jihad. It is Barack Obama’s middle finger of hatred. It signals the final, fatal screwing of the American people to come: the American Anschluss.

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Pea Soup

It was a cool night for late spring. John Arra’s stomach growled. There was nothing worth eating in the fridge. So he drove into town. The only place open was Beau’s Diner. It had once been his favorite place. Beau and his wife Belle always greeted him with a smile. But Covid wore them out. They were bought out by a food conglomerate and John Arra lost interest in going there. He shrugged, parked the car, went in and sat at a table. He noticed the $9.95 dinner special featured on a chalkboard easel: Pea Soup.

A waitress approached. Her hair was dyed with rainbow colors and she was obviously wearing fake eyelashes. Her lips and boobs seemed unnaturally swollen. She raised her pencil-thin eyebrows at John Arra in greeting.

He said, “I’ll have the special.”

Lickety-split she returned from the kitchen and set a bowl full of water in front of him. She reached in the pocket of her smock, pulled out a pea, and plopped it in the bowl.

“There,” she said, “Pea soup. Enjoy.”

*     *     *

An old man, looking like he hadn’t had a loving human touch in years, maybe decades, shuffled up to the microphone. Even though he was squinting, anyone could see that his eyes were dead, but they darted from person to person in the crowd in front of him. Had to be the Aderol, they all thought simultaneously.

“The American principle that no one is above the law was reaffirmed,” he said, his voice tinny and his tone shrill. “Donald Trump was given every opportunity to defend himself…The jury heard five weeks of evidence, five weeks. After careful deliberation, the jury reached a unanimous verdict… They found Donald Trump guilty on all 34 felony counts.

“It’s reckless. It’s dangerous. It’s irresponsible for anyone to say this was rigged just because they don’t like the verdict.”

Pea soup.

*     *     *

John Arra stood up, staring at the waitress. He pulled a ten-spot out of his wallet and laid it on the table. “Keep the change,” he said.

“That’s not enough.”

“But the sign says $9.95.”

“That sign’s been there since Trump. We’re short-handed, so no one’s changed it. The price is $13.95 now.”

John Arra fished four ones out of his pocket.

He left with his stomach growling.

Pea Soup.

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Revisiting “24” in ’24

This is gonna hurt.

In November 2001, the television series 24 was hurled into the living rooms of America like a flashbang device. The timing was accidental but impeccable. America was reeling from the real-life shock of the Islamist attacks which had just happened on September 11 that year.

24 brought action-packed, jaw-dropping story lines featuring the quintessential American hero Jack Bauer. Each season covered one twenty-four hour period in which Jack Bauer and his allies within CTU – the Counter Terrorism Unit – saved millions of lives from one disaster after another. In the process, 24 also helped illuminate threats throughout the world for an audience that had pretty much been asleep to it all until the 9/11 attacks. Too, 24 showed how even within America’s borders and institutions, bad actors were working night and day to bring down the will of the people.

The cross-currents of social upheaval, imminent threat, and the personal struggles and successes of daily life crashed into each other in each one-hour, real-time episode. 24‘s catchprase “This is gonna hurt” really meant something as post-9/11 America grappled with new challenges to its power all over the world, and a new age of violence.

24 still holds up, though some things date it. It was the flip phone era, and you see a pay phone and a home phone now and then, too. Jack uses a Palm Pilot for GPS. But security cameras were already everywhere, satellite spying was in place, and the surveillance state was in full swing.

Cautionary Tales

Season One itself is a masterpiece. If you have a teenager, make sure they watch Season One. What a cautionary tale of how a simple act like sneaking out at night can go horribly wrong! Each succeeding season builds on the previous seasons, with new challenges.

Despite, or maybe because of, its instant almost universal appeal, 24 was criticized for being reactionary, overly violent, jingoistic and… far right. As is so often the case with criticism from Leftists, the facts of the matter do not support their arguments. Depicting torture to extract information, featured most especially in Season Two, prompted one of the biggest such controversies. The fact is, the torture was nuanced and debated within the drama itself. And of course, most people know instinctively they couldn’t keep sensitive information for five seconds even with just the threat of a dentist’s drill coming at them. Of course torture works.

A President Worthy of the Office

Season One actually presented a story line from a classically liberal perspective. It opened on Super Tuesday during the presidential campaign of Senator David Palmer, the first viable black candidate in the history of the country. A Democrat. An environmentalist. Ten years before Barack Obama’s election. And in Season Three: President Palmer’s signature piece of legilsation is a health care reform package. How prescient.

But what a difference between Palmer and Obama! Unlike the priggish, passive-aggressive, race-baiting Obama, Palmer is manly, virtuous, and decisive. Palmer’s back story is not told, but his steely will and commanding presence suggest a man who carries the confidence and pride of all black Americans who in three generations rose from slavery to fully actualized citizenship. No victimhood here. No wallowing in BLM hatred. It is as if Palmer’s campaign says to the American electorate: I am ready, Coach; put me in the game. But someone wants to assassinate him that day and Jack Bauer must stop it.

In one respect Palmer and Obama are alike: the despicable wife. Palmer’s is delicously so, conniving and deceitful like a snake. That woman is nothing but trouble!

Wokism creeps in through the door marked PC.

As for the political correctness that infected America after 9/11, the villains in Season One are not even Islamists. They are a sort of White Christian Nationalist creation, an exaggeration of the contemporary (and enduring) demonization of the Serbians as war criminals.

Islamist terrorists do come into play in Season Two, but then they are still mixed up with domestic terrorists – “Patriots” – and Deep State actors who undermine the President and represent, in today’s terms, the agenda of the globalists at the expense of freedom and democracy. Later seasons would feature a host of enemy actors from China, from Russia, from Iran, and other hostile corners of the totalitarian world order.

24 was not just cutting edge in terms of television drama and exposing the Deep State and how it works to compromise politicians. The age-old themes of lust for power and hubris, and the disappointing morality of politicos and the power hungry in general, also cause one complication after another. One thing for sure, Diogenes would never find his honest man in CTU! Even Jack has to deceive, bend the rules, or outright break the law to keep the freight train on the rails.

Eventually in the final season or two, 24 succumbed to PC pressures. At one point Kiefer Sutherland, the actor who played Jack Bauer and was a producer of the show, interjected a patronizing statement. Basically his message was: remember children, this is just pretend. The stars and network bigwigs blanched at 24‘s stirring depiction of right vs. wrong, but the audience got it because in those days, all Americans, conservative or progressive, black, white or otherwise, were for the same basic things and America stood for the very best thing: freedom.

What if 24 came back for one season in its original glory to portray the threat to America in 2024?

Here’s the scenario:

America is burning. It has been hijacked by an evil regime. One man one vote is out the window. The military has been neutered. Faith is fading and faith leaders are craven. Health care is dictated by fiat rather than informed consent. The justice system imprisons political opponents and steals their property. Technology is corrupting the truth so much so that girls and boys don’t know what sex they are. Women and children are no longer protected classes. Race is pitted against race. The borders are thrown down and third-worlders invade by the millions. Free market capitalism has been replaced by a marriage of corporatism and the state, i.e. fascism. The Bill of Rights is treated as merely a list of suggestions.

Globally, China, Russia, Korea, Iran, and other bad actors are poised to attack. Hong Kong has fallen and Taiwan, Israel, Australia, Europe, and Japan are vulnerable because westerners have lost the will to fight. The Free World’s industrial infrastructure and energy independence have been been degraded to a point threatening easy defeat in war. And the 2024 presidential election is shaping up as the perfect storm for a new civil war.

Unfortunately this scenario is NOT pretend. And even if Jack Bauer were real, it is too far along to undo by a small team in a twenty-four hour period. If we are to overcome the Obiden administration’s wreckage, over the next few months all of us who still believe in America must all summon our inner Jack Bauers and find every possible way to fight back in a new and real CTU – the Counter Tyranny Unit. Every county in America will need one.

Yes, this is gonna hurt. But no pain, no gain.

If the bastards take the election again, they will rule uncontested and America as we have known it and loved it, is over.

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Covid ’24

Everybody seems to be mystified by the fact that the Obiden administration has the borders wide open, even flying illegal aliens in by the hundreds of thousands to bring the estimated influx of new bodies to the U.S. to a total estimated at 8 million or more.

But it is no mystery. The alien invasion is Covid ’24. Just as Covid 19 was used to overwhelm the system and scare everybody into accepting mail-in voting and all the other election integrity attacks, so the jaw-dropping numbers of undocumented immigrants will be used to overwhelm the system with questionable votes that CANNOT BE QUESTIONED!

It is a civil rights matter, don’t you know? So what if Speedy Gonzalez or Charlie Chan or Kunta Kinte or Elmer Fudd mails in a ballot and cannot prove who he is, where he lives, where he came from, or anything else. His vote must be counted. And each and every one of those votes will be for creepy ol’ Uncle Joe, or if he washes out, whatever other slimy quisling the Left runs in his stead.

Orange is the new black and illegal aliens are the new virus.

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Great Expectations, or Fake Expectations?

Looking forward to the 2024 election is no less stirring than the great expectations that Pip entertained for pursuing happiness with the fair Estella.

Facing daily consternation at the damage to our country and civilization in general, we who believe in American exceptionalism are easily excited by any reason for hope. We know the 2020 election belonged to Trump and was stolen right out from under our noses. We have endured the aftermath. We look forward to November with great expectation.

The huge crowds Trump gathers week after week energize us. The dishonest persecutions of Trump, his associates, and the January 6 protesters tear at our hearts. The Stalinesque theft of Trump’s property in New York infuriates us. The absolutely insane border, military, global warming, sexual, and racial policies pushed by the Obiden administration punch us in the gut. The faltering economy, from which government-caused inflation has sucked the very marrow, empties our wallets.

Everyone knows that Biden is a doddering, corrupt old fool. Everyone knows that people who worship globalism and hate America are undermining our Republic. Everyone – including so-called progressive friends and family when you can pin them down long enough on any given issue to stop spewing Trump-hate – is fed up with turning our culture upside down. Enough is enough! The coming election must turn the corner for America!

Except, it won’t. In our guts we know that the forces torching the world around us will never, ever let Trump become president again. If they did not fear a real insurrection, and the millions of gun-owners who would be behind it, they would have killed Trump before this and been done with him. Yet with the election coming and their ways of cheating well known, Trump is indeed a dead man walking. One way or another, at the end of a bullet or by poisoning like Navalny, they will Putinize Trump to eliminate him if they cannot pull off rigging the election again.

It is a wonder that Trump carries on with the charade of an election that he knows he cannot win. He knows the finish line will keep moving. He knows there has been no substantive reform of the electoral practices that make stealing elections easy in America. Mail-in ballots, early voting, ballot harvesting, drop boxes, hackable machines, social media censorship and misinformation – they are all still in place.

Trump is bound to know that 2024 will end up just like 2020.

Except for one thing, perhaps?

One can only speculate. However, consider this: No matter how carefully the Bureaucracy closed ranks and iced Trump’s people out, they could not possibly have hidden every secret file from Trump’s team, the secret files maintained against everyone who might make a difference. Like the Internet, no file ever goes completely away, because the file collectors, the custodians of the Deep State, never know who they are going to have to neutralize to keep power, whether a threat like Trump from the right… or perhaps a Bernie Sanders or Robert F. Kennedy Jr. from the left… or even one of their true believers at that top who suddenly gets a conscience and threatens to blow the whistle.

Which ones are the pedophiles? The closet homosexuals? The cross-dressers? Which ones have kids who are perverts or dopers? Or have affairs to hide? Which ones have wealth provably stolen from the public coffers? Or dallied on Epstein’s Island a bit too much? It’s all in there somewhere. And the Left has been playing such cards selectively but effectively for decades to influence courts and attorneys-general and political and administrative officials and such to do their bidding at just the critical moment they needed to – such as passing Obamacare through an otherwise unwilling Congress and before a supposedly conservative Supreme Court.

A wish and a nickel are worth exactly five cents. But let’s hope that Trump has an ace up his sleeve. Let’s hope that the reason the Feds raided Mar-a-Lago and have swatted and perp-walked old men like Peter Navarro and Roger Stone and Steve Bannon is that they know Trump has the goods on the Left from those secret files. And the collection of files he’s holding is the ace up Trump’s sleeve they are desperately trying to find.

Trump, we can only hope in this wishful thinking, is a better card player than any of them and will whip out that ace up his sleeve at just the right moment to make sure that this time his legitimate win is locked in. Then our fake expectations will indeed be great expectations – MAGA great.

At this point, we, like Pip, can can only vote in overwhelming numbers and hope. Otherwise, we are all Alexei Navalny, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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No, you dopes – FIRST it’s Civil War, THEN Reconstruction

There’s something cracked about the new movie coming out this spring called simply Civil War. Supposedly Texas and California are on the same side among the rebelling states. So much for cinéma vérité.

But staying with the real world, the problem for Barack Obama, George Soros, Klaus Schwab and other such social arsonists is that the aftermath of the populist Ronald Reagan’s two-term presidency, and all the social upheaval re civil rights and war mongering which had preceded it, was an America where people of all stripes actually got along pretty darn well and more than that – liked each other!

You can simply go back to the major Hollywood movies produced in the ’80s and ’90s for compelling anecdotal evidence. Any Republican or Democrat, conservative or progressive, Southerner or big city urbanite could watch just about any show from that era and not fall into one camp or another at each other’s throats.

Take for example Independence Day, one of the biggest (and most fun!) movies of the 90s. We all pulled for America! And Earth! The melting pot was celebrated – there were heroes of all stripes in that movie. We laughed at our differences then. The villains were the ones who wore chips on their shoulders, the stiff-necked zealots for whom every dang thing was a provocation. In Independence Day, Jeff Goldblum played one of those guys who would be today’s progressive, constantly haranguing his coworkers to save the planet by recycling and riding bicycles and such, until he actually did have to save the planet.

Today, unfortunately, the people with chips on their shoulders are ascendant.

It is not the first time in the history of America. No period has ever come even close to the discord we have today as the South under Reconstruction. Abe Lincoln, of course, was one of the greatest human beings ever to serve as president. It can be argued persuasively, however, that the rampant death and destruction of the Civil War could have been avoided if he had not been so quick to pull the trigger, had focused on stronger negotiations with the South than his feckless predecessor, and had hastened the end of slavery through legislative means. But as a wartime leader, Lincoln like FDR later, was a genius, and he managed to reach his goal for the country – which, of course, was not ending slavery but preserving the Union.

However, the assassination of Lincoln at war’s end was a cruel fate. With Lincoln gone, lesser heads prevailed and America’s worst angels were released upon the beaten South. The following decade of Reconstruction was as un-American a period and an environment as counterproductive for the country as any time its history.

The evils of the real Reconstruction are far too involved to detail here, but do yourself a favor. If you have never read (not watched, read) Gone With the Wind, buy a copy and dig into it. It is not just about the Civil War and not just about Scarlet’s and Rhett’s personal struggles, but Reconstruction as well. Margaret Mitchell was a master of the art of painting human nature and personalities in all their wonderful (and vexing) diversity – with humor and pathos. And she was incomparably artful in depicting the details of class envy, race baiting, and exploitation of the vanquished by the conquerors in their hypocritical, self-serving zeal. (See Chapter XXXVII for a summary of Reconstruction.)

Reading about Reconstruction in GWTW is exactly like experiencing the tumult of our times today as our worst angels stoke flames of discord over race, sex, and ethnic differences; twist the law to punish their political opponents; rob property in the name of social justice; and go generally about, as the architect of today’s Reconstruction promised, “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

It’s an open question at the moment whether the new movie Civil War will be a fun, uplifting movie like Independence Day or a strident dud. But ironically, today’s conventional wisdom is that only a civil war will free us all from the Reconstruction we’re living through now.

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2024: The Great Impresario’s magnum opus of Willful Incompetence comes to its dramatic climax!

You may remember that shortly after Barack Obama took office as President, Somali pirates attacked a ship called the Maersk Alabama and took its captain hostage, an incident later made more famous in the movie Captain Phillips starring Tom Hanks. What wasn’t shown clearly in the film was that, although Navy sharpshooters had the pirates clearly in their sights, they were told to stand down by the Obama administration. Only by faking loss of radio reception was the rescue team able to countermand what they knew to be nonsensical orders. They killed the pirates and rescued the captain.

America rejoiced. But not Barack Obama. He was said to be furious with the outcome. And he revealed his passive-aggressive antagonism at other times. Such as when the white cop responded to a burglary report from a neighbor who saw a black man attempting to break into a townhouse – which actually was the suspected perpetrator’s own home because he was locked out! Obama immediately jumped into the national discourse, claiming it was an example of a white cop abusing a black suspect. Except it turned out that the neighbor who reported the mistaken “crime” was black herself, and that the white cop had handled the situation perfectly.

It did not take long for the discerning public to understand what the priggish, self-aggrandizing Obama was really about. Where he had run on a motto of “hope and change,” he in truth pitted black against white and have against have-not in an America that had come such a long way in the fifty years since the racial and political strife of the sixties. But American exceptionalism be damned. Thus under his watch, BLM grew, Antifa, Occupy Wall Street, and cops became Public Enemy Number One. Every American social convention and institution was attacked and weakened from the small business folks on Main Street to the patriots in the Pentagon.

The problem for passive-aggressives is that eventually, in real life, their true colors come out. Obama gutted it out for eight years pretending to lead the Free World while in fact working to bring it down. He expected to act behind the scenes after that with Hillary Clinton as the figurehead. But whoops, the voters elected Trump in a big league upset victory in 2016. Hell hath no fury like what Trump then ran into. Only through the strength of his own convictions and the reality of his winning policies did Trump persevere despite the backlash from the scorned woman, Barack Obama. He was aided by his fellow travelers: the self-flagellating and the disaffected, the nervous young and the bitter old, who make up the minions of the Left and populate the bowels of the federal bureaucracy.

Four years ago, Obama and his keepers turned every screw and pulled every lever to ensure that Joe Biden wrested the prize away from Trump regardless of the voters. Now Obama, besides serving as the ex officio, de facto POTUS who pulls Biden’s strings, fancies himself a movie producer as well – his latest, a dystopian film about a technological Armageddon. This must spring from one of his (or his father’s) fevered dreams of leveling humanity by crushing the West, returning the world to a tribal state with himself as the head Shaman. Perhaps it is Obama’s Mohammedan way of pre-warning.

Either way, 2024 is upon us. It is a presidential election year. Israel has its back against the wall. China is poised to take Taiwan. Ukraine is a disaster. ISIS is growing again. The American military is at its lowest point since before WWII. Joe Biden and his gang of incompetents have the world’s bad guys laughing at us. America is spending itself into insolvency. And inflation has the common man flat on his back.

The Great Impresario Barack Obama has his screenplay written. Tech Armageddon may be a plot twist indeed, but most certainly in the ending Obama has written, the 2024 election issues the coup de grace to the American Way.

We who actually love America and love one another must stand ready to play our parts, providing an alternate ending for the final cut so that Obama and his fellow troupers are left on the editing room floor.

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Wokism is not a religion of peace.

There is a direct line from the madness of the Covenant School killer in Nashville to the madness of the Hamas killers in Judea.

It is no news that Christianity is taking it on the chin these days. Antagonism from within has been building against it in the western world for some time. Certainly Christianity’s glory days, when it led the world with moral authority, peaked in the era of Pope John Paul II who “led from behind” to hasten the downfall of communist fascism in the Eastern Bloc.

Already during John Paul II’s tenure as Pope, rot was festering within the church, not just the Roman Catholic church, but Christianity in general. The most apparent sign at first was the still growing revelation that a significant number of priests were abusing children via homosexual pedophilia. Today Pope Francis is embracing Woke fads and purging traditionalist bishops. Christian churches everywhere swim in moral ambiguity re same-sex coupling, gender dysphoria, infanticide, and other poisonous practices and mores. The trends suggest that modern Christianity is coming undone.

Remember, faith is of God, but religion is of man. A fellow seeker once shared to me: “If you don’t believe in God, you’re going to believe in something.” It’s human nature. So now that TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and other AI-enhanced algorithms have infected the minds of millions if not billions, Wokism is the new religion. Another name for Wokism is Mammon. Or Ba’al. Or Communism. Or Mohammedism. Like Satan, these false-God religions take on many guises. The endgame is capturing th emind and enslaving the soul of the individual.

Such religions are always attractive at first, especially for the suffering and disaffected, the nervous young and the bitter old. But nowhere and at no time in history have such ideologies made life better for anybody, so they always lose popularity. If the society is civilized and follows the rule of law, they are voted out. And if the society generally has faith in a loving God, they die out. But if the people don’t have the power of the vote and if faith in Love is replaced by dependence on the State, it’s a hellish climb back. Just consider the millions killed by Stalin, Hitler, and Mao.

Everything possible is being done by the U.N., the Obiden regime, and the entire Leftist vanguard, including and especially spearheaded by the tech oligarchs and the media, to obscure this fact: There is a direct line from the madness of the Covenant School killer in Nashville to the madness of the Hamas killers in Judea.

Christianity has had its lapses. The selling of dispensations, the IRA, the Inquisition come to mind. But such aberrations have been expelled relatively quickly as cancers within the religion. Why? Because Christianity is a religion of Love. If a Christian religion is honestly based on Christ’s recorded life and words, it is all about loving, not hating, not killing, not beheading anybody for any reason, even apostasy.

Wokists, like Islamists, cannot tolerate opposing opinions. They do not want conversation, only submission. The inevitable result of such stridency is murder. Despite the supposed beauty of his supposed verses, Mohammed in real life was a violent, warring, pedophile. That fact from the historical record is precisely the connection to the Wokists. It should be no surprise to anybody that the college students of today, steeped for years already in Leftist, Wokist ideology, cheer the killing of Jews. Of course, the overwhelming majority of Muslims are peace loving and they, like nearly everyone, just want to live productive and loving lives. But where is the Islamist condemnation of Hamas’ violence? And where is the Wokist condemnation (and transparency) re the Covenant killer?


Wokists are Islamists’ kindred spirits. If Judeo-Christian civilization is to heal itself, we must expunge the growing Wokism within and rebuild our culture and faith on the foundation of God’s love, not religious hate.

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Mammas, get your babies ready for the draft.

One thing the Uniparty wizards are really good at is ginning up wars. And specifically wars they never intend to win. Mammas all over America should be especially worried right now.

At this moment the Obiden administration is holding Israel back from moving on Hamas in Gaza, allowing time for Hezbollah and other Mohammedan factions to coordinate attacks on Israel, thus prolonging the fighting. Meanwhile they are using U.S. tax dollars directly or indirectly to fund both sides of every potential conflict. The thing is (with apologies to Carl von Clausewitz), war is good economic policy by other means. Especially if you hold a sizable portion of stock and an insider trading position in the military industrial complex.

But the nation’s young men have other things on their minds besides joining the Army these days, especially when they know that it means vaccinations without informed consent, indoctrination in the religion of Woke, and leadership by boneheads like Mark Milley, Lloyd Austin, and God help us, Joe Biden. All for a plot at Arlington. The all-volunteer armed forces are nowhere near meeting the numbers needed to wage war on the multiple fronts shaping up now. Especially when it comes to well-qualified recruits.

Now that Trump and Trumpism are being ground out under the jackbooted heels of the Justice Department, the Uniparty is ginning up wars like crazy. So don’t be surprised when that mandatory Selective Service registration turns into a draft. Mammas, it would be much better if your babies grew up to be cowboys (with apologies to Ed and Patsy Bruce).

And this time, Mammas, it will likely include your daughters as well as your sons.

For a two-page PDF statement of where Way Out Charlotte Pike is coming from, please CLICK HERE.

Tweets I never tweeted…

…mainly because I don’t do social media, so I have never tweeted. Now that it’s bye, bye, birdie, I guess it’s time to release a few birds of my own:

My pronouns are Y’all and Y’uns.

Trying to have meaningful communication by text is as dumb as two thumbs.

Alcohol may not be the root of all evil, but it’s damn good fertilizer.

What Google giveth, Google can take away.

Don’t be surprised when Maui becomes a naval base for the CCP.

As a small business owner, I have lots of accrued time off – redeemable only postmortem, I’m afraid.

Citizens should be just as well armed as the Bureaucrats.

God is the sum of all our collective and individual love. Satan is the sum of all our collective and individual hate.

The four stages of wisdom: 1. Realizing your parents are not perfect. 2. Realizing you yourself are not perfect. 3. Realizing your children are not perfect. 4. Being fine with that.

War is good economic policy through other means.

When a woman butters a man up, he best prepare to be slid into the oven surrounded by carrots and potatoes.

Senior citizenship is just a state of mind: feeling old, fat, and bewildered.

The American media just makes me a bundle full of pissed off. So does the UN. And the WHO. And Congress. And the NBA. Well, just about every major institution left standing today, come to think of it.

The most tragic victim of Covid 19: Hong Kong.

It seems that most ethnic restaurants these days (Chinese, Mexican, Korean, etc.) are run by some kind of Mafia, picking the locations, financing them, providing the supplies, and feeding immigrant labor to staff them. Just a hunch.

The Obiden Administration’s efforts to level American exceptionalism and quash individual liberties seems to be taken from the disastrous post-Civil War Reconstruction model. The South rose again, so hopefully American can, too.

Re the 2024 presidential election: the die have long been cast and they are loaded. All the kerfuffle about polling, primaries, and debates is nothing but… kerfuffle. The Democrats have committed too many shameless crimes ever to allow legitimate elections to take them out of power.

There’s no such category as hate crimes. All crimes are hateful.

The most ridiculous virtue signaling of all is signing politicians’ speeches for the deaf.

Abortion is the most efficient from of lynching.

Don’t donate to the RNC. You are just throwing your money into a Bush-League, Never-Trumper money pit.

Has anybody else noticed that governments everywhere are trying to take over the jobs that the Mafia was designed to do? Numbers, dope, sex trafficking, protection rackets. Extorting money through taxes is apparently not nearly as fun as all that.

In the battle between the Barbarians and civilization, I’m with Israel.

I’ll try to get some x posts together before it xpires.
Yours Truly, Not@JohnArra

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