Why are they calling them vaccines?

If somebody were to tell you they’re giving your child a vaccine to protect against polio, you’d have a reasonable expectation your kid wouldn’t get polio, right? You wouldn’t think it was much of a vaccine if it promised only to cripple your child in one leg, not both, right? Or if it had unforeseen side effects? 

Right. The polio vaccine, as the many effective, true vaccines that followed did in similar fashion for their targeted scourges, wiped out polio. The shots for the Wuhan Virus being pushed on the public now do no such thing. In fact, they only seem to do one thing, and not even 100% at that: reduce the symptoms.

The literature handed out with the Pfizer shots says only that it has “been shown to prevent” the virus in a study. But “the duration of protection against COVID-19 is currently unknown.” In fact it states the shots don’t even contain the weakened virus, the hallmark of how true vaccines actually work.


Whatever good the shots do is temporary.

The effectiveness is unknown.

And the duration is unknown.

Thus you can’t count on the shots keeping you from being contagious.

And so the shots do not stop the spread of the virus.

And in fact they may encourage it, including mutations, by giving people a false sense of security. Let’s have a study of bona fide deaths from the virus in vulnerable populations who’ve had the shots.

For all the hoopla about the so-called vaccines, the only good they seem to do is to reduce the symptoms in the vulnerable populations. They are like getting a cortisone shot to reduce your back pain. The cortisone gives you mobility for a while, but you still have a bad back. With what we now know about other palliatives and early treatment regimens, the so-called vaccine is hardly more helpful now than respirators ever were.

And better yet, all this effort put into shots and masks and quarantines and contact tracing could be much more effectively used to educate sickly individuals on eating better, exercising more, and avoiding bad habits so they can handle viruses better in general. Especially now that the virus has mostly played itself out, overblown as it has been all along.

While they are saying it’s killed 500,000 Americans in the last year, there hasn’t been anywhere near an equivalent increase in the overall death count of Americans. Sounds like there have been more than a few clerical errors in counting virus deaths, now doesn’t it? But if the death count doesn’t keep mounting, the Wuhan virus damnpanic can’t be sustained and that’s bad for business. Including political monkey business.

The drug companies making the shots, public health bureaucrats, and control-crazed politicians are counting on your not realizing these very basic facts. They want you to think you’re getting a vaccine, not just an injected palliative. There’s a heck of a lot of money involved. Not to mention, a la the CCP and their social scoring mania, forcing “vaccinations” on every living soul is a heck of a good way to separate the compliant from the uncooperative.

 If you think this cabal that makes up our supposed “public health establishment” is on your side, think again. Just think Zantac. Think Thalidomide. Think Bill Gates’ botched vaccine experiment in India.

If you are not in the vulnerable population, there are serious reasons to question the rationale for having these sera injected into your bloodstream. The shots were developed using new, speculative technology that messes with your RNA. The shots have not gone through the full range of FDA testing and approvals for long-term safety. And if something does go wrong with your shots, thanks to federal law, there’s nobody you – or your survivors – can sue. Basically there is just a complaint department. It’s right there in that literature mentioned before. Good luck with that.

We old folks don’t have so much to lose. Have another drink. Smoke another cigar. Have another piece of cheesecake. Get the shots. Life is short for us anyway. But for younger folks, especially those who intend to bear or father children, think again.

It’s still a relatively free country. At this point, you can mostly still make decisions about your own health and your children’s. Get the shots if you want. But know these shots are not what you understand to be vaccines. They do nothing to stop the virus. They affect your RNA. You don’t know how that might be passed down in your genes. And the same folks who foisted this virus upon the world are the ones so anxious for you to take their shots now.

Who? W.H.O. The puppet of China ably assisted by Dr. Fauci and the C.D.C. and now the Biden Junta. They are no more about health than the shots are about vaccination.

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The Voter’s Rights Amendment

It’s hard to imagine more different individuals than Jimmy Carter and Joe Biden.

Before becoming President, Jimmy Carter served as a nuclear sub engineer in the U.S. Navy, came home to Georgia and grew a successful small business, then entered small town politics and worked his way up to the governorship of Georgia. Along the way, Carter proved himself to be a man of virtue and ideals. Still to this day he does good works and has more top-ten finishes of Gallup’s annual poll of most admired American man than anyone except Billy Graham and Carter’s successor as President, Ronald Reagan.

Biden, on the other hand, is a lifelong creature of the Swamp. He showed an early knack for cobbling together voters for a succession of federal offices culminating in a Senate seat, the Vice-Presidency, and finally, his assuming the Presidency now. Along the way, Biden has said whatever necessary to keep office, has enriched his family and friends through graft and kickbacks, and now in the years of his physical and mental decline, he is the Left’s string puppet for continuing the sabotage of American exceptionalism begun by the Obama administration in 2009.

Where Jimmy Carter and Joe Biden are alike is this: They both benefited from a backlash election. Jimmy Carter was swept into office in 1976 by the voters’ reaction to the humiliation of our retreat from Vietnam and Richard Nixon’s sin of lying about the Watergate scandal. In 2020, leveraging the social media trope “Orange man bad” with the Leftist base, a cabal of corporate and Swamp creatures maneuvered Biden into office.

In a normal year with normal political forces at work, neither Carter nor Biden would stand a chance at election.

Well-meaning as he was, Carter proved his inability to lead the country effectively in office and was promptly voted out by a landslide four years later. But what about Biden? Will the American people be able to vote Biden out, or more likely his replacement, the totally inexperienced and unpopular Kamala Harris? Or if those two actually surprise us all and do a good job, can we be sure they will be legitimately re-elected?

The answer is emphatically NO. Given the questions about the 2020 election, we cannot be sure at all that there will ever be another clean significant election in the United States. Yet there seems to be a dome of silence over the whole issue. At most, pundits keep saying that the Republicans will be more ready next time! We’ll have poll watchers everywhere! State legislatures will tighten up the laws!

Fat chance that any of that is going to work. It is all vague wishfulness. If there are indeed forces at work in the American system intent on subverting the American democratic republic for their own profit, you can bet they are not sitting around wishing. They have been hard at work finding ways to rig the system harder in their favor. Many of us believe 2020 was their first big coup at it and they will not rest on their laurels.

And no wonder everyone is afraid to talk about it. Key challengers have been threatened and indeed served with billion dollar lawsuits by the cartel that has control of nearly all the voting apparatus used throughout the country to tally results, and on the other hand those who even dare question the results are shut down by the platforms they rely upon to get their views out.

But there is one way to ensure we get legitimate election results. The Founding Fathers recognized that the forces of tyranny were always a threat to democracies, and that tyranny tended to grow in mobs. That is why they created a government with a Congress composed of both a Senate and a House of Representatives and with the Electoral College to protect minority interests, to keep the mobsters from always having their way over the many. As an ultimate protection, they included in Article V of the Constitution a way for Constitutional amendments to grow from the states themselves rather than from Congress, which they rightly imagined was prone to corruption.

Why is an amendment necessary? Because it is not subject to legal review, it cannot be watered down by secondary measures passed by Congress, it cannot be subverted: an amendment IS THE LAW.  Thus, if we want election integrity, we must make it the law of the land by enshrining it in a Constitutional amendment. Let’s call it the Voter’s Rights Amendment (the VRA) because its goal is to ensure that every vote counts – that one citizen’s vote is not cancelled out by a false vote somewhere else.

The VRA should have 100% nonpartisan support. Anyone against it has to have an ax to grind – money to be made or power to be had off crooked elections. The presumption is that 99% of American citizens whether Democrat or Republican or anywhere else on the spectrum are honest and want their government to be honest as well. All should support a VRA, not just to give them an honest chance at governing, but to make sure when they win, they have the support of all voters, not just the “winners.”

Details of the VRA need to be hammered out as with any other legislative proposal to ensure that it applies to all fairly and effectively, but here are some starting principles: A voter ID requirement. Single day, in-person voting except by validated absentee ballot. Paper balloting. And manual tabulation, always filmed, witnessed, and sealed by local law enforcement.

And here’s the good news: Although ratifying Constitutional amendments that originate from the states is a complicated and normally slow-moving process, much of the work to make it possible has already been done by the Convention of States movement. Visit the site. Educate yourself about it. And contact your local pundits, elected officials, and fellow citizens to get the ball rolling on the VRA. Whether your next vote will count depends on it.

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The Kingdom for a $1.3 Billion Horse

Anyone and everyone who tells you there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 federal elections is either lying to you or willfully ignorant.

All the information needed to get out of the starting gate with a criminal investigation is presented in two productions released last week: Time Magazine’s boastful article “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign that Saved the 2020 Election” and Mike Lindell’s peripatetic video presentation “Absolute Proof.” (Click on the titles for direct links.) The two productions come at the issue from vastly different angles with diametrically opposed goals. Yet considered together, they explain not only how the fraud occurred, but also how attempts to reveal it were squelched.

Settle in with popcorn, a lot of patience, and a clear mind to watch “Absolute Proof.” While professionally produced, it emphasizes experts, witnesses, and evidence at the expense of production values. The video builds exactly the case that has had almost no success getting before courts (though slowly but surely the evidence has gained a toehold in a couple of jurisdictions).

On the other hand, Time writer Molly Ball describes “a well funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information.” Exactly. But then she follows with a non sequitur, “They were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it.”

The Time article proceeds to lay out in great detail – later perhaps regrettable detail for those who may find themselves facing the music for unwittingly or otherwise participating in a coverup – the army of anti-Trumpers assembled to suppress any pushback against the conspiracy to leave Biden the only man standing at the finish line.

Once you have digested both these remarkable efforts, the shockingly high-dollar lawsuits initiated by Dominion Voting Systems make a lot more sense. “My horse, my horse, my kingdom for a horse” – the lawsuits and threats are the horse the perpetrators of the 2020 election fraud are riding to put an end to pushback against their perfidy. It’s no nag. They are running that horse like Seabiscuit and they have no intention of giving up the kingdom they’ve created with the coup they perpetrated on the duly elected President.

Further to that, the fact that Lou Dobbs was “disappeared” this week from Fox makes a lot more sense as well. A trip down the memory hole back to when he was still on CNN provides a harbinger of things to come:

The 2006 documentary referenced can be seen on Rumble: “Hacking Democracy.” There is a Tennessee connection to all this; see Bloomberg News’ report from 2016.

It is too late to undo the Biden Junta’s installation as the post-Trump presidency. The horse is out of the barn. However, the tools of state are still for the moment in place in the American republic even if impostors have taken the controls. Passing a Constitutional amendment is a heavy lift but it is exactly the fix needed to rid American of the virus that has honest government at risk of extinction.

NEXT UP: Stand by for a startling announcement regarding the origins of the Wuhan Virus from W.H.O. Chief Inspector Clouseau.

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The only way out of this mess.

By this time, most of the well-informed have heard former C.I.A. Director John Brennan’s comments revealing that the Biden Junta (the BJ) is so paranoid that even Libertarians are considered a threat to completing Barack Obama’s pledge to fundamentally change America. Mainstream Democrats who silently watched their party commit the greatest electoral fraud in the history of democracies and starry-eyed Utopians who hate Trump as the ultimate pariah are starting to reach for the Pepto-Bismol. Or worse. Something stronger will be needed before this cramp passes.

Meanwhile under threat of billion dollar lawsuits and further deplatforming, media conservatives – except for a very few stout-hearted heroes – are shucking and jiving to avoid plain speaking. Like the rest of the media, they have been neutered like the courtroom audience in “Sophie Scholl: the Final Days.” They all know the truth yet cross their arms and sit stolidly watching the spectacle so as not to be the next one guillotined.

Those who think justice will be found via the usual channels of the American system are living in a fantasy world.

The hard fact of human nature is that with extremely rare exception – such as George Washington or Christ – those who have power will not voluntarily give it up. With no checks and balances, the BJ has its foot on the accelerator. The BJ and Big Tech (with the CCP nodding approvingly in the background) have merged into a fascist fist demonizing all opposition, stifling all dissent, and ruling by fiat to suck the wind out of American exceptionalism.

Thus it does not matter how destructive or unpopular the policies of the BJ are. They own Congress and the presidency. They own the courts. They own the media. And having stolen the election from Trump (and probably certain key Senate candidates), they smugly wait for the next one when they will simply rinse and repeat.

State leaders who still believe in the American republic must immediately begin the process outlined in Article V of the Constitution to fix the corrupted election system by setting standards for federal elections: One citizen, one vote. Voter ID. In-person or absentee voting only. No early voting. Witnessed, filmed, manual tabulation of results.

If the path to election integrity is not urgently begun via Article V, then all that is left for a freedom loving people is that outlined in paragraph two of the Declaration of Independence. And nobody wants that. Except perhaps the CCP.

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