Scared witless.

It was understandable that the country was essentially shut down for a few weeks at this time last year. This crazy virus came out of China, seemed to decimate the population of Italy, then in fits and starts spread all around the world. Who wouldn’t be scared? Already in January before it was widely acknowledged or even supposedly had reached our shores, we were hearing that it was deadly, that it mutated, that it compromised the immune system, and on and on.

But here’s some news for addled old Uncle Joe Biden: by Independence Day LAST year, well informed Americans were already gathering in their back yards for a cookout. That is to say: Americans who did not automatically believe the network news, CNN, NPR, and the other fear-mongering outlets that seized on a crisis of confidence to keep the fear going, the ratings up, and mail-in ballots a sure thing.

Unfortunately the fear persists, at least in cities, long after the threat has passed. Driving into Nashville from the country this weekend, it was as if a wrong turn was taken in the Universal Studios parking lot. Virtually everyone was wearing masks. OUTSIDE, for heaven’s sake. We might as well have stumbled onto the set for “The Omega Man.”

By contrast, also this weekend in Nashville, the little woman – who is far more prone than her prickly husband to go along to get along – forgot her mask when she entered a store. It was a local, family-owned favorite. There were no other customers at the time. All the staff dropped their masks when they saw her beautiful smile. Only Papa kept his mask on. No doubt his lawyer has read him the riot act about avoiding frivolous liability lawsuits.

Also this week, a customer from Nashville was planning to pick up an order here at the shop way out Charlotte Pike. She gave assurances that she was vaccinated and practiced social distancing. When we replied no worries, we are not maskers, there’s a different mind-set about all that out here, she chickened out and asked us to ship her order instead!

God help these poor people who have been scared witless about flippin’ everything. The pandemic damnpanic has worked best in the cities. In a city, once germs are said to be spreading, everyone feels as if they live in Bombay – even in Nashville, where there is no subway system cramming people together like sardines and social distancing is a cinch on the buses because no one in their right mind rides them anyway who doesn’t absolutely have to.

We have seen that the government authorities have been wrong about just about everything. Even M.I.T. now has come out with a study that essentially says the wearing of masks to prevent spread of the virus is a canard. The FACTS show that only the sickly, the morbidly obese, and the elderly need fear this virus, and now there is a very effective injected palliative that protects them – although many health authorities did not protect them, closing schools to no purpose while leaving the virus free to rage through senior care facilities. And if you are young and healthy and there is any chance a “vaccine” might kill you, why take it? The virus virtually certainly will not kill you. Yet the authorities push the shots not only on the vulnerable old, but also the healthy young.

Instinctive fear is a good thing if something goes crash in the middle of the night, if you hear that freight train sound in the middle of a violent thunderstorm, or your fever spikes for no apparent reason. But cultured fear – that’s no way to live. The most troubling aspect about all this is the seemingly epidemic lack of curiosity. Has our generation – generation used in the Biblical sense – lost a healthy skepticism about authority? Have we lost the capacity to compare and contrast conflicting opinions? Have we been scared so witless that we accept as real whatever boogieman is thrown at us without using discernment, discretion, common sense? Common sense, it seems, really is the most uncommon sense of all these days. The fear that’s been inculcated in this generation seems to have all but snuffed it out.

The late Little Richard performing at “A Capitol Fourth” in Washington, D.C. John Arra was there. It was a great show!

Buck up, you city-dwellers, and young people especially. Stop cowering. Live life. Breathe free. Take in the sunshine. And Uncle Joe, stop with the preaching about wearing masks and getting the so-called vaccine being everyone’s “patriotic” duty. We are not all scared stupid, and we will be celebrating Independence Day AGAIN as true patriots this year whether you give your blessing or not.

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Don’t foist Trump’s Wuhan Virus vaccines on young people.

Early in 2020, President Donald J. Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence set in motion a logistical miracle that resulted in the creation and distribution of vaccines (or at least, what the CDC is calling vaccines) that are saving thousands if not millions of lives of elderly and sickly people.

There is, however, a great deal of misunderstanding of what these injections do. They are, in effect, not really vaccines in the sense we’ve all understood the word. They do not prevent spread of the virus. You can have the vaccine, still get the virus, and still pass it on to someone else. What these injections do is reduce the severity of the symptoms so that elderly and sickly individuals have a much better chance of surviving an infection.

When you hear, for example, that the Pfizer injections are 95% effective, it does not mean that they are 95% effective at keeping you from getting the virus. 95% effective means that in 95% of cases, the injections will keep you from getting as sick as you would have gotten without the injections.

It is sinful that health authorities have allowed the public, especially the elderly and the sickly, to think that once they getinjections, they are protected from the virus. No one is protected from getting the virus by the injections. Even more, it is the height of cynical absurdity that the Dr. Fauci types promote the notion that the “vaccines” lead to herd immunity and greater freedoms. They do not.

In fact, the opposite is true in both cases. By reducing symptoms the injections increase the likelihood that someone will not know they have the virus and so through carelessness pass it on to a vulnerable person. And now the C.E.O. of Pfizer is telling us that a third injection is really necessary. And as for freedom? Just try to do business with these “woke” corporations once they get the logistics of vaccine passports worked out. Some already go into Inquisition mode if you have the temerity to forego a mask in their businesses.

These cynical manipulations of a traumatized public are bad enough, but it gets worse. The most prevalent injections – Pfizer and Moderna – use a manipulation of your RNA code to do their thing. This type of manipulation has never been administered helter-skelter to human beings before. Tests in animals have provided some troubling results including negative effects on the immune system and cancers. For further information on this topic, see Dr. Ryan Cole’s testimony to the Idaho state legislature in the video at the bottom of this post.

How do we know what the long-term effects of the RNA gambit are without long-term studies? How do we know that if it has an unintended consequence in your gene sequence, one that may well be tragic, that it won’t be passed on through sperm or egg and have even worse consequences on the next generation? The answer is, we do not know. *

There is tremendous social pressure on younger people to get the shots now. To a startling degree, they – who have virtually zero risk from the virus –  have already been brainwashed into thinking they are somehow “not a good person”  or “don’t care about others’ health” if they do not wear masks everywhere they go, yet masks worn in the world at large have been shown by study after study to be totally ineffective. They are being led to the “vaccines” in like manner.

There is absolutely no good reason for young, healthy people to get the shots. We’ve done enough to them already with the unnecessary mask mandates, lockdowns, quarantines, social distancing, and school closings. They are growing up in an environment where they are told they should be terrified of the world around them.

The shots will not stop the spread of infection. And young people don’t suffer dangerous symptoms from the virus anyway. President Trump did the world a favor by mobilizing pharmaceutical companies to come up with these antidotes, but allowing the Biden Junta now to cram them down everyone’s throats (or more specifically, into their bloodstreams) is a sin against humanity and worse, against our children.

* The debate still rages about the origin of the virus. While hardly anyone seriously disputes its origin in the Wuhan region of China, the Chinese Communist Party insists it sprang up out of nowhere from a meat market while evidence suggests it was leaked from a biowarfare research lab – whose work was funded in part by grants from Dr. Fauci’s organization, by the way. The injected antidotes Dr. Fauci pushes were available in theory within weeks of the reported outbreaks, leading some to question whether the outbreaks and the “vaccines” were a coordinated effort. There are massive amounts of money involved. And the RNA manipulation? What if the “vaccines” that use that method to reduce symptoms are providing a convenient, known back door for a more devastating future virus release, just as computer viruses exploit back doors in Microsoft or Apple software. After all, the shots that don’t use that method – Johnson & Johnson and Astrazeneca – are now under attack for being defective.

These are questions worth having answered before rushing headlong further “vaccinating” the population, especially children.

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A country without a man.

Even a democratic republic needs a guy at the desk in the Oval Office where the buck stops. Perhaps especially a democratic republic, and especially the first and greatest democratic republic in the history of the world.

(And such “a guy” does not have to be a biological male. Margaret Thatcher, Indira Gandhi, and Gold Meir were showing us forty and fifty years ago that women have what it takes to be great leaders as much as men. Compared to the real achievers of the generations before, this current crop of “feminists” look like whiners and priss-pots )

What if Harry S. Truman had not been there to make the difficult decision to use the atomic bomb to end World War II? Truman, the small-town, obscure vice president who inherited the realm upon the death of Franklin Roosevelt, whom Roosevelt’s team had largely isolated from responsibility and involvement in the actual leadership of the country up to that point, was no washed-up, spineless swamp creature. He captained the ship with moral ballast, sound mind, and unwavering patriotic fervor.

What even if Roosevelt, the starry-eyed elitist who prolonged the Great Depression with socialist economic policy and who interred citizens of Japanese heritage in xenophobic excess, had not been there to guide the American people to defeat Hitler’s fascist ambitions in World War II? Whatever their missteps, if there had been no Roosevelt and there had been no Truman, there might not be a Jew left in the world and we might all be goose-stepping through life to this day.

So now, you’ve got to wonder. Who the heck is in charge of this country? Does the bumbling, stumbling, barely intelligible Joe Biden really have the reins? The only thing he has going for him is that his staff hates Kamala Harris’ staff and know that if Biden goes down, they are out of a job and off the gravy train. Kamala Harris, meantime, has Hillary Clinton to thank for being only the second most hated woman in country (and perhaps Meghan Markle eclipses them both for the world title). Biden’s one clear directive as chief executive – that Harris bring order to the border – has been completely ignored by the Vice-President.

(By the way, are there any pictures of Kamala Harris and Barack Obama actually in the same room? Could it be that Harris is Obama in drag? Just a thought.)

It is clear that “who’s in charge” is no guy, no one guy, but some sort of junta calling the shots. It is clear because only management by committee – perhaps one populated by zealots like AOC, for example, or a spin-doctor like the Orange Woman, Jenn Psaki – could incite such a disaster at the border, and then do nothing to resolve it. One has to worry, when Russia decides to take Ukraine, or China to take Taiwan, or they do it simultaneously, that such a no-name, no-face junta with an empty suit as POTUS, can only make the worst possible decisions in response to such a crisis.

If you are a Democrat who voted for this mess, or one who continues to sit silently by congratulating yourself for supporting the electoral coup of Orange Man while watching for three months now as this junta has weakened and sabotaged its own country… the coming wars, the economic blight, and the social violence are on you.

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Even dumber than New Coke.

Millennials probably don’t know of Coca-Cola’s other apostasy, that in the 1980s it abandoned its traditional formula in favor of one the company hoped would compete better with Pepsi for “modern” taste buds. It was dubbed New Coke. Thanks to public backlash, within three months the company brought back the original formula, rebranded as Classic Coca-Cola.
Eventually New Coke went the way of the Edsel.

Many have speculated that it was all a marketing ploy to bring attention to a waning brand. Most likely it was an idea spawned by a new species of corporate animal at the time, the MBA. To shirtsleeves business people, MBAs were an annoying class of resume-padders who got a masters degree in business with little or no actual experience. Colleges around the country were pushing the degree as a new revenue stream. Corporatist public companies were snapping them up with outrageous opening salaries. Many dumb ideas still floating around free enterprise came from these degreed know-nothings. Still when someone who’s come up through the ranks finds a new MBA in their department, maybe even in charge, stomach cramps ensue. New Coke may very well have been spawned by just such a “little knowledge is a dangerous thing” hire down in Atlanta.

Perhaps most likely is that Coca-Cola saw the whole New Coke episode as a means of diverting attention from the fact that they were replacing sugar with high fructose corn syrup as the sweetner in the formula. Experienced Coke drinkers know that there was a certain something lost when this happened, even in Coke Classic.

Whatever the truth is, New Coke was a bust and proved that even the biggest, wealthiest, most powerful companies in the world can lose their way. But Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, and Major League Baseball, among others, have done the New Coke fiasco one better by showing their collective keesters over the new Georgia election law. No matter how you package stupidity – i.e., calling voter I.D. requirements voter suppression, or Jim Crow, or Jim Eagle per ol’ Uncle Joe – it is still stupidity.

No one is hurt by Georgia’s new law, but the corporatists, Hollywood airheads, and left wing radicals who oppose it are doing direct damage to the greatest black-majority city in the country by championing MLB’s move of the All Star game from Atlanta. They are endorsing corrupt elections. And they are hurting thousands of small businesses and workers of every stripe with their virtue-signaling, spineless, dimwitted vapidity.

Is that redundant? Perhaps. Just like New Coke and other brands we can do without.

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