Why defund the police?

Perhaps the saddest revelation to come out of the Wuhan Virus Damnpanic is just how gullible, dense, and skittish we Americans can be.

Franklin Roosevelt, the icon of the big government, welfare state Democratic Party, rightly said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” He was trying to rally the American people to fight the first war he waged, against the Depression, a disastrous campaign which was only won on a scratch thanks to the next war, a real war against the fascist socialist Adolf Hitler. FDR’s fearless leadership won that war brilliantly.

But today, fear is not banished but is the banner of a feckless, fractious movement led by FDR’s own party. Already, just when America and the world have had a taste of normal life, the political hacks are whipping up the fear again with a new fake “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” This, even though there is no vaccine, just an injected palliative that does not stop the spread of the virus at all. The big push begins again for more child abuse in the form of children forced to wear masks and incited to fear their friends and neighbors and even family – if “unvaccinated.” Vaccine mandates have started and vaccine passports are sure to come. It is a sad, sad time for freedom.

Questioning the authorities ist streng verboten! Do dat vich you are told or ve vill send you to zee reeducation camp! Just try to post a dissenting opinion in a conspicuous place on a big tech social media platform.

But… the subject is defunding the police. Anyone, everyone knows this is one very stupid idea, but few dare admit it in this environment. And yet right now those of us who value freedom – and security – must not let all the nonsense going on with the virus distract us from what the central powers, the Deep State, the Swamp, the freak show known as the Biden Administration – call them what you will – are doing to the American justice system.

Barack Obama let their plans slip way back in 2008, in a July 2nd speech in which he called for a “civilian national security force, that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded” as the military. Here’s a question to ponder: Isn’t it odd that the FBI and the ATF and other federal law enforcement agencies never have a single questionable episode that makes the national news like the death of George Floyd? Can it be that they never abuse their power? Might it be that federal cops’ reputations are being protected while local law enforcement is being hung out to dry? That’s just one line of questioning. If you have a curious mind, you will find many more of your own.

And question this, too, because the success of our republic has come from discourse and debate, not acquiescence: Unless something big happens, and happens fast, this country is on an inexorable slide into tyranny and despair. The denigration, diminishment, and defunding of local policing will come at the expense of local control and will usher in a national police state.

Odds are, if you really think it through, you will know that it is time to push back. Fear is not our friend, whether avoiding the virus or fighting the bastards that would take this country to its knees. Free men and women willing to stand up to tyranny are what it will take to win this country back from within and thus save it from its enemies without.

Take it from ol’ F.D. Arra.

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Stolen elections have consequences.

The abortion cartel is in a bad way. Decades after Roe v. Wade, their cause has only lost ground. Despite millions spent with Planned Parenthood and an all-out war to convince women that abortion is a right, abortion still has a stench, a stigma, a bad aftertaste in the Kool-Aid they’ve been serving up. The thing is that abortion, even if you call it pro-choice, is simply killing babies. Everyone knows it. The mental health damage inflicted on millions of mothers is a bottomless pit of screaming, crying, abandoned souls whose lives were snuffed out by mad-scientist surgeons’ scalpels and chemical mutilation.

Whether religious or not, every woman comes to know that abortion is a sin, tragically too late in many cases. But God is merciful. He understands that Mammon misled the aborting mothers. May every such woman work through the misery and find forgiveness in herself, for God has forgiven her already.

Mammon was at work again in the 2020 presidential and senatorial elections. No matter how the leftist cartel, whether personified by the DNC or the Never-Trumpers among the Republican elite, tries to recast the election as legitimate via social media censorship, mainstream media mockery, or Justice Department malfeasance, every conscious citizen knows that the supposed outcome stinks to high Heaven. What we have been delivered, like the suddenly barren and heartsick woman after her baby is stolen from her, is a stillborn presidency.

It will take years to get past this breakdown of democracy. Reconciliation may never happen before the whole contraption implodes. See, the consequences are that the kids we all hated in elementary school have taken over, the ones who the teacher put up front when she had to run to the restroom. They have no respect. They have no friends. They have only the power of the snitch.

It may take America at large a while to figure it all out, but ultimately, just as America has figured out that abortion is nothing more nor less than killing babies, America will figure out that the Chinese virus drill staged by the leftists to take power from the people is nothing more, and nothing less, than a stolen election. They’ve thrown the sanctity of the vote out with the bathwater. It is every American’s duty to try to save that drowning baby now.

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Fifteen Days to Flatten the Earth

Flattening the curve was the first and biggest lie of all. Once the American public had swallowed that, it was nothing to scare the whole world with further, more byzantine and devastating lies. Like that the virus came out of a meat market. Or that the huge explosion of mortality numbers weren’t doctored to include deaths totally unrelated to the virus. Or that social distancing and shutdowns and quarantines and mask mandates did a damn bit of good to stop a virus that was rampant already long before we knew what was happening.

In the words of Willie Stark, you’re suckers. We’ve all been taken for suckers. We’ve been told the big lies and still we want to believe them. That the Delta variant is a real thing. That there were virtually no deaths from the flu in 2020. That these vaccines – a magnificent achievement in concept and execution thanks to the efficiency of the Trump administration – should be administered to everybody, even the young and healthy who have almost no mortal threat from the virus but most definitely are threatened by the vaccines. Over 6,000 deaths associated with the vaccines already, and hundreds of thousands of E.R. visits and hospitalizations. Yet those real numbers are ignored and as vaccine enthusiasm wanes, new imaginary threats are invented.

For decades now the left has mocked anyone who doubted their wild and unproven claims about global warming, overpopulation, peak oil, et al as flat-earthers. Yet now they are the ones who want us to believe that there is no such thing as biological sexes. That parents should not be in charge of their children’s values, discipline, and health choices. That China is our friend. That Trump was not re-elected in November. That the January 6 debacle was an insurrection. That Hunter Biden is an artist. That black citizens are any less capable of getting valid I.D. than anyone else. That illegal immigrants are streaming across the border because of Democrat Party’s compassion.

If you believe anything at face value that is coming from the Biden administration, the W.H.O, the C.D.C, the F.B.I, the U.N., the C.I.A. or any of the other alphabet soup of government agencies – and for that matter, Alphabet Inc. or any of the other globalist corporations – you, my friend, are a Flat-Earther.

And it all got kicked off with a lie about flattening the curve. It was indeed flattening the curve – the curve of the earth. Be careful you don’t fall off the edge.

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Glenn Funk botched the Andrew Delke case. Intentionally.

District Attorneys are generally the lowest low-lifes of the legal community. DA’s invented the concept of virtue signalling. Given a little power and waving a flag of “justice” they have a long history of fabricated evidence, withheld exculpatory evidence, media manipulation, and grandstanding, all in the name of furthering their political careers, not real justice. They couldn’t care less about guilt and innocence, only winning. Glenn Funk is the poster child for the type.

His charging of Andrew Delke with first degree murder in the 2018 killing of Daniel Hambrick is the ironic high point of Funk’s disgusting career. Metro cop Delke stopped Hambrick, who had outstanding warrants and fled with a gun in his hand. Hambrick ignored all orders to stop and was apparently shown on video to be in the act of turning to shoot at Delke, when Delke took him out.

Faced with withering pressure from the DA and acutely aware of the mob mentality affecting the George Floyd case, Delke took a plea deal. He will spend at least a year and a half in prison for manslaughter just because he did his job protecting Nashville citizens from an armed felon on the loose. The city is less safe thanks to Glenn Funk’s mishandling of “justice” in this case. Every cop is on notice now that the legal system is out to get them and every miscreant knows the cops have got to pull their punches to protect their own freedom.

Delke has acted heroically. He stood up in court and took full responsibility for the death of Daniel Hambrick with a steady voice and a clear conscience. What has been lost along the way is that Daniel Hambrick is in fact responsible for his own death. His previous crimes are what put him in harm’s way. His ignoring lawful orders and brandishing a pistol amid the chaos of flight and pursuit made it impossible for Andrew Delke to make any other decision. But the media have mostly focused on Hambrick’s mother’s profane and violent outburst in court when the plea deal was accepted. Judge Monte Watkins, if he had any sense of justice and cojones, should have put her in jail for contempt of court and refused to accept Funk’s plea deal with Delke.

Glenn Funk is himself a low-life as low as Daniel Hambrick, but he is no dummy. He knew by charging Delke with first degree murder he would gain cred with the race-baiting mob. He should be ashamed of himself. Nashville’s rising murder rate is to a great extent on him.

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