Two Soldiers

(Please note: Since this post was published, Lt. Col. Scheller has been jailed by the Marines. See Tucker Carlson’s interview with his attorney HERE.)

The contrasting examples of soldiers Stuart Scheller and Mark Milley demonstrate better than any other events since January what America has lost.

When the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan was revealed to the world, Marine Lt. Col. Scheller released a statement on social media calling the military command to account for the deadly and destructive mistakes it was making. In doing so, he put his career in jeopardy and indeed, subsequently he was relieved of his command and had to resign his commission, losing all benefits accrued.

Gen. Mark Milley, on the other hand, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has doubled down publicly not only on the command decisions re Afghanistan, but also has so far not denied his alleged insubordinate actions while serving under President Trump, undermining the American principle of civilian command of the military. If the statements and actions attributed to Milley in Bob Woodward’s new book are true, he is guilty not only of committing treasonous acts, but also of playing an instrumental role in the Biden Junta’s apparent coup d’etat of the legitimately elected president.

Stuart Scheller is a hero. Mark Milley is a chump. Milley knows what bureaucrats and politicians alike know in any Third World government: as long as they support the usurper of democratic power, there will be no accountability, no punishment for illegality, no need for shame. The American republic was set up to make this sort of behavior impossible through the election process, every two years for representatives, every four years for presidents, every six years for senators.

But the Biden Junta believes they will never lose another key election. Why? Because they have rigged the system. If the people can’t vote the rascals out, then the judiciary and the rest of the swamp fall right in line with the wishes of the ruling junta. That is why the Biden Junta could not care less how badly their public opinion falls due to their purposefully incompetent actions whether in energy policy, border security, health care, or defense.

Little more than a year remains until the 2022 mid-term elections. Little has been done by state legislatures to correct the abuses of the 2020 election. If the duly elected officials don’t get busy especially in the key states with the most corruption, we will be right back where we were in 2020 with mail-out, mail-in ballots and manipulated results.

Thus America is an occupied country. Truly patriotic Americans like Stuart Scheller have no place in today’s America. That means you and I don’t either, even the Democrats among us. We have no rights. We have no vote. We have no voice. Get used to it. If you don’t think it’s really that bad, you will soon enough. Because there are precious few Americans today willing to risk their comfortable job, their homes, their personal relationships, and their personal security to stand up for the country we once knew.

Just a few. Like Stuart Scheller.

God bless him.

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The Wuhan Virus Damnpanic Redux

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Apparently in this smart-phone age, people struggle to learn that basic life lesson. Civilization has degenerated into a snake pit where specious thinking gets so much play on social media that dumb ideas move around at the speed of light. We’ve already seen this movie. Yet so many are stepping right back into the Damnpanic as if it’s “Groundhog Day.”

Here’s how it ends: In tyranny.

It was understandable last March that everyone went into a hand-washing, crowd-shunning, mask-wearing, toilet paper hoarding frenzy. The news coming out of China and Italy and from cruise ships and Navy carriers was truly frightening. And soon we were bombarded with statistics. The death count was eagerly followed like the ball dropping in Times Square. God help us if we ended up in the hospital on a ventilator.

But for pity’s sake, folks. It was no worse than the seasonal flu. The horrifying statistics have been shown to be wildly inflated. Trump’s vaccines came out as promised, so now the most vulnerable are generally protected. The so-called Delta Variant has already just about played out. It has been nothing compared to the original now that we have identified effective therapeutics. Not to mention – which the “vaccine” pushers never do – a huge portion of the population now has natural immunity.

The scary stories that ICU beds are filling up are specious. Wily doctors give their non-Covid patients a Covid diagnosis to make sure they get into the ICU for whatever ails them, so the beds fill up fast, but not necessarily from the virus. Also, hospitals are short-staffed everywhere because of the vaccine mandates. Health care staff has seen first-hand what happens to people who have adverse reactions to the vaccines and want none of it. They have quit their jobs by the thousands to work at places where they are not pressured to take a jab. So part of the problem is that hospitals reach capacity prematurely because they lack staff, not beds.

Yes, a large number of people have died from this damnable Chinese export, and may they rest in peace. But when the statistics are audited and actual cause of death is calculated using normal standards, it is no more than die in a bad flu season.

Unfortunately, the first pass of the Damnpanic and return to normalcy wasn’t good enough for the petty tyrants (local public health officials, school union reps, and mayors and such) and the big tyrants (the DNC) and those they get to abuse, the little people among us who either by ignorance or fear believe their doomsday gospel and seem to get some sort of thrill out of being victimized. Plus, there are more elections coming up, and all those mail-in ballots sure are convenient for cheating.

So a seventh prong was hidden behind Joe Biden’s big “six prong” virus plan unveiled last week by the doddering old creepy Joe Biden: It is that the “Unvaccinated” should be required to wear shirts with a giant scarlet U on the front. Those who see no need, have no desire, do not think it’s in their best interests – whatever – to take the shots, are now pariahs. They’re the enemy. They are to be shunned, removed from society, neutered with unemployment and loss of privileges all around.

And the establishment elites continue to push the big lie: that getting the vaccine protects other people. They never say directly that the vaccine stops the virus from spreading. Instead they imply it and let you fill the lie in for yourself – for example, in Biden’s “Six Prong” speech, when he said that you can go to the doctor comfortable knowing that you are safe because he’s been vaccinated.

Safe from what? Losing your job, maybe. And if you are “vaccinated” then what do you have to fear anyway? Tennessee Governor Bill Lee was criticized last week for not wearing a mask while meeting with some children. His defense was that he is vaccinated. Does he actually believe that the shots make him less of a virus carrier or is he in on the lie, too? And the “out” from the vaccine mandates of having a recent negative test is one more way the lie is perpetuated since you can have the virus whether you are vaccinated or not!

The fact is, the so-called vaccines DO NOT stop, or even inhibit, the spread of the virus any more than the flimsy masks do. There is even a recent study out of Vietnam which indicates that people who have been “vaccinated” actually carry more of the virus in their nasal passages than the unvaccinated, suggesting that they are greater spreaders of the virus. And look at Israel, one of the most highly “vaccinated’ countries in the world yet they are having as much trouble as anybody. Sweden, on the other hand, which has not succumbed to the Damnpanic and has maintained a free and open society, announced last week that they are dropping what light restrictions they had.

The tomfoolery of forcing teachers and kids into mask wearing, quarantines, contact tracing, and such is just that – tomfoolery. The melodramatic parents who show up at school board meetings decrying the danger their kids are faced with if everybody shows their faces are nothing but drama queens. And of course, the vaccine mandate Biden foisted on private companies is not just unconstitutional, but is an obvious attempt to change the subject from his complete botch in Afghanistan.

Folks, really now. Stop acting like the guy in the control room in “Airplane.” Bad decisions are made from fear. Man up. Woman up. The rest of you, don’t say nothin’. *

The antidote to the Damnpanic is simple: Live! Laugh! breathe!

In fact, you can chant this popular phrase now sweeping the nation as your first free-breathing exercise:

“Fool Joe Biden! Fool Joe Biden! Fool Joe Biden!”

Wording may vary – click the link to get the proper rhythm.

Now, don’t you feel better already?

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* Editor’s note: Anyone under age 60 will not understand this allusion. To get it you’ll need a dose of whimsy, a sense of humor, and a listen to Cheech & Chong’s “Basketball Jones.”

Will it be the South that saves the Union this time?

In the American Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln’s primary objective was to preserve the Union, not to free the slaves. As speculation grows that the current polarization of the American public will lead to some sort of civil war again, it does not seem likely that a blue state hero along the lines of Lincoln will save the day. It is more likely to be the citizens of the states that flew the Stars and Bars and their ideological soulmates throughout the rest of the country who will save the Union this time around.

The abolition of slavery, of course, was the saving grace of the Civil War. Slavery was America’s Original Sin, the one issue resident in the Constitution that was like an earthquake about to happen. To Lincoln’s credit, although late to the abolitionist cause, he came to realize that it was the one goal worthy enough of shedding so much blood among American citizens. Too bad slavery was stamped out only in America. The Uyghurs in Red China, females in Joe Biden’s Taliban Afghanistan, and the oppressed in large swaths of Africa among others still face the yoke of slavery.

Despite many Democrats’ bitter opposition, conservatives joined forces with forward thinking liberals to pass the Civil Rights Act in the 1960s which finally gave full force to the notion that “all men are created equal” enshrined in the Constitution. Jim Crow laws bit the dust. Where natural integration among the races lagged, forced integration was imposed, focusing mainly on the South, the region most densely populated with blacks.

Today, nowhere in the country is there an easier relationship among the races than the South, especially once you get outside the cities. Southern cities are mostly blue while the suburban and urban areas are thoroughly red. Curiously, it is in these red areas, presumed by stereotype to be the most racist areas, that the races live together in the greatest harmony. It is not uncommon at all to see mixed-race couples, children, churches, and social events. Go to the cities, however… and neighborhoods are only integrated on the edges, the schools are heavily minority, and mixed race couples are rare as hen’s teeth. Racial tension is as bad in southern cities as in Los Angeles. As bad as in New York. As bad as in Chicago.

It’s a shame, but the blue states and blue cities have lagged behind in social progress. In killing slavery, Lincoln inadvertently set the country on a track toward a tyrannical and overreaching central government. The leftward lurch of the Obama and Biden regimes have have served as a wake-up call to Americans who for too long have taken their civil rights for granted.

That’s why you’re seeing laws come out of states like Florida, Texas, Georgia, and Tennessee that lead the nation in stamping out abortion, the eugenicist scourge that disproportionately kills black babies. That ensure that every citizen’s vote counts – and counts only once. That strengthen the rights to free speech and private property and personal protection and health choices and all those things that tyranny undermines. And that protect faith in God, the grantor of all individual rights.

Yes, it seems if the Union is to be preserved, it will be the South that saves the day. It gives new meaning to the notion that the South will rise again. It will rise to the occasion, and it will succeed, because even in California and New York and other red states, people still want to have control of their own lives. Such people are the ideological soul-mates of the good people of the South, and though mainly a silent majority up until now, any good seismologist can feel the rumble of a coming push-back of earthquake proportions.

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