The front lines of the fight against fascism

Remember, fascism is not goose-stepping Nazis. That was just a side effect of 1930s Germany. Fascism is the combining of giant government with giant corporations to stomp out the little guy. Whether you have called yourself a Democrat or a Republican, an independent or a libertarian, if you cannot see the fascist machinations of the Obiden Junta, you’ve got your kopf up your kiester and Mel Brooks’ satire just blows right by you.

Mentally stable folks who have studied the rise of the fascists in Germany have been disgusted by the excesses which came forth, festered, and then exploded into World War II and the Holocaust. But a certain sociopathic segment of the population were actually envious of the Nazis’ amazing growth and the quick work they made of taking an iron grip on Germany, one of the most sophisticated and educated countries of the world at the time. These sociopaths are the miscreants who have taken the levers of power in the U.S. via the Wuhan Virus Damnpanic and the corrupt 2020 election.

Many have speculated if this will lead to a second American Civil War. It is still hard to imagine, thankfully, how the struggle could come to a shooting war. But the ideological battle lines are being drawn. Joe Biden and his junta are determined to flatten American exceptionalism but there is one problem: Americans will have none of that. It has been impossible to squelch the news that even left-leaning polling organizations show that the American public is done with this administration. The growing opposition is coming out now in many different ways as well, but none more clearly than in events in two arenas which have built to a crescendo this week.

The Defensive Line Against Fascism

Stuck in an airport? Can’t get that surgery you need scheduled? Waiting on product? Well, here’s the skinny: These developments, most dramatically demonstrated by this weekend’s cancellation of hundreds of Southwest Airlines flights, are a sign that folks are passive-aggressively fighting back. They are calling in sick. They are slow-walking. They are opting out. They are being fired. The administration’s claim that only 20% of Americans are unvaccinated is b.s. No one knows the real number. But if you fire all of them, it is obvious you can’t operate the country.

There are numerous spineless, weasel-ridden corporations who are trying to do his bidding without his direct order – Vanderbilt Health would be a prime local one – but if Biden ever goes through with his threat to force the shots on all companies with over 100 employees, the court system will immediately be clogged with individuals suing the britches off the their former employers and the feds. Word is that Los Angeles is already backing off the mandate. And if it is so essential, why are certain occupations exempt?

Bring it on, Biden. Defending against forced injections is a front line in the fight against fascism.

The Offensive Line in the Fight Against Fascism

Whoever came up with the viral “F… Joe Biden” chant is genius. If Roger Stone didn’t come up with this, he should’ve. It is the perfect act of civil disobedience. Impossible to stop, succinct and effective. It is an incisive roar of pushback against the usurpers of our republic. It is the most visible, vocal, and effective manifestation of resistance to the tyrants. Each week, it springs up in venue after venue. And the family-friendly “Let’s Go Brandon” chant is a master stroke of subversive chameleonship.

The Bottom Line in the Fight Against Fascism

America is exceptional because the American people are exceptional, whether native or naturalized. They may be pushed the way of Venezuela but they will never capitulate. And by God’s grace they will prevail. The fascist interlopers who currently have sway in the White House and corporate boardrooms will go the way of the goose-steppers they grew up admiring. Auf Wiedersehen.

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