Polite, a poser, or a pain in the…

Nashvillians have a well-deserved reputation for hospitality and friendliness, but from the get-go, we’ve shown the world we can lead with our elbows, too. It goes without saying that James Robertson and the other original settlers were no wimps. It’s a wonder how they got here by foot and on flatboats, felled trees, built houses, cleared fields, planted crops, dealt with bitter cold and blistering heat, and survived constant Indian attacks fueled by America’s enemies the French and the British. They didn’t get all that done through use of please and thank you. They got it done because they were tough as hickory wood.

Hence Andrew Jackson’s nickname “Old Hickory.” He came to Tennessee shortly after it was first settled. Jackson’s hospitality at the Hermitage was famous but you did not want to cross him. He won duel after duel with those who he felt impugned his honor. Woke revisionist historians depict him as a war criminal, but you’ve got to look at him as more of an early Rudy Giuliani: Jackson came in and did the dirty work necessary to pave the way for civilization. He was a heck of a president in contentious times, the first populist to win the office, and a hero to the average citizen not just for licking the British in the Battle of New Orleans, but also for fighting the unconstitutional central bank that was set up to favor the rich at the expense of the common man.

And if Donald Trump wants to complain about the media, well buck up, Buttercup. No political figure in American history has had to fight more slander and malice from media pundits than Andrew Jackson. His opponents fastened on a dubious divorce by his beloved wife Rachel from her abusive first husband. The newspaper writers’ withering, mean-spirited, constant harassment of Rachel and Andrew over this were so extreme that it is said literally to have killed her. Jackson went to the White House a widower.

Jackson was just one of many who put Nashville on the map. Montgomery Bell is another. Today Nashvillians know the name for the state park at Dickson and for the elite boys’ school that bears his name. But he wasn’t so honored because he was mild-mannered. While Nashville was growing he was combing the wild countryside of Middle Tennessee for iron ore deposits. He built kilns and furnaces all over, becoming the pre-eminent producer of iron at the time. Visit Narrows of the Harpeth State Park to see yet today Bell’s most amazing technological achievement. There, so early as 1819 no less, with a brilliant black foreman and a cadre of slaves, Bell blasted a 290-foot tunnel through solid rock from one curve of the Harpeth River to the another to power one of his wrought iron foundries. Towns you can visit today like Cumberland Furnace and Vanleer among others are a lasting testament to his achievements.

Rich, brilliant, and a lifelong bachelor, Bell had some elbows, too. At a time when interracial relations were socially acceptable only as slave and master, Bell lived side by side with his slaves and legend has it, had a common law marriage with a slave woman that produced children, descendants of whom can still be found around Bell Town above Kingston Springs. He eventually freed his slaves and paid for those who wanted to return to Africa. Perhaps it is no random coincidence that it was in an A.M.E. church at Kingston Springs that Stokely Carmichael was elected to lead the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). And that school in Nashville? Bell intended that his funds help educate poor boys. Hah!

How about Sam Houston? Just about everyone knows that Sam Houston was president of the Republic of Texas and that the great Texas city is named for him. But did you know that before all that, Sam Houston was elected governor of Tennessee, the youngest person ever to hold that office? Did you know that before that, he was orphaned young and kicked out of the house in East Tennessee by his unsympathetic older brothers, that he was a teacher and founded a school, AND at times he lived among the Indians as an honorary chieftain in Arkansas? That he was a huge man for the time, over six feet tall, and known for walking the streets of Nashville in a magnificent, multicolored full length overcoat? Or that he fell in love with a young girl named Eliza Allen from Gallatin and won her hand in marriage by the prestige he gained as governor?

The marriage didn’t turn out too well. On their first wedded night, Eliza ran screaming from the Governor’s Mansion and refused ever to speak to him – or of him – again. No one knows exactly why. But it was a humiliation from which Houston did not recover quickly. He resigned the governorship, went back to Arkansas to live with his squaw there, and reportedly drank a lot. Who can blame him? The amazing thing is, he eventually showed up in Texas, helped win its independence and set up the Republic, and when it became a state, served as its first governor. Then when the Civil War broke out and Texas voted to join the Confederacy, he said to heck with this, I didn’t work so hard to bring Texas into the Union only to have it leave on my watch, and he resigned the governorship. So Houston is not only the only American ever to serve as governor of two states, but also to resign from both offices. Needless to say, that is a record not likely to be matched.

So no. Early Nashvillians like Jackson, Bell, and Houston were no wimps. And neither was William Walker, the Grey-Eyed Man of Destiny.

William Who?

Hardly remembered now, it can be argued that William Walker was the most accomplished Nashvillian of all time. Ever. Hands down. And the only native Nashvillian we’ve talked about so far. A child prodigy, he graduated from the University of Nashville by age 14. He then earned a medical degree at U. Penn. He studied further in Europe at Edinburgh and at the Sorbonne. Unfortunately he did not learn his trade well enough to save his beloved sickly mother back home in Nashville. Devastated by her death, he moved to New Orleans where he studied law, set out his shingle, gained notoriety as editor of one of the daily papers (a colleague of Walt Whitman), and fell in love with a deaf-mute girl named Ellen Martin. Alas, she died of yellow fever, once again devastating the young Walker. He disappeared for a year, then turned up in San Francisco, beginning a series of adventures too numerous to recount that culminated in his becoming president of Nicaragua.

Yes, president of Nicaragua. His conquest of the nation made him arguably the most famous American alive in the 1850s, regularly on the cover of the New York Times and every other paper that could get an update on him, and the honoree of parades in every major city he visited during his interregnum.

Unfortunately, his position in Nicaragua put him at odds with Cornelius Vanderbilt, who at the time wanted to build a canal across the country for the same purpose as the later Panama Canal. Yes, that Cornelius Vanderbilt, the one for whom Nashville’s largest college is named. Vanderbilt rallied the royalist opposition to Walker and ultimately had him ousted from office. Walker’s reputation ever since has been as an “imperialist,” but the fact is that he was quite popular in Nicaragua as a democracy-minded president, instituting land reform and universal suffrage and setting up a school system. Imagine how the history of Central America might have been different had Walker succeeded in establishing an American-style democracy in Nicaragua? We’ll never know thanks to Cornelius Vanderbilt. Walker was assassinated on a beach in Honduras by royalist forces as he tried to make his way back to Nicaragua. He is buried there. The concurrent outbreak of the Civil War overshadowed his legacy.

Now think about these four Nashvillians – Jackson, Bell, Houston, and Walker, just four men who were super-achievers in Nashville’s first half century. Think of all they overcame and all they accomplished. And think about what we Nashvillians are doing with our own lives today. Can you see any one of these fellows wearing a face diaper? Seeking a safe space? Questioning their “gender?” Living on a government check? Waiting for a WeGo bus to get where they were going???

Not likely.

Great Nashvillians have never been weak-kneed and they’ve never been posers. They were pioneers. They were non-conformists. They were not the type to pick an avatar and load it with what they wished to be. They ventured; gain followed. They were real people who had warts and shortcomings but who went out and made things happen, sometimes winning, sometimes losing, but never, short of death, too lost to pick themselves up and keep on going. You can bet that using their elbows to reach the top of the heap, to many they were just a pain in the ashcan. Most likely, being from Nashville, they were usually a polite pain in the ashcan, but a pain to their detractors nevertheless because they were all as tough as hickory wood.

The essential question for Nashvillians today is, will we belie the hickory wood of our roots for the balsa wood of the post-Covid, twenty –first century American doldrums?

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The Incredible Shrinking Free World

The joke going around earlier this year was that we need new conspiracy theories because all the old ones have turned out to be true. The biggest conspiracy theory to go poof is the notion that a small cabal of elitists is working toward one-world government. Because it’s no theory anymore. One-world government is already here.

Fears of one-world government have always been fueled by imaginings about the globalist machinations of the Bilderbergers or the Illuminati or various Marxist/capitalist hybrid zombies from Bill Gates to George Soros. But it’s turned out a little differently from all that.

Socialism and communism are just bait. No serious person expects either one to work in the real world. Their promises feel good because everyone shares everything with everybody, like it’s Thanksgiving every day. The collectivist ideologies are the apple held out to the masses by the elitist snake.

For those who fear failing in the free market – which is just about everybody starting out as adults – socialism/communism seems like a godsend. So the inexperienced – along with the gullible and the lazy and the looters and the moochers – are lured easily by the redistributionist siren song. But as Margaret Thatcher noted, the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money. And as Cervantes pointed out, the free cheese is always in the mousetrap.


What you end up with once that trap snaps shut is the tyranny of a ruling elite dispensing bread and circus to the dependent masses. Just like Caesar. Just like King George. Marie Antoinette. Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and the other great tyrants of history. Their examples on a global scale is what one-world government is really ALL about.

The biggest stumbling block to one-world government has been American exceptionalism. Because before “America,” there was nothing but despotism throughout the world. The elites held all the property, collected all the rents and taxes, controlled the agricultural and industrial distribution networks, and made all the laws. In Europe and Asia the elites were easy to identify as the royals and their courts, and in Africa and throughout the Muslim world as the tribal chieftains.

America came along and upset the royalist apple cart. In America, it wasn’t about equality of outcomes but equality of opportunity. In America, you could start with nothing, make a good business, and “have it all.” There was nothing to hold you back if you applied yourself. This was the system that produced Eli Whitney and Thomas Edison and Henry Ford and Ross Perot and Bill Gates and Ben Carson and Elon Musk… and Donald Trump.

For the parasitic modern American political elites – political animals like the Bush family and the Obama junta – a self-starting self-aggrandizing, self-made wealth creator like Donald Trump was NEVER supposed to capture the seat of all political and bureaucratic power in the Free World by winning the presidency.

God knows, it was bad enough when Ronald Reagan held power for eight years. Reagan led actual reform, real accomplishment, tangible prestige for American exceptionalism again after the debacles of Vietnam, Watergate, and the Iran hostage crisis. Bush, the consummate insider planted as VP to temper Reagan, followed him as president and put a stop to all that, ushering in the Clinton kleptocracy of which Joe Biden is the poster child.

When Trump won coming out of right field in 2016, it was a disaster for the Bush/Clinton/Obaman ethic of leveling American exceptionalism and ushering in the unopposed reign of the Chosen People – the political elite who suck the wealth out of the masses and into their own fleshpot fiefdoms, never to be challenged again. World Wide.

This explains the Biden presidency. It is as-if – if not literally – the One-Worlders put Biden into office specifically for the purpose of leveling America. They didn’t have to conspire to do it. The cynical, amoral, bitter leftist zealots created out of the fat of this land did it for them. The good thing: there may be no need for China to wage war against America. The U.S. is toppling on its own. Without America as a bastion of liberty, Hong Kong was lost. Taiwan will not have a chance. Neither will Israel, Sweden, Hungary, Ukraine, nor any of the other countries of this world in which one can still detect a pulse of independence.

As we head into 2022 and the Promised Land of Congressional elections, the mantra you hear over and over again is that a big red wave will turn the bastards out and sanity will return to government. There’s a big assumption in that way of thinking:

Honest elections.

So long as panic can be ginned up over a new strain of the virus, thus “necessitating” mail-in ballots which neuter the whole notion of voter ID, there will be no honest elections. Without honest elections, there is no America. There’s just one flat world of helpless people and the Marie Antoinettes sucking up the fat of the land from the very top.

If anything has seriously, systemically, been done to ensure that the 2022 and 2024 elections are safe from the corruption that prevailed in 2020, it’s the best kept secret since Who Shot JR. As Juvenal asked in ancient Rome, who will watch the watchers? If there is to be a divorce between red and blue states in the U.S., if our divisions are to level us, the fact that this question is unsettled will be the casus belli. The America-haters on the left are not the majority, nowhere near. Only in dishonest elections can they maintain the illusion of winning.

To tweak Hanlon’s Razor a bit, there’s no need to have a Bilderberg conspiracy when stupidity will do the trick. As long as the great middle buys the leftist tripe that America is racist, that voter ID laws violate civil rights, that a nation without borders is truly a nation, that everyone’s got to have the jab whether it makes epidemiological sense or not, and so on and so forth – the bovine scatology dispensed by government and media today is endless – then we’re doomed to one-world government on the modern Chinese model. If Americans don’t smarten up, stand up, and fight back now, by the time this decade is out the Free World will be very small indeed.

Smaller than any nation. Smaller than a single individual citizen. Smaller even than a mouse.


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