The Four Horsemen of the Resistance

Do you wonder what the devil has happened to your country? To your world?

You are not going crazy. You are not alone. In fact most people are with you in feeling that every last thing these days seems turned upside down. That is by design. You are supposed to feel disoriented, repulsed, and isolated. A sick minority is churning our culture in order to upend society and come out on top. These people are in effect like arsonists who are setting fire to the social order so that they will reap a big payout. The word fits them: they are the Arsonists.

The Four Horsemen of the Resistance saw this day coming and took action at great personal sacrifice, in some cases with their lives. They rallied fire brigades against the Arsonists who were out to burn down America, and by extension the Free World. They in great measure staved off what we are seeing happen now.

An Arsonist, to use a current example, is someone like Barack Obama. He came into office aided by elder Arsonists like Bill Ayers. They chose Obama for his biracial multicultural credentials and groomed him to be their Manchurian candidate. Ayers is literally an arsonist. He was a co-founder of the Weather Underground which was responsible for several terrorist bombings in the U.S. in the ’60s and ’70s.

Among Obama’s first actions as president was to remove from the Oval Office the bust of Winston Churchill, one of the greatest exemplars of western civilization. Obama then set about redefining western civilization as white supremacy. He did this by employing Pyromaniacs – those who are not necessarily seeking to profit by arson but who just “like to watch the world burn.” The Pyromaniacs destabilize the country so the Arsonists can take complete control. Obama euphemistically referred to this as fundamentally changing America.

Obama’s Pyromaniacs included the Occupation movement and Black Lives Matter here in the States, and ISIS and the Islamic Brotherhood abroad. Many white Americans were deluded by a misguided notion that they needed to atone for the sins of their fathers, so relatively few pushed back initially against Obama’s wrecking ball.

But some more worldly individuals, such as President el-Sisi in Egypt, saw what was happening right away. Like Tito facing the Nazi occupation of Yugoslavia fifty years before, el-Sisi fought back and saved his country from the darkness. To this day, Egypt is one of the few places in the Middle East where Christians and Jews can live side by side with Muslims in relative safety. Peaceful coexistence of diverse cultures is one of the hallmarks of western civilization. It is the last thing Arsonists want, which is why they champion miscreants like the P.L.O. and worse.

Yet not so many world leaders are as resolute as Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Most, it seems, are now under the control of the Arsonists, either doing the Arsonists’ bidding as Pyromaniacs or aspiring to be one of the lead Arsonists themselves in the new order of the world.

The feckless, creepy, thoroughly corrupt Biden Junta did not just stumble into the highest office in the land by accident. POTUS ended up a Biden because Joe Biden was the right useful idiot in the right place at the right time for the Arsonists calling the shots – just like lesser world lights like Maduro of Venezuela and Trudeau of Canada, Lula of Brazil and Lam of Hong Kong. You don’t have to be smart for the Arsonists to position you into power, just shameless.

Although all this seemed to happen overnight, it did not. It has been building since the first rupture of modern western civilization known as World War I which coincided with Woodrow Wilson’s tenure as POTUS. By the grace of God, Wilson was struck down by illness before he could do more damage to the country than he’d already done, but the Arsonists were just getting started anyway. They gained ground during the ensuing Depression and came close to pulling off a global coup in World War II.

Bust of Lenin through the iron bars of a Soviet embassy, ca. 1980.

The Arsonists are not a single ideological group. Like the Highwayman of the song, they come back again and again and again – here as Nazis, there as Reds, somewhere else as the World Economic Forum, the C.I.A, or today’s F.B.I. – whatever suits the time and place. Their only ideology is tyrannical control of the population and they will ally themselves with whatever group, or groupthink, furthers their ends.

Four great leaders in the hundred years since World War I have seen clearly what the real war for civilization is about. They might well be described as the Four Horsemen of the Resistance. Unlike the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, they have not been agents of chaos but on the contrary, the greatest bastions of the civilized world. None of these men were angels. Like all human beings, they had feet of clay. But all of them led lives committed like guardian angels to stewardship of the Free World through the threat from the Arsonists.

The Warrior

The first was George Patton. He was the fiercest, most effective fighting general in World War II. Those who did not necessarily want the war to end quickly attacked him with all they had. He slipped up and gave them an excuse to stop him when he publicly humiliated a shell-shocked soldier. That took him out of the action for a while, but Eisenhower, commander of the Allied forces, knew he had to have Patton to take the European continent back from the Nazis. So Patton was soon back in action and he pushed toward Berlin at breakneck speed.

Patton wanted not just to snuff the Nazis out but the Soviets as well, then and there. Politics forced Eisenhower to hold Patton back just short of total victory and let the Soviet Union take its spoils in Eastern Europe. Patton was subsequently relieved of command and assigned to an administrative post. Hence, the Cold War ensued. Eisenhower, no doubt, eventually wished he had let Patton roll on to Moscow, or at least as far as Poland. The Cold War allowed the Military Industrial Complex to metastasize into the “peacetime” monster against which Eisenhower warned as he left his post-war presidency.

Patton, by the way, died shortly after war’s end as a result of a freak traffic accident. He did not die in the accident itself, but in the hospital twelve days afterward. Thus the greatest American warrior of the time was silenced as the United Nations became ascendant, seating the Soviets at the big table. Go figure. The work of a Pyromaniac, perhaps?

The Martyr

Say what you will about President John F. Kennedy – his sexual escapades, his father’s manufacturing illicit votes for him, his dissolute brother Teddy’s excesses – but regardless of his baggage, JFK loved America. He willingly put on the uniform in World War II and risked his life and darn near lost it fighting the good fight as a common soldier when he could have let his Hitler-supporting father buy his way out.

Think of him this way: Kennedy was to America what Michael was to the Corleone family in The Godfather Part II. He was an idealist. He served. He had a vision for fixing the family business. Younger brother Teddy, in this analogy, would be Fredo. Younger brother Bobby, Tom Hagen. The difference is that on film Michael lived to get mired down in the muck and violence. John F. Kennedy was cut down before either that could happen or before achieving further greatness. Who knows which?

Kennedy’s assassination was investigated by the impeccable Warren Commission. Unfortunately the only thing impeccable about the Warren Commission was the power to cover up what really happened, so it is still a heck of a mystery. There were more people out for JFK’s hide than you can count. Tucker Carlson recently reported that the C.I.A. most certainly had a hand in it. All you need know to believe that is the simple fact that George H.W. Bush, Ronald Reagan’s successor who was C.I.A. all the way, claimed that he could not remember where he was on the day of JFK’s assassination.  (Among the many authors speculating who was really behind the assassination from Oliver Stone to Roger Stone, Jerome Corsi gives the best breakdown of all the various theories and the evidence for each in Who REALLY killed KENNEDY?)

If you study Kennedy’s speeches and his legislative priorities, you find that he is nothing like today’s Democrats. He believed in personal freedom and in free markets and American exceptionalism. The bottom line is that in the Arsonists’ world, Kennedy had to go.

Whoever did shoot Kennedy dead, it was certainly one (or more!) of the Pyromaniacs at the behest of the Arsonists.

The Gipper

Another decade. Another decade. And America – already humiliated out of Vietnam under LBJ’s feckless leadership and Nixon’s hasty retreat and shortly thereafter, removal from office – found itself embarrassed in front of the world thanks to Jimmy Carter’s incompetent diplomacy in the Iran hostage situation. The Arsonists were rubbing their hands together excitedly by this point, warming them at the burning logs of American exceptionalism.

Then along came Ronald Reagan. The power of Reagan’s charismatic personality, combined with an electorate that was fed up with an America of negativity and failure coming out of Vietnam and Watergate, not only reinvigorated the country along conservative lines, but also toppled the Soviet Union, ending the Cold War and freeing millions of people who since Patton’s demise at the end of World War II, had been prisoners of communism.

No surprise, Ronald Reagan narrowly escaped an assassination attempt, as did his contemporary Pope John Paul II, who also fought against communism and reinvigorated the Catholic Church. Reagan’s success brought a period of relative peace and prosperity to America and the world. But the Arsonists were just reorganizing. They had a plan B, the aforementioned George H.W. Bush, the C.I.A. swamp creature who succeeded Reagan in office. Two Bushes and Bill Clinton muddied up the waters after Reagan, setting the stage for 9-11 and the Patriot Act, the doorway to the surveillance state.

The Donald

The Arsonists’ next big coup was maneuvering one of their own, that “fundamental change” guy Barack Obama, into the presidency. His job for his two terms was to soften up the American people via a witch’s brew of class warfare, racial turmoil, and suicidal foreign policy to pave the way for Hillary Clinton to come into office via the 2016 election and finish the job of leveling the country.

But whoops, a wild card the Arsonists didn’t count on popped up: Donald Trump. Whether you hate him or love him, we can all be thankful for one thing Donald Trump achieved: he kept Hillary Clinton from taking the presidency. As bad as Joe Biden is, Hillary would have been ten times worse.

Here’s the thing about Donald Trump: He is not the schlub who buried his talent. He is not a trust fund baby who rested on his father’s laurels like so many of us Boomers have done. He took what he was given and made it better. He had vision and ambition and class – spare us your derision about classiness, you arrogant, envious losers – and he turned his talent into an amazing brand and billions of dollars like no public company run by committee could possibly do, and certainly none of the looters and moochers who live off the fat of the land.

As soon as Trump entered the race in 2016, it was clear he was going to win. The hubris and truculence of the Arsonist class kept them from recognizing this simple fact. They did not even think they had to cheat very hard. And so they didn’t. And so win Trump did, for four years bolstering America’s economy, making America energy independent, securing America’s sovereignty, and once again setting America as the leader of the Free World.

Even Donald Trump, however, did not recognize the threat coming at him in 2020 in the Arsonists’ counter-attack. As a man and an American hero, he stands head and shoulders above the Lilliputians of today’s world, but ever since his initial victory, the Arsonists have worked to neuter him politically with a thousand cuts. At times it seems a miracle that he has escaped assassination, but perhaps the Arsonists fear creating another martyr like JFK?

The Lesson of the Four Horsemen

The shameless malfeasance with which the Biden Junta governs America tells you that they have no fear of ever falling out of power and thus paying for their crimes. The simple reason is that they will never lose another significant election, only some here and there to make a show of legitimacy. Not because the people support them, but because they have perfected the art of cheating. Figuratively speaking, they have set fire to the paper ballot box that defined the American Republic and replaced it with elections as amorphous and surreal as cryptocurrency.

The Left’s habit of projecting their own crimes onto their opponents has been well noted. Thus their favorite insults to hurl at those who challenge them has become “election denier” and “insurrectionist.” The real crime is that the Arsonists among them have denied the American electorate the right to a true vote and their coup is the true insurrection. We cannot preserve what once was. It is gone. We must instead restore it.

Fire is a viciously destructive element, but it can be stopped by water, by depriving it of oxygen, or perhaps in the case of American’s burning, by millions of feet stamping it out. Patton, Kennedy, Reagan, and Trump did not turn away from the struggle against the Arsonists of this country and this world. If the coming generation shall also have a chance at life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, neither should we.

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