The Problem with Trump’s Republican Challengers

Hillary was right. Republican operatives are busy working to rig the 2024 presidential election. The thing is, she is suggesting and her fans are assuming that it is Trump operatives working to rig the election. It is not. It is the never-Trumpers, intent on wresting control of the party back to the Establishment

But it’s not Republicans who will determine the outcome. It has been preordained. The cabal or junta that installed and controls the Biden presidency will in no way allow Trump or anyone other than a rank leftist (or total nincompoop like Joe Biden whom they can control) ever to hold the top office again. They’ve sinned to much, and to allow a legitimate government with a legitimate DOJ to sit in judgment of them on behalf of the American people would lead to federal prisons full of white collar criminals with names like Obama and Rice and God knows who else, perhaps Garland and Wray and McConnell and Zuckerberg.

As smart – and clever – as Donald Trump is, his presidency was marked by one fatal error: He trusted his party. He thought that everyone would come on board with a winner, but in fact his winning just made him Enemy Number One for institutional Republicans as much so as Democrats. A few of them bucked his leadership openly, but many put their heads down and took whatever positions they could get in his administration and worked to further their own careers while undermining his, or if not that, by jumping ship on him as soon as he wasn’t winning any more – even though his loss was by outright, and obvious, theft.

So now personalities who gained traction in the Trump administration like Pompeo and Haley are lining up to challenge Trump in the primaries. And of course there’s Ron DeSantis, obviously a smart and capable guy. But the problem is that whoever rises to the top as Trump’s main opposition will need a ton of money. It will not come from the base. The base, the overwhelming majority of Americans in fact, are solidly behind Donald Trump more than ever. Any challenger’s funding can come only from one place: the Never-Trumpers, the Bush family wing of the Republican Party who disdain the Trump base just as vehemently as Hillary showed she does when she called them a basket full of deplorables.

History will show that George Bush Sr. was as incompetent and despicable a president as Joe Biden. He cultivated a congenial, aw-shucks personality that belied his true nature, which was C.I.A. all the way. Following Ronald Reagan’s brilliant tenure, Bush Sr. hijacked America for the elitist globalists and with the help of his losing embarrassingly to the gross Bill Clinton, ensured total control of the American juggernaut by the Deep State.

Despite his brilliant track record and his native ability that sets him head and shoulders above the Lilliputians who glom onto politics and government like leeches, Donald Trump will never be president again. No true American patriot will ever be president again. The Left will not allow it, at any cost. Their crimes have been too great already to allow that to happen. They have castrated the military and the security services to make sure that no one within the government can overturn their power from within.

However, even though 2024 is a moot point, it is important that we note who the players are and watch what the players do. It is important for what comes after the national divorce. And it is important to vote, even though the election will be stolen every time. For in this world, data is never really lost. And after the divorce, the data must be there somewhere way down in the depths of America’s hard drive as evidence.

So enjoy the show for the next two years even though we all already know the ending. And get out and vote. Even though your vote won’t count in the election, it will most certainly count in the ultimate reckoning.

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Author: John Arra

John Arra is the pen name of a determined individualist who tries to connect the dots of life by writing.

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