Hey, Tucker Carlson: Where’s the beef?

Tucker Carlson is to be commended for exposing anything of the January 6th fiction that the Bolshevik “select committee” and media propagandists spent the last two years creating. But the relatively paltry amount of previously hidden footage Tucker has actually shown, and the disproportionate focus on the pitiable goofball “Shaman,” is reminiscent of the old Wendy’s commercial: Where’s the beef?

There is no doubt that next to Victor Davis Hanson, Tucker Carlson and his staff writers are today the most eloquent and persuasive advocates against the folly and perfidy of the the Biden administration and the Leftist cult in general. Nobody wants to miss what Tucker has to say in his monologue each night. And for the most part, he carries the ball forward. But at times, he flinches and gets thrown for a loss.

For example, and perhaps this story is merely apocryphal or exaggerated, it has been said that at the very beginning of the Wuhan Virus Damnpanic while flights were grounded, Tucker drove all through the night to meet with Donald Trump and plead with him to take the so-called Covid virus seriously. If true, and if Trump was swayed by Tucker’s pitch, it was a disservice to the country leading to the imbecilic lockdowns, mask mandates, school closures, voting irregularities, and now as is being increasingly proven, the horribly damaging and ill-advised vaccine campaign.

Then there was the time in the immediate aftermath of the election fiasco when it was obvious that Trump’s second triumph had been stolen by a witch’s brew of mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, illegitimate voters, and machine manipulation. Yet on Tucker’s show you could see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears how rudely Tucker mistreated Sidney Powell in a key interview, acting as if she were the Q-Anon fool the Left was desperately making her out to be. The Left went after her so stridently, as we can see in retrospect, because she was right over the target – but Tucker didn’t want to hear about it.

This past week Tucker made his first splash with selected video clips from the supposedly thousands of hours of video surveillance made available to him by the grace of Kevin McCarthy (whose hand was forced by heroes like Matt Gaetz). It is unclear and there are conflicting reports how much was made available, how it was processed by Tucker’s team, and whether they were allowed actually to take possession of full copies of the files. What is clear is that after the first night’s revelations, little more of substance came forth. As expected the little information that was released was met with bitter criticism by Democrat politicians, but most disappointingly with strong criticism as well by Republican weasels like Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell.

If you went to Fox News’ recently redesigned site last week, there was all but nothing about the new video – a story or two about defendants’ wanting and possibly getting access to the video for their defense. You had to hunt for coverage of Tucker Carlson’s show at all – scroll about three miles to the very bottom of the home page, find the second row of little links there to the third column marked “TV,” and click on “Shows.” There, for a day or two, were links to Tucker’s initial monologue on the subject and a handful of interviews relating to it.

It has long been known that Fox News, though the preeminent outlet for conservative expression, is a bad steward of its role. Its ownership and management was reluctantly pro-Trump while he was gaining and holding power, and is now Never-Trump at best. After soaking up the initial spotlight of the gift by McCarthy, they have all but all but completely stifled the impact of the release of the January 6 video.

Tucker, man, stand up to this bovine scatology! You are being played the fool. Reach out to other real journalists who have been working exclusively to unravel the January 6 mythology through the thick smoke screen. Share the video with all of them. Enlist their expertise. What really happened on that January 6 was an obvious, fatal subversion of the American way, if not the concluding act of an outright coup. Your interviews with Kid Rock and all are great. But that’s all sizzle. This is the meat of the matter. Your place in history is made right in this moment. Either force Fox’s hand to give this story the exposure it demands, or walk.

Otherwise, it seems you are destined to be remembered as just one more Fox hack a la Geraldo Rivera.

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Author: John Arra

John Arra is the pen name of a determined individualist who tries to connect the dots of life by writing.

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