Why are anarchists & sociopaths playing dress-up?

Quicker than a New York heartbeat, the tragedy that occurred in Nashville last week was twisted by Leftists like a pretzel in the spirit of Rahm Emanuel’s pledge to “let no crisis go to waste.” How could you tell this was coming? Because the FBI showed up lickety-split. Not because there was a federal or foreign criminal enterprise to bust, but because somebody in that thoroughly corrupt agency must have known the shooter was likely pushing some sort of point about “trans” issues. The shooter’s manifesto has been confiscated, and kept secret.

Joe Biden with a fellow traveler.

The Left has hit upon the perfect social disrupter, and they are beating it like a drum. Fake LGBT discrimination laid at the hands of Christians is much more effective than the race baiting they’ve been ginning up since Obama had to host his humiliating “Beer Summit.” Remember? Obama falsely accused a white cop of racism against a black man, when in fact it turned out that it was a black woman who had called the cops to begin with. What a chump.

So now the Left is pushing the fiction that the LGBTQ (or whatever the hell the acronym is now) community faces persecution from cradle to grave. The campaign is magical because it can’t just confined to blacks and whites, but is universal. Any boy can suddenly self-declare as a girl, and vice versa. And when not just the kid’s parents react naturally in horror but the whole world rolls its eyes, suddenly everybody is transphobic. White supremacy is so yesterday when you can catch everybody up in transphobia.

Thus, if you are wondering where the devil all these hairy oafs came from who are dressing up like Marlene Dietrich and leading story hours for previously innocent children, they are not really transsexuals. They are cross-dressers. Two years ago, most of them would never have considered such a thing. They are cross dressing because, anarchists and sociopaths that they are, it is currently the best way to make the world burn. And probably to get chicks, too, screwy as that whole fringe bunch is.

Meanwhile, the real victims are children everywhere, not just the ones who were slain in Nashville. They are the children who are being forced into this fiction and given a life sentence of confusion rather than being allowed to mature into healthy adult human beings. In some cases, they are even being mutilated by the likes of the monsters at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital who castrate healthy boys and lop the breasts off healthy girls. Thank God there are still some good doctors at Vanderbilt and other hospitals. Unfortunately, three nine-year-olds did not get to those doctors fast enough last week.

What we are witnessing is raw, unadulterated evil at work in the world around us. The transsexual movement is targeting children, perverting them, grooming them, and dooming them to a life of confusion, distraction, and bodily and mental mutilation.

It does seem that the horrific tragedy in Nashville last week, coupled with the grotesque abuse of the justice system to persecute Donald Trump, is waking up more and more mainstream Americans to what is really happening. Our way of life, our country, and our youth are being destroyed. Most are reacting in horror as the woke demons devour the innocents.

The question is, what are we going to do about it? And is it too late?

For a two-page PDF statement of where Way Out Charlotte Pike is coming from, please CLICK HERE.