The M.A.G.A. vote for RFK Jr. in 2024

Normally I veer away from showboats. Before Donald Trump ran for President, I barely paid attention to him. I knew of him like I knew of the Kardashians. Never watched their shows but their images and infamy were ubiquitous so a body couldn’t avoid them.

Once Trump announced in 2016, however, I knew in short order that he was the one contender against Hillary Clinton who could win. And I believed he would win. Many conservative political commentators – including notably Glenn Beck and Mark Levin – could not stomach him. Trump did not have conservative bona fides. He was uncomfortably brash. He was bold. He was in your face. And he called it like he saw it, no matter which side the truth made look bad.

Trump’s primary opponents could hardly blow their noses without a consultant’s help. They melted before him like butter. Especially the mealy-mouthed Jeb Bush, who as a family legacy candidate had built up the biggest campaign war chest in history. The problem was, Bush could not make a convincing case for why he was any different than Hillary. Trump blew through the b.s. class of Republicans and won the general election.

I don’t care if Trump is coarse. I don’t care if he was ruthless, unethical, or even criminal in business and romance. All I care about is that he took it straight to the bastards who want to get us all down. He did that by instinct, not by consultant. But it is clear to me that “they” will never allow Trump to be president again, even if it comes to killing him, which they are assiduously avoiding so as not to make him a martyr and poke the sleeping beast.

After eight years of Obama’s ninny government of passive-aggressive and sometimes downright aggressive anti-Americanism, Trump as President turned over a new leaf for the country. Meanwhile the entrenched bureaucracy, whatever you want to call it and in all its different forms, worked from Day One to undermine him and eventually, with the help of an overblown pandemic scare and devious election monkey business, backed him up against a wall and out of office.

Since then, the Biden Junta (aka “the BJ”) and whoever all are behind it (aka “they” – of whom no doubt Obama is still the cloaked chief villain) have made an ever deepening mockery and a mess of American government. No need to detail that here. If you don’t see it and know it by now, you are willfully ignorant, duped by social media manipulation, or whatever, but bottom line, hopelessly delusional. The BJ has acted so flagrantly, so unashamedly in the destruction they have wrought that it is clear they expect never to be held to account for their crimes.

With compromised election integrity and the traditional and online media catering to the passive masses under their control, no one, not even Trump, stands a chance to throw them out of power.

For those of us who believe in America as a land of individual liberty and opportunity for all, it is a depressing time. The future seems bleak for our children. They may be happily distracted by material fun-things now, but at some point as they mature and get into the really hard business of “adulting” they will realize that they have no control over their own lives. They, and their children, owe their souls to the company store. If they cannot vote miscreants out of office, their future is no better than the serfs and slaves of 19th century Russia and America. Except that future is likely to have a distinctly Cantonese flavor to it.

And then along came Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

RFK Jr. is a Democrat but he is not of the ilk that own the D.N.C. today. He is, from all evidence, a true constitutionalist. I believe, as a Democrat challenging the current establishment, he has a better chance of exposing its corruption and overthrowing it than anyone else. And I think he has the moral fortitude not to be bought out. We’ll see.

I am, some by nature and some by hard knocks, a conservative. So typically, the only place I can find candidates who share my values is the Republican party. That does not mean I am a Republican. The Republican establishment is disgusting to me. They are more interested in being popular at the country club than with the majority of their countrymen. So they stand for nothing but middling appeasement and quisling collaboration in a vain attempt to win in the court of public opinion.

Occasionally a Democrat catches my attention. For example, I liked Joe Lieberman. And one notable example still active is Joe Manchin. But among the Democrat elite, Joe Manchin is the only example. He survives only because he votes typically with the Democrat bloc yet wears conservative colors enough to hold his seat in West Virginia and thus preserve the Democrat majority in the Senate. Otherwise, the Democrats have purged their rolls of anyone who might deviate from the leftist agenda ushered in by Barack Obama’s presidency. The Democrat elite have gone full Bolshevik just as the Republican elite have gone full country club. The middle class be damned.

What happened to the honest American Democrat? What happened to the little guy Democrat, the blue collar worker, the small business operator, who loved America, believed in American exceptionalism, and yet had honest differences of opinion with conservatives? The ones who elected Jimmy Carter over the bumbling Gerald Ford, Bill Clinton over the effete George Bush and the slow Robert Dole, and Barack Obama over the half-crazy John McCain and witless Mitt Romney?

How can those Democrats stomach the BJ and its radical, soulless agenda?

They can’t. That’s why the D.N.C. had to cheat to win in 2020. But those MAGA Democrats are still out there, and in big numbers. In big enough numbers that when RFK Jr. announced his bid to oppose Biden for the 2024 election, he showed 20% support right out of the gate. And frankly, that 20% probably knows almost nothing about him. To them, RFK Jr. is somebody, any damn body, who isn’t Joe Biden and his bunch of sexual deviants, incompetent administrators, and other saboteurs of the American Way.

I have followed RFK Jr. for several years now because I became convinced early on that the whole Covid thing was overblown to begin with, then shortly I realized it was being used as a cudgel against the American people by those same people Trump had taken head on, who want to get us all down. RFK Jr. runs a group called Children’s Health Defense that has led the way in fighting the mandates and restrictions. It is the best resource I have found for fact-based information about the virus, the vaccines, and the draconian restrictions and mandates which were imposed during the “Covid Damnpanic.”

For now I like what I am seeing of RFK Jr. I like that he has identified the marriage of big government with big business as the greatest threat to the individual today. The use of the government cudgel against its own citizens to force not just compliance but submission is the core issue of our time. And I like that Kennedy, like Trump, speaks extemporaneously, without teleprompter or even notes, and can command the facts of history and real experience to mount his arguments.

Working from within the Democrat Party, RJK Jr. stands a better chance of unraveling its corruption and domination by the Bolshevik faction. The real Americans who still hold positions of authority in the D.N.C. and hold small offices across the country will turn to RFK Jr. in a way they could never turn to Donald Trump. I believe he can win the nomination away from Joe Biden or whatever mannequin the D.N.C. chooses to replace him. I believe Kennedy will win the nomination. Especially if MAGA Republicans vote big league for Kennedy in the Democrat primaries.

Don’t even think about a Trump-Kennedy “unity” ticket. They are both alpha males. They would eat each other alive. But either one would be a better choice than what the elites in of the two mainstram parties will offer.

Kennedy vs. Trump is quite possible, however. And might even mean we all get to participate in an honest election this time around.

If “they” don’t kill one or both of them first.

For a two-page PDF statement of where Way Out Charlotte Pike is coming from, please CLICK HERE.