The Fatal Flaw of the Third Reich

Here’s what you don’t realize about watching The Sound of Music: For every million or so decent people like you who wholeheartedly cheer the von Trapp family as they escape Nazi-occupied Austria, at least one sociopath is watching who couldn’t care less about the van Trapps, but is turned on by the raw power of the Nazis to ruin others’ lives.

What sociopaths lack in empathy is typically over-compensated in IQ. That is the reason they are so dangerous. That’s why they make successful serial killers. And concentration camp administrators. It’s only when their hubris exceeds their self-discipline that they get tripped up.

Adolf Hitler was just such a sociopath. Had he not made certain fatal mistakes such as declaring war on the U.S. prematurely or trying to take Moscow, he might well have succeeded in holding Europe, and the history of the last eighty years would be quite different. Fascism, rather than flying under the radar, would openly be one of the three great ideologies of the world competing with the communism of Russia and China and the freedom of America.

Fascism, it is worth pointing out repeatedly, is not goose-stepping soldiers or Jews forced to wear yellow stars. Those are symptoms, not the disease itself. Fascism is the merging of corporate and governmental power for total control over its domain by obliterating competition from other entities or individuals.

Hitler did not invent fascism. The word derives from Latin and in fact it first really hit the world stage with the Romans. Fascism grew in the last stages of the Roman Republic, as the republic deteriorated and the stage was set for Julius Caesar. The Republic’s senators were in effect the first fascist capitalists, establishing grossly profitable fiefdoms with their political power as the Republic became more and more corrupt. The Caesars then co-opted the Senators’ various business interests much as Putin has used the Oligarchs since the dissolution of the Soviet Union. For a time, the Roman Empire was the greatest economic and military power in the world because of this fascistic framework.

But the Roman Reich never managed to control the entire world. Rotten Caesars and aggressive enemies were the main reason. The Holy Roman Empire devolved into the monarchical system that dominated Europe – and brought on the Dark Age – for centuries. Elites collected taxes and owned practically everything from the top, and the rest of mankind served as their serfs if not outright slaves.

Finally by the 18th century the promise of America was busting that up, leading to a succession of revolutions and wars that ultimately resulted in World War I and the humiliation of Germany. Hitler’s toxic ideology of racism found fertile ground in the humiliation of the German people. Hitler grafted the fascist ideology of the Italian socialist Benito Mussolini to his nationalist pitch to the starving Germans. Voila, within a decade Hitler had remade Germany into a world class power because, you see, fascism is the most efficient economic system ever created… for short term gains. But since it does not derive its economic power from free markets, the only way it can grow is to confiscate the economic assets of other countries. Thus, Hitler was bent on aggression. Czechoslovakia, Poland, France, and as noted previously, Russia.

Though Hitler’s Achilles heel was taking on the sleeping giants America and Russia, that mistake in itself was not the reason the Third Reich failed. The Third Reich failed because in effect the success of Nazi Germany was dependent on Hitler’s cult of personality. He had assembled a ruthless band of sociopaths like himself – people like Goebbels and Speer and the others – but to the world and his own people, when Hitler cracked, the fascist crusade fell apart. Thus, it was Hitler himself who was the Third Reich’s fatal flaw.

The fascist experts of the Third Reich, those who weren’t hanged or imprisoned for crimes against humanity, scattered to the four winds after its downfall. The U.S. and the U.S.S.R. took the lion’s share of them as we squared off in the Cold War. Others went to South American and elsewhere as free agents. It is a misnomer to say that Red China adopted capitalism after Mao. Rather, the Chinese Communist Party adapted their system along the fascist model, with the CCP owning a piece of every significant business.

But in all new fascist enterprises since WWII, the cult of personality like Hitler’s is scrupulously avoided, though certain strong men tend to stay in position for long periods of time. Perhaps Putin is the exception. You get the impression that there is no succession plan there, though that remains to be seen. But if Xi Jinping suddenly disappeared, there is little doubt the CCP would replace him as the face of China lickety split.

Today if you have eyes to see and ears to hear, you know that the American government is falling in line with the other great powers along fascist lines. Again, the aim is to hold all power in the hands of a few, and for the rest of us – even what was once the great American middle classes – to serve the masters. Thus we see that the hallmark of American democracy, the Bill of Rights, has all but been completely neutered. Elections are corrupt. Free speech and freedom of religion are increasingly constricted. And privacy, private ownership, and even national sovereignty are all diluted to the point of irrelevance. The “pandemic” revealed that this is happening not just in the U.S. but around the world, most shockingly in Canada and New Zealand where civil liberties were not just compromised, but torpedoed.

So it is not another Civil War that is around the corner. It is a world war. Not North vs. South, nor East vs. West; not nation against nation, nor bloc vs. bloc; not race vs. race nor faith vs. faith. There will be some of all of that as the fascist sociopaths jostle each other. But this world war will be – and arguably already is – citizen vs. tyranny. It is the decent people of the underclass vs. the sociopathic overlords of the fascist system worldwide.

That is why everything seems upside down. Morality is confused with perversion. Protest is confused with insurrection. Opportunity is confused with dependence. The fascists will not make the mistake this time of investing their ambitions in a cult of personality. There will be no face of fascism like Hitler. Not even an Obama, certainly not an imbecile like Biden – in fact, the sociopaths mock decent people by putting complete incompetents in the top positions. It is not the personality who is the potentate, but it is the corrupted system.

Just in the past week the news has broken that portable generators will be outlawed and that standards will be imposed that make personal gas-powered vehicles obsolete, and this on top of the elimination even of gas stoves. Fears of global warning and hints of another manufactured pandemic are being ginned up with greater stridency. How much evidence do sovereign individuals need crammed down their throats before they realize that they are being maneuvered right out of existence? How much stupidity will people absorb before they finally push back en masse?

Hopefully, not much more. But as they say, hope is just counting on other people to do something. It is time to stop hoping and start doing. Resist the encroachment of the fascist sociopaths on your personal sovereignty. Buy a generator, quick. Have a stash of gasoline. Keep your old car running. Turn off those demonic “smart” phones where your every move and thought is tracked. Get off Google and Facebook and Amazon and their clones and every other multinational platform; they’ve all gone woke. They are your enemy, not your friend. Shop local. Buy from small companies. Nourish yourselves off the produce and meat of independent farmers. Support your local sheriff and police force. Know your neighbors. Stock up against the shortages sure to come. Exercise, stay strong, and refuse the shots and masks and shutdowns they are sure to impose again. Have an escape plan from the cities where they know they’ve got us trapped. Make love, not war, at least on behalf of the system. And above all, don’t let the bastards get you down.

In short, don’t be a sucker to the fascist overlords. In the developing war, compliance will be the fatal flaw. Decent people must resist the sociopaths of this new world for the freedom of generations in the future world.

For a two-page PDF statement of where Way Out Charlotte Pike is coming from, please CLICK HERE.