Mammas, get your babies ready for the draft.

One thing the Uniparty wizards are really good at is ginning up wars. And specifically wars they never intend to win. Mammas all over America should be especially worried right now.

At this moment the Obiden administration is holding Israel back from moving on Hamas in Gaza, allowing time for Hezbollah and other Mohammedan factions to coordinate attacks on Israel, thus prolonging the fighting. Meanwhile they are using U.S. tax dollars directly or indirectly to fund both sides of every potential conflict. The thing is (with apologies to Carl von Clausewitz), war is good economic policy by other means. Especially if you hold a sizable portion of stock and an insider trading position in the military industrial complex.

But the nation’s young men have other things on their minds besides joining the Army these days, especially when they know that it means vaccinations without informed consent, indoctrination in the religion of Woke, and leadership by boneheads like Mark Milley, Lloyd Austin, and God help us, Joe Biden. All for a plot at Arlington. The all-volunteer armed forces are nowhere near meeting the numbers needed to wage war on the multiple fronts shaping up now. Especially when it comes to well-qualified recruits.

Now that Trump and Trumpism are being ground out under the jackbooted heels of the Justice Department, the Uniparty is ginning up wars like crazy. So don’t be surprised when that mandatory Selective Service registration turns into a draft. Mammas, it would be much better if your babies grew up to be cowboys (with apologies to Ed and Patsy Bruce).

And this time, Mammas, it will likely include your daughters as well as your sons.

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Tweets I never tweeted…

…mainly because I don’t do social media, so I have never tweeted. Now that it’s bye, bye, birdie, I guess it’s time to release a few birds of my own:

My pronouns are Y’all and Y’uns.

Trying to have meaningful communication by text is as dumb as two thumbs.

Alcohol may not be the root of all evil, but it’s damn good fertilizer.

What Google giveth, Google can take away.

Don’t be surprised when Maui becomes a naval base for the CCP.

As a small business owner, I have lots of accrued time off – redeemable only postmortem, I’m afraid.

Citizens should be just as well armed as the Bureaucrats.

God is the sum of all our collective and individual love. Satan is the sum of all our collective and individual hate.

The four stages of wisdom: 1. Realizing your parents are not perfect. 2. Realizing you yourself are not perfect. 3. Realizing your children are not perfect. 4. Being fine with that.

War is good economic policy through other means.

When a woman butters a man up, he best prepare to be slid into the oven surrounded by carrots and potatoes.

Senior citizenship is just a state of mind: feeling old, fat, and bewildered.

The American media just makes me a bundle full of pissed off. So does the UN. And the WHO. And Congress. And the NBA. Well, just about every major institution left standing today, come to think of it.

The most tragic victim of Covid 19: Hong Kong.

It seems that most ethnic restaurants these days (Chinese, Mexican, Korean, etc.) are run by some kind of Mafia, picking the locations, financing them, providing the supplies, and feeding immigrant labor to staff them. Just a hunch.

The Obiden Administration’s efforts to level American exceptionalism and quash individual liberties seems to be taken from the disastrous post-Civil War Reconstruction model. The South rose again, so hopefully American can, too.

Re the 2024 presidential election: the die have long been cast and they are loaded. All the kerfuffle about polling, primaries, and debates is nothing but… kerfuffle. The Democrats have committed too many shameless crimes ever to allow legitimate elections to take them out of power.

There’s no such category as hate crimes. All crimes are hateful.

The most ridiculous virtue signaling of all is signing politicians’ speeches for the deaf.

Abortion is the most efficient from of lynching.

Don’t donate to the RNC. You are just throwing your money into a Bush-League, Never-Trumper money pit.

Has anybody else noticed that governments everywhere are trying to take over the jobs that the Mafia was designed to do? Numbers, dope, sex trafficking, protection rackets. Extorting money through taxes is apparently not nearly as fun as all that.

In the battle between the Barbarians and civilization, I’m with Israel.

I’ll try to get some x posts together before it xpires.
Yours Truly, Not@JohnArra

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Falling B’rackwards.

After all the other disasters of the Biden administration, the attack on Israel this weekend tells us with certainty that the chickens, as the good Rev. Jeremiah Wright was famous for telling us, have come home to roost. Delayed to some extent by four years of Donald Trump’s accidental presidency, Obama’s vision for Western Civilization is finally reaching fulfillment.

Born of a flighty Caucasian American mother and a hell-raising Negro father from Africa, Barack Obama has never been comfortable in his own skin. His father was the womanizer and drunk, so when he was abandoned by his mother and his father’s Muslim relatives, his stable grandparents in Hawaii stepped into the breach. Obama, however, threw his grandparents’ loving support right back in their faces as if his mixed up legacy were their – and all western civilization’s – fault. With the polished speech and manners and education they provided him and with dreams from his father, he grew into the greatest American ingrate history has ever known.

Obama told us he intended to remake America. Even in his first campaign he invoked an unconstitutional “civilian national security force.” Upon inauguration, he telegraphed that he wanted to expunge western civilization from the halls of government by having the bust of Winston Churchill removed from the Oval Office. He set about in short order stoking the fires of the “Arab Spring,” boosting Iran’s nuclear and terroristic programs, and all but personally creating ISIS. Meanwhile he eviscerated the military, purging patriotic brass and replacing it with Quislings. In these and many other ways he began in 2009 the remaking of the American system, and by proxy, all other democratic republics the world over.

Eight years was not quite enough for him to and his co-conspirators to remake America. Donald Trump certainly slowed the campaign down, but perhaps that helped the malefactors catch their breath and refreshed their enthusiasm. With the installation of the fool Joe Biden as President, Obama got what he wanted: to have the power of the presidency without the ceremonial responsibilities. He calls the shots from behind the curtain and his gang of useful idiots installed all through the federal bureaucracy rushes to carry out his aims.

If we could visit his dream, we would see Obama leaning over the craps table, finely tailored and with a cigarette hanging out his mouth, placing his chips first on this square, then on that, secure in the knowledge that no matter how much he might lose on an individual bet, he will never run out of money. He is the bank. And he keeps hitting jackpots. First, Afghanistan. Now, Israel. What’s next is uncertain, but what is certain is that 2024 is coming on fast as a freight train, off the tracks if Obama keeps getting his way. And what is to stop him?

In the streets of Israeli towns and soon coming to a street near you, what you are seeing today is the fulfillment of the bitter dream from Barack Obama’s dissolute father: The Free World flat on its back.

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Michelle Obama will not run.

It isn’t in her nature to work that hard. And she’s living the good life on her own schedule with people she chooses. And no matter how lax you are as POTUS, you’ve got to show up. If a plausible aura of popularity can be created around a Gavin Newsom, she’d much rather let him have the torch.

UNLESS… Congressional investigators and/or some rogue state Attorneys General sniff around too aggressively and find evidence that much of Joe Biden’s corruption was for Barack’s benefit. Then she’ll have to run to make sure their own fox is guarding the hen house. No doubt the Obamas were in on the graft, but so far their reputation has been untouched as if hermetically sealed and placed in a #2 mayonnaise jar on Funk & Wagnalls’ porch.

OR UNLESS… RFK Jr.’s third party campaign throws a monkey wrench into the DNC’s plan to re-elect Joe Biden or install some other figurehead by acclamation – “acclamation” in the sense that the backroom crowd decides who they want and simply makes them President – primaries, debates, and actual counting of votes in a bona fide election be damned. This is unlikely, as the Powers That Now Be have no intention of letting power pass to an opposition group. There is little doubt in anybody’s mind that they would not stop short of assassinating Trump and RFK Jr. if that’s what it takes.

If America as a legitimate democratic republic gets past this imbroglio and a truthful history of this era can ever be written, it will show that the Obamas and their co-conspirators have been taking the good citizens of the United States for a ride that was to end with the American Dream hurtling right off the cliff and Obama & Co. ruling what was left from the top of the heap left behind.

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