Falling B’rackwards.

After all the other disasters of the Biden administration, the attack on Israel this weekend tells us with certainty that the chickens, as the good Rev. Jeremiah Wright was famous for telling us, have come home to roost. Delayed to some extent by four years of Donald Trump’s accidental presidency, Obama’s vision for Western Civilization is finally reaching fulfillment.

Born of a flighty Caucasian American mother and a hell-raising Negro father from Africa, Barack Obama has never been comfortable in his own skin. His father was the womanizer and drunk, so when he was abandoned by his mother and his father’s Muslim relatives, his stable grandparents in Hawaii stepped into the breach. Obama, however, threw his grandparents’ loving support right back in their faces as if his mixed up legacy were their – and all western civilization’s – fault. With the polished speech and manners and education they provided him and with dreams from his father, he grew into the greatest American ingrate history has ever known.

Obama told us he intended to remake America. Even in his first campaign he invoked an unconstitutional “civilian national security force.” Upon inauguration, he telegraphed that he wanted to expunge western civilization from the halls of government by having the bust of Winston Churchill removed from the Oval Office. He set about in short order stoking the fires of the “Arab Spring,” boosting Iran’s nuclear and terroristic programs, and all but personally creating ISIS. Meanwhile he eviscerated the military, purging patriotic brass and replacing it with Quislings. In these and many other ways he began in 2009 the remaking of the American system, and by proxy, all other democratic republics the world over.

Eight years was not quite enough for him to and his co-conspirators to remake America. Donald Trump certainly slowed the campaign down, but perhaps that helped the malefactors catch their breath and refreshed their enthusiasm. With the installation of the fool Joe Biden as President, Obama got what he wanted: to have the power of the presidency without the ceremonial responsibilities. He calls the shots from behind the curtain and his gang of useful idiots installed all through the federal bureaucracy rushes to carry out his aims.

If we could visit his dream, we would see Obama leaning over the craps table, finely tailored and with a cigarette hanging out his mouth, placing his chips first on this square, then on that, secure in the knowledge that no matter how much he might lose on an individual bet, he will never run out of money. He is the bank. And he keeps hitting jackpots. First, Afghanistan. Now, Israel. What’s next is uncertain, but what is certain is that 2024 is coming on fast as a freight train, off the tracks if Obama keeps getting his way. And what is to stop him?

In the streets of Israeli towns and soon coming to a street near you, what you are seeing today is the fulfillment of the bitter dream from Barack Obama’s dissolute father: The Free World flat on its back.

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Author: John Arra

John Arra is the pen name of a determined individualist who tries to connect the dots of life by writing.

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