Wokism is not a religion of peace.

There is a direct line from the madness of the Covenant School killer in Nashville to the madness of the Hamas killers in Judea.

It is no news that Christianity is taking it on the chin these days. Antagonism from within has been building against it in the western world for some time. Certainly Christianity’s glory days, when it led the world with moral authority, peaked in the era of Pope John Paul II who “led from behind” to hasten the downfall of communist fascism in the Eastern Bloc.

Already during John Paul II’s tenure as Pope, rot was festering within the church, not just the Roman Catholic church, but Christianity in general. The most apparent sign at first was the still growing revelation that a significant number of priests were abusing children via homosexual pedophilia. Today Pope Francis is embracing Woke fads and purging traditionalist bishops. Christian churches everywhere swim in moral ambiguity re same-sex coupling, gender dysphoria, infanticide, and other poisonous practices and mores. The trends suggest that modern Christianity is coming undone.

Remember, faith is of God, but religion is of man. A fellow seeker once shared to me: “If you don’t believe in God, you’re going to believe in something.” It’s human nature. So now that TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and other AI-enhanced algorithms have infected the minds of millions if not billions, Wokism is the new religion. Another name for Wokism is Mammon. Or Ba’al. Or Communism. Or Mohammedism. Like Satan, these false-God religions take on many guises. The endgame is capturing th emind and enslaving the soul of the individual.

Such religions are always attractive at first, especially for the suffering and disaffected, the nervous young and the bitter old. But nowhere and at no time in history have such ideologies made life better for anybody, so they always lose popularity. If the society is civilized and follows the rule of law, they are voted out. And if the society generally has faith in a loving God, they die out. But if the people don’t have the power of the vote and if faith in Love is replaced by dependence on the State, it’s a hellish climb back. Just consider the millions killed by Stalin, Hitler, and Mao.

Everything possible is being done by the U.N., the Obiden regime, and the entire Leftist vanguard, including and especially spearheaded by the tech oligarchs and the media, to obscure this fact: There is a direct line from the madness of the Covenant School killer in Nashville to the madness of the Hamas killers in Judea.

Christianity has had its lapses. The selling of dispensations, the IRA, the Inquisition come to mind. But such aberrations have been expelled relatively quickly as cancers within the religion. Why? Because Christianity is a religion of Love. If a Christian religion is honestly based on Christ’s recorded life and words, it is all about loving, not hating, not killing, not beheading anybody for any reason, even apostasy.

Wokists, like Islamists, cannot tolerate opposing opinions. They do not want conversation, only submission. The inevitable result of such stridency is murder. Despite the supposed beauty of his supposed verses, Mohammed in real life was a violent, warring, pedophile. That fact from the historical record is precisely the connection to the Wokists. It should be no surprise to anybody that the college students of today, steeped for years already in Leftist, Wokist ideology, cheer the killing of Jews. Of course, the overwhelming majority of Muslims are peace loving and they, like nearly everyone, just want to live productive and loving lives. But where is the Islamist condemnation of Hamas’ violence? And where is the Wokist condemnation (and transparency) re the Covenant killer?


Wokists are Islamists’ kindred spirits. If Judeo-Christian civilization is to heal itself, we must expunge the growing Wokism within and rebuild our culture and faith on the foundation of God’s love, not religious hate.

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