2024: The Great Impresario’s magnum opus of Willful Incompetence comes to its dramatic climax!

You may remember that shortly after Barack Obama took office as President, Somali pirates attacked a ship called the Maersk Alabama and took its captain hostage, an incident later made more famous in the movie Captain Phillips starring Tom Hanks. What wasn’t shown clearly in the film was that, although Navy sharpshooters had the pirates clearly in their sights, they were told to stand down by the Obama administration. Only by faking loss of radio reception was the rescue team able to countermand what they knew to be nonsensical orders. They killed the pirates and rescued the captain.

America rejoiced. But not Barack Obama. He was said to be furious with the outcome. And he revealed his passive-aggressive antagonism at other times. Such as when the white cop responded to a burglary report from a neighbor who saw a black man attempting to break into a townhouse – which actually was the suspected perpetrator’s own home because he was locked out! Obama immediately jumped into the national discourse, claiming it was an example of a white cop abusing a black suspect. Except it turned out that the neighbor who reported the mistaken “crime” was black herself, and that the white cop had handled the situation perfectly.

It did not take long for the discerning public to understand what the priggish, self-aggrandizing Obama was really about. Where he had run on a motto of “hope and change,” he in truth pitted black against white and have against have-not in an America that had come such a long way in the fifty years since the racial and political strife of the sixties. But American exceptionalism be damned. Thus under his watch, BLM grew, Antifa, Occupy Wall Street, and cops became Public Enemy Number One. Every American social convention and institution was attacked and weakened from the small business folks on Main Street to the patriots in the Pentagon.

The problem for passive-aggressives is that eventually, in real life, their true colors come out. Obama gutted it out for eight years pretending to lead the Free World while in fact working to bring it down. He expected to act behind the scenes after that with Hillary Clinton as the figurehead. But whoops, the voters elected Trump in a big league upset victory in 2016. Hell hath no fury like what Trump then ran into. Only through the strength of his own convictions and the reality of his winning policies did Trump persevere despite the backlash from the scorned woman, Barack Obama. He was aided by his fellow travelers: the self-flagellating and the disaffected, the nervous young and the bitter old, who make up the minions of the Left and populate the bowels of the federal bureaucracy.

Four years ago, Obama and his keepers turned every screw and pulled every lever to ensure that Joe Biden wrested the prize away from Trump regardless of the voters. Now Obama, besides serving as the ex officio, de facto POTUS who pulls Biden’s strings, fancies himself a movie producer as well – his latest, a dystopian film about a technological Armageddon. This must spring from one of his (or his father’s) fevered dreams of leveling humanity by crushing the West, returning the world to a tribal state with himself as the head Shaman. Perhaps it is Obama’s Mohammedan way of pre-warning.

Either way, 2024 is upon us. It is a presidential election year. Israel has its back against the wall. China is poised to take Taiwan. Ukraine is a disaster. ISIS is growing again. The American military is at its lowest point since before WWII. Joe Biden and his gang of incompetents have the world’s bad guys laughing at us. America is spending itself into insolvency. And inflation has the common man flat on his back.

The Great Impresario Barack Obama has his screenplay written. Tech Armageddon may be a plot twist indeed, but most certainly in the ending Obama has written, the 2024 election issues the coup de grace to the American Way.

We who actually love America and love one another must stand ready to play our parts, providing an alternate ending for the final cut so that Obama and his fellow troupers are left on the editing room floor.

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Author: John Arra

John Arra is the pen name of a determined individualist who tries to connect the dots of life by writing.

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