Obama’s Middle Finger

Different personalities react to coming-of-age challenges in differing ways. Without getting too deeply into dimestore psychology, it seems that Barack Obama reacted in a bizarre way to the witches brew of his biracial DNA, his crackpot transcontinental and transcultural parents, and his loving grandparents who paved the way for him. He metamorphosized into a bitter, reactionary, spiteful, passive-aggressive…
super achiever.

In short, Barack Obama got revenge on the world by climbing like Spiderman to the peak of power in the Free World, all the while hating the country which elected him President, its good and bad people alike, and everything the American dream stands for.

While posing as POTUS, Obama took every opportunity to strengthen our enemies – even creating one out of whole cloth, ISIS – while weakening our allies – case in point Israel, not to mention all the victims of the Arab Spring he promoted and the oppressed people of Iran, whom he ignored.

Constrained from ruling for life by the presidential term limit in the “negative” Constitution he so despises, Obama expected Hillary Clinton to carry the ball forward for him. The Clintons have always been for sale. He had them bought and paid for. But Obama and Clinton both took success for granted. That allowed Donald Trump to spring into office as the skunk at their garden party.

Unlike prior presidents, Obama maintained a presence in D.C. after leaving office. By God, there would be no second Trump term. From day one of his administration Trump was countered and undermined at every turn, all directed by the hidden hand of Obama and his cohorts. For four years they held their noses, but whatever the perfidy necessary, whatever the cost, Trump would not be allowed to take a second term.

And what did Obama & Company give us instead? Joe Biden, whose utter incompetence was on full display in last week’s debate before nearly 100 million viewers and countless more through “highlights” passed around by email and text. And it is not just Biden. Pete Buttigieg. Rachel Levine. Karine Jean-Pierre. Alejandro Mayorkas. Merrick Garland. Et al. All by nature or willfully incompetent.

Last week millions of Democrats watched Biden’s performance feeling betrayed by their party. After the debate they could no longer disagree with MAGA friends and family who said the Biden regime was turning the country into a monkey house. These average, patriotic, hardworking Democrats felt played. They were played with Hope and Change. They were played with Obamacare. They were played with Russiagate. They were played with the laptop. They were played with the most secure election in history. They were played with January 6. They were played with Biden-Harris. The veil has been lifted. The arranged bride is butt-ugly.

Yet even the day after the debate debacle, Obama had the nerve to excuse Biden’s meltdown with, “Bad debate nights happen,” the ultimate example of gaslighting. Every conscious adult could see that it was no bad debate night, but utter failure. Yet the DNC will go forward with Biden as their candidate until nature or one too many Adderalls makes it impossible. Hubris may be driving Obama to stand by Biden. Only if reality makes it impossible to contrive a win with Biden will Obama stand him down.

Why? Because Biden is Obama’s middle finger to the American electorate. His middle finger is operating the Joe Biden sock puppet. By carefully cultivating a hate cult against the opposing candidate, and pretending the emperor is wearing a fine suit of clothes, Obama shows just how much he hates the American exceptionalists clinging to their God, guns, and country.

As damaged as Biden is, and with the depth of the Biden family’s corruption still to be plumbed, Obama knows that Kamala Harris, even in her prime, is worse. Kamala is too lame a horse to carry the team across the finish line. So Obama & Company will lie, cheat, and steal their way with Biden as long as they can. If their calculation is that they have to change horses, they’ll stick some other schmuck in his place through an open convention or ride with Kamala no matter how thoroughly she is disliked. Once they get through the election, they do not care because then it is Katie bar the door. They will have the country flat on its back.

Look at it this way: The absurd, destructive presidency of Joe Biden is like the warning before the Jihad. It is Barack Obama’s middle finger of hatred. It signals the final, fatal screwing of the American people to come: the American Anschluss.

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Author: John Arra

John Arra is the pen name of a determined individualist who tries to connect the dots of life by writing.

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