From Divorce-Court POTUS to Vichy LOOTUS

Nancy Pelosi’s petulant, histrionic tearing up of Donald Trump’s 2020 State of the Union address signaled what she and the DNC had coming for America leading up to the election: nothing new. For three years, stung from their jilting by the American people in the 2016 election, they had lobbed one bomb after another at Donald Trump sure to sink any traditional political figure – leaked confidential recordings, fake whistleblowers, the Russian collusion hoax – but in every Liar, Liar effort they launched to unseat Trump, they failed.

Today, they are about to snatch victory from defeat. Everyone who has eyes to see, ears to hear, and a nose to smell – including many honest Democrats according to polls – knows that there was in fact widespread and deep fraud in the 2020 presidential election despite the media’s constant drumbeat that there is no evidence. In a spectacular fail of America’s Constitutional safeguards against political chicanery, unless Congress steps up to stop the hijacking of the Electoral College votes on January 6, it is all but certain that Joe Biden will take office on January 20.

During World War II, the spineless, incompetent leadership of France fell like a house of cards to the aggression of Hitler’s military. The part of France that the German army could not control directly as occupiers was set up as a puppet government, “Vichy France.” Vichy France along with the rest of it was eventually reconstituted as a free democratic republic thanks only to the blood and treasure of America.

We are now staring the prospect of a Vichy America right in the eyes. Joe Biden is America’s Marshal Pétain – an amoral and thoroughly corrupt figure who is senile to boot and easily manipulated to hand America’s sovereignty over to the fascists both within and without. Whether there are Churchills and Pattons and de Gaulles to save the Free World from this fate is uncertain if not unlikely.

Tomorrow Congress can reverse the highest crimes ever committed against the American republic. Will the few courageous Representatives and Senators stand victoriously against one-party tyranny or only mount a show trial? It is anybody’s guess. But if they fail, LOOTUS will take office – Lead Occupier of the Unites States. Elections will mean nothing. It will be rule by edict rather than rule of law. And we will all hang separately because we did not hang together.

Nancy Pelosi might as well have been tearing up the Constitution.

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President Trump, Vice President Pence: Prepare your resignations.

President Trump, Vice President Pence, lend me your ears.

The political world is watching the Senate races in Georgia and money is being applied in fistfuls both Democrat and Republican. Republican leaders are pleading with conservative voters to turn out, asserting that the Senate and all that Americans hold dear hang in the balance.

Problem is, the same foxes in Georgia are still in charge of the henhouse and the voting has already started. Even if one Republican wins or even both, everyone knows the system is still rigged. Republicans in the Senate will still be at the mercy of its weakest members, ready to side with the Democrats on the most important issues for the highest bid.

Lin Wood was right. Conservatives who vote in the Georgia election provide a patina of legitimacy to a thoroughly corrupt process. We saw it played out in the federal election for president, and no doubt some Senate seats in other states that should have gone to Republicans, did not.

Mr. President, Vice President Pence, it is time to opt out.

Millions upon millions of citizens who voted for you have had their votes stolen from them. They are furious and do not know where to turn their energy to right this wrong because the lawyers, the courts, and virtually the entire political establishment are stacked against them. But in their numbers, and in the fact that they are the most productive, creative, and freest of the citizenry, they have power. They are the Producers. The Producers have the power to bring the economic engine of an illegitimate government to a standstill.

President Trump, you should not concede the election, not now or ever. At the point your legal challenges to the election have all played out, and before the inauguration, you should resign from office, followed in short order by the new President Pence. This will make Nancy Pelosi the first female president. So be it. At least, the first female president will be legitimate. And it will fall to her, not you, to hand the legitimate government over to the Moochers and Looters.

Meanwhile the mother of all Trump rallies should be organized for inauguration day right on the National Mall. Not a Republican rally – rather, a massive gathering of the Producers of this country all going on strike for one day to make a statement with you, Mr. Trump. It will be the start of a movement to take back the Constitutional government, to clean out the corruption, and to control the runaway legislative impostors.

Or… perhaps with this certain prospect before them, the Republicans currently in the House and Senate will step up and do their duty to overturn this election before, President Trump, you have to resign. If they won’t do it for your sake, to preserve the integrity of the government in which they serve, at least maybe they’ll do it to preserve their own power. They should know that in the illegitimate government set to come to power January 20, opposition officeholders will have no choice but to collaborate or be discarded as the leftists consolidate their power.

Mr. President, we thank you for your fearless leadership the past four years in making America great again. And we stand ready to fight shoulder to shoulder with you to win America back for the people now.

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So who needs court packing?

The threat of court packing is moot when you have a Supreme Court nearly full of spineless appeasers who abdicate their duty as the court of last resort for the Constitution.

This Supreme Court’s decision not to hear arguments from the state of Texas regarding the several swing states’ highly suspect election results will go down in history – if the history is ever written, given this time of Newspeak and censorship – as the greatest dereliction of duty to the American people since Benedict Arnold. Their excuse: Texas does not have standing.

To paraphrase the plain-spoken economist Thomas Sowell, it takes a high IQ to deny the obvious. It is obvious that the voters of one state can be damaged by another state’s not playing by the same rules laid out by the Constitution in a federal election. The Attorney General of Texas is the highest law enforcement official in the state. If he suspects and claims to have evidence of foul play by other states, then how can he not have standing for the people of Texas – and by default for all other states who played by the rules – to argue his case before the Supreme Court.

Somehow seven out nine justices applied the pretzel logic that only a high IQ can dream up to deny justice to the American people in this issue. John Roberts’ fingerprints are all over this again, just as in the Obamacare case a few years ago when he managed to recast the individual mandate as a tax, thus keeping the so-called Affordable Care Act so-called constitutional.

Two of the oldest members of the court dissented. Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito were the only justices brave and judicious enough to argue for hearing the case. They were fearless in the face of the appearance of partisanship. But actual appearances are that the majority was afraid to judge a case on its merits in the face of blowback from the radical left.

Perhaps the seven justices refusing to hear the case were applying the CYK doctrine – Cover Your Keister. If they voted to allow sunlight to shine on the corruption of the presidential election, then they might have to squeeze in a little tighter in those Supreme Court group photos as their exclusive club of nine became maybe thirteen, maybe more if the Biden junta manages to finish the coup after all and carries through on its threats to pack the court.

But it’s a moot point now. Except for the increasingly unlikely event that some other case makes it up the ladder to the court and the hear no evil, see no evil majority redeem themselves, it has been proved that the left can count on this court to deliver whatever they want. Facts be damned, because evidence and argument regarding the highest crime in American history will never see the light of day in America’s highest court.

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The patient is on the ventilator.

The patient is the American Republic. It suffers from a virus of corruption and enemy infiltration that has been spreading through its body politic for years. In this election, it seems the virus has overcome the Republic’s immune system, i.e. the Constitution, and turned the Republic into a vassal state.

Decades, even centuries, of healthy practices have kept the American Republic strongly resistant to every attack brought upon it before. The balance of power among the three branches of the federal government – Executive, Legislative, and Judicial – coupled with scrutiny by a free press, the freedoms in the Bill of Rights, and the dynamic effect of independent state governments – have ensured the Republic’s vigorous life to this point.

But the virus has found weaknesses in the American Republic, and like any good virus, it has attacked and attacked until it got a foothold in the body politic and could start replicating to take over the whole host. And as with any virus, there is no antibiotic for it, only therapeutics – some extreme, like the Civil War which settled the question of government sanction of slavery over 150 years ago, and most milder, like special prosecutors, and of course the most important therapeutic, repeated elections to cleanse the political class of incompetents, radicals, and at least the most flagrant of those on the take.

But this year, the election therapeutic itself has been corrupted and the Republic has been knocked on its back. There is only a small army of lawyers and honest citizens left in the lurch to lift it back up on its feet, fighting against a massive array of virus accelerants including pervasive media and technology companies who obscure the truth and shape opinion, giant corporations who trade with the enemy and look for the global markets at the expense of American workers, and of course, the enemies lurking in the shadows both within the Republic and outside it, pretending to be friends but ready to stab the patient in the back at any dark opportunity.

The American Republic has been rushed to the hospital and in a final desperate measure, it has been put on the ventilator. The most powerful doctor in the world is being paged, but will he answer?

“Emergency! Stat! Dr. Scotus! Dr. Scotus! Dr. Scotus, please respond…”

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Georgia: $100 million for voting software???

Try an Excel spreadsheet and a couple of bean counters. Or a couple of bean counters and a clerk with an adding machine if you don’t want to pay for the Microsoft Office subscription. Each election day could be done for less than a thousand bucks, because you can bet you wouldn’t have to pay the Democratic and Republican watchers to stand by and watch the bean counters.

In small business, at least, if you are going to survive, you don’t go for all the bells and whistles. Bells and whistles break, then you need “experts” to fix them, then on top of a subscription you have to pay for a maintenance contract, then you are down the whole time you can’t get hold of a technician, then it’s all on the frickin’ cloud so it can be hacked, and on and on and on.

K-I-S-S – “Keep It Simple, Stupid.” Get the job done with the least amount of expense and time and move on to the next thing.

But of course this is government we’re talking about, even if it is Georgia with a Republican administration. There are no doubt kickbacks involved, whether to the Governor or Secretary of State or lower down the food chain, Democrats and Republicans alike. And the bottom line is, the $1oo million they spent has left a big hole in their credibility.

Sidney Powell is shining a big light into that black hole the Georgia country club Republicans and big money Democrats have created with $100 million spent on highly suspect voting software. Hopefully she will have time and attention to make her case. Americans’ trust in their democratic institutions is at stake.

And after all, all we’re talking about here is an accurate count of beans.


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Movie Review: “World War Z” gets it mostly wrong.

The most interesting thing learned in the past year is that viruses are not biological organisms. No one knows how they got started. They are some sort of otherworldly code whose only purpose in life is to find healthy biological organisms and disrupt or destroy them.

 “World War Z,” the 2013 virus thriller starring Brad Pitt, gets the otherworldly part right. And it brilliantly portrays and portends the Wuhan Virus Damnpanic that has swept the world this year. In “Z” infected humans are a metaphor for viruses themselves, each with one purpose: find another, healthy human and ruin him. If there’s not one, they just stand there, waiting for one. Once a healthy host is detected, they attack it like a cruise missile and within seconds, a healthy human host becomes another virus.

Everything else is laughably wrong.

The first thing we learn is that the President has died and it’s up to a lone emissary from the United Nations (UN) to find a solution to the existential threat to humanity. This he does with the help of the World Health Organization (WHO). In reality this year, the WHO was complicit with the Chinese Communist Party (CPP) in covering up the Covid 19 virus. And the real President, who should have been vulnerable by age and health standards and did get infected, was back in action in no time.

A scientist in “Z” mentions another virus that originated in Taiwan. Viruses do not typically (if ever) originate in Taiwan. Taiwan is a free democratic republic and it has been an example to the world of how to squelch the virus. It seems in fact that most known viruses originate in fascist Red China, and in reality this year, the CPP concealed the existence of Covid 19, promoting its spread around the world by restricting travel within Red China but allowing travel outside the country.

In real life it was not a bogus international public health organization like the WHO that found an antidote to the virus as in the movie, but capitalist pharmaceutical companies which came up with therapeutics and now a vaccine to neutralize it. It was not a UN hero but the Trump administration that created Operation Warp Speed.

Oh, and Israel’s walls keep the virus out quite well in the movie until the liberals get carried away letting refugees in and the virus gets so excited by the noise that it surmounts the wall. The screenwriters had no idea they were going off-message, so please don’t put them in reeducation camps. Trump didn’t start pushing the wall until 2016.

People were dying left and right in “Z.” Not so much with the real virus. The media has gone to great lengths to scare the bejeezus out of everybody and certain corrupt health officials have buggered the statistics to keep the numbers moving up, yet the actual death rate is hardly more than a bad flu season.

 “World War Z” was in the bargain bin at Wal-Mart. It was Saturday night’s entertainment. Not too bad for four bucks. It might bring back a dollar or two at McKay’s.

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A very suspicious outcome.

In case you think you are having a case of déjà vu lately, consider this post from a couple of years ago at our previous location on Blogspot:

December 13, 2017

A very suspicious outcome.

When I called it a night about 9PM central time, 70% of the precincts had reported and Roy Moore was leading Doug Jones by over 60,000 votes. This morning they say Jones won by some 20,000 votes. That means that the Democrat precincts were held for counting until the end. If the election results were corrupt, that’s exactly what the manipulators would have done: waited to the end to see how many votes they needed to manufacture.

I don’t know much about Roy Moore. I am not a passionate supporter. But I don’t like trial by innuendo. I’ve been in that position myself before. And I don’t like the good ol’ boys network. From my perspective that’s exactly what teamed up against Jones to do him in by whatever means necessary, the boys being McConnell and Schumer and Ryan and Pelosi and their puppets.

The fix was in on Roy Moore from the beginning, just as it was on Herman Cain before him, and Bernie Sanders, and Fred Thompson, and maybe going all the way back to Al Gore, though I shed no tears for him. Before that I think we had vulnerable but overall reasonably honest elections.

Today, I’m not so sure.

The software accused of monkeying with vote totals in this election has been around for many years and has no doubt been used not only by the DNC, but also by establishment Republicans to freeze out candidates they don’t like.

Election integrity is at the very root of democracy. If America cannot ensure it, so goes the world. And there are most certainly forces at work in this world who will take advantage of a disaffected American electorate.

The most urgent priorities of a second Trump administration

Presumably, as of this writing a second Trump administration hinges on the outcome of the legal efforts led by Rudy Giuliani with the able assistance of Sidney Powell and Lin Wood. To any Trump supporter, there is no question that the election was rigged and the results are false. Trump opponents are whistling past the graveyard.

They are whistling past the problem that there was no blue wave. Republicans actually gained seats in the House. And barring a miracle or wildly reckless corruption considering the eyes of the world will be upon Georgia, the Democrats will not win control of the Senate. And yet, considering how poorly they did in down-ballot races, somehow Trump did not win? Not believable. Hopefully the good lawyers will get enough traction in short time to expose the wrongdoing.

They say about Trump that he is like U.S. Grant in that he always looked like he was about to lose a battle just before he won it. We shall see.

So looking forward once President Trump has nothing at risk (i.e. another election), he should attack the following priorities head on. Why these? Because as goes America, so goes the Free World, and it is now more at risk than ever – yes, ever – from both internal and external enemies who would like nothing better than to take it down for their own empowerment. These isues are problems that risk America’s standing as the beacon of freedom for the world:

1. Finish the Wall. Good fences make good neighbors. Mexico is beginning to figure this out. Without helping secure our border, they will never get a handle on the drug lords that threaten the country’s present and future. Then, institute prudent and efficient immigration policies.

2. Institute rock solid election reform. The 2020 presidential election has been a disaster, just as President Trump predicted. No one on either side has any confidence that it wasn’t rigged. If Americans can’t trust that their votes have full value, the cynicism will poison the social fabric.

3. Face down China. The CCP is the most effective fascist government yet seen in modern history. We cannot let them take Taiwan, at any cost. And until and unless they clean up their act on human rights, we should ratchet down our trading relationship with them until it hurts.

4. Clean the old guard out of the GOP. Whatever its flaws, we have a two-party system and it does no one any good if the conservative party is run by spineless hacks. They have pretty well revealed themselves by sins of commission – that would be the Never-Trumpers – and omission, by those who appease and cower before the identity politics of the DNC.

5. Deep six the Deep State. Justice, State, DHS – they are mortally compromised. Even with good leaders like Barr and Pompeo, little progress has been made. President Trump ought to sic Ted Cruz on the problem. He seems to have more C.O. Jones than the rest of the Senate put together.

6. Balance the budget. Eventually the Piper has got to be paid or the country will be weakened by compromised finances. It is a law of nature.

Hopefully that graveyard which President Trump’s opponents are whistling past has a few empty urns available for the ashes of the DNC’s promises of higher taxes, increased regulation, open borders, abortion on demand, mask mandates and shutdowns, and especially, the Green Raw Deal. May they rest in peace. If on the other hand, the Biden team prevails, then that graveyard will fill up with the ideals that make America stronger and the urgent objectives for a Biden presidency will be all about damage control.

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ABC News Radio Should be SHA News Radio

That would be, Shameless Hussy of the Airwaves. They were bad enough leading up to the election. Now their spin is out of control.

This morning ABC News Radio reported at the 4:00 hour that “the current resident of the White House” refuses to concede although he fell five million short in the popular vote count.

What they failed to mention is that President Trump’s margin of loss was five million votes in California alone. That means he was dead-even in the rest of the country, and that’s before accounting for the fraudulent vote totals in favor of Biden. The left is taking every opportunity to delude itself that Biden got a mandate and Trump has no case.

Just a wild guess here, but it sounds as if somebody at ABC News Radio is booking for a job in an FCC run by a hoped-for “new resident of the White House.”

It ain’t over ’til the fat lad sings.

Joltin’ Joe Biden was supposed to give his big “president-elect” speech Friday night, but oops, that afternoon a ruling came down from SCOTUS that Pennsylvania had to segregate all votes received after 8PM election day. That touched off a furious debate within the upper echelon of the DNC over whether it was bad form to declare victory before anybody else did, what with formal acknowledgment that something smells rotten in the state of Pennsylvania… not to mention several other states.

The Biden cadre wanted to do the speech to gain the momentum, to seize the upper hand, but they needed Fox News to capitulate first so that the self-aggrandizement had an air of legitimacy. Those of use who have watched Fox News deteriorate into more of the same as the rest of the media, know that it means no such thing. Finally after intense pressure, Fox obliged and everybody else pitched in Saturday. Thus the speech was Saturday night.

Ever since, all you can hear about is “President-Elect” Biden followed by dismissive reports of Trump’s accusations of voter fraud “WITH NO EVIDENCE.” I have never heard news delivered before where they qualify every single thing by one politician and never challenge the other in even the least way. The DNC scrounged for three years to find even a smidgen of evidence of collusion with Russia for impeachment and yet the media never qualified Schiff & Co.’s wild accusations.

Anyway, since Biden’s faux self-promotion, there has been dancing in the streets and a collective spiking of the ball by both the crazy left-wingers and the GOP Never-Trumpers.

The filings this week will throw cold water on all that. And the DNC is actually counting on it. They know they’ve committed Grand Theft POTUS and they have intentionally, cynically gotten the hopes up of their entire base in order to ensure that when the pushback of justice comes, there will be chaos in the streets. Their miscalculation is that their followers’ throwing fits matters. EVIDENCE is not owed to the media. EVIDENCE is presented in court, and courts will decide what was done right and wrong in the vote counting.

President Trump, uncharacteristically, has been very quiet. I can imagine that nothing makes his opponents more nervous. He knows when to hold ’em and knows when to show ’em. He has withstood constant, fallacious, and vicious attacks for four years and neutralized all of them. My money says he will serve the DNC and the Never-Trumpers a guano sandwich once again.

So the fat lad ain’t singing yet. I suspect it won’t happen for another four years. Buckle up. As Jack Bauer used to say, “This is gonna hurt.”