Lying in State

Much has been made of Donald Trump’s alleged propensity for lying. But when you press for specifics, what you get is plenty of examples of hyperbole but no outright lies like perhaps Obama’s biggest whopper, “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.” Obama’s kind of “lying in state” creates bad policy by fooling the people. It’s the kind inspired by: “If you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth.” Now that the Biden Junta (the BJ) is in power, here are the biggest whoppers we’ll hear more of ad nauseam:

Walls don’t work. If they don’t, then why did the BJ build a fence twelve feet high with concertina wire on top to keep the public out of the inauguration?

Man-made global warming. Hello, higher gas prices and hello, higher prices for every single other consumer product. Hello, more opportunity for the BJ to skim, penalize, and demonize any entity that they deem is violating the Green New Deal.

Metrics. Mark Twain famously said, “There are three kinds of lies: Lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Add “metrics” as the fourth kind. Testing is haphazard and geared toward gullible hypochondriacs. The tests themselves are notoriously unreliable. Death numbers attributed to the virus are wildly exaggerated and unaudited. And besides, just about everybody’s had the damn thing already. Yet citing “metrics” the petty tyrants have everyone hanging on the edge of their seats to see if they are allowed to come out of their caves. Isolation! Quarantine! Restaurant shutdowns! School closings! And now… mutant strains! They’re lovin’ it! The social index scorin’ BJ crowd that is, not people who need to make a living, keep their kids in school, and just live life. And the CCP is lovin’ it, too, watching America go through the biggest Chinese fire drill in history.

Masks save lives. This is part and parcel to the Metrics lie. Like all good lies, there’s an element of truth to it. Masks do save lives in a sterile environment, like a surgical ward. Real masks, not the Dixie Cup style most people are wearing. But in the world at large, the mask mandates are a joke. No science supports their effectiveness. Social distancing and hand washing are good enough, common sense practices whether the Wuhan virus is circulating or not. Note the BJ in Chief Joe Biden violated his own mask mandate the very day he proclaimed it.

Black lives matter. If they mattered so much, then maybe the BJ would do something about the hugely disproportionate number of black babies who are aborted each year. If slavery was the original sin of America, then abortion is the mortal sin. Lying that America is racist achieves two goals: It makes feeble-minded whites feel guilty for the sins of their fathers, and it makes feeble-minded minorities wallow in a victim mentality.  The BJ has played both ends against the middle to polarize the country and find an opening for their cynical, exploitative ideology.

Insurrection! After years of fruitlessly stoking racial violence trying to bait a fight, finally the BJ succeeded by using Trump’s massive peaceful protest at the mall in Washington to frame “an insurrection.” An alleged insurrection, no less, against his own government! And just when the evidence of election fraud was to be laid out in Congress in prime time. What an utterly absurd accusation. With all levers of power now in their hands, the BJ has gotten shameless about their lying.

Impeachment! The “Russian collusion” impeachment was dysfunctional. Now the guy is out of office. It’s not an impeachment; it’s a lynching, a tactic for which Democrats are historically famous. The so-called impeachment will just be hanging there. Nothing doing and doing nothing. Not the BJ, not Chuck Schumer, not even Nancy Pelosi can incite this erection.

The election was stolen. Oh, wait. That is the one thing making the rounds lately that isn’t a lie. And one way you know it’s the truth is the massive effort to suppress it.

Which is why “lying in state” now has a dual meaning when it comes to free speech, election integrity, and the Constitution. The old saw tells us that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Truth is the antidote. Hold on to the truth, fellow Americans, or the U.S.A. will be D.O.A.

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Movie Review: Enemy of the Eggplant

Of course, the real name is “Enemy of the State.” It was made over twenty years ago, before 9-11, before the Patriot Act, and before Google, Amazon, Facebook, and the others came to own so much of our lives. Such as: If you rent the movie from Disney today to watch via Comcast, the language in it has been changed to protect the feeble-minded. It’s still English. And the new definition of feeble minded is anybody who has an independent thought. But we’ll get to that later.

For many Americans, “Enemy of the State” must have been the first notion of the erosion of Fourth Amendment rights we have all experienced to a frightening degree since Y2K. The movie graphically portrays the then-new, incredible power of cameras, microphones, and computers to track our movements, monitor our communications, and shape our lives. Once the 9-11 attacks got everyone into a fright about terrorism, it was relatively easy for the government to pass the Patriot Act making invasion of privacy legal. The brilliant TV series “24” laid out the advantages of the surveillance state in great and dramatic detail re the war on terror. But heeding the cautionary tale of “Enemy of the State” would have served us better.

The CCP is way ahead in the race for surveillance state singularity. Throughout much of China, the social scoring system is fully in place, fed mainly via each citizen’s required smart phone. Thus they can control all political, artistic, and economic thought of their citizens and punish those who don’t toe the party line. Now, in celebration of Trump’s downfall, Twitter and the like are suppressing free speech and ratting out the uncooperative. Big Tech is goose stepping right along with the CCP.

If you rent “Enemy of the State” today from Disney, when Will Smith actually says “nigger” you will instead hear him say “eggplant.” You’ve got to give whoever came up with “eggplant” points for whimsy. But in this construct, “eggplant’ can be substituted for any concept uncomfortable to the Party, not just the easily-offended or feeble-minded. You could just as easily substitute “eggplant” for “conservative,” “stop the steal,” “Trump voter,” and say, the “Bill of Rights.”  By the same token, “no evidence” can be expanded to mean “no evidence a judge in this world is brave enough to bring into court,” or “no evidence anyone on the left wants to see.” Or you can just say “eggplant.”

The takeaway is that we are indeed living 1984 when words don’t mean anything a la Newspeak. Big Brother is watching you. Go against the party line and you will be punished. If you don’t like it, tough eggplant.

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The E.D. Insurrection

Picture “Airplane.” The control room. Things start to go wrong. The guy – you know the guy – starts running back and forth throwing his hands up and panicking with every new turn of events. That guy is who these people are who are calling what happened on Capitol Hill last Tuesday an insurrection.

If this was an insurrection, it was the worst insurrection in the history of insurrections. Mel Brooks could not have orchestrated a goofier insurrection. Greater pandemonium is created routinely at Chuck E Cheese locations all across America. Opry Mills Mall has seen worse from teenage raves. If this was an insurrection, it needed some help from the Tennessee Men’s Clinic.

Really – it was a bunch of idiots wandering around Congress and creating havoc for a very short period of time. Congress was evacuated in a flash. The crowd was dispersed in minutes.

There was tragic loss of life. But that is not because it was an insurrection but because there was a devastating breach of security. Trumpsters, Antifa, BLM – who knows who all got in, and maybe some of them were even ushered in. It was FUBAR.

So where does the buck stop? With the government of the District of Columbia for failing to protect the Capitol building. And who is in charge of the District of Columbia? Congress. Not the President. Congress is the governing body of the District of Columbia. The buck stops with Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell. If there is blood on the hands of anybody other than the perpetrators, it is on their hands, not Donald Trump’s. And one thing is certain: Nothing happens by accident on Capitol Hill.

In fact, if Donald Trump had wanted to stage an insurrection, he had a throng of over 100,000 loyal supporters right there on the Mall. He had more potential rebels than Lee had in the Army of Northern Virginia. Hell, he could easily have taken northern Virginia, Maryland, and a good portion of Pennsylvania to boot. If Trump had wanted an insurrection, it would have been an insurrection BIG LEAGUE. Nobody would have fomented a greater insurrection. Everyone would agree that it was the greatest insurrection ever incited. Believe me. But he did not want, nor did he incite, any kind of insurrection. He just wanted to make a show of unity among the disenfrachised for  justice from Congress. His explicit instruction to his supporters was to go peacefully, and except for the dunderheads and the agitators and their enablers, they did.

So please cut the crap about this being an insurrection. Only empty headed eunuchs call it that.

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How to handle losing it all.

The way things are going, the leftist hate mob will soon have President Trump hanged like Mussolini. Social media platforms have started the purge of conservative voices in the public discourse. It will take Congress to destroy talk radio but they will do it. The Department of Justice, the I.R.S., and other regulatory agencies will become weapons of mass destruction.

Romans, who thought that Julius Caesar would save their faltering, corrupt republic by becoming emperor, woke up one day to find that he was assassinated. What would they then do? Civil war ensued. A succession of tyrants and further corruption of the state followed over many years, then the rebranding of the empire in the robes of the Christian Church, and finally, the Dark Ages.

The failure of the Roman Republic rippled all the way down to the time of America’s founding fathers, who strove to model the American Republic on the best of Rome’s principles yet with the errors of history in mind. They knew that for the Constitution to succeed, America had to allow the minority view to be protected, to allow for democracy to decide the critical issues, and for all to be balanced by a faith in God. This is what has been lost.

So now for a free citizen to survive in this new Dark Age, special survival tactics will be required, among them:

Pay your taxes. The I.R.S. will relentlessly look for any discrepancies not only to collect your fair share, but to persecute those who slip up in even the smallest way.

Put it on paper. Your smart phone can and will be used against you. Important evidence and opinions will be “disappeared” from cyberspace and false “proof” will be rampantly created and inserted into your record on the cloud. Print what’s important and put it in a safe place.

Bury your books. Banning and burning books that present the uncomfortable truth are always among tyrants’ first targets. They must be preserved for future generations.

Watch your mouth. The left has promoted even family members to attack each other in the name of their fascist goals. Never assume that what you say in private, stays private.

And  just as we should win with grace, we should lose with grace. Not only with graceful, dignified, and loving behavior, but with faith that the Grace of God will prevail for us all.

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America: You break it, you buy it.

It has been the perfect storm for the DNC except for the fact that Donald Trump came out of the real world where accomplishment, not Machiavellian maneuver, determines your success in life. So despite their every effort to sabotage his presidency and leave it with a stain, he leaves office with the best record of accomplishment for America since Ronald Reagan.

Through strategic tax and regulatory reform, he set the stage for the greatest employment gains in history, and not just in general but specifically also for minorities, whom the DNC would rather keep unemployed and dependent on the government teat. Exercising peace through strength he brought relative quiet to the Middle East, neutered North Korea’s belligerence, stood up to China for the first time since their economic ascendancy, and drew our forces down dramatically in all parts of the globe. With Roe v. Wade still hanging over the moral fabric of the country, he has done more than any other president to protect the unborn. He has redirected the discussion in education from leftist indoctrination to actual edification. And he has made huge strides in securing our borders.

Trump’s Achilles Heel has been that he had to lead politically in the context of the Republican party, as corrupt an institution as there has ever been in the U.S., corrupted like the Democrats not just by the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned about, and not just by Chinese Communist Party money, but also now from Big Tech, the new arbiters of speech and faith and every other freedom the Bill of Rights guarantees.

With friends like Mitch McConnell, who needs enemies? With news censored and shaped by Twitter and Facebook, who knows anything for real anymore? And with the virus coming along like a Chinese fortune cookie, well, all bets were off.

Yes, except for the fact that Donald Trump got things done, it has been the perfect storm for the DNC. Finally after all else fails, all the hard work put into corrupt election officials, professional anarchists, compromised judiciary, diabolical attorneys, and complicit media, they have got what they wanted: one party rule.

Joe Biden was right. It is a dark winter. The DNC has broken the back of the American Republic and all that is left is the bleeding out. The perpetrators now in power will squelch all dissent, jail all opposition, and suck every last ounce of life out of American exceptionalism. They will take credit for every good thing that Donald Trump has accomplished. But they’ve broken it. They’ve bought it. And they will end by throwing it into the ash bin of history.

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From Divorce-Court POTUS to Vichy LOOTUS

Nancy Pelosi’s petulant, histrionic tearing up of Donald Trump’s 2020 State of the Union address signaled what she and the DNC had coming for America leading up to the election: nothing new. For three years, stung from their jilting by the American people in the 2016 election, they had lobbed one bomb after another at Donald Trump sure to sink any traditional political figure – leaked confidential recordings, fake whistleblowers, the Russian collusion hoax – but in every Liar, Liar effort they launched to unseat Trump, they failed.

Today, they are about to snatch victory from defeat. Everyone who has eyes to see, ears to hear, and a nose to smell – including many honest Democrats according to polls – knows that there was in fact widespread and deep fraud in the 2020 presidential election despite the media’s constant drumbeat that there is no evidence. In a spectacular fail of America’s Constitutional safeguards against political chicanery, unless Congress steps up to stop the hijacking of the Electoral College votes on January 6, it is all but certain that Joe Biden will take office on January 20.

During World War II, the spineless, incompetent leadership of France fell like a house of cards to the aggression of Hitler’s military. The part of France that the German army could not control directly as occupiers was set up as a puppet government, “Vichy France.” Vichy France along with the rest of it was eventually reconstituted as a free democratic republic thanks only to the blood and treasure of America.

We are now staring the prospect of a Vichy America right in the eyes. Joe Biden is America’s Marshal Pétain – an amoral and thoroughly corrupt figure who is senile to boot and easily manipulated to hand America’s sovereignty over to the fascists both within and without. Whether there are Churchills and Pattons and de Gaulles to save the Free World from this fate is uncertain if not unlikely.

Tomorrow Congress can reverse the highest crimes ever committed against the American republic. Will the few courageous Representatives and Senators stand victoriously against one-party tyranny or only mount a show trial? It is anybody’s guess. But if they fail, LOOTUS will take office – Lead Occupier of the Unites States. Elections will mean nothing. It will be rule by edict rather than rule of law. And we will all hang separately because we did not hang together.

Nancy Pelosi might as well have been tearing up the Constitution.

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