Like hollering down a well

His Aunt Liza-Jane always said telling John-Robert to behave was like hollering down a well.

He was just hell on wheels. Playing with matches, jumping off the roof like Superman, starting cars when he couldn’t reach the pedals. His soft-hearted single mother couldn’t contain him. He credits military school with saving his life. He made an outstanding Marine aviator. He’s now grandfather to a half dozen or more.

If you have adult children these days, you’ve had that “hollering down a well” feeling more than once. They’re Millennials and Zoomers. You’re a Boomer. We Boomers have been a disappointing bunch ourselves. Materialistic. Self-absorbed. Faithless. Soft.

Not all of us, of course, but way too many.

But at least we still had cojones. The bunch we’ve raised is apathetic, depressed, directionless, self-loathing, frightened of their own shadows, and far too suggestible.

They desecrate their beautiful youthful bodies with tattoos, God only knows what their real hair color is, they wear too much makeup, and they’ve got fake boobs left and right. And that’s just the biological males.

They don’t want to get out of bed in the morning. They won’t move out of the basement. They can’t look you in the eye. They drag college out for years and years. They don’t start businesses, not even careers. They don’t buy cars or houses, at least not with their own money. Their noses are in their smart phones constantly.

Not all of them, of course, but way too many.

The well has been poisoned.

It is apparent that the younger generation has been nurtured with tainted water.

How else can you explain the sheep-like acquiescence to shutdowns and quarantines and vaccine and mask mandates from a virus that doesn’t even threaten anybody but the old and infirm? How else can you explain their mute acceptance of a doddering, corrupt old lecher like Joe Biden as President after a harem-scarem election by mail, taking “no evidence” on faith because that’s what Yahoo News tells them? How else can you explain their “white guilt,” antipathy to the police they are only too quick to call when there’s a problem, and their fanatical following of airheads like AOC? How else could a body possibly mix up male and female and call perversion, “civil rights?” How could any self-respecting young man or woman be so daunted by the idea of “adulting” that they seek safe space rather than jumping in with both feet, ready to take their turns at changing the world?

They have been taught by school and society and even by their parents perhaps intentionally, perhaps by omission, that everything considered good before is now bad and vice-versa.

We have reaped what we have sown. Not all of us, but way too many.

Easy Money

Where did this all start? You can consider history and point to the series of assassinations in the sixties as a turning point. Say what you will about the lustful John Kennedy, he loved his country. He risked his life fighting for it, which is far more than most of us today. Say what you want about the lustful Martin Luther King, he stood up and took the flak for speaking the unpopular truth about actual race relations, motivating his black brothers and sisters to claim their rightful pride and shaming whites into finally doing the right thing.

Kennedy’s and King’s reward for their efforts: Death at the end of a bullet. It’s no wonder that we Boomers were more than a little cynical coming out of the sixties.

But their deaths were effect, not cause. More likely the problem can be laid at the feet of the Greatest Generation. They came of age in the Great Depression of the 1930s and the genocide of World War II and then created the greatest economic and cultural juggernaut in the history of humanity in the 1950s. They were hard as steel in building their own lives but far too soft with the Boomers they spawned. They did not want their children to struggle and suffer as they had to do coming up. They took their unbelievable good fortune from investments in the 1990s and gave their Boomer kids cars and houses and country club memberships and kept their grandkids in private schools.

They were enablers. Not all of them, but way too many.

First Kill All the Smart Phones

How do we fix this? Is it fixable? Where does it lead?

In search of answers, let’s note what else has been going on as churches have failed, younger generations foundered, and the country lapsed into malaise.

Consider this. Let’s say you raise a daughter. As she blossoms into an adult brimming with youthful vigor, smart, educated in the best schools you can afford, she positively glows. You launch her into the world. But she falls behind on her car payments. She loses her job. She doesn’t call. When she rarely visits, she looks like hell and eats like she’s not had a meal in months. Most likely, if you manage to get back inside her life a bit, you’re going to find she’s hooked up with the wrong guy – a loser, a user, an abuser, whatever. Get her away from him, and you get your daughter back on the right track.

It is plain as the nose on our faces but we don’t want to admit it because we like the damn things so much: smart phones have been like that bad boyfriend to this generation. They are the Millennial Ouija board. Where they are a toy for us Boomers, they are like LIFE BLOOD to the younger generations that have grown up on them. They have no idea how manipulated and in fact coerced they are by the hypnotic power of the little screens and the syringe-like accuracy of the misinformation the smart phones feed into their veins. Inevitably the first words when one enters a house for the first time are, “What’s the Wi-Fi password?”

The future belongs to the young. They need to get their noses out of their smart phones and get busy setting society back on the right track or it will be bleak indeed.

Not for all of us, but way too many.

The Tunnel of Stupidity

Marshall McLuhan saw this coming a LONG time ago, in the sixties. His message was, “The medium is the message.” Whut? In a nutshell, and before the concept of “singularity” was anything but HAL in “2001: A Space Odyssey,” McLuhan’s insight was that devices – technology – were driving us toward a “one world” life. News was instantaneously communicated worldwide and wiping out the barriers of time and contemplation that allow for individualism. Back then it was just telegraph, then radio, then television. They were not portable. You had to seek them out. But now the media are nonstop in the form of those ubiquitous aforementioned smart phones. They are the medium now. They are the message.

The eloquent economist Thomas Sowell once opined that it takes high IQ to deny the obvious. We have collectively lived in denial for the past many years now as smart phones have taken over our lives like heroin and with equally deadly results, all the while telling ourselves that the whole phenomenon is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

And it’s not just the young people. Cynical propaganda combined with smart phones have led us older folks into the Tunnel of Stupidity as well. To understand this, do a search on Dr. Robert Malone. Find Part I of his interview with the Epoch Times regarding Mass Formation Hypnosis and Part II about vaccine safety especially as it respects children.

And Friend, do it on your PC. And use Duck Duck Go, not Google. Not your “smart” phone. It will be problematic to find the Epoch Times there. Epoch Times presents fair and balanced news but editorially it is squarely against the Chinese Communist Party. Reading it could hurt your social credit score.

Hypnosis is no joke. It is a bona fide clinical therapeutic. Known most widely for helping control addictions, it is even used in extreme cases to allow surgery on those allergic to anesthesia. If you’ve ever watched a hypnotist at work, you know what power hypnosis can have over an individual. Imagine an evil hypnotist with access to the brains of millions of people at a time.

You don’t have to imagine it. If you know what to look for, you can see it in people all around you. The ones standing on street corners with their necks bent so they can see their phone screens. They are wearing masks. There may be a wet spot on their pants.

Mass Formation Hypnosis is arguably exactly what Marshall McLuhan saw coming some fifty years ago, and it is exactly what the real-life “Singularity” is that we’re facing today. This kind of singularity is not the fusion of human and technical thinking. It is groupthink injected directly into the veins of the entire human race as they hold their smart phones. It is in fact the greatest crime against humanity in the history of crimes against humanity. Young and old, high and low, rich and poor, and otherwise sophisticated, capable people are falling victim to it all the same.

The Spectre of Internment of the Unvaccinated

It is one thing to consider mass hypnosis as an intellectual discussion, to hear about idiocracies like California from the relative sanity of a freer state like Tennessee, but it is a gobsmack to encounter it up close and personal.

Just last month, a friend of nearly forty years – let’s call him Woody – declared that he and his wife had decided they would not associate with unvaccinated people. “But, Woody, vaccines don’t stop transmission of the disease.” He did not argue this point. He only replied, “Well, we just want to be around people who are more careful.”

This bigoted remark came from the mouth of an otherwise very smart, accomplished man. And he knows that “careful” people were not the ones who would have treated him if he had ended up in the hospital before the vaccines. Many of those “uncareful” have now lost their jobs because they refuse to take the vaccine. They refuse because they know that they already have natural immunity and they have seen too many patients end up in their care because of the vaccine, not the virus.

Last week it was reported that nearly two-thirds of Democrats polled and a portion even of Republicans believe that the unvaccinated should be forced to stay home. These are the people who have been hypnotized into an attitude that just a few years ago as freedom-loving Americans they would have considered an abomination. That’s an awful lot of Woodys, millions of them, young and old, pulling for discrimination and tyranny. And rushing out to get tested every other day. And wearing masks everywhere they go. And clamoring for their boosters as soon as eligible. And wanting you and me and everyone to be just as neurotic and miserable as they are.

Not all of them, but way too many.

Live Free or Die

We all know these things:

Your smart phone tracks your location. It knows who your friends and family are and it tracks them, too. It listens to you. It pitches products to you both overtly through ads and subtly through search results. It spoon-feeds opinions to you in the same way. It tells you which way to go to get anywhere. And it has an itty bitty screen, so you really can’t see too much on it at any one time. Indeed, all the information in the world is at your fingertips, but it is presented very, very selectively on that itty bitty screen, and before you’ve seen too much, you’re distracted by something else on that screen. Porn. Betting. Tweets. Cat videos. It buffets your attention back and forth just like a swinging pocket watch on a chain.

Get a grip, man! Would you leave your front door unlocked 24/7? Would you allow a live camera in every room of your house to record your every movement and conversation with unknown people watching you? Would you allow uninvited strangers to direct your purchasing decisions, your investment decisions, your entertainment decisions, your HEALTH choices? HELL NO! So why do you let the damn phone do it?

You may say, I don’t “let” the phone do it. The phone is just a tool. Well yes, the phone is just a tool. So is a hypodermic needle. It can deliver life saving antibiotics to you when needed. But it can also deliver life consuming opioids to you when you are addicted. And Friend, you are addicted. Just take the challenge to do without that damn phone for 24 hours. Measure by measure, that phone has you enslaved in exactly the same way that fishing or betting or porn does it: intermittent reinforcement. Look it up. Preferably in a hardbound encyclopedia. Remember those?

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety,” said wise Benjamin Franklin. You might as easily substitute the word “convenience” for “safety” when talking of smart phones. But in fact if you ask any given person why it’s so important to have their phone constantly at hand, they will tell you it’s a safety issue – so they know where little Suzie is, or so their poor old half-senile momma can get hold of them, or so they can find their way around the city. Bull. We were just as safe – perhaps safer, because nefarious characters couldn’t track us, hack us, or bamboozle us so easily – before the phones came along. The real reason that phone is with you 24/7 is addiction.

There’s good reason the Chinese Communist Party by law requires every person in China to have one except hapless peasants, their permanent underclass. The smart phone is the ultimate weapon of control.

Five Lies You’ll Believe Under Hypnosis

The shots are vaccines. They are not. They do not block the transmission of disease. Why the devil won’t a reporter now ask Biden or Fauci what the justification is for vaccine mandates if the “vaccines” don’t block disease? No one is safer taking the shot except the one who takes it, who is only safer from deadly consequences, not from contracting or passing on the virus.

Masks are effective at stopping transmission of the virus. In surgery where the doctor is wearing a proper mask, yes. In the world at large, no. Mask mandates are acts of total theater. And what damage such social coercion and melodrama are doing to children is only beginning to be studied, yet already the conclusions are such that forcing children to wear masks amounts to child abuse.

Testing is essential. The virus tests are notoriously unreliable. A person can have a negative result, a positive, and another negative all in the same day. Anyway, if someone actually has the virus, by the time they know it they’ve already done all the passing on of it they’re likely to do, just as with the common cold, which is by the way also a Corona virus. Thus quarantines and contact tracing are a waste of time and resources as well.

800,000 Americans have died from the virus. Total B.S. The real number may be as low as 50,000. The CDC is even finally admitting this. Multitudes have been counted who died while testing positive for the virus, but not because of the virus. There are examples galore of deaths by traffic accident or gunshot wound which were attributed to Covid simply because the deceased had a positive test, or was suspected of being positive. There is big money for hospitals in Covid patients. We will never know until a forensic audit of the numbers is done. Don’t hold your breath.

Joe Biden is the duly elected President of the United States. You’ve got to wonder, since they’re pushing these shots even on children who have virtually no threat from the virus and on whose young bodies these untested RNA manipulations are nothing but a massive Tuskegee experiment, what the hell are the health authorities/politicians actually up to? It’s not all about public health. But it is most certainly about ginning up fear again before every election to justify mail-in ballots. Vote counts with mail-in ballots are virtually impossible to audit.

What’s at the Bottom of the Well

No one wants to admit they are slave to a pernicious vice whether alcohol, tobacco, dope, betting, porn, or their pink-encased, latest generation smart phone. But if you are honest with yourself, it’s what takes you right to the bottom of that well ol’ Aunt Liza-Jane was hollering down: the Singularity, the loss of control of your own life and the willing sacrifice of it to benefit others whether it be corporate entities, government tyrants, or HAL.

So long as you are attached to your phone as if by umbilical cord, you are wide open to getting sucked into that Tunnel of Stupidity. Start small. Put it in a drawer an hour at a time. Believe me, Brother, when you are finally free of the addiction, you will breathe better. Then you can use your smart phone, smartly. For taking and making calls when you are not otherwise busy living a real life. You don’t have to go to military school. It’s exercising self-discipline.

Only when John-Robert learned to listen did he get past his downward spiral, and only when we free ourselves from the phones will we all as a society start rising again from the bottom of the well.

For a two-page PDF statement of where Way Out Charlotte Pike is coming from, please CLICK HERE.