Fake Everything

President Trump put out a warning buoy when he nailed fake news.

He has a genius for capturing the essence of a problem. But is fake news a surprise to any thinking person? Increasingly, quickeningly, western civilization has embraced all things fake. Fake jewelry, fake tans, fake lips, fake eyelashes, fake boobs, even fake badonkadonks leading up even to completely fake women – forgivingly called transgenders, and with special rights to boot. Fake highs, fake erections, fake orgasms, and robotic fake girlfriends and pets. Who needs AI as a threat to humanity when humanity will do itself in just fine with its own fake smarts?

Children are now cultured in this fakery. It is every child on a team getting a trophy. It is biological boys beating girls at sports by “identifying” as girls. It is helicopter parents creating achievements out of whole cloth for their children to get them into the right schools. It is pretending that children become adults at 18 but keeping them on their parents’ health insurance until they are 26. And meanwhile letting them borrow for college tuition via loans that no sensible parent would ever cosign when they are pursuing fake degrees that will not make them productive individuals signified by something not fake at all: a good job.

Meanwhile, if the child is any conceivable minority or target of some concocted oppression, he is immersed in a fake cult of victimization with set-asides and affirmative action so that whatever he might achieve on his own is cheapened, and everything he doesn’t achieve is someone else’s fault.

The end result of all this fakery is the destruction of the individual. Faked out, people cannot think for themselves, live in the real world, make a difference. It is delusional. It is living life as an avatar rather than a human being. It is the extinguishment of the idea of every person’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. No wonder drug abuse, suicides, and mental illness rates are at epidemic levels.

Such dimwitted adults are just what the doctor ordered for fake news. Fake Russian conspiracies. Fake impeachments. Fake whistle blowers. Fake pandemics that turn out to be no worse than a bad flu, easily overcome by protecting the vulnerable, but instead used to scare the hell out of everyone, kill independent small businesses, and provide cover for the stealing of power in a fake election.

And now all this has culminated in a fake presidency, resident in a man who is pitiably so far past his use-by date that – as he demonstrated in last week’s fake press conference – he freezes and lapses and stumbles and mumbles for all the world to see. Yet unabashedly through him his handlers – whoever the heck they are – push fake borders, fake humanitarianism, fake domestic terrorism, fake insurrections, fake anti-voter-suppression legislation, fake stimulus spending, fake solutions to a fake pandemic like mask mandates, and fake vaccines that are no more than injected palliatives and one more means to limit freedom via “vaccine passports.”

What is not fake is the destruction being wrought by America’s capitulation to this unreality. A wag once said about fake boobs: “They’re not fake if I can touch ‘em.” Well, it was pointed out, he could not touch ‘em. But we’re all fixing to be touched by real pain – higher taxes, higher prices, more rules, increasing threat of war, and less freedom in this oppressive, punitive tyranny called the Biden administration. And feeling empowered by their successful coup over the Trump second term, they are just getting started. We will need a lifetime supply of warning buoys to navigate their perfidy.

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Tío AMLO would make a better POTUS than Uncle Joe.

You know you’re in trouble when the president of Mexico makes more sense than the president of the United States. Of course, that’s not saying much. Joe Biden was a spineless crook to begin with, but now he’s just a doddering old fool and you’ve got to have some pity for him. He can hardly put a coherent sentence together, he can’t climb stairs, he often thinks his V.P. already has his job, and he needs lots of naps. It is no wonder that already not three months in, his so-called leadership has earned for America the world’s disdain thanks to the incompetent handling of illegal immigrants surging across our border.

On the other hand, Tío AMLO is Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico. He’s no Trump, not at least in terms of social policy. For example, his approach to warring with the cartels is “hugs not bullets.” He is generally considered a center-left progressive. Originally he opposed Trump’s wall. But quickly he came to see that it made sense for both countries as a deterrent to the constant flow back and forth of drugs and weapons across Mexico. So he tightened security at Mexico’s southern border and stationed troops at the border with the U.S., participating in the Trump administration’s “Remain in Mexico” program that kept asylum seekers in Mexico while the U.S. processed their requests.

All this good work and cooperation between the U.S. and Mexico is what Uncle Joe has undone. The disastrous result is what is happening at the border now. It is so awful, so inhumane, such a clustermuck that even reporters sympathetic to the  Biden administration are not allowed in.

Tío AMLO has a long record of pragmatic, citizen-centered politics in Mexico. It took him three times to get elected president, fighting massive voter fraud from the entrenched parties the whole way. Finally winning the mess that is Mexico in 2018, he has fought tirelessly to bring the country around.

The DNC took the presidency for Joe Biden using a combination of vote fraud and duping of its base. The base is waking up now. They see that what is happening at the border is not the empathy they thought Trump lacked. And they have this nagging feeling that fighting voter suppression is not what won the election for Uncle Joe. It will take true patriots among the misguided Democrat electorate, as well as conservatives, to “true the vote” and recover our way as a sovereign democratic republic.

Whether it’s Trumpsters in 2022 and Trump in 2024 or someone else, America needs a patriot with the character and  backbone of Tío AMLO to lead the country back from the leftist extremists.

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Way out where? Vanleer, Tennessee, for example.

And now for something completely different.

You don’t have to live like that – in your cave, scared of your fellow man, watching every word, holding your breath. You can escape to the Wild Wild West – West Middle Tennessee, that is.

It’s an easy escape. From downtown Nashville, head west on Highway 70 (aka Charlotte Pike), the first state road in Tennessee. Pass through Pegram. slip by Kingston Springs, and take a right at the McDonald’s in White Bluff to follow Highway 47 to Charlotte, birth home of basketball great the Big O, Oscar P. Robertson. Take another right when you hit Highway 48. At the three way stop, make it a four-way by stopping in at Sweet Charlotte for a popcorn snack and a vintage soda pop. Then up the hill a bit and if it is breakfast or lunch time, get the best diner food anywhere at the Courtside Cafe.

Heck, since you’re not pressed for time, go over a block or two to see the historic Charlotte town square which features one of the oldest courthouses in Tennessee, a beautiful structure set into the hill. Forrest’s rangers mounted attacks on the railroad from there until Grant had enough of it and put a contingent of the U.S. Colored Troops in charge of the town. The Yankees’ supply line from west Tennessee was kept rolling under their guard.

Now head back over to 48, go left at the town’s one traffic light onto Highway 49 and you are on the road to Vanleer! Take your time because the road is curvy as it passes gorgeous working farms down into the valley, much of which is populated by Mennonites. Coming out of the valley in about ten minutes, you will pass on the right Country Gardens, an excellent greenhouse compound if you’re in the market for live flowers or getting ready to plant your vegetable garden. And then you enter the town of Vanleer, NOT Van Leer. You’ll have to work on the correct emphasis to pass as a local. But at worst you’ll get a sympathetic smile if you pronounce it as two words.

Vanleer is a jewel unto itself in a bed of nature’s plenty. Check out the delightful, whimsically stocked antique stores on the main drag. Debra’s (the green building above) also serves breakfast and lunch. Even if you’ve just eaten in Charlotte, you’ll want to eat again.

Saturdays when Tubby’s is open, you’ll often find a chainsaw artist making amazing sculptures out of wood next door.

The new enterprise is Dr. Schrock’s Chiropractic and Mercantile in an old, beautifully remodeled church around the bend from the main drag. Even if you don’t want a bona fide adjustment, their friendly greeting and excellent coffee and healthy snacks will leave you smiling.

If you love local history, research the name Vanleer and discover its intriguing connection to the eccentric ironworks genius of the early 1800s, Montgomery Bell. You’ll find enough about his story elsewhere on the internet, but what you won’t find easily is that he was way ahead of his time, helping his slaves to freedom and if they wished, to return to Africa, and, well, tending to cohabitate with them. In fact, retracing your tracks to Kingston Springs you will see a sign marking Bell Town, a settlement populated by his and his paramour’s (not sure if that should be plural) descendants. You may also be surprised to find out that Bell’s endowment for his namesake academy in Nashville stipulated that it be for underprivileged kids.

There’s still an old A.M.E. church standing in Bell Town where Stokley Carmichael is said to have been elected leader of SNCC. Many of the workers killed in the infamous Dutchman’s Curve train crash in west Nashville were commuting in from Bell Town. And just down from Bell Town, visit Narrows of the Harpeth State Park to see not only evidence of Bell’s prodigious engineering skills, but also from the cliff above it, one of the most beautiful panoramas of Middle Tennessee countryside.

It’s a shame you have to go back to the big city. Nashville is still one of the friendliest, prettiest cities anywhere, but a trip into the Wild West will teach you how Nashville got that way and free you from its traffic and stifling restrictions. In Vanleer and its many sibling towns along the way, you will reach a whole ‘nother level of folks who will look you in the eye, greet you warmly, talk your ears off, maybe even strum a guitar and break into song… and not give a flip if you wear a mask or don’t. You will find yourself breathing easier. And loving where we live. Nashville. Tennessee. The U.S.A. C’mon, as Uncle Joe says. C’mon out of your cave one of these fine spring days and a have nice time out our way. It will quite likely be the best thing you’ve done in at least a year.

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The Germans had a better excuse.

After all, there had never really been a fascist takeover of a nation before. That the educated, sophisticated, orderly, and relatively wealthy Germans of the 1930s could be duped into following a cabal of racist, violent, rapacious Nazis into disaster is easier to forgive than the super-informed society of today as it rapidly falls victim to fascist ideology.

The Berlin Wall, 1979. The first great wave of fascism resulted in the imprisonment of half of Europe in a communist dictatorship.

Today’s Americans – and by extension, the European democratic republics and other advanced nations – are well familiar with the process by which Hitler rose from obscurity, disrupting a weak democracy and then consolidating corporate and military power into a brutal, profitable, almost unstoppable tyrannical machine.

Ever since World War II, comparisons to Nazi Germany have been hurled at political leaders on the left and the right relentlessly as a check to their ambitions. An unending stream of books and movies and journalism has dissected the 1930s ad infinitum.

And yet, when actual fascism rises within our own midst, we sit quietly by like the middle class Jews of 1937 in Europe who despite the signs all around them, still would not believe that man’s inhumanity to man could reach the depths that soon had them carted like cattle in box cars to remote locations to be incinerated.

The signs of another wave of fascism are all around us today. At first when we heard that major cultural icons like Google or the NBA or even the Catholic Church were seeking to operate within China, we assumed that would be a good thing, an opening of a brutal closed society to ideas of freedom and opportunity and the pursuit of happiness. And yet today we see that Google aids and abets the the propaganda of the Chinese Communist Party (the CCP); that the NBA squelches all criticism of China within its ranks, like Ford Motor Company of the 1930s which supported the Nazis hoping for exclusive distribution throughout Europe; and that even the Catholic Church, despite its very suspect record re collaboration with the Nazis, allows the CCP to appoint its Chinese bishops while Christian churches in general are being persecuted and in fact, snuffed out.

And meanwhile, the CCP puts hundreds of thousands of “undesirables” in concentration camps, jails and deports opposition in Hong Kong, and builds its military and territorial domination relentlessly. Stateside, the Democrat Party (the DNC) appeases the CCP and other enemies of America around the world, cancelling investigation of China’s spy network and looking the other way from bribes and kickbacks at work within the political elite. And the DNC even emulates the CCP bastards, pushing senseless mask mandates and vaccine passports among other outrages in an obvious rehearsal of further incursions on the Bill of Rights to come in short order.

In the true story depicted in the 2002 film The Pianist, there is a pivotal scene in which the middle class Jewish family of the title character, Wladislaw Szpilman, learns for the first time of the Nazi regulations mandating the wearing of the Jewish star on armbands in public in occupied Warsaw. Wladislaw and his brother, normally at each other’s throats, both swear they will never wear the armband, while the rest of the family meekly submits. The brother is arrested for resisting clumsily, and he and rest of the family are incinerated at Treblinka. Only Wladislaw, through wile and bravado and help from righteous key people who recognize his genius and the evil zeroing in on him, survives the Nazi occupation.

What example are we to follow? Will the American goose be cooked by the occupation of an illegitimate administration, a feckless and corrupt Congress, and a supine Court, or will we follow Wladislaw’s example and through every possible means subvert the will of the oppressors at home and abroad? We have the lesson from history. The Europeans of the 1930s did not. One can only hope their sacrifice serves as our inspiration.

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My pronouns are y’all and y’uns.

And y’all and y’uns are flippin’ nuts if you don’t know what sex you are. (And yes, the word is sex, not gender. The latter is a grammatical term, the former is biological.)

Nothing better exemplifies the Left’s cynical disdain for the truth more than the absolutely absurd push to normalize the mental illness that they call the LGBTQ movement.

There are real-world consequences to this insanity. Of course, biological males’ competing in women’s sports is patently unfair. (Who are these cross-dressing creeps, anyway? How can they live with themselves posing as women to win at sports? Were these guys never taught it is not right to take advantage of a girl? Are they so delusional that they can proudly take home a first place medal knowing that it is all a sham?)

Sports, however, is just one aspect of the problem. Responsible parents know that you have to be really, really vigilant to keep your children away from sexual predators. But the LGBTQ madness, operating under the guise of a civil rights movement, opens the doors for the same aforementioned creeps to supervise children – doors to bathrooms, locker rooms, camp cabins, and sleepovers. In a sane world, children are supervised in bedroom and bathroom only by their parents or heterosexual adults of their same sex. Why? Because sexual attraction of male to male or female to female is not the way of nature; nor is,God forbid, adult to child. These natural standards of supervision are the safest path in our most important responsibility as human beings: raising children.

Your rights end where others’ begin. By extension, if the children aren’t protected, then your chosen behavior is not a right. At home with other consenting adults, your behavior is covered by your right to privacy. But once it involves children, it is no longer a right but a perversion.

If you believe the lie that the LGBTQ movement is about civil rights, then there is no limit to the lies you’ll believe: That human activity causes global warming. That walls don’t work. That raising the minimum wage helps more people than it hurts. That capitalism is evil. That contrary opinions are lies. That racism is the hallmark of America. That there was an insurrection on January 6. And of course, the biggest lie that has forced all this upon the nation: That Joseph Biden won the presidential election fair and square.

You either have an innie or an outie, but there is something at least to the “Q” in LGBTQ. Question, yes. But rather than questioning your sexual orientation, it makes much more sense to question what you hear about sex – and everything else – from the creeps in charge of the country these days.

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