Rebels, Not Traitors

John Brown, John Wilkes Boothe, and the so-called January 6th Committee have a lot in common. Boothe, who assassinated Abraham Lincoln at the end of the Civil War, was as wild-eyed and monomaniacal in spirit as was John Brown seven years before when Brown’s failed incitement of a slave uprising set off the chain of events that led to the Confederates’ firing on Fort Sumter two years later, initiating the actual war.

Brown and Boothe were both extremists. They felt their causes so righteous that they need not let the rule of law work America’s issues out legislatively. In both cases, the outcome was tragic. But by the time Boothe shot Lincoln, Americans had overwhelmingly purged the demons of extremism from their body politic. They’d had enough of violence and killing. Even Boothe’s murder of Lincoln could not touch off another powder keg. America had fought its internecine war, the question of slavery was settled, and it was time to move on.

Just before he fled the theater after shooting Lincoln, Boothe yelled, “Sic semper tyrannis!” But Abraham Lincoln was no tyrant. True, he instituted martial law early on in the war in order to win it, but he did not see the South as committing treason. “They’re rebels, not traitors” was his attitude. He put down the rebellion for one reason, and one alone: not to end slavery, but to save the Union. And Lincoln’s vision for healing the wounds of the war was charity, not vengeance. Even after his assassination, Confederate leaders and generals went back to their lives as Americans essentially unpunished. Within a decade, America was united again legally and in spirit.

What a contrast Lincoln’s love of his fellow Americans was to the bitter, vituperative, bloodthirsty machinations of the January 6th Committee. The picture the committee paints is that the people who blundered into the Capitol building were waging an insurrection. Only they forgot to bring guns. Or organize. Or generally do anything more harmful than wander around like drunks taking selfies.

The Left keeps saying that six people died as a result of this “insurrection.” It’s a completely false allegation. There were in excess of 100,000 people at the Mall that day and there were some deaths during and around that time, but only one of them was a result of the incursion at the Capitol. It was an Air Force veteran named Ashley Babbitt who was shot in cold blood, without warning, at point blank range by a Capitol Police officer. No charges have been filed against the officer.

The further this January 6th Committee pushes this false narrative of the protesters as insurrectionists, the more they have to lie about it. Thus the committee is not bipartisan, there is no cross examination of their witnesses, no witnesses are called in support of the protesters, and  many of the protesters still sit in jail without due process a year and a half after the melee.

The overwhelming majority of Americans yet today relate to one another in the spirit of loving acceptance that Abraham Lincoln bequeathed to us all whether we consider ourselves Democrats or Republicans, progressives or conservatives, pro-choice or anti-abortion, of-color or pasty-white like Elizabeth Warren. Americans grumble and protest, mock those who disagree with their opinions and have disdain for their politicians, but we are willing to work within the system to keep America great.

The January 6th Committee spits on all that. The January 6th Committee wants to pit one American against another, just as the race baiters continually work to foster animosity among blacks, whites, and any other subgroup they can stir up. They want a Civil War. They relish Ashley Babbitt’s assassination in the same way Boothe thought killing Lincoln or Brown thought inciting ignorant slaves to that day’s version of “suicide by cop” would solve anything. Thus, in effect, they want to take America down. Donald Trump, to them, with his vision of American greatness and his actual track record of success, is their biggest threat, and they see this fantasy insurrection as the vehicle for finally removing him as an obstacle to the realization of their sick vision of the world.

It’s an open question how far this will go. The Biden administration is running the country so incompetently that it seems by design. As to who is behind it all, at least as the silent point man, the smart money is on Barack Obama, the twisted soul  who wanted to “fundamentally change America” and whose first act in office was to remove Winston Churchill’s bust. By using the feckless Joe Biden as their front man and scapegoat, Obama and his junta – the Susan Rice types – can finish the job they got started before Trump, the job of taking down America and having one flat world of little people run by one tight and very, very wealthy clique of elites.

These characters in charge now – corrupt and doddering Joe Biden, the dingbat Kamala Harris, the utterly incompetent Pete Buttigieg, the caricature of a solder Mark Milley, et al – are so badly serving the country that it seems they are certain that they will never be punished for their perfidy. Why do they think this? Because they believe they will never be out of power again. They will hold on to the levers of power no matter how much lying and election fraud and pandemic fear mongering it takes.

What is it they know that we don’t know? Well, for one thing, they know that we are already in a second Civil War. They know it because they are waging it. We faithful Americans just haven’t generally recognized it as such yet because it’s not a shooting war. It’s not a killing war.

Except for Ashley Babbitt. And the John Browns and John Wilkes Boothes of the Left are doing their best to obscure that point as they continue the January 6th Committee hearings like a 21st century reign of terror. Sic semper tyrannis.

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