Support your local Barney Fife.

The rapidly deteriorating state of America, and indeed civilization, makes an old man wish more than ever to be a younger man. A much younger man. Because the fight for individual freedoms is taking shape. We have fallen so far and the enemies of freedom are so entrenched that it is certain not just to be a long political struggle, but a physical struggle as well. To heal the body politic, therapeutics are proving inadequate. Surgery may be the only option for defeating the cancer.

Will there be another American Civil War? It has already come to blows. The struggle started down that path with the coldcock shooting of Ashley Babbitt. It was America’s Tiananmen Square moment except no one was there to put the brakes on the tank, and no justice has been served against her killer because he was acting in the service of the police state. The physical war against individual rights has spread to Canada with the ruthless smashing of the trucker protest by Trudeau’s stormtroopers, an action reportedly and no doubt actively encouraged by the Biden Junta. Who needs Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping when the supposed steward of your democratic republic is a doddering old fool like Joe Biden or shape-shifting sophist like Justin Trudeau?

Vladimir Putin understands one thing: He has watched the new order of the world taking shape and Russia is the odd man out. Although, Russia could have been America’s greatest ally. Perhaps if the West had focused more on supporting Russia’s transition to democracy instead of China’s bastardization of capitalism, Russia would be serving today as both buffer and counterbalance to China’s rising power over the third world. But with China about to take Taiwan and America self-destructing, Putin sees no choice but to empower Russia by going for Europe’s jugular.

The Biden Junta is compromised by corruption and dominated by misanthropes who embrace the new world of technocratic tyranny. Their useful idiots are those who buy into the Green New Deal, or have been scared witless by a faked-up virus damnpanic, or fall into the victimization-mindset of racial politics. The administration is populated by lightweights and airheads, the kind of stiff-necks who Moses found worshipping the golden calf when he came down from the mountain.

The heroic people of Ukraine are these usurpers’ sacrificial lamb. God bless Zelensky and his nation. Requiescat in pace. Except it won’t be peaceful at all. It is now a powder keg, set to blow the European Pax Americana sky high even if somehow the Ukrainians prevail on the ground. Zelensky is a courageous patriot but he miscalculated. He placed his faith in western allies who were no friends at all. He gave Putin all the excuse he needed to mow down civilians by passing out military weapons to ununiformed citizens. A strategic retreat would have been more effective, governing from exile, waiting for the too-little too-late sanctions to have their effect, and averting the humanitarian crisis that is unfolding.

Meanwhile the pundits and politicians of the American right are delusional. Despite all the unexamined evidence of election fraud in 2020, for the most part they continue to pontificate as if the system hasn’t been broken by fraud. As if the Congressional elections will be legitimate. As if the 2024 presidential election will be as well. Indeed, as if there is still a democratic system in place at all. The fact is, if only you have eyes to see, democracy is out the window in America, at least on the federal level. The Nurse Ratcheds of the world have taken control. If they are not exorcised, the Constitution is a meaningless piece of paper.

If you are a fighter, if you are a patriot because you believe in liberty, it is good to be in your physical and mental prime. Stay fit. The fight for independence, whether personal or national, is a good fight to join. Because the bastards behind all this have to be dealt with not just in defense of the Constitution and God’s liberties it guarantees us as individuals, not just for the sake of the human race, but for the survival of your Self and your family.

If you don’t see this already, there is no hope of convincing you here. It will dope-slap you soon enough. The day will come when you realize you’re penned in, hog-tied, confined to a virtual straightjacket by social credit scoring, political correctness, spoon-fed (smart phone) groupthink, and ultimately, a sort of one-world government of technocrats where you’re either in the party a la the CCP, or just part of the static, faceless mob of the proletariat. Your children, too. And their children. They will all be children of the State, not of their own conscience or in short, of God. Forget social mobility. Under the new system, it will be but a pipe dream like the Bill of Rights.

Whether or not you believe the prognosis for this patient is so dire, be like the wise foxhole atheist: pray, just in case. And know that prayer is not just thoughts and words, it is physical a la Pope John Paul II. So you must be fit. And fitness is not just physical fitness, but readiness. As the great James Brown said, “If you stay ready, you ain’t got to get ready.”

So for those who believe what’s coming is the ultimate challenge to the sovereignty of man and even those who don’t but just in case, here are some guidelines for getting ready for the unfolding Anschluss:

Buy, don’t rent. If you can scrape up even a couple thousand dollars, use it to buy an acre of land out somewhere away from the city. Don’t go into debt for it. Make sure you have clear title. Preferably with access to water and off the main roads. The time may well come when buying property is all but impossible and living in the city is a living hell. Those who can live out in the country will be the least and last affected if things come to that.

Bank as little as possible. Live frugally and save as much money as you possibly can. But don’t keep it in the bank. It has already been shown by Canada that financial attacks are the frontline tools of tyranny. Just keep enough money in the bank to pay your bills conveniently. Stash all extra money where it is not easy to steal and convert as much of it as possible to precious metals. Include in your stash the new goldback currency and silver coins for small transactions. Forget crypto currency. If there is a cyber meltdown, crypto will be worthless.

Grow and store food. Considering the supply chain issues alone, it makes good sense to store at least three months of food and other essentials per person in your household; better, six months. Then start growing food. Learn how to store it. If you become dependent for food on those who want to control you, you are done for.

Buy local. Get away from Costco, Kroger, Lowes, and all chains. You will pay more for sourcing your food, furniture, clothing, and household goods from smaller stores but you will be supporting independent business owners and making friends who will be there for you when the big stores seize up, ration, discriminate (i.e. based on “vaccine” status or other P.C. bigotry), or close down altogether.

Shun tech convenience. Your smart phone is a trap. What you say and do on it can and will be used against you if somehow you get crosswise with the authorities. In fact, if things really go south for you, expect incriminating evidence to be planted on your device. So don’t make a habit of sharing files, texting, downloading apps, etc. Do not use the cloud. If you must gamble, do it the right way: with a back-alley bookie. Do not take out subscriptions for audiobooks, movies, anything. Besides being a money-suck, subscriptions give complete access to your habits and relationships to every vendor you sign up with, and their Godfathers.

Hone a skill. Find what you’re good at and learn how to sell it. There will always be a market for ability no matter what system is foisted upon the human race. Being able to support yourself in any economy is crucial to your independence as a sovereign individual.

Join a church. If you are a true individualist, you will especially need the support of a congregation of fellow citizens to help you navigate the turbulent and shifting currents of life. Not to mention, churches provide ground-level opportunities to help other people, not just talk about it. And do not pass up the opportunity to participate in a Bible study group. The wisdom inherent in the Bible has supported mankind through the ages. You are not so special that it cannot strengthen you, too.

Live, laugh, love is a cliché that is printed ad nauseam on cups, towels, and notebooks, but it is an important reminder: God did not give us life as a punishment. Enjoy it. Make friends. Do good for other people. Enjoy nature. Love a dog. Love your family. Take the high road. And do not let the tyrranical bastards get you down. Staying positive, always putting one foot in front of the other, is the surest way to persevere. If having a happy approach to life annoys the cynical, so be it.

And support your local Barney Fife. In fact, if you are inclined to join the armed forces, don’t. Not while they are focused more on sex change and specious racial ideologies and climate change and such tripe. Instead, sign up with your local sheriff. You get to drive fast and pack heat. The thin blue line between order and chaos used to be the police department. But Police chiefs are political appointees and BLM and such have neutralized their effectiveness. These days they are more likely to prioritize mask mandates than property or bodily crime. But sheriffs are still elected by the people of each county and when push comes to shove, the sheriff is the law in his county. Sure, just as with health officials and school boards, there are some bad ones, but that’s the beauty of local elections – they’re legit. You can vote the bastards out if needed, unlike in the state and federal bureaucracies, where bad officials work like little cancer cells to kill the patient and the elections are anything but honest and transparent.

As we’ve all seen fully on display in Ukraine and we’ve already seen starting in D.C., modern life is no safer from state violence than human life ever has been. You cannot retreat into cyberspace. Make sure you and yours are fit and living in the real world so you are ready for whatever comes.

For a two-page PDF statement of where Way Out Charlotte Pike is coming from, please CLICK HERE.