“I like people that weren’t captured, ok?”

This comment from Donald Trump in 2015 was directed at his political rival, the late Sen. John McCain, to devastating effect. McCain had made his career on the fact that he was shot down and captured by the Viet Cong, spending months in a North Vietnamese prison camp under awful conditions. His experience, which by any normal standard was heroic, served as a shield against political criticism. You can’t go up against John McCain, the conventional wisdom was, he’s a war hero. That mode of thinking blazed the trail for McCain to rise through the party ranks to serve as the Republican candidate for president in the 2008 election against Barack Obama. He was a disaster as a candidate.

Despite his failure taking on Obama, McCain attempted to position himself as elder statesman, calling the shots for the Republican elite. Trump popped that bubble. He revealed McCain’s pretense. McCain spent the rest of his life trying to spite Trump, even preventing the dissolution of Obamacare in his bitterness.

As for Trump, his comment neutralized a political foe but just added fuel to the fire of criticism that he was an oaf, coarse, ham-handed, and unfit to lead. The problem for the critics who find him so offensive, however, is that he did lead. Trump is full of bluster but behind the big rhetoric is real accomplishment – a secure border, strong economy, strengthened military, huge strides for peace in the Middle East, et al. This kind of apostasy the political elite cannot stand. Merit is not the name of the game in American politics any more, only networking, posturing, and duplicity rule the day. Thus Trump was snuffed out. If you believe the 2020 election legitimately elected Biden as president, you are either ignorant or a chump, or both.

But that’s not the point here. Trump’s seemingly unforgivable comment about John McCain is the point. For the real message behind Trump’s zinger was that success, not failure, defines the greatness of America.

In a Biden world, on the other hand, we live in a universe of losers: Creepy men who invade girls’ sports and bathrooms and creepy perverts who cross-dress and act out their miserable dysfunction for all to see while forcing the world of mentally healthy people to call it normal. Minority “leaders” who wallow in victimhood – and point the finger at ghosts of the past as their oppressors – while completely ignoring the huge strides in social progress in America over our history. Leftists who continue to try to apply the Marxist folly to real life, which over and over has proved that it just does not work with human nature and always, always results in tyranny and violence.

So, what are we going to have? Will we be defined by isolated shortcomings of our past or the brightness of our future? Are we as a people, as a country, going to be captured by negative thinking, fear, and our own sinfulness? Or are we going to throw off the bondage of weakness and be strong? With all the Lilliputians of the left each tying us down while we sleep, it will not be so easy to get back up again. But get back up we must. “Captured” is no way to live.

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An old dog.

Signs of age are starting to show on the faithful friend. Seems like just yesterday he showed up as a puppy. It is a bittersweet thing to notice.

If you’re lucky, you have a lifetime of being cared for by dogs. With each one, you learn more about what they need to have happy days, which is all a dog should ever have. God’s word says that man has dominion over the animals. There is nothing like a dog to teach one how to take that stewardship seriously. For a dog to serve you best, you must serve him best. As you learn this, each dog you have will be the best dog you’ve ever had. Funny how that works.

Favorite saying: “The chief difference between man and dog is that dog won’t bite the hand that feeds it.” That’s the short version of one of Twain’s gems. Real life corollary: “Once you mistreat an old dog badly enough, don’t expect him to come when you whistle.” Dogs are all about love, and loyalty, and having your back. But even an old dog will guard his dignity.

Most of all, dogs have true love to offer. Saint Paul ranks love at the top of God’s gifts. God is love. And Dog, if you’ve never noticed, is God spelled backwards. Be kind to your old dog. He is your most direct link to Heaven.

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The Atlantis Disclosure

Even though you can’t see them, you know some things are real by their effects. The perfect example is wind. Another is God. Perhaps a third is Atlantis. And if you’ll follow along with my laborious analogizing here, you’ll know what the Atlantis Disclosure is even before the government boobs tell you.

What is disclosure? Well, later this month acting on orders from President Trump, the military is supposed to reveal its evidence of UFOs. Of course, we now live in the age of the Biden Junta, so you can bet that “disclosure” is going to have nothing to do with the actual subject and everything to do with sex change, climate change, and lots more change jingling around in key leftists’ pockets.

Nevertheless certain videos and testimony have been allowed out to the public ahead of the disclosure date. Even to UFO skeptics the apparent evidence – gravity-defying and aerodynamically impossible movement of objects throughout the atmosphere, even under water – raises a lot of questions without satisfying answers. These are not weather balloons and swamp gases, and according to the military they are of a technology beyond our scope. If they’re on secret missions from another planet and traveling in another dimension, why are they using running lights?

Back to our analogy. You can’t just look at trees swaying to understand wind. That might simply lead you to think that trees have an inner molecular rhythm that occasionally causes them to break out in dance. You have to couple the swaying of the trees with other facts, such as a sidewalk sign suddenly hurtling over at the same time the trees sway. Oh, you might think, there’s something invisible that’s causing these two things to happen at once. Let’s name it wind.

For the sake of speculation and using the wind analogy, let’s say UFO footage is the tree. The question to ask is, what is the sign blowing over? In other words, what else big is happening in today’s world that might lead us to form an idea what the UFOs mean?

In this scenario, the sign blowing over would be America, arguably the unchallenged epitome of western civilization, the culmination of centuries upon centuries of human development, and the part of the world undergoing the most radical change while UFOs are about to be disclosed. After President Trump who promised and largely delivered on revitalizing American greatness, we have a political regime and huge corporate interests seeming to work in every possible way to undermine American greatness.

For example, pipelines are cancelled and drilling rights are abrogated that under Trump, ensured America’s energy independence. Borders are left wide open to drug cartels, human traffickers, and undocumented future Democrats, as the power of the electorate is simultaneously being neutered by corrupted voter protocols. The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is squelched even in the womb by a rabid push for abortion both surgical and chemical. Known enemies of democracy and freedom like China and Iran are promoted and coddled. Mockery is even made of fair competition and personal accomplishment by having boys compete in girls’ sports, and the military and security apparatus of the nation is humiliated as a social justice convection oven. Science and technology are bastardized as “mask mandates” and fake vaccines in a hyperbolic “pandemic.” The so-called modern monetary theory is used to justify a welfare state and weaken the currency. And despite decades of progress in race relations, Black Lives Matter is the darling of the left, fostering racial animosity.

The list goes on and on. It is as if, with the Biden regime taking over, the whole objective is to bring America to its knees and to empower its adversaries.

Now, let’s say that you’re the Chairman of the Board of Earth. You’ve also been acting as CEO of Earth, but you’re getting on up in years. So you’re looking to name a new CEO so you can just be Chairman. Most logically you will hand the CEO spot to one of your two quarreling division managers. Are you going to favor the manager who destroys the other by success, thus threatening your control, or the one who even at the expense of his own division, appears to be the most effective because he keeps peace for you? Obviously, you will look to the peacemaker, because that means less hassle for you. And the other manager would have to be snuffed out, but fast, so as not to threaten your chairmanship.

Donald Trump was that threat. He believed that what was best for America, was best for the world. Through Machiavellian tricks and deceit, he got snuffed out, at least temporarily. The Biden Junta, on the other hand, is the grifter who will go along to get along as long as his pockets are lined in the process. Thus, he and the DNC are going all out to bring America to its knees.

But wait, if there’s a Trump – and he got snuffed out – and there’s a Biden – and he is polishing the Chairman’s apple – who is the Chairman of the Board???

That, my friends, is Atlantis. Atlantis was the leading world civilization at one time many, many years ago, before the flood. It was described as a lengendary city by Plato. It was destroyed, many speculate, and buried beneath the sea, when a huge calamity befell Earth around 14,000 years ago. The fog of ancient, really ancient history shrouds its exact nature, but some of the best researchers and thinkers have concluded that a meteor strike or solar pulse did the damage and all we have left as clues to its existence are pyramids and other mysterious megalithic structures all around the globe. And the flood story.

An Atlantean operative.

What you need to know, in addition to whatever pablum the government dishes out in its “disclosure,” is that some Atlanteans have survived all along. They have been among us all these millennia, watching, waiting, fascinated with the new human experiment that we continue today. They have only intervened in crisis. It is said that their base is in Antarctica. They are not extraterrestrials. They are us, distant cousins of modern mankind from long, long ago.

What the Atlanteans are seeing is that we are on the cusp of civilizational suicide through careless misuse of science and technology, leading up to the singularity when AI takes over. The Atlanteans seem to see themselves as the pre-history saviors of humanity. Or, do they just want to enslave us? It is an open question. But one thing for sure, they want a docile population.

All the world leaders have been contacted by the Atlanteans. They have been put on notice. Atlantis, as the Chairman of the Board, is looking for the best manager to make modern human beings toe the line.

So it’s not looking like Trump redux. The Atlanteans know that despite their technological superiority, Trump would knock the snot out of them to keep America as the leading nation of the world. But Joe Biden and his posse are doing their damnedest to deliver humanity to them by knuckling America under and elevating the fascists of the world. Better trade your Trump yard signs in now on new ones with a scarlet A so the Atlanteans know you’re on board. Otherwise you could end up in a concentration camp in Antarctica that would make the Uyghurs feel coddled in Red China.

There’s your disclosure, courtesy of ol’ John Arra. You can skip the government dog and pony show and watch The Bachelor that night instead.

You’re welcome.

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Love trumps “science.”

This week Dr. Anthony Fauci has attempted to deflect criticism of his inconsistent and often contradictory and generally counter-productive policy pronouncements regarding masks, lockdowns, vaccines, and the whole Wuhan Virus mess by claiming that criticism of him and questioning of his dealings with Red China were actually attacks on “science.”

The word science as he invokes it is not science at all. It is the bureaucracy known as public health administration, a concept of which we should all be quite wary when it comes to government intrusion into the personal health decisions that are our private business. It is no stretch to argue that short of a declaration of martial law, all such government mandates, explicit or implicit, are gross violations of the Fourth Amendment.

Yet with the Wuhan Virus as a pretext, the federal government and various state governments and their agents have run ramshod over the Bill of Rights in many different ways, including not only the privacy rights implicit in the Fourth Amendment, but also the freedoms of assembly, of expression, and of faith that are inherent in the Constitution.

The problem is, “science” in the abstract is the religion of the left now. And religion is not to be confused with faith. Religion is of man, but faith is in God. The fascist-leaning left has pushed pseudo-science as the new God. They are badly mistaken. God is love. Love does not encompass scaring people, forcing people to bend to one’s will, inducing people to take vaccines that are unproven and in fact unapproved, and interfering with their livelihoods, their movements, and their God-given independence.

As we come out of this Wuhan virus damnpanic, we need to thank God for safe passage, not the likes of Anthony Fauci. For God is love, and love will always trump mankind’s best attempts at “science.”

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Taiwan is a sovereign nation and Hong Kong should be one as well.

In the 1960s, Ronald Reagan defended America’s involvement in the Vietnam War by citing the Domino Theory – if South Vietnam falls to the communists, he reasoned, the rest of Asia was next. It was 1973 before America retreated from that war, ceding the whole of Vietnam to the communists. Millions of citizens who had lived under relative freedom in Vietnam and neighboring Cambodia were subjected to death and hard labor after we abandoned the fight. Years of turmoil followed. Only now that the iron hand of tyranny has taken complete control do the peoples of those countries have peace – at the price of freedom.

The good thing was, the Domino Theory did not play out. The rest of Asia was so repulsed by what happened in Vietnam that the communists could not get a toehold anywhere else.

The flag of Hong Kong.

But today the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ruling Red China is on the march again. It has already pushed the first domino over. A once thriving, vibrant jewel of the South China Sea, Hong Kong was an autonomous province of the United Kingdom for over a hundred years before the U.K. stupidly ceded Hong Kong to Red China in 1997. The understanding was that Hong Kong’s relationship with Red China would be “one country, two systems” for fifty years – in other words, Hong Kong could operate autonomously as a free market democracy without interference from Red China, though Red China would own it.

For some time the CCP let Hong Kong be. But no more. In the past few years the hammer has come down. Red China has made it clear that Hong Kong will operate under its command with only token democratic representation. This is why you saw literally millions of protesters fill the streets of Hong Kong over and over again in 2019. The people of Hong Kong knew what was coming and they would not abide it.

Only they did not know quite everything that was coming. Was it the hand of Providence working perversely for the CCP or contrived coincidence that in early 2020, the Wuhan Virus was unleashed on the world from Red China? Either way, the first mortality was the freedom movement in Hong Kong. Where force and persuasion had failed to stop the protesters, fear of the virus was used to shut down the street protests. The Red Chinese Gestapo got busy rounding up the leaders of the opposition movement and throwing them in jail, meanwhile setting up a puppet legislature.

R.I.P. Hong Kong.

The flag of Taiwan R.O.C.

So if you believe the Domino Theory…. Taiwan is next. Taiwan, the other China. The non-Red China. The China that was set up by the Nationalists under Chiang Kai-Shek when they retreated from the Red Chinese Army to the island of Taiwan off mainland China after World War II. Taiwan is the free and freedom loving Republic of China that is prospering and progressive, with in fact the best track record in the world for fighting the Wuhan Virus.

For decades now, as it ascended via capitalism from the extreme tyrannical grip of Mao, Red China has insisted that Taiwan is not an independent country, that it is a wayward province of mainland China. Red China has forced feckless, spineless diplomats throughout the world to treat Taiwan as if it were not an independent country. Even the U.S. does not have an embassy in Taiwan so as not to provoke the CCP. The situation is a shame on the free world.

If the Biden administration proceeds true to form re Taiwan, although they will give lip service to preserving democracy there, you will see a lot of shucking and jiving as it gradually backs off our commitment to defend Taiwan against military aggression from Red China. This must not be allowed to happen. Taiwan’s democracy must be defended. Even discounting the importance of democracy, if the Taiwan Strait ends up under Red China’s control, Japan is subject to their whims for getting their goods to market.

We must see Taiwan as the sovereign nation it is, and defend it, no ifs, ands, or buts. And we must work to free Hong Kong from Red China’s grip by promoting its aspirations to independent statehood as well. Otherwise, there is no doubt we will see Ronald Reagan’s prophecy about the Domino Theory finally come to pass.

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