Freedom’s just another word.

The Epoch Times ran an astute commentary by Roger Kimball last week detailing the corruption of the English language to a leftist agenda. In it Kimball uses the word “free” as an example of the effect of Orwellian Newspeak by the left to purge public consciousness of a word’s original meaning. True freedom threatens the ruling class (“All animals are more equal but some animals are more equal than others,” speaking of Orwell) that wants to impose what they call socialism on the rest of us. Thus “free” only survives in the sense that one may be “free from lice.” The idea of personal freedom is flickering against the prevailing wind of leftist totalitarianism and is threatened with extinction.

Today’s vax-mandate reality provides ample real-world evidence of this. We live in a hyper-materialistic era of smart phones, e-commerce monopolies, and intense consumerism. If you are not online with your smart phone portal at hand (aka the Millennial Ouija Board), you might as well not exist. The concept of freedom has morphed away from that of an autonomous individual with originality, uniqueness, freedom of conscience, freedom of expression, freedom of movement, and the rest of the freedoms summarized best in the Bill of Rights, to one of, simply, the freedom to navigate the material world while being monitored, tracked, and graded every step of the way.

So what if you have to have a Wuhan shot to go to a concert, to get on a plane, to keep your job? You’ve always had to get vaccinated to go to school, right? To enlist in the armed forces, right? To work at the hospital, right? So what’s one more shot? Just one shot and you have to freedom to go wherever you want and do whatever you want. However, if you don’t get the shot, you might as well live on Molokai. So that’s freedom, right?


The “shot” is not even a vaccine as understood for centuries. The CDC even had to change the definition of the word “vaccine” to fit the Wuhan shots. It’s not just one shot anyway, but multiple now with boosters and no end in sight. These shots do not prevent getting the disease nor passing it on to others. They have unknown consequences. News of the dire side effects, even deaths in the thousands, is being suppressed. Addled old Joe Biden who rants about the “unvaccinated” being dangerous to others has not even issued his threatened mandate order, yet corporate giants have lined up like the good fascists they are to force out employees – excuse me, the Newspeak word is “workers” – who won’t take the damn shots. After all, fascism is very good for business. Not so for much small business, but certainly for big business, and size matters, right?


Not in the sense that bigger is better. Bigger business and bigger government doom real personal freedom. “Size matters” when it comes to big business within a fascist system equates directly to the idea that some animals are more equal than others.

In Kris Kristofferson’s “Me and Bobby McGee” the lyrics declare that freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose. It’s a shame we’re getting so close to that point: darkness.

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