4,000 new Wuhan Virus deaths? No. Wuhan Virus “vaccine” deaths.

While we all held our breath as the Wuhan Virus first slammed into the population, anyone bitten by a rattlesnake , struck by lightning, or killed by a bullet who also had cold symptoms, or who had been near somebody with cold symptoms, was counted as a virus death. The media, health authorities, and politicians stoked up the mortality rates to make a damnpanic out of the supposed pandemic. Ultimately the fear mongers and petty tyrants took down a president sure to be re-elected if not for the vote fraud enabled by mail-in ballots and other deception covered by the chaos of the virus fear.

So now the Wuhan Virus deaths have waned, but there’s another bona fide mortality total that is being totally ignored. It’s the number of deaths as a result of taking the “vaccines.” It’s now over 4,000 in the U.S. – not to mention over 12,000 hospitalizations and nearly 30,000 urgent care facility visits. The most current statistics can be seen by clicking here.

If these so-called vaccines were a new toy or tool or car, or say an exercise machine, sales would be stopped immediately. It would be all over the news. Lawsuits would be flying into courts. But of course, vaccine manufacturers are protected from liability lawsuits by federal law. That’s why kids now have to take some ridiculous number of vaccines before they can even enter kindergarten.

But what if you are an employer who requires your employees to get the vaccine, or even induces them to do so with cash payments or some other benefit? What if you have a business that requires customers to have the shots? Or worse, what if you run a college that requires students to take the shots? And meanwhile, these shots are killing thousands of people, causing many more to be hospitalized, and many more to suffer so much with the side effects that they see a doctor.

Better talk to your lawyer.

And worse, now the new fascist tools, our formerly respected and even beloved public health authorities, are pushing these shots on kids as young as twelve.

Let’s think again. The shots do help the elderly and the sickly survive the virus, and let’s hope that local public health officials everywhere have done every possible thing they can to offer the shots to that population. But it appears the young and healthy, and especially kids, have virtually nothing to fear from the virus. The shots do not stop the virus; they only reduce the symptoms. And evidence is growing that there are unintended consequences for many, many people young and old who take the shots. Just ask the kids with heart inflammation disclosed this week. Or, ask Eric Clapton.

So next time you hear somebody preaching that everyone – especially kids – should get “vaccinated” against the virus, tell them to shut their pie hole. And should you be asked if you’ve had the shots, tell the snoop it’s no more of their damn business than for you to know if they’ve had a face lift, a boob job, a viagra prescription, or an abortion. After all, if you are going to be a statistic, better to be in the “survivors” column than in the “victims” column whether from virus or vaccine, and it ain’t nobody’s business but your own how you got it done.

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Flat-Earth Thinking Identified

Our wheezy ol’ President, addled Uncle Joe Biden, really hit the nail on the head when he lashed out at Texas for their “Neanderthal thinking.” They were opening up too early, dropping mask mandates and crowd restrictions and so forth in their mad rush to get back to normal. Those darn Texas Luddites just weren’t following the science.

Except that they were. It’s Biden and vast numbers of the left, assembled conveniently as voting blocs by the DNC and treated as chattel by the government, who don’t follow the science. Instead they have a pronounced tendency to make up science, then cram it down everyone’s throats to achieve one nefarious end or another under the guise of “saving the planet,” for example, or “defeating the virus.”

Nothing exemplifies this better than ethanol laced gasoline. For years and years, we Americans have had to put up with “whiskey gas” as it’s called derisively by those who think about it. Whiskey gas is the kind with 10% of ethanol made primarily from corn. The idea was sold by making people believe that replacing a “fossil fuel” with something organic was better for the environment. Now, unless you hunt carefully for a station that sells pure gas, whiskey gas has to be the tiger you put in your tank because the federal government subsidizes stations that sell it.

The problem is, whiskey gas is actually worse for the environment. It reduces miles per gallon by burning hotter and providing less power. Getting it to the refinery is totally by truck because it can’t be centralized in pipelines like oil. All those trucks burn a huge amount of fuel getting it there. And then there’s all the fuel and other resources like pesticides and fertilizers used in producing the corn. So the science says, whiskey gas is a loser. Even Al Gore has admitted it.

But the farmers – or more accurately, the big agricultural corporations – in Iowa and Kentucky and such states love it. And it just so happens that anybody wanting to be president had better win the Iowa primary. So the winners in Iowa always endorse continuing ethanol mandates and even upping the mix to 15%. That’s following the science, all right: the science that money buys votes.

What is not science is mask and vaccine mandates. Masks provide zero protection from viruses in the world at large. There is not one legitimate scientific study that says they do. Thank God someone at the CDC finally had the cojones to force the issue and get them to drop the “guidance.” The guidance was no science at all, but pure politics.

So why are kids still forced to wear masks in schools? Why is California hanging on to its ridiculous restrictions of personal freedom through June? Why are the vaccines – a Godsend for the elderly and sickly, but increasingly being shown to have serious problems for the rest of us; just ask Eric Clapton – being forced on teenagers, for God’s sake? (Wanna go to college? Better get your vaccinations!)

The answer is, such politics is not science. It is the Flat Earth Society of Leftists at work. It’s the new religion. Ironically but not surprisingly, it is not the Texans and the Trumpsters who are Neanderthals, but the leftists who are the the very thing they love to accuse the right of being – Flat-Earthers.

The freer states – Texas, Florida, Tennessee – are the ones that are prospering the most. Freedom leads to prosperity. That, indeed, is proven science. It is the story of America, at least up until now.

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The Big Lie + the Big Sleep = One Big Cluster Bleep.

In the great American novel All the King’s Men, Robert Penn Warren proved that great fiction reveals the greatest truths. The story was inspired by the Louisiana populist governor Huey P. Long and written as Mussolini and Hitler were taking power in Europe. The novel’s narrator Jack Burden is a cynical reporter taken by the Long character, the fictional Governor Willie Stark, as he rises to power on the strength of his connection to, and eloquence speaking for, the common man.

If you’ve never read it, snap this book up now. The cancel culture will soon do it in if the cancel culture doesn’t get done in first, which is not looking likely. And it will be one more shame if All the King’s Men is book-burned into oblivion, for the story is less about politics – and it is great at that, resonating nearly a hundred years later in the politics of today – and more about the individual’s search for truth, and the hard reckoning that comes when all pretense is stripped away.

It is in the moments when the truth looms clearest that Jack Burden indulges in what he calls “the Big Sleep.” In today’s terms, he tunes out. He runs. He hides. He stays in bed days and nights and barely eats. Only when he hits rock bottom does he resurface to deal with reality.

America is in its own Big Sleep. It is failing its Founders and it can’t deal with it. It came to a head in 2020 as it cowered in fear before the Wuhan Virus in March and silently accepted a fraud election in November. The leftists constantly repeat that Trump is telling the Big Lie about that election, yet Trump insists the election itself was the Big Lie. The truth may very well come out in the ongoing election audit in Maricopa County. But the DNC is fighting tooth and nail to have it scuttled. Wonder why? And yet most Americans are asleep at the wheel and if they even know about it, couldn’t care less and would rather live with the lies than face the truth.

Wake up, America. A great democracy cannot live on lies. Not 3/5, not Watergate, not 2020 and all that came with it. The truth will set us all free. Let’s get on with it and do the check of the count and audit of the machines. If there is no crime, it will shut Trump up with his Big Lie. But without a full and fair audit, at least half of us will never trust elections again. And we will all end up like all the king’s men, unable to put Humpty together again.

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America’s most important ally.

It’s not Israel, actually. When it comes to third world down-and-dirty mechanics, Israel may be our closest ally, but in today’s Realpolitik, India is the most important.

If you hear anything about India right now in the national media, it is about the spike in Wuhan virus cases and deaths. The health stats from India are even more unreliable than U.S. numbers. The fear mongers are having trouble finding spikes and disasters at home. Curiously, the bad news mostly happens in blue lockdown states like Michigan. So they pepper the news with runaway virus stories from places we can’t check so easily – like India. The Indian people will deal with it. India’s significance is far greater than the scare stories designed to discredit it as one of the world’s great democratic republics.

In the 1960s, India was somewhat frustrating to the U.S. Both India and Egypt were third world developing countries that were courted heavily by, and flirted heavily with, the Soviet Union.

Neither took Kruschev’s bait. However, while Egypt has remained under a dictatorship, India followed the path of democracy. Interestingly, two of the most influential world leaders from that period were women – Indira Gandhi from India, and Golda Meir of Israel.

Until the Obama administration, Egypt was poised to become one of America’s most important allies. For all his faults, then-President Hosni Mubarak did keep Sadat’s peace with Israel and resisted the theocrats who are now busy destroying women’s rights and religious freedom and hope for democracy in that pivot point of the Middle East. Obama encouraged the mob to overthrow Mubarak. Today Egypt’s President el-Sisi is dancing a fine line between the Islamists and the secularists, both of whom have the long knives out for him.

So Egypt is weak, and Libya and Syria are still wracked by violence wrought upon them by the Obama administration’s so-called “Arab Spring” which should have been called “Ayatollah Spring.” And still we’re trying to get the heck out of Afghanistan, meaning we will also have little influence in Pakistan. And Iran is loving every minute of it.

But there, sitting quietly nearly in the middle of all this, with its one billion people, its multiracial, multi-faith society, and its democratically elected, vigorously free-enterprise government, sits India, counterbalance not only to ugly, backward China to its north, but to the hate filled Islamists to its west. With Hong Kong subjugated and China’s sights set on Taiwan, we can only thank God that India, Thailand, and Japan sit stalwartly on the Chinese Communist Party’s doorstep. India is our last best hope as a stabilizing influence in both Asia and the Middle East.

(India, by the way, has already dealt with its Islamists, ceding Pakistan and Sri Lanka to them. India had the good sense to amputate before gangrene set in.)

There are over three million American citizens in the U.S. of Indian ancestry. Bobby Jindal, former governor of Louisiana, and Nikki Haley, first female governor of South Carolina, are two famous ones that come immediately to mind. And there are hundreds of thousands more here in the U.S. today on work or education visas. Many run our hotels and convenience stores and other small businesses, inspiring examples of work ethic and the pursuit of happiness in America.

So find one and hug an Indian today. We need to appreciate them. India is our most important ally.

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