America is burning to the ground.

Most people know it. Nobody wants to say it. But there are times when you just have to get to the bottom line.

Coming into 2023 most Americans still stand tall and many states still lean toward freedom. But the American dream is over. The Arsonists have captured the fire. The goose is cooked. America is burning to the ground.

Donald Trump did his best and he darn near pulled MAGA off. But his goose is cooked, too. He stubbornly held on to the notion that he could work within the system to set it aright, that by winning on policy he could win over rotten Republicans and delusional Democrats alike, but it will not be. Lilliputians have taken him down him with a thousand cuts and pinned him to the sand.

The Arsonists – those who want to rule, even if over nothing but charcoal – have all but completely destroyed America with the aid of the Pyromaniacs – those who “just like to watch the world burn” as Alfred Penneyworth said in The Dark Knight.

With social unrest and Covid as their accelerants, the Arsonists stole the 2020 election, in such obvious manner… to anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear. And after two years of the shamefully destructive Biden administration, it is willful ignorance to accept the 2022 results as legitimate. No populace can be so dumb in such great numbers not to vote the bastards out of office, not even the Tik-Tok-drunk American public.

Even as evidence of the fraud is unearthed by the bucket full, every attempt to correct the record is swatted down for lack of standing or because it’s “unprecedented” or because administrative officials just shrug their shoulders at legislative directives and continue as before. By the time pesky challenges are mounted in court, the corruption is seated and the challengers made to look like whack jobs. After these elections it is apparent that federal elections have about as much integrity as All Star Wrestling.

You can talk about same day, in person, written ballot voting all you want, but it is not going to happen. To suggest that the Right should adopt the ballot harvesting tactics of the Left is a canard. If a cheater beats a cheater, you still end up with a cheater. That is not the American way.

The bottom line is that no opposition candidate will ever again be elected president. No clear opposition majority will ever be seated again. Despite the will of the people.

It’s time for pundits and networks and talk show hosts to stop talking about 2024 as if there’s any hope for change via the electoral process. It’s a pipe dream. Without secure elections, there is no American republic. Without the republic, democracy dies. There are only states and citizens left struggling in vain against despots.

The effort worth expending – and it is well worth expending – is to organize and mount fire brigades to resist the Arsonists.

In business, relationships, life, no matter what your passion is, you cannot succeed with negative thinking. But the byword is this: Think positive but start from reality. If your sales are weak, better not bet the house on billboards but go to guerrilla marketing. If your partner turns out to be a loser or abuser or worse, find another. If you hate your job, sell your talent and labor elsewhere. Tweek, take counsel, push harder all you want, but if the reality you find yourself in is a dumpster, you must start anew.

Likewise, if you think that America will survive the Arsonists because it has come through worse before – i.e. wars, assassinations, Watergate, 9-11, etc. – you are kidding yourself. You have not plumbed the depths of the problem, nor the times. If America is to survive or more accurately, to revive, we now must rebuild it from scratch.

There is only one path left for those who still believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness: With a nod to Ayn Rand, it is to strike. That is in both senses of the word: 1. Strike the Arsonists hard in the gut; and 2. deny them the fuel for the engine of their domination by staging a strike, the willful cessation of any effort that redounds to their benefit.

We are not talking here of an insurrection. The Arsonists have control of the most powerful weapons and the most complete surveillance and economic control ever seen in the history of civilization. Grip your guns like Charlton Heston, but this is not a shooting war and not even a civil war; rather, it is a war of attrition for civilization. We are talking non-compliance. Think Mahatma Ghandi in South Africa and India. Think the Solidarity movement in Poland. Think the Resistance in France. And… think Jesus Christ in Judea.

A significant bloc of voters seems as if they’ve been anesthetized for a heart transplant, but the joke’s on them: they’re the donor, not the recipient. They are so brainwashed that they still have not questioned the virus nor the shots nor the draconian mandates and lockdowns, much less the fraudulent election results. A massive re-education campaign must be instituted post haste disclosing the fraud that courts won’t touch and the cynical manipulation of the message by media and Big Tech. Perhaps Elon Musk will volunteer to get this going.

God bless the Mike Lindells and the Stephen K. Bannons and the Donald Trumps who still rage, rage against the dying of the light. But they and we will never succeed by working the system because the system is hopelessly rigged.

We need to take the fight back to the people. In our families and churches, at our workplaces, and on the streets. Start exactly where things ended on January 6, 2020. Show no shame about it. The people were subverted then, and were put on the run. But this time, we must police our own so that the hotheads and suckers and infiltrators cannot create an insurrectionist scenario again. And conservative institutions must be repurposed away from influencing elections and toward supporting effective resistance. We must show the force of mass discontent as has been seen lately in Brazil, in Iran, and even in China. And we must win this fight for the people worldwide who have looked to us to lead the way to freedom.

The ultimate goal must be to starve the Arsonists of oxygen so that their flames go out and our light of liberty shines again.

If that light of the shining city on the hill goes completely dark, America is not just lost, it will stay lost. As the embers smolder, we will all be nothing more than spittle on the Arsonists’ chins.

For a two-page PDF statement of where Way Out Charlotte Pike is coming from, please CLICK HERE.