The Unvaxxed shall inherit Earth.

I hope that statement is not true. But if the stats are right, some three quarters of us Earthlings have gotten suckered, frightened, or blackmailed into getting at least one of the gottverdammte shots. (Sorry, I slipped into German for a moment there, thinking about the good Dr. Mengele.)

Given the contraindications that are trickling out re the adverse effects on human beings from the shots, our herd might be thinned drastically in fairly short order. Not from a virus, but from the toxic “vaccines” which are no vaccines at all. That is a shame, because a lot of good people, including loved ones, went under the hypodermic. They will be missed.

Quoting Matthew 5:5, “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.” Meek here meaning those who submit to God’s will, not mild or weakly people in general. “Turn the other cheek,” is also counseled in Matthew, but that applies to interpersonal relationships, not standing up to assault – i.e., avoid toxic people. If you turn the other cheek in today’s world, some government busybody is likely to jab a needle into it.

The Wuhan Virus Damnpanic may be over, but reports of adverse events caused by the shots are piling up. You don’t need to be spoon fed the evidence here. Spend some time with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s outfit, Children’s Health Defense, or explore some of the interviews at The Epoch Times with MRNA creator Dr. Robert Malone among many others. Serious people who have nothing to gain but a clean conscience lay out the shots’ harmful effects on human beings, from harming women’s reproductive health to causing blood clots, coronary damage, and even SADS. If Elon Musk makes a difference with Twitter, this information will soon be all over the place, but up to now you can only find it if you seek it.

Fully informed, you will never allow another injection into your or a loved one’s veins again based on fear, force, or ignorance. Only with informed consent. Which was the first thing thrown out the door by the so-called health authorities as they mounted their propaganda blitzkrieg in the service of Statist politics fueled by Big Pharma profits.

The joke going around among patriots when the Biden Junta (the B.J.) took over was that we need to get new conspiracy theories because all the old ones have turned out to be reality. The Globalists are no longer sneaking around in the shadows and you don’t have to listen to fringe media to find out what they’ve got cooking. Creepy elitist droids like Klaus Schwab are running around bragging about their totalitarian agendas, which include depopulating the world.

The problem is, though the Wuhan Flu seems to have been a trial run, the Statists overplayed their hand. They should have just left it at “let’s see how many people will submit when we scare the poop out of the world.” But unable to control their impulse toward control of others, every petty Mussolini, in the Free World and behind the Iron Curtain alike, used the fear mongering to force useless mask wearing, to close schools and traumatize children, and to economically isolate those who would not take the shots. Shots, the recipe for which they refuse to disclose.

And the ensuing shutdown-germ barrier-social distancing-Hong Kong crushing chaos put those hotbeds of individualism, small businesses, out of business by the thousands. Still, today, the resultant recession and inflation stalk small businesses like the Grim Reaper. And governments from D.C. to Beijing are just fine with that. Their fear and hatred of self-starters runs deep.

But they did not, and will not, get all the individualists. That was the botch. They did not manage to move fast enough before the virus ran its course to drive every small business out of business, to drive every noncompliant employee out of their jobs, and every recalcitrant politician out of office. They ended up looking ridiculous with their mask and shot mandates (and still some hang onto the madness like the Department of Defense). So the Damnpanic petered out. It died of its own accord while they still had booster after booster after booster to foist on the compliant, still had not quite got that vaccine passport thing going, and still had to make up an imaginary insurrection and squash a truckers’ revolt to maintain power in the U.S. and Canada respectively, winning those battles but losing the war for hearts and minds.

And the biggest failure for the Statists is that some 30% of the adult population refused to take the jab despite all fear and pressure. With all the information now coming out revealing the dangers of the shots, you can bet your bottom dollar they won’t get it now. And most of those who did get the shots are wondering, “What the devil have I done to myself?” Except the aging, who are here today and gone tomorrow anyway.

So if the Elitists’ intention was to thin the herd, they may have achieved it with the 70% who took a shot, killing thousands right away and perhaps millions or billions in the long run. But those who refused the shots are generally the ones the tyrannical class wished most fervently to eliminate. The Refusists, we’ll call them. The compliant ones will be wiped out from myocarditis, infertility, and so on, but the Refusists will live on happily, subject only to the usual plagues of life.

And then Earth will be a world inhabited by a few Drug Pushers and a plethora of Refusists. The Refusists won’t buy the Pushers’ fake pandemics. The Refusists won’t buy their false gods, their fake science, and their rigged elections. The Refusists won’t buy their overblown “isms” and fear mongering and phobias like exaggerated racism, homophobia, global warming, gender confusion and such. And the Refusists, no longer diluted by and compromised by the compliant, will unite, push back, and root out those who have pushed this agenda. The Pushers are all likely to be hanged from nooses like the Mussolinis they are.

Figuratively speaking. Or literally. It doesn’t matter. Because at that point, the meek truly shall have inherited the earth.

For a two-page PDF statement of where Way Out Charlotte Pike is coming from, please CLICK HERE.