Why are anarchists & sociopaths playing dress-up?

Quicker than a New York heartbeat, the tragedy that occurred in Nashville last week was twisted by Leftists like a pretzel in the spirit of Rahm Emanuel’s pledge to “let no crisis go to waste.” How could you tell this was coming? Because the FBI showed up lickety-split. Not because there was a federal or foreign criminal enterprise to bust, but because somebody in that thoroughly corrupt agency must have known the shooter was likely pushing some sort of point about “trans” issues. The shooter’s manifesto has been confiscated, and kept secret.

Joe Biden with a fellow traveler.

The Left has hit upon the perfect social disrupter, and they are beating it like a drum. Fake LGBT discrimination laid at the hands of Christians is much more effective than the race baiting they’ve been ginning up since Obama had to host his humiliating “Beer Summit.” Remember? Obama falsely accused a white cop of racism against a black man, when in fact it turned out that it was a black woman who had called the cops to begin with. What a chump.

So now the Left is pushing the fiction that the LGBTQ (or whatever the hell the acronym is now) community faces persecution from cradle to grave. The campaign is magical because it can’t just confined to blacks and whites, but is universal. Any boy can suddenly self-declare as a girl, and vice versa. And when not just the kid’s parents react naturally in horror but the whole world rolls its eyes, suddenly everybody is transphobic. White supremacy is so yesterday when you can catch everybody up in transphobia.

Thus, if you are wondering where the devil all these hairy oafs came from who are dressing up like Marlene Dietrich and leading story hours for previously innocent children, they are not really transsexuals. They are cross-dressers. Two years ago, most of them would never have considered such a thing. They are cross dressing because, anarchists and sociopaths that they are, it is currently the best way to make the world burn. And probably to get chicks, too, screwy as that whole fringe bunch is.

Meanwhile, the real victims are children everywhere, not just the ones who were slain in Nashville. They are the children who are being forced into this fiction and given a life sentence of confusion rather than being allowed to mature into healthy adult human beings. In some cases, they are even being mutilated by the likes of the monsters at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital who castrate healthy boys and lop the breasts off healthy girls. Thank God there are still some good doctors at Vanderbilt and other hospitals. Unfortunately, three nine-year-olds did not get to those doctors fast enough last week.

What we are witnessing is raw, unadulterated evil at work in the world around us. The transsexual movement is targeting children, perverting them, grooming them, and dooming them to a life of confusion, distraction, and bodily and mental mutilation.

It does seem that the horrific tragedy in Nashville last week, coupled with the grotesque abuse of the justice system to persecute Donald Trump, is waking up more and more mainstream Americans to what is really happening. Our way of life, our country, and our youth are being destroyed. Most are reacting in horror as the woke demons devour the innocents.

The question is, what are we going to do about it? And is it too late?

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Hey, Tucker Carlson: Where’s the beef?

Tucker Carlson is to be commended for exposing anything of the January 6th fiction that the Bolshevik “select committee” and media propagandists spent the last two years creating. But the relatively paltry amount of previously hidden footage Tucker has actually shown, and the disproportionate focus on the pitiable goofball “Shaman,” is reminiscent of the old Wendy’s commercial: Where’s the beef?

There is no doubt that next to Victor Davis Hanson, Tucker Carlson and his staff writers are today the most eloquent and persuasive advocates against the folly and perfidy of the the Biden administration and the Leftist cult in general. Nobody wants to miss what Tucker has to say in his monologue each night. And for the most part, he carries the ball forward. But at times, he flinches and gets thrown for a loss.

For example, and perhaps this story is merely apocryphal or exaggerated, it has been said that at the very beginning of the Wuhan Virus Damnpanic while flights were grounded, Tucker drove all through the night to meet with Donald Trump and plead with him to take the so-called Covid virus seriously. If true, and if Trump was swayed by Tucker’s pitch, it was a disservice to the country leading to the imbecilic lockdowns, mask mandates, school closures, voting irregularities, and now as is being increasingly proven, the horribly damaging and ill-advised vaccine campaign.

Then there was the time in the immediate aftermath of the election fiasco when it was obvious that Trump’s second triumph had been stolen by a witch’s brew of mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, illegitimate voters, and machine manipulation. Yet on Tucker’s show you could see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears how rudely Tucker mistreated Sidney Powell in a key interview, acting as if she were the Q-Anon fool the Left was desperately making her out to be. The Left went after her so stridently, as we can see in retrospect, because she was right over the target – but Tucker didn’t want to hear about it.

This past week Tucker made his first splash with selected video clips from the supposedly thousands of hours of video surveillance made available to him by the grace of Kevin McCarthy (whose hand was forced by heroes like Matt Gaetz). It is unclear and there are conflicting reports how much was made available, how it was processed by Tucker’s team, and whether they were allowed actually to take possession of full copies of the files. What is clear is that after the first night’s revelations, little more of substance came forth. As expected the little information that was released was met with bitter criticism by Democrat politicians, but most disappointingly with strong criticism as well by Republican weasels like Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell.

If you went to Fox News’ recently redesigned site last week, there was all but nothing about the new video – a story or two about defendants’ wanting and possibly getting access to the video for their defense. You had to hunt for coverage of Tucker Carlson’s show at all – scroll about three miles to the very bottom of the home page, find the second row of little links there to the third column marked “TV,” and click on “Shows.” There, for a day or two, were links to Tucker’s initial monologue on the subject and a handful of interviews relating to it.

It has long been known that Fox News, though the preeminent outlet for conservative expression, is a bad steward of its role. Its ownership and management was reluctantly pro-Trump while he was gaining and holding power, and is now Never-Trump at best. After soaking up the initial spotlight of the gift by McCarthy, they have all but all but completely stifled the impact of the release of the January 6 video.

Tucker, man, stand up to this bovine scatology! You are being played the fool. Reach out to other real journalists who have been working exclusively to unravel the January 6 mythology through the thick smoke screen. Share the video with all of them. Enlist their expertise. What really happened on that January 6 was an obvious, fatal subversion of the American way, if not the concluding act of an outright coup. Your interviews with Kid Rock and all are great. But that’s all sizzle. This is the meat of the matter. Your place in history is made right in this moment. Either force Fox’s hand to give this story the exposure it demands, or walk.

Otherwise, it seems you are destined to be remembered as just one more Fox hack a la Geraldo Rivera.

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The Problem with Trump’s Republican Challengers

Hillary was right. Republican operatives are busy working to rig the 2024 presidential election. The thing is, she is suggesting and her fans are assuming that it is Trump operatives working to rig the election. It is not. It is the never-Trumpers, intent on wresting control of the party back to the Establishment

But it’s not Republicans who will determine the outcome. It has been preordained. The cabal or junta that installed and controls the Biden presidency will in no way allow Trump or anyone other than a rank leftist (or total nincompoop like Joe Biden whom they can control) ever to hold the top office again. They’ve sinned to much, and to allow a legitimate government with a legitimate DOJ to sit in judgment of them on behalf of the American people would lead to federal prisons full of white collar criminals with names like Obama and Rice and God knows who else, perhaps Garland and Wray and McConnell and Zuckerberg.

As smart – and clever – as Donald Trump is, his presidency was marked by one fatal error: He trusted his party. He thought that everyone would come on board with a winner, but in fact his winning just made him Enemy Number One for institutional Republicans as much so as Democrats. A few of them bucked his leadership openly, but many put their heads down and took whatever positions they could get in his administration and worked to further their own careers while undermining his, or if not that, by jumping ship on him as soon as he wasn’t winning any more – even though his loss was by outright, and obvious, theft.

So now personalities who gained traction in the Trump administration like Pompeo and Haley are lining up to challenge Trump in the primaries. And of course there’s Ron DeSantis, obviously a smart and capable guy. But the problem is that whoever rises to the top as Trump’s main opposition will need a ton of money. It will not come from the base. The base, the overwhelming majority of Americans in fact, are solidly behind Donald Trump more than ever. Any challenger’s funding can come only from one place: the Never-Trumpers, the Bush family wing of the Republican Party who disdain the Trump base just as vehemently as Hillary showed she does when she called them a basket full of deplorables.

History will show that George Bush Sr. was as incompetent and despicable a president as Joe Biden. He cultivated a congenial, aw-shucks personality that belied his true nature, which was C.I.A. all the way. Following Ronald Reagan’s brilliant tenure, Bush Sr. hijacked America for the elitist globalists and with the help of his losing embarrassingly to the gross Bill Clinton, ensured total control of the American juggernaut by the Deep State.

Despite his brilliant track record and his native ability that sets him head and shoulders above the Lilliputians who glom onto politics and government like leeches, Donald Trump will never be president again. No true American patriot will ever be president again. The Left will not allow it, at any cost. Their crimes have been too great already to allow that to happen. They have castrated the military and the security services to make sure that no one within the government can overturn their power from within.

However, even though 2024 is a moot point, it is important that we note who the players are and watch what the players do. It is important for what comes after the national divorce. And it is important to vote, even though the election will be stolen every time. For in this world, data is never really lost. And after the divorce, the data must be there somewhere way down in the depths of America’s hard drive as evidence.

So enjoy the show for the next two years even though we all already know the ending. And get out and vote. Even though your vote won’t count in the election, it will most certainly count in the ultimate reckoning.

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Just think of it as the Google Maps Balloon

What’s the big deal? You’re giving away all your privacy anyway with that data collection device you carry around. Why shouldn’t the Biden Junta let the thing cross the country getting better pictures and data interception before shooting it down for show? It’s part of their transparency pledge. Transparency with our sovereignty, not their own dealings.

The Four Horsemen of the Resistance

Do you wonder what the devil has happened to your country? To your world?

You are not going crazy. You are not alone. In fact most people are with you in feeling that every last thing these days seems turned upside down. That is by design. You are supposed to feel disoriented, repulsed, and isolated. A sick minority is churning our culture in order to upend society and come out on top. These people are in effect like arsonists who are setting fire to the social order so that they will reap a big payout. The word fits them: they are the Arsonists.

The Four Horsemen of the Resistance saw this day coming and took action at great personal sacrifice, in some cases with their lives. They rallied fire brigades against the Arsonists who were out to burn down America, and by extension the Free World. They in great measure staved off what we are seeing happen now.

An Arsonist, to use a current example, is someone like Barack Obama. He came into office aided by elder Arsonists like Bill Ayers. They chose Obama for his biracial multicultural credentials and groomed him to be their Manchurian candidate. Ayers is literally an arsonist. He was a co-founder of the Weather Underground which was responsible for several terrorist bombings in the U.S. in the ’60s and ’70s.

Among Obama’s first actions as president was to remove from the Oval Office the bust of Winston Churchill, one of the greatest exemplars of western civilization. Obama then set about redefining western civilization as white supremacy. He did this by employing Pyromaniacs – those who are not necessarily seeking to profit by arson but who just “like to watch the world burn.” The Pyromaniacs destabilize the country so the Arsonists can take complete control. Obama euphemistically referred to this as fundamentally changing America.

Obama’s Pyromaniacs included the Occupation movement and Black Lives Matter here in the States, and ISIS and the Islamic Brotherhood abroad. Many white Americans were deluded by a misguided notion that they needed to atone for the sins of their fathers, so relatively few pushed back initially against Obama’s wrecking ball.

But some more worldly individuals, such as President el-Sisi in Egypt, saw what was happening right away. Like Tito facing the Nazi occupation of Yugoslavia fifty years before, el-Sisi fought back and saved his country from the darkness. To this day, Egypt is one of the few places in the Middle East where Christians and Jews can live side by side with Muslims in relative safety. Peaceful coexistence of diverse cultures is one of the hallmarks of western civilization. It is the last thing Arsonists want, which is why they champion miscreants like the P.L.O. and worse.

Yet not so many world leaders are as resolute as Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Most, it seems, are now under the control of the Arsonists, either doing the Arsonists’ bidding as Pyromaniacs or aspiring to be one of the lead Arsonists themselves in the new order of the world.

The feckless, creepy, thoroughly corrupt Biden Junta did not just stumble into the highest office in the land by accident. POTUS ended up a Biden because Joe Biden was the right useful idiot in the right place at the right time for the Arsonists calling the shots – just like lesser world lights like Maduro of Venezuela and Trudeau of Canada, Lula of Brazil and Lam of Hong Kong. You don’t have to be smart for the Arsonists to position you into power, just shameless.

Although all this seemed to happen overnight, it did not. It has been building since the first rupture of modern western civilization known as World War I which coincided with Woodrow Wilson’s tenure as POTUS. By the grace of God, Wilson was struck down by illness before he could do more damage to the country than he’d already done, but the Arsonists were just getting started anyway. They gained ground during the ensuing Depression and came close to pulling off a global coup in World War II.

Bust of Lenin through the iron bars of a Soviet embassy, ca. 1980.

The Arsonists are not a single ideological group. Like the Highwayman of the song, they come back again and again and again – here as Nazis, there as Reds, somewhere else as the World Economic Forum, the C.I.A, or today’s F.B.I. – whatever suits the time and place. Their only ideology is tyrannical control of the population and they will ally themselves with whatever group, or groupthink, furthers their ends.

Four great leaders in the hundred years since World War I have seen clearly what the real war for civilization is about. They might well be described as the Four Horsemen of the Resistance. Unlike the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, they have not been agents of chaos but on the contrary, the greatest bastions of the civilized world. None of these men were angels. Like all human beings, they had feet of clay. But all of them led lives committed like guardian angels to stewardship of the Free World through the threat from the Arsonists.

The Warrior

The first was George Patton. He was the fiercest, most effective fighting general in World War II. Those who did not necessarily want the war to end quickly attacked him with all they had. He slipped up and gave them an excuse to stop him when he publicly humiliated a shell-shocked soldier. That took him out of the action for a while, but Eisenhower, commander of the Allied forces, knew he had to have Patton to take the European continent back from the Nazis. So Patton was soon back in action and he pushed toward Berlin at breakneck speed.

Patton wanted not just to snuff the Nazis out but the Soviets as well, then and there. Politics forced Eisenhower to hold Patton back just short of total victory and let the Soviet Union take its spoils in Eastern Europe. Patton was subsequently relieved of command and assigned to an administrative post. Hence, the Cold War ensued. Eisenhower, no doubt, eventually wished he had let Patton roll on to Moscow, or at least as far as Poland. The Cold War allowed the Military Industrial Complex to metastasize into the “peacetime” monster against which Eisenhower warned as he left his post-war presidency.

Patton, by the way, died shortly after war’s end as a result of a freak traffic accident. He did not die in the accident itself, but in the hospital twelve days afterward. Thus the greatest American warrior of the time was silenced as the United Nations became ascendant, seating the Soviets at the big table. Go figure. The work of a Pyromaniac, perhaps?

The Martyr

Say what you will about President John F. Kennedy – his sexual escapades, his father’s manufacturing illicit votes for him, his dissolute brother Teddy’s excesses – but regardless of his baggage, JFK loved America. He willingly put on the uniform in World War II and risked his life and darn near lost it fighting the good fight as a common soldier when he could have let his Hitler-supporting father buy his way out.

Think of him this way: Kennedy was to America what Michael was to the Corleone family in The Godfather Part II. He was an idealist. He served. He had a vision for fixing the family business. Younger brother Teddy, in this analogy, would be Fredo. Younger brother Bobby, Tom Hagen. The difference is that on film Michael lived to get mired down in the muck and violence. John F. Kennedy was cut down before either that could happen or before achieving further greatness. Who knows which?

Kennedy’s assassination was investigated by the impeccable Warren Commission. Unfortunately the only thing impeccable about the Warren Commission was the power to cover up what really happened, so it is still a heck of a mystery. There were more people out for JFK’s hide than you can count. Tucker Carlson recently reported that the C.I.A. most certainly had a hand in it. All you need know to believe that is the simple fact that George H.W. Bush, Ronald Reagan’s successor who was C.I.A. all the way, claimed that he could not remember where he was on the day of JFK’s assassination.  (Among the many authors speculating who was really behind the assassination from Oliver Stone to Roger Stone, Jerome Corsi gives the best breakdown of all the various theories and the evidence for each in Who REALLY killed KENNEDY?)

If you study Kennedy’s speeches and his legislative priorities, you find that he is nothing like today’s Democrats. He believed in personal freedom and in free markets and American exceptionalism. The bottom line is that in the Arsonists’ world, Kennedy had to go.

Whoever did shoot Kennedy dead, it was certainly one (or more!) of the Pyromaniacs at the behest of the Arsonists.

The Gipper

Another decade. Another decade. And America – already humiliated out of Vietnam under LBJ’s feckless leadership and Nixon’s hasty retreat and shortly thereafter, removal from office – found itself embarrassed in front of the world thanks to Jimmy Carter’s incompetent diplomacy in the Iran hostage situation. The Arsonists were rubbing their hands together excitedly by this point, warming them at the burning logs of American exceptionalism.

Then along came Ronald Reagan. The power of Reagan’s charismatic personality, combined with an electorate that was fed up with an America of negativity and failure coming out of Vietnam and Watergate, not only reinvigorated the country along conservative lines, but also toppled the Soviet Union, ending the Cold War and freeing millions of people who since Patton’s demise at the end of World War II, had been prisoners of communism.

No surprise, Ronald Reagan narrowly escaped an assassination attempt, as did his contemporary Pope John Paul II, who also fought against communism and reinvigorated the Catholic Church. Reagan’s success brought a period of relative peace and prosperity to America and the world. But the Arsonists were just reorganizing. They had a plan B, the aforementioned George H.W. Bush, the C.I.A. swamp creature who succeeded Reagan in office. Two Bushes and Bill Clinton muddied up the waters after Reagan, setting the stage for 9-11 and the Patriot Act, the doorway to the surveillance state.

The Donald

The Arsonists’ next big coup was maneuvering one of their own, that “fundamental change” guy Barack Obama, into the presidency. His job for his two terms was to soften up the American people via a witch’s brew of class warfare, racial turmoil, and suicidal foreign policy to pave the way for Hillary Clinton to come into office via the 2016 election and finish the job of leveling the country.

But whoops, a wild card the Arsonists didn’t count on popped up: Donald Trump. Whether you hate him or love him, we can all be thankful for one thing Donald Trump achieved: he kept Hillary Clinton from taking the presidency. As bad as Joe Biden is, Hillary would have been ten times worse.

Here’s the thing about Donald Trump: He is not the schlub who buried his talent. He is not a trust fund baby who rested on his father’s laurels like so many of us Boomers have done. He took what he was given and made it better. He had vision and ambition and class – spare us your derision about classiness, you arrogant, envious losers – and he turned his talent into an amazing brand and billions of dollars like no public company run by committee could possibly do, and certainly none of the looters and moochers who live off the fat of the land.

As soon as Trump entered the race in 2016, it was clear he was going to win. The hubris and truculence of the Arsonist class kept them from recognizing this simple fact. They did not even think they had to cheat very hard. And so they didn’t. And so win Trump did, for four years bolstering America’s economy, making America energy independent, securing America’s sovereignty, and once again setting America as the leader of the Free World.

Even Donald Trump, however, did not recognize the threat coming at him in 2020 in the Arsonists’ counter-attack. As a man and an American hero, he stands head and shoulders above the Lilliputians of today’s world, but ever since his initial victory, the Arsonists have worked to neuter him politically with a thousand cuts. At times it seems a miracle that he has escaped assassination, but perhaps the Arsonists fear creating another martyr like JFK?

The Lesson of the Four Horsemen

The shameless malfeasance with which the Biden Junta governs America tells you that they have no fear of ever falling out of power and thus paying for their crimes. The simple reason is that they will never lose another significant election, only some here and there to make a show of legitimacy. Not because the people support them, but because they have perfected the art of cheating. Figuratively speaking, they have set fire to the paper ballot box that defined the American Republic and replaced it with elections as amorphous and surreal as cryptocurrency.

The Left’s habit of projecting their own crimes onto their opponents has been well noted. Thus their favorite insults to hurl at those who challenge them has become “election denier” and “insurrectionist.” The real crime is that the Arsonists among them have denied the American electorate the right to a true vote and their coup is the true insurrection. We cannot preserve what once was. It is gone. We must instead restore it.

Fire is a viciously destructive element, but it can be stopped by water, by depriving it of oxygen, or perhaps in the case of American’s burning, by millions of feet stamping it out. Patton, Kennedy, Reagan, and Trump did not turn away from the struggle against the Arsonists of this country and this world. If the coming generation shall also have a chance at life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, neither should we.

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America is burning to the ground.

Most people know it. Nobody wants to say it. But there are times when you just have to get to the bottom line.

Coming into 2023 most Americans still stand tall and many states still lean toward freedom. But the American dream is over. The Arsonists have captured the fire. The goose is cooked. America is burning to the ground.

Donald Trump did his best and he darn near pulled MAGA off. But his goose is cooked, too. He stubbornly held on to the notion that he could work within the system to set it aright, that by winning on policy he could win over rotten Republicans and delusional Democrats alike, but it will not be. Lilliputians have taken him down him with a thousand cuts and pinned him to the sand.

The Arsonists – those who want to rule, even if over nothing but charcoal – have all but completely destroyed America with the aid of the Pyromaniacs – those who “just like to watch the world burn” as Alfred Penneyworth said in The Dark Knight.

With social unrest and Covid as their accelerants, the Arsonists stole the 2020 election, in such obvious manner… to anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear. And after two years of the shamefully destructive Biden administration, it is willful ignorance to accept the 2022 results as legitimate. No populace can be so dumb in such great numbers not to vote the bastards out of office, not even the Tik-Tok-drunk American public.

Even as evidence of the fraud is unearthed by the bucket full, every attempt to correct the record is swatted down for lack of standing or because it’s “unprecedented” or because administrative officials just shrug their shoulders at legislative directives and continue as before. By the time pesky challenges are mounted in court, the corruption is seated and the challengers made to look like whack jobs. After these elections it is apparent that federal elections have about as much integrity as All Star Wrestling.

You can talk about same day, in person, written ballot voting all you want, but it is not going to happen. To suggest that the Right should adopt the ballot harvesting tactics of the Left is a canard. If a cheater beats a cheater, you still end up with a cheater. That is not the American way.

The bottom line is that no opposition candidate will ever again be elected president. No clear opposition majority will ever be seated again. Despite the will of the people.

It’s time for pundits and networks and talk show hosts to stop talking about 2024 as if there’s any hope for change via the electoral process. It’s a pipe dream. Without secure elections, there is no American republic. Without the republic, democracy dies. There are only states and citizens left struggling in vain against despots.

The effort worth expending – and it is well worth expending – is to organize and mount fire brigades to resist the Arsonists.

In business, relationships, life, no matter what your passion is, you cannot succeed with negative thinking. But the byword is this: Think positive but start from reality. If your sales are weak, better not bet the house on billboards but go to guerrilla marketing. If your partner turns out to be a loser or abuser or worse, find another. If you hate your job, sell your talent and labor elsewhere. Tweek, take counsel, push harder all you want, but if the reality you find yourself in is a dumpster, you must start anew.

Likewise, if you think that America will survive the Arsonists because it has come through worse before – i.e. wars, assassinations, Watergate, 9-11, etc. – you are kidding yourself. You have not plumbed the depths of the problem, nor the times. If America is to survive or more accurately, to revive, we now must rebuild it from scratch.

There is only one path left for those who still believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness: With a nod to Ayn Rand, it is to strike. That is in both senses of the word: 1. Strike the Arsonists hard in the gut; and 2. deny them the fuel for the engine of their domination by staging a strike, the willful cessation of any effort that redounds to their benefit.

We are not talking here of an insurrection. The Arsonists have control of the most powerful weapons and the most complete surveillance and economic control ever seen in the history of civilization. Grip your guns like Charlton Heston, but this is not a shooting war and not even a civil war; rather, it is a war of attrition for civilization. We are talking non-compliance. Think Mahatma Ghandi in South Africa and India. Think the Solidarity movement in Poland. Think the Resistance in France. And… think Jesus Christ in Judea.

A significant bloc of voters seems as if they’ve been anesthetized for a heart transplant, but the joke’s on them: they’re the donor, not the recipient. They are so brainwashed that they still have not questioned the virus nor the shots nor the draconian mandates and lockdowns, much less the fraudulent election results. A massive re-education campaign must be instituted post haste disclosing the fraud that courts won’t touch and the cynical manipulation of the message by media and Big Tech. Perhaps Elon Musk will volunteer to get this going.

God bless the Mike Lindells and the Stephen K. Bannons and the Donald Trumps who still rage, rage against the dying of the light. But they and we will never succeed by working the system because the system is hopelessly rigged.

We need to take the fight back to the people. In our families and churches, at our workplaces, and on the streets. Start exactly where things ended on January 6, 2020. Show no shame about it. The people were subverted then, and were put on the run. But this time, we must police our own so that the hotheads and suckers and infiltrators cannot create an insurrectionist scenario again. And conservative institutions must be repurposed away from influencing elections and toward supporting effective resistance. We must show the force of mass discontent as has been seen lately in Brazil, in Iran, and even in China. And we must win this fight for the people worldwide who have looked to us to lead the way to freedom.

The ultimate goal must be to starve the Arsonists of oxygen so that their flames go out and our light of liberty shines again.

If that light of the shining city on the hill goes completely dark, America is not just lost, it will stay lost. As the embers smolder, we will all be nothing more than spittle on the Arsonists’ chins.

For a two-page PDF statement of where Way Out Charlotte Pike is coming from, please CLICK HERE.

The Unvaxxed shall inherit Earth.

I hope that statement is not true. But if the stats are right, some three quarters of us Earthlings have gotten suckered, frightened, or blackmailed into getting at least one of the gottverdammte shots. (Sorry, I slipped into German for a moment there, thinking about the good Dr. Mengele.)

Given the contraindications that are trickling out re the adverse effects on human beings from the shots, our herd might be thinned drastically in fairly short order. Not from a virus, but from the toxic “vaccines” which are no vaccines at all. That is a shame, because a lot of good people, including loved ones, went under the hypodermic. They will be missed.

Quoting Matthew 5:5, “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.” Meek here meaning those who submit to God’s will, not mild or weakly people in general. “Turn the other cheek,” is also counseled in Matthew, but that applies to interpersonal relationships, not standing up to assault – i.e., avoid toxic people. If you turn the other cheek in today’s world, some government busybody is likely to jab a needle into it.

The Wuhan Virus Damnpanic may be over, but reports of adverse events caused by the shots are piling up. You don’t need to be spoon fed the evidence here. Spend some time with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s outfit, Children’s Health Defense, or explore some of the interviews at The Epoch Times with MRNA creator Dr. Robert Malone among many others. Serious people who have nothing to gain but a clean conscience lay out the shots’ harmful effects on human beings, from harming women’s reproductive health to causing blood clots, coronary damage, and even SADS. If Elon Musk makes a difference with Twitter, this information will soon be all over the place, but up to now you can only find it if you seek it.

Fully informed, you will never allow another injection into your or a loved one’s veins again based on fear, force, or ignorance. Only with informed consent. Which was the first thing thrown out the door by the so-called health authorities as they mounted their propaganda blitzkrieg in the service of Statist politics fueled by Big Pharma profits.

The joke going around among patriots when the Biden Junta (the B.J.) took over was that we need to get new conspiracy theories because all the old ones have turned out to be reality. The Globalists are no longer sneaking around in the shadows and you don’t have to listen to fringe media to find out what they’ve got cooking. Creepy elitist droids like Klaus Schwab are running around bragging about their totalitarian agendas, which include depopulating the world.

The problem is, though the Wuhan Flu seems to have been a trial run, the Statists overplayed their hand. They should have just left it at “let’s see how many people will submit when we scare the poop out of the world.” But unable to control their impulse toward control of others, every petty Mussolini, in the Free World and behind the Iron Curtain alike, used the fear mongering to force useless mask wearing, to close schools and traumatize children, and to economically isolate those who would not take the shots. Shots, the recipe for which they refuse to disclose.

And the ensuing shutdown-germ barrier-social distancing-Hong Kong crushing chaos put those hotbeds of individualism, small businesses, out of business by the thousands. Still, today, the resultant recession and inflation stalk small businesses like the Grim Reaper. And governments from D.C. to Beijing are just fine with that. Their fear and hatred of self-starters runs deep.

But they did not, and will not, get all the individualists. That was the botch. They did not manage to move fast enough before the virus ran its course to drive every small business out of business, to drive every noncompliant employee out of their jobs, and every recalcitrant politician out of office. They ended up looking ridiculous with their mask and shot mandates (and still some hang onto the madness like the Department of Defense). So the Damnpanic petered out. It died of its own accord while they still had booster after booster after booster to foist on the compliant, still had not quite got that vaccine passport thing going, and still had to make up an imaginary insurrection and squash a truckers’ revolt to maintain power in the U.S. and Canada respectively, winning those battles but losing the war for hearts and minds.

And the biggest failure for the Statists is that some 30% of the adult population refused to take the jab despite all fear and pressure. With all the information now coming out revealing the dangers of the shots, you can bet your bottom dollar they won’t get it now. And most of those who did get the shots are wondering, “What the devil have I done to myself?” Except the aging, who are here today and gone tomorrow anyway.

So if the Elitists’ intention was to thin the herd, they may have achieved it with the 70% who took a shot, killing thousands right away and perhaps millions or billions in the long run. But those who refused the shots are generally the ones the tyrannical class wished most fervently to eliminate. The Refusists, we’ll call them. The compliant ones will be wiped out from myocarditis, infertility, and so on, but the Refusists will live on happily, subject only to the usual plagues of life.

And then Earth will be a world inhabited by a few Drug Pushers and a plethora of Refusists. The Refusists won’t buy the Pushers’ fake pandemics. The Refusists won’t buy their false gods, their fake science, and their rigged elections. The Refusists won’t buy their overblown “isms” and fear mongering and phobias like exaggerated racism, homophobia, global warming, gender confusion and such. And the Refusists, no longer diluted by and compromised by the compliant, will unite, push back, and root out those who have pushed this agenda. The Pushers are all likely to be hanged from nooses like the Mussolinis they are.

Figuratively speaking. Or literally. It doesn’t matter. Because at that point, the meek truly shall have inherited the earth.

For a two-page PDF statement of where Way Out Charlotte Pike is coming from, please CLICK HERE.

You might not have the brain of a sapsucker left IF…

A sapsucker is a type of woodpecker. For you city slickers, a woodpecker is a bird, not a sex toy. Given their tiny brains, sapsuckers are not very smart, but they do know how to do one thing very well: they live off the sap they find in tree trunks by pecking little holes through the bark. It is Willie Stark who compared the ignorant, malleable electorate to sapsuckers.

Willie Stark was born in Nashville over a century ago. He got into politics in Louisiana during the Great Depression and made a reputation for representing the little guy whose ambitions were constantly at risk of being crushed by big government and big business. In return the people loved him. In other words, he was a populist. His success came from the people up, not from the top down.

Willie first won a small office by exposing a corrupt bidding process that gave a school building contract to a favorite of the entrenched establishment. The school building collapsed, killing several children. The people remembered and supported him with their votes. The dominant political machine noted that Willie had a knack for speaking to the majority of the voters in Louisiana of that day, the poor whites and blacks who worked as tenant farmers and laborers, giving them hope in exchange for votes.

Hungry to do more that the help of money and sympathetic newspapers could make happen, Willie was flattered to be asked to run for a bigger office. But along the way he discovered that he had been suckered into running not because the big guys wanted him to win, but to split the vote of the opposition. Willie toed their line and gave standard, boring stump speeches up to that point. But when he realized he’d been had, he changed his tune. He made the people face the hard, unvarnished facts of life.

“Listen to me, you hicks,” he would say. “Listen here and lift up your eyes and look on the God’s blessed and unflyblown truth. If you’ve got the brain of a sapsucker left and can recognize the truth when you see it. This is the truth: you are a hick and nobody ever helped the hick but the hick himself. Up there in town they won’t help you. It is up to you and God, and God helps those who help themselves!”

Willie Stark lost that race, but his new message touched a nerve. With overwhelming support by the electorate, he won the governorship of Louisiana and set about reforming the corruption endemic to the big institutions of that state.

Then, Willie Stark was assassinated. End of story.


Not really.

Robert Penn Warren

In fact, the whole story is a fiction. It is true, in a way, that Willie Stark was born in Nashville, not as a real person but as a character in a novel written by a Vanderbilt1 alumnus and faculty member, Robert Penn Warren. His book All the King’s Men won the Pulitzer Prize in 1947. Willie Stark was modeled on the real-life populist governor of Louisiana in the early 1930s, Huey Long. Warren followed Long’s history closely while on faculty at L.S.U., plus he had a fellowship in Italy in the 1930s, while Benito Mussolini was rising to power. So Warren had plenty to draw on in creating Willie Stark. Huey Long was assassinated in 1935 and Mussolini was hanged by a mob in 1945.

Long, Mussolini, and the fictional Willie Stark all rose to power by tapping into the “sapsucker” vote – the hicks, the rednecks, the poor and struggling classes in general – to oppose entrenched elites. Problem was, to hold on to power as populists, they each had to double-deal, resorting to tactics as ruthless and immoral as the elites, working with them and against them at the same time. The resulting tension led them inevitably to their deaths.

Yet we sapsuckers always live on. Whether we live in a welfare entitlement state or a dog-eat-dog libertarian paradise, our freedom and our opportunity to pursue happiness depend on the people who pull the levers of government. And these days you don’t have to be a hick to be a sapsucker. Don’t think you aren’t a sapsucker because you have a college degree. The art of fooling the masses has been honed to fine edge by Big Tech working through your smart phone. All you have to be is a little bit suggestible, like the 75% of the population susceptible to hypnotism.

But there are a lot more of us than there are of them. So even if we’ve been suckered in, one way or another, they have to feed us sapsuckers whether to gain our votes in a free democratic society, or to maintain power as an installed kleptocracy. If you don’t believe the latter, just look at the mob that ousted Sri Lanka’s government in July.

As a sapsucker, the most difficult task is figuring out who are the liars vs. who can be counted on to operate the government for the greatest good for all. It is not always so simple as lying vs. truthfulness. Indeed, Warren’s telling of the Willie Stark story is not so much about the rise and fall of a populist as it is about the search for truth, or more accurately, about finding the truth that works, because there can be as many and conflicting truths as there can be many and conflicting lies. It is Warren’s genius2 in All the King’s Men that he lays out the byzantine and confusing search through this miasma that we all must undertake in order to get through life successfully.


In real life, however, we sapsuckers have to do all the aforementioned truth-seeking on the fly. We are not putting it on paper with the benefit of hindsight as we write the great American novel. So, let’s pause a moment and hop down a rabbit trail to play an instructive game that might help our tiny little sapsucker brain discern some useful truth. The game is, Who Said This?

  1. In an interview with Stephen Colbert in 2020 prior to the election: “You know what, if I could make an arrangement where I had a stand-in, a front man or a front woman and they had an earpiece in and I was just in my basement with my sweats looking through the stuff, and I could sort of deliver the lines, but somebody else was doing all the talking and ceremony, I would be fine with that.”
  2. On July 2nd, 2008, in a speech delivered in Colorado Springs: “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we have set. We have to have a civilian national security force that is just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded.”
  3. On October 31st, 2008, in a speech at the University of Missouri: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

Congratulations! That is, if you have correctly divined that all three of these statements were made by Barack Obama. If you didn’t get the right answer, you better work on that little sapsucker brain of yours. Because like a whirling Dervish warrior, he did give us fair warning.

Take quotation #1. If you do have the brain of a sapsucker left, you can see that Joe Biden does not have the brain of a sapsucker left. Someone is speaking into that earpiece and making Biden’s lips move. Given what Obama has openly said, it takes no great leap of the imagination to figure out that it is he – and his co-conspirators like Susan Rice – who are the ones pulling the strings of the Biden Junta (for short, let’s call it, fittingly, the B.J.).

And consider quotation #2. How about making a private army of 87,000 new IRS agents, many of whom will be armed and have no flipping idea about the tax code? Not to mention the private armies and arsenals being assembled by other branches of the federal government. An accountant-friend – you better have one, too – confirms that there are not anywhere near 87,000 people currently in the entire U.S. inside or outside of the I.R.S. who understand the tax code. It doesn’t matter – the very thought of an audit makes the hair stand on end of any hardworking American, just as the thought of a visit from the Gestapo did any German, law-abiding or not, in the 1930s.

Finally, think of quotation #3 when you are scratching your head about the hostility to churches and prayer and faith-based morality, about the “gender” confusion and the corruption of children with pornography and biological violence, about the sacrifice of the Bill of Rights to contact tracing, shutdowns, and forced “vaccinations,” about the “woke” policies undermining the American military, and if you’ve got the brain of a sapsucker left, you can see that in these and other ways America is being stood on its head by government fiat and media collusion.

Mission accomplished, Herr Obama. Though far from finished.


Now, keep that rabbit trail in mind while we get back for a few moments to Professor Warren’s story of Willie Stark. In fact, the major character is not Willie Stark but the narrator, a newspaper reporter named Jack Burden. He’s a spectator. He comes from the higher classes but he is alienated and despite his higher education he doggedly works as a gumshoe reporter. Jack Burden gets to know Willie Stark when assigned to cover his first campaign and later he works for Willie Stark in some vague capacity a la Tom Hagen in The Godfather.

When Willie Stark can’t get an influential doctor on board with his social justice program to build the biggest, finest free hospital in the United States for Louisiana’s citizens, he assigns Jack Burden to find some “dirt” on the doctor. “Man is conceived in sin and born in corruption,” Willie Stark tells him, “and passes from the stink of the didie to the stench of the shroud. There is always something.”

Willie Stark is a man of action. Jack Burden is a slug. Spurned by the woman he loves, when life’s complications get too intense for him he goes into what he calls the Big Sleep. Where Willie Stark takes adversity head on, Jack Burden runs from it, hides, and sleeps. In a way, Jack Burden represents the Sapsucker Nation, the vast majority of citizens who seem to resist engagement, who sleep through life, who like water, follow the path of least resistance until it comes to a crisis when they absolutely have to act or perish.

No spoiler alert is necessary. Robert Penn Warren weaves a gripping story . It’s not Willie Stark’s assassination that is the main thing, but how it comes to that. In the process, through Warren’s mastery of the art, we feel the heat of the Louisiana summers, we ache with Jack Burden’s ennui, we urge the characters to persevere, to back off, to move on, to find happiness or at least, to find their way. At the intersection of Willie Stark’s drive and his own torpor, Jack Burden does find secrets perhaps better left unrevealed. That becomes the crux of tragedy. If you have not read All the King’s Men, you owe it to yourself to read it if for no other reason than for inspiration to break the bonds of sapsuckerdom.


Now, back to real life today. It is no epiphany that disinformation rules the day. You’ve got to find your way through the miasma. Do you have the brain of a sapsucker left? You should test and retest every single assumption you make about life and politics on an ongoing basis to ensure you are not falling for a semi-Populist trap.

For example, you might NOT have the brain of a sapsucker left IF YOU BELIEVE…

…that the war in Ukraine is a fight for freedom.

Picking a side in the war between Ukraine and Russia is like trying to decide who’s better, Pablo Escobar or Manuel Noriega? Saddam Hussein or Ruholla Khomeini? Adolf Hitler or Josef Stalin? It is a struggle between two thoroughly corrupt and sociopathic regimes. No matter who prevails, the people lose. Ukraine has been used by the Biden Junta and others for years as a place to launder money and operate lawlessly. It’s no wonder the B.J. is throwing billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars at the fight. It’s a paradise for kickbacks.

… that climate change is man-made.

Al Gore kicked off the Manbearpig hysteria over global warming years ago. Bedwetters around the world have kept it alive despite all evidence to the contrary and exposure of the data manipulation distorting their dire warnings by supposed climate scientists. And Gore, the original Tennessee Sapsucker-in-(Vice)-Chief, and others of like stripe have made billions off the carbon credit scam his B.S. has inspired, blackmailing businesses which can in any conceivable way be accused of damaging the environment. And forget your electric car. If you want to damage the environment, there’s hardly a better way than building electric cars, fueling them, and then dealing with the dead batteries.

…that the 2020 election was not rigged.

Anyone with a sapsucker’s-allotment of brain remaining knew something was up with the 2020 election as soon as they heard every single media outlet claim there was NO EVIDENCE for allegations to the contrary. Opposition to voter I.D. requirements, mail-in ballots, ballot drop boxes, vote totals changing in tidal magnitude in the middle of the night, huge crowds showing up for Trump and crickets for Biden – all of it belies the media and left-wing pundit chorus that Trump was telling the Big Lie. Obama & Co. wanted somebody in the top office- and as Vice President, for that matter – who was as brain dead as Joe Biden and that’s exactly what they installed.

The B.J. is just a smoke screen. It doesn’t matter what Joe Biden says or does. He’s old Uncle Joe you have to invite to Thanksgiving dinner and he has lost his filter and any kind of cockamamie is liable to come out of his mouth. At night Barack and Michelle sit by the fire in their BLUE class Martha’s Vineyard home sipping brandy and having a good laugh about each new suicidal absurdity Uncle Joe perpetrates on America.

…that the riot at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 was an insurrection.

If it was, it was an insurrection with erectile dysfunction. If MAGA actually staged an insurrection, the Capitol would have fallen in minutes and most of the D.N.C. would be serving prison sentences now. Related lies are that cops were killed that day – they weren’t – and that the rioters were armed. They were not. Only Ashley Babbitt was killed that day, an Air Force veteran guilty of overzealous demonstration who was shot in cold blood at point blank range by a cop who has gotten off scot-free for the crime. And yet the rogue Justice Department has hundreds still sitting in jail or under prosecution for what is essentially trespassing and disorderly conduct, as if they were terrorists. What is criminal, besides the B.J.’s handling of the whole situation, is the corporate media’s silence in the face of the human rights violations.

…that face masks do one damn bit of good in preventing the spread of disease.

Please, people: Those of you who still wear face diapers, those of you who still run to get a test every time you get the sniffles, those of you who are clamoring for booster after booster – and especially, those of you who insist on imposing such hysteria on the rest of us – BACK OFF, SOBER UP, OR STAY HOME! You are crazy! You are dangerous! And you are leading the greatest civilization ever created by humanity – the Free World led by a free America – right into the darkness of despotism.

… that abortion is a woman’s right.

This is only true as a moot point, i.e. in the absence of a fetus. Because there is nothing non-human about a fetus. It is the very essence of the human being. So if you buy the concept “your rights end where mine begin,” and you don’t believe that murder is ever okay, then please cut out this nonsense that abortion is simply health care. On the scale that abortion has come to be practiced since Roe v. Wade, it is indeed genocide. It is barbaric. And every mentally, morally healthy person should turn their heads in disgust at the horrid psychotics demonstrating in favor of abortion as if it’s a thing to celebrate.3


As stated before, there can be many conflicting truths and here is a truth, too: You don’t have to be a sapsucker. Although we all live off the Tree of Life, we can rise above the level of sapsucker by being truly progressive in our politics. It starts with understanding that every day of life is a gift from God that we are to make the best of. That’s where true progress happens.

The genius of the Founding Fathers, for all their flaws and yes, they were flawed because they too were human beings with feet of clay, is that they gave civilization a system of government where every individual has the opportunity to make their own life exceptional through individual liberty and the personal pursuit of happiness. The Huey Longs and Benito Mussolinis of this world may have tapped into the sapsucker side of human nature, but their ultimate mistake was believing that they themselves had all the answers, rather than the inherent genius of a free people making their own decisions. Because of that, they had to use force to hold power. The B.J. is gearing up to do exactly the same thing. Hopefully, they will be rooted out like all other despots before them, and quickly before they do more damage.

Free people each making unforced decisions about their own lives collectively – that is what vaulted the United States to apex of civilization, and if we give that up, humanity’s best days are behind us. It’s time for all us sapsuckers to come out of the Big Sleep, stop the B.S. from the B.J. about private armies and semi-fascism and threats to democracy and the rest of their rot, and set the country back as the beacon of the Free World.

For a two-page PDF statement of where Way Out Charlotte Pike is coming from, please CLICK HERE.

1 It is a shame that Vanderbilt University, the once-great Nashville institution populated in the past by the likes of Robert Penn Warren, Chancellor Alexander Heard, and groundbreaking medical researchers, is more recently known for grossly overpaid administrators, vaccine mandates, and pushing sex change ideology on kids. Its record is at best spotty lately. An example on the positive side is its LifeFlight program. But mainly it has become a bloated, aloof, and grant-sucking behemoth with huge endowments and outrageous tuition like so many major American universities these days.

2 All the King’s Men was far and away the greatest novel Robert Penn Warren produced, but not the only one. Two others are worth noting. His first, Night Rider, was a fictional treatment of the very real Tobacco Wars which took place in northern middle Tennessee and southern Kentucky in the early 1900s when farmers fought back against collusion by big tobacco companies intent on depressing crop prices. His writing style in this novel was a warm-up to the magnificent literary art of All the King’s Men. The later novel A Place to Come To is especially interesting for native Nashvillians as it details the soap opera-like academic life at Vanderbilt and the elitist life at Belle Meade Country Club, fictionalized of course. Warren was also a respected poet and was a champion of the civil rights movement in the 1950s and 60s. Search a bit and you can find fascinating audio of Warren interviewing Martin Luther King, Jr.

3 Janie B. Cheaney, one of the most thoughtful and eloquent of a stable full of great writers at World News Group, expressed the pro-life philosophy this year in the July 30 issue of WORLD magazine most beautifully: “Every intimate encounter between a man and a woman presents the possibility of a future life to take hold and flourish. Before you are even aware of it, tiny fingers could be forming, which might soon mutely grasp your own finger. Before long, small hands could be reaching out for a hug, helping you roll cookie dough or hang ornaments on a Christmas tree, gripping a steering wheel for the first time, firmly shaking the hands of well-wishers at college graduation. Someday, a strong hand could be holding your frail one as your eyes close on this life.”

Rebels, Not Traitors

John Brown, John Wilkes Boothe, and the so-called January 6th Committee have a lot in common. Boothe, who assassinated Abraham Lincoln at the end of the Civil War, was as wild-eyed and monomaniacal in spirit as was John Brown seven years before when Brown’s failed incitement of a slave uprising set off the chain of events that led to the Confederates’ firing on Fort Sumter two years later, initiating the actual war.

Brown and Boothe were both extremists. They felt their causes so righteous that they need not let the rule of law work America’s issues out legislatively. In both cases, the outcome was tragic. But by the time Boothe shot Lincoln, Americans had overwhelmingly purged the demons of extremism from their body politic. They’d had enough of violence and killing. Even Boothe’s murder of Lincoln could not touch off another powder keg. America had fought its internecine war, the question of slavery was settled, and it was time to move on.

Just before he fled the theater after shooting Lincoln, Boothe yelled, “Sic semper tyrannis!” But Abraham Lincoln was no tyrant. True, he instituted martial law early on in the war in order to win it, but he did not see the South as committing treason. “They’re rebels, not traitors” was his attitude. He put down the rebellion for one reason, and one alone: not to end slavery, but to save the Union. And Lincoln’s vision for healing the wounds of the war was charity, not vengeance. Even after his assassination, Confederate leaders and generals went back to their lives as Americans essentially unpunished. Within a decade, America was united again legally and in spirit.

What a contrast Lincoln’s love of his fellow Americans was to the bitter, vituperative, bloodthirsty machinations of the January 6th Committee. The picture the committee paints is that the people who blundered into the Capitol building were waging an insurrection. Only they forgot to bring guns. Or organize. Or generally do anything more harmful than wander around like drunks taking selfies.

The Left keeps saying that six people died as a result of this “insurrection.” It’s a completely false allegation. There were in excess of 100,000 people at the Mall that day and there were some deaths during and around that time, but only one of them was a result of the incursion at the Capitol. It was an Air Force veteran named Ashley Babbitt who was shot in cold blood, without warning, at point blank range by a Capitol Police officer. No charges have been filed against the officer.

The further this January 6th Committee pushes this false narrative of the protesters as insurrectionists, the more they have to lie about it. Thus the committee is not bipartisan, there is no cross examination of their witnesses, no witnesses are called in support of the protesters, and  many of the protesters still sit in jail without due process a year and a half after the melee.

The overwhelming majority of Americans yet today relate to one another in the spirit of loving acceptance that Abraham Lincoln bequeathed to us all whether we consider ourselves Democrats or Republicans, progressives or conservatives, pro-choice or anti-abortion, of-color or pasty-white like Elizabeth Warren. Americans grumble and protest, mock those who disagree with their opinions and have disdain for their politicians, but we are willing to work within the system to keep America great.

The January 6th Committee spits on all that. The January 6th Committee wants to pit one American against another, just as the race baiters continually work to foster animosity among blacks, whites, and any other subgroup they can stir up. They want a Civil War. They relish Ashley Babbitt’s assassination in the same way Boothe thought killing Lincoln or Brown thought inciting ignorant slaves to that day’s version of “suicide by cop” would solve anything. Thus, in effect, they want to take America down. Donald Trump, to them, with his vision of American greatness and his actual track record of success, is their biggest threat, and they see this fantasy insurrection as the vehicle for finally removing him as an obstacle to the realization of their sick vision of the world.

It’s an open question how far this will go. The Biden administration is running the country so incompetently that it seems by design. As to who is behind it all, at least as the silent point man, the smart money is on Barack Obama, the twisted soul  who wanted to “fundamentally change America” and whose first act in office was to remove Winston Churchill’s bust. By using the feckless Joe Biden as their front man and scapegoat, Obama and his junta – the Susan Rice types – can finish the job they got started before Trump, the job of taking down America and having one flat world of little people run by one tight and very, very wealthy clique of elites.

These characters in charge now – corrupt and doddering Joe Biden, the dingbat Kamala Harris, the utterly incompetent Pete Buttigieg, the caricature of a solder Mark Milley, et al – are so badly serving the country that it seems they are certain that they will never be punished for their perfidy. Why do they think this? Because they believe they will never be out of power again. They will hold on to the levers of power no matter how much lying and election fraud and pandemic fear mongering it takes.

What is it they know that we don’t know? Well, for one thing, they know that we are already in a second Civil War. They know it because they are waging it. We faithful Americans just haven’t generally recognized it as such yet because it’s not a shooting war. It’s not a killing war.

Except for Ashley Babbitt. And the John Browns and John Wilkes Boothes of the Left are doing their best to obscure that point as they continue the January 6th Committee hearings like a 21st century reign of terror. Sic semper tyrannis.

For a two-page PDF statement of where Way Out Charlotte Pike is coming from, please CLICK HERE.