The Unvaxxed shall inherit Earth.

I hope that statement is not true. But if the stats are right, some three quarters of us Earthlings have gotten suckered, frightened, or blackmailed into getting at least one of the gottverdammte shots. (Sorry, I slipped into German for a moment there, thinking about the good Dr. Mengele.)

Given the contraindications that are trickling out re the adverse effects on human beings from the shots, our herd might be thinned drastically in fairly short order. Not from a virus, but from the toxic “vaccines” which are no vaccines at all. That is a shame, because a lot of good people, including loved ones, went under the hypodermic. They will be missed.

Quoting Matthew 5:5, “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.” Meek here meaning those who submit to God’s will, not mild or weakly people in general. “Turn the other cheek,” is also counseled in Matthew, but that applies to interpersonal relationships, not standing up to assault – i.e., avoid toxic people. If you turn the other cheek in today’s world, some government busybody is likely to jab a needle into it.

The Wuhan Virus Damnpanic may be over, but reports of adverse events caused by the shots are piling up. You don’t need to be spoon fed the evidence here. Spend some time with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s outfit, Children’s Health Defense, or explore some of the interviews at The Epoch Times with MRNA creator Dr. Robert Malone among many others. Serious people who have nothing to gain but a clean conscience lay out the shots’ harmful effects on human beings, from harming women’s reproductive health to causing blood clots, coronary damage, and even SADS. If Elon Musk makes a difference with Twitter, this information will soon be all over the place, but up to now you can only find it if you seek it.

Fully informed, you will never allow another injection into your or a loved one’s veins again based on fear, force, or ignorance. Only with informed consent. Which was the first thing thrown out the door by the so-called health authorities as they mounted their propaganda blitzkrieg in the service of Statist politics fueled by Big Pharma profits.

The joke going around among patriots when the Biden Junta (the B.J.) took over was that we need to get new conspiracy theories because all the old ones have turned out to be reality. The Globalists are no longer sneaking around in the shadows and you don’t have to listen to fringe media to find out what they’ve got cooking. Creepy elitist droids like Klaus Schwab are running around bragging about their totalitarian agendas, which include depopulating the world.

The problem is, though the Wuhan Flu seems to have been a trial run, the Statists overplayed their hand. They should have just left it at “let’s see how many people will submit when we scare the poop out of the world.” But unable to control their impulse toward control of others, every petty Mussolini, in the Free World and behind the Iron Curtain alike, used the fear mongering to force useless mask wearing, to close schools and traumatize children, and to economically isolate those who would not take the shots. Shots, the recipe for which they refuse to disclose.

And the ensuing shutdown-germ barrier-social distancing-Hong Kong crushing chaos put those hotbeds of individualism, small businesses, out of business by the thousands. Still, today, the resultant recession and inflation stalk small businesses like the Grim Reaper. And governments from D.C. to Beijing are just fine with that. Their fear and hatred of self-starters runs deep.

But they did not, and will not, get all the individualists. That was the botch. They did not manage to move fast enough before the virus ran its course to drive every small business out of business, to drive every noncompliant employee out of their jobs, and every recalcitrant politician out of office. They ended up looking ridiculous with their mask and shot mandates (and still some hang onto the madness like the Department of Defense). So the Damnpanic petered out. It died of its own accord while they still had booster after booster after booster to foist on the compliant, still had not quite got that vaccine passport thing going, and still had to make up an imaginary insurrection and squash a truckers’ revolt to maintain power in the U.S. and Canada respectively, winning those battles but losing the war for hearts and minds.

And the biggest failure for the Statists is that some 30% of the adult population refused to take the jab despite all fear and pressure. With all the information now coming out revealing the dangers of the shots, you can bet your bottom dollar they won’t get it now. And most of those who did get the shots are wondering, “What the devil have I done to myself?” Except the aging, who are here today and gone tomorrow anyway.

So if the Elitists’ intention was to thin the herd, they may have achieved it with the 70% who took a shot, killing thousands right away and perhaps millions or billions in the long run. But those who refused the shots are generally the ones the tyrannical class wished most fervently to eliminate. The Refusists, we’ll call them. The compliant ones will be wiped out from myocarditis, infertility, and so on, but the Refusists will live on happily, subject only to the usual plagues of life.

And then Earth will be a world inhabited by a few Drug Pushers and a plethora of Refusists. The Refusists won’t buy the Pushers’ fake pandemics. The Refusists won’t buy their false gods, their fake science, and their rigged elections. The Refusists won’t buy their overblown “isms” and fear mongering and phobias like exaggerated racism, homophobia, global warming, gender confusion and such. And the Refusists, no longer diluted by and compromised by the compliant, will unite, push back, and root out those who have pushed this agenda. The Pushers are all likely to be hanged from nooses like the Mussolinis they are.

Figuratively speaking. Or literally. It doesn’t matter. Because at that point, the meek truly shall have inherited the earth.

For a two-page PDF statement of where Way Out Charlotte Pike is coming from, please CLICK HERE.

You might not have the brain of a sapsucker left IF…

A sapsucker is a type of woodpecker. For you city slickers, a woodpecker is a bird, not a sex toy. Given their tiny brains, sapsuckers are not very smart, but they do know how to do one thing very well: they live off the sap they find in tree trunks by pecking little holes through the bark. It is Willie Stark who compared the ignorant, malleable electorate to sapsuckers.

Willie Stark was born in Nashville over a century ago. He got into politics in Louisiana during the Great Depression and made a reputation for representing the little guy whose ambitions were constantly at risk of being crushed by big government and big business. In return the people loved him. In other words, he was a populist. His success came from the people up, not from the top down.

Willie first won a small office by exposing a corrupt bidding process that gave a school building contract to a favorite of the entrenched establishment. The school building collapsed, killing several children. The people remembered and supported him with their votes. The dominant political machine noted that Willie had a knack for speaking to the majority of the voters in Louisiana of that day, the poor whites and blacks who worked as tenant farmers and laborers, giving them hope in exchange for votes.

Hungry to do more that the help of money and sympathetic newspapers could make happen, Willie was flattered to be asked to run for a bigger office. But along the way he discovered that he had been suckered into running not because the big guys wanted him to win, but to split the vote of the opposition. Willie toed their line and gave standard, boring stump speeches up to that point. But when he realized he’d been had, he changed his tune. He made the people face the hard, unvarnished facts of life.

“Listen to me, you hicks,” he would say. “Listen here and lift up your eyes and look on the God’s blessed and unflyblown truth. If you’ve got the brain of a sapsucker left and can recognize the truth when you see it. This is the truth: you are a hick and nobody ever helped the hick but the hick himself. Up there in town they won’t help you. It is up to you and God, and God helps those who help themselves!”

Willie Stark lost that race, but his new message touched a nerve. With overwhelming support by the electorate, he won the governorship of Louisiana and set about reforming the corruption endemic to the big institutions of that state.

Then, Willie Stark was assassinated. End of story.


Not really.

Robert Penn Warren

In fact, the whole story is a fiction. It is true, in a way, that Willie Stark was born in Nashville, not as a real person but as a character in a novel written by a Vanderbilt1 alumnus and faculty member, Robert Penn Warren. His book All the King’s Men won the Pulitzer Prize in 1947. Willie Stark was modeled on the real-life populist governor of Louisiana in the early 1930s, Huey Long. Warren followed Long’s history closely while on faculty at L.S.U., plus he had a fellowship in Italy in the 1930s, while Benito Mussolini was rising to power. So Warren had plenty to draw on in creating Willie Stark. Huey Long was assassinated in 1935 and Mussolini was hanged by a mob in 1945.

Long, Mussolini, and the fictional Willie Stark all rose to power by tapping into the “sapsucker” vote – the hicks, the rednecks, the poor and struggling classes in general – to oppose entrenched elites. Problem was, to hold on to power as populists, they each had to double-deal, resorting to tactics as ruthless and immoral as the elites, working with them and against them at the same time. The resulting tension led them inevitably to their deaths.

Yet we sapsuckers always live on. Whether we live in a welfare entitlement state or a dog-eat-dog libertarian paradise, our freedom and our opportunity to pursue happiness depend on the people who pull the levers of government. And these days you don’t have to be a hick to be a sapsucker. Don’t think you aren’t a sapsucker because you have a college degree. The art of fooling the masses has been honed to fine edge by Big Tech working through your smart phone. All you have to be is a little bit suggestible, like the 75% of the population susceptible to hypnotism.

But there are a lot more of us than there are of them. So even if we’ve been suckered in, one way or another, they have to feed us sapsuckers whether to gain our votes in a free democratic society, or to maintain power as an installed kleptocracy. If you don’t believe the latter, just look at the mob that ousted Sri Lanka’s government in July.

As a sapsucker, the most difficult task is figuring out who are the liars vs. who can be counted on to operate the government for the greatest good for all. It is not always so simple as lying vs. truthfulness. Indeed, Warren’s telling of the Willie Stark story is not so much about the rise and fall of a populist as it is about the search for truth, or more accurately, about finding the truth that works, because there can be as many and conflicting truths as there can be many and conflicting lies. It is Warren’s genius2 in All the King’s Men that he lays out the byzantine and confusing search through this miasma that we all must undertake in order to get through life successfully.


In real life, however, we sapsuckers have to do all the aforementioned truth-seeking on the fly. We are not putting it on paper with the benefit of hindsight as we write the great American novel. So, let’s pause a moment and hop down a rabbit trail to play an instructive game that might help our tiny little sapsucker brain discern some useful truth. The game is, Who Said This?

  1. In an interview with Stephen Colbert in 2020 prior to the election: “You know what, if I could make an arrangement where I had a stand-in, a front man or a front woman and they had an earpiece in and I was just in my basement with my sweats looking through the stuff, and I could sort of deliver the lines, but somebody else was doing all the talking and ceremony, I would be fine with that.”
  2. On July 2nd, 2008, in a speech delivered in Colorado Springs: “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we have set. We have to have a civilian national security force that is just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded.”
  3. On October 31st, 2008, in a speech at the University of Missouri: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

Congratulations! That is, if you have correctly divined that all three of these statements were made by Barack Obama. If you didn’t get the right answer, you better work on that little sapsucker brain of yours. Because like a whirling Dervish warrior, he did give us fair warning.

Take quotation #1. If you do have the brain of a sapsucker left, you can see that Joe Biden does not have the brain of a sapsucker left. Someone is speaking into that earpiece and making Biden’s lips move. Given what Obama has openly said, it takes no great leap of the imagination to figure out that it is he – and his co-conspirators like Susan Rice – who are the ones pulling the strings of the Biden Junta (for short, let’s call it, fittingly, the B.J.).

And consider quotation #2. How about making a private army of 87,000 new IRS agents, many of whom will be armed and have no flipping idea about the tax code? Not to mention the private armies and arsenals being assembled by other branches of the federal government. An accountant-friend – you better have one, too – confirms that there are not anywhere near 87,000 people currently in the entire U.S. inside or outside of the I.R.S. who understand the tax code. It doesn’t matter – the very thought of an audit makes the hair stand on end of any hardworking American, just as the thought of a visit from the Gestapo did any German, law-abiding or not, in the 1930s.

Finally, think of quotation #3 when you are scratching your head about the hostility to churches and prayer and faith-based morality, about the “gender” confusion and the corruption of children with pornography and biological violence, about the sacrifice of the Bill of Rights to contact tracing, shutdowns, and forced “vaccinations,” about the “woke” policies undermining the American military, and if you’ve got the brain of a sapsucker left, you can see that in these and other ways America is being stood on its head by government fiat and media collusion.

Mission accomplished, Herr Obama. Though far from finished.


Now, keep that rabbit trail in mind while we get back for a few moments to Professor Warren’s story of Willie Stark. In fact, the major character is not Willie Stark but the narrator, a newspaper reporter named Jack Burden. He’s a spectator. He comes from the higher classes but he is alienated and despite his higher education he doggedly works as a gumshoe reporter. Jack Burden gets to know Willie Stark when assigned to cover his first campaign and later he works for Willie Stark in some vague capacity a la Tom Hagen in The Godfather.

When Willie Stark can’t get an influential doctor on board with his social justice program to build the biggest, finest free hospital in the United States for Louisiana’s citizens, he assigns Jack Burden to find some “dirt” on the doctor. “Man is conceived in sin and born in corruption,” Willie Stark tells him, “and passes from the stink of the didie to the stench of the shroud. There is always something.”

Willie Stark is a man of action. Jack Burden is a slug. Spurned by the woman he loves, when life’s complications get too intense for him he goes into what he calls the Big Sleep. Where Willie Stark takes adversity head on, Jack Burden runs from it, hides, and sleeps. In a way, Jack Burden represents the Sapsucker Nation, the vast majority of citizens who seem to resist engagement, who sleep through life, who like water, follow the path of least resistance until it comes to a crisis when they absolutely have to act or perish.

No spoiler alert is necessary. Robert Penn Warren weaves a gripping story . It’s not Willie Stark’s assassination that is the main thing, but how it comes to that. In the process, through Warren’s mastery of the art, we feel the heat of the Louisiana summers, we ache with Jack Burden’s ennui, we urge the characters to persevere, to back off, to move on, to find happiness or at least, to find their way. At the intersection of Willie Stark’s drive and his own torpor, Jack Burden does find secrets perhaps better left unrevealed. That becomes the crux of tragedy. If you have not read All the King’s Men, you owe it to yourself to read it if for no other reason than for inspiration to break the bonds of sapsuckerdom.


Now, back to real life today. It is no epiphany that disinformation rules the day. You’ve got to find your way through the miasma. Do you have the brain of a sapsucker left? You should test and retest every single assumption you make about life and politics on an ongoing basis to ensure you are not falling for a semi-Populist trap.

For example, you might NOT have the brain of a sapsucker left IF YOU BELIEVE…

…that the war in Ukraine is a fight for freedom.

Picking a side in the war between Ukraine and Russia is like trying to decide who’s better, Pablo Escobar or Manuel Noriega? Saddam Hussein or Ruholla Khomeini? Adolf Hitler or Josef Stalin? It is a struggle between two thoroughly corrupt and sociopathic regimes. No matter who prevails, the people lose. Ukraine has been used by the Biden Junta and others for years as a place to launder money and operate lawlessly. It’s no wonder the B.J. is throwing billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars at the fight. It’s a paradise for kickbacks.

… that climate change is man-made.

Al Gore kicked off the Manbearpig hysteria over global warming years ago. Bedwetters around the world have kept it alive despite all evidence to the contrary and exposure of the data manipulation distorting their dire warnings by supposed climate scientists. And Gore, the original Tennessee Sapsucker-in-(Vice)-Chief, and others of like stripe have made billions off the carbon credit scam his B.S. has inspired, blackmailing businesses which can in any conceivable way be accused of damaging the environment. And forget your electric car. If you want to damage the environment, there’s hardly a better way than building electric cars, fueling them, and then dealing with the dead batteries.

…that the 2020 election was not rigged.

Anyone with a sapsucker’s-allotment of brain remaining knew something was up with the 2020 election as soon as they heard every single media outlet claim there was NO EVIDENCE for allegations to the contrary. Opposition to voter I.D. requirements, mail-in ballots, ballot drop boxes, vote totals changing in tidal magnitude in the middle of the night, huge crowds showing up for Trump and crickets for Biden – all of it belies the media and left-wing pundit chorus that Trump was telling the Big Lie. Obama & Co. wanted somebody in the top office- and as Vice President, for that matter – who was as brain dead as Joe Biden and that’s exactly what they installed.

The B.J. is just a smoke screen. It doesn’t matter what Joe Biden says or does. He’s old Uncle Joe you have to invite to Thanksgiving dinner and he has lost his filter and any kind of cockamamie is liable to come out of his mouth. At night Barack and Michelle sit by the fire in their BLUE class Martha’s Vineyard home sipping brandy and having a good laugh about each new suicidal absurdity Uncle Joe perpetrates on America.

…that the riot at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 was an insurrection.

If it was, it was an insurrection with erectile dysfunction. If MAGA actually staged an insurrection, the Capitol would have fallen in minutes and most of the D.N.C. would be serving prison sentences now. Related lies are that cops were killed that day – they weren’t – and that the rioters were armed. They were not. Only Ashley Babbitt was killed that day, an Air Force veteran guilty of overzealous demonstration who was shot in cold blood at point blank range by a cop who has gotten off scot-free for the crime. And yet the rogue Justice Department has hundreds still sitting in jail or under prosecution for what is essentially trespassing and disorderly conduct, as if they were terrorists. What is criminal, besides the B.J.’s handling of the whole situation, is the corporate media’s silence in the face of the human rights violations.

…that face masks do one damn bit of good in preventing the spread of disease.

Please, people: Those of you who still wear face diapers, those of you who still run to get a test every time you get the sniffles, those of you who are clamoring for booster after booster – and especially, those of you who insist on imposing such hysteria on the rest of us – BACK OFF, SOBER UP, OR STAY HOME! You are crazy! You are dangerous! And you are leading the greatest civilization ever created by humanity – the Free World led by a free America – right into the darkness of despotism.

… that abortion is a woman’s right.

This is only true as a moot point, i.e. in the absence of a fetus. Because there is nothing non-human about a fetus. It is the very essence of the human being. So if you buy the concept “your rights end where mine begin,” and you don’t believe that murder is ever okay, then please cut out this nonsense that abortion is simply health care. On the scale that abortion has come to be practiced since Roe v. Wade, it is indeed genocide. It is barbaric. And every mentally, morally healthy person should turn their heads in disgust at the horrid psychotics demonstrating in favor of abortion as if it’s a thing to celebrate.3


As stated before, there can be many conflicting truths and here is a truth, too: You don’t have to be a sapsucker. Although we all live off the Tree of Life, we can rise above the level of sapsucker by being truly progressive in our politics. It starts with understanding that every day of life is a gift from God that we are to make the best of. That’s where true progress happens.

The genius of the Founding Fathers, for all their flaws and yes, they were flawed because they too were human beings with feet of clay, is that they gave civilization a system of government where every individual has the opportunity to make their own life exceptional through individual liberty and the personal pursuit of happiness. The Huey Longs and Benito Mussolinis of this world may have tapped into the sapsucker side of human nature, but their ultimate mistake was believing that they themselves had all the answers, rather than the inherent genius of a free people making their own decisions. Because of that, they had to use force to hold power. The B.J. is gearing up to do exactly the same thing. Hopefully, they will be rooted out like all other despots before them, and quickly before they do more damage.

Free people each making unforced decisions about their own lives collectively – that is what vaulted the United States to apex of civilization, and if we give that up, humanity’s best days are behind us. It’s time for all us sapsuckers to come out of the Big Sleep, stop the B.S. from the B.J. about private armies and semi-fascism and threats to democracy and the rest of their rot, and set the country back as the beacon of the Free World.

For a two-page PDF statement of where Way Out Charlotte Pike is coming from, please CLICK HERE.

1 It is a shame that Vanderbilt University, the once-great Nashville institution populated in the past by the likes of Robert Penn Warren, Chancellor Alexander Heard, and groundbreaking medical researchers, is more recently known for grossly overpaid administrators, vaccine mandates, and pushing sex change ideology on kids. Its record is at best spotty lately. An example on the positive side is its LifeFlight program. But mainly it has become a bloated, aloof, and grant-sucking behemoth with huge endowments and outrageous tuition like so many major American universities these days.

2 All the King’s Men was far and away the greatest novel Robert Penn Warren produced, but not the only one. Two others are worth noting. His first, Night Rider, was a fictional treatment of the very real Tobacco Wars which took place in northern middle Tennessee and southern Kentucky in the early 1900s when farmers fought back against collusion by big tobacco companies intent on depressing crop prices. His writing style in this novel was a warm-up to the magnificent literary art of All the King’s Men. The later novel A Place to Come To is especially interesting for native Nashvillians as it details the soap opera-like academic life at Vanderbilt and the elitist life at Belle Meade Country Club, fictionalized of course. Warren was also a respected poet and was a champion of the civil rights movement in the 1950s and 60s. Search a bit and you can find fascinating audio of Warren interviewing Martin Luther King, Jr.

3 Janie B. Cheaney, one of the most thoughtful and eloquent of a stable full of great writers at World News Group, expressed the pro-life philosophy this year in the July 30 issue of WORLD magazine most beautifully: “Every intimate encounter between a man and a woman presents the possibility of a future life to take hold and flourish. Before you are even aware of it, tiny fingers could be forming, which might soon mutely grasp your own finger. Before long, small hands could be reaching out for a hug, helping you roll cookie dough or hang ornaments on a Christmas tree, gripping a steering wheel for the first time, firmly shaking the hands of well-wishers at college graduation. Someday, a strong hand could be holding your frail one as your eyes close on this life.”

Rebels, Not Traitors

John Brown, John Wilkes Boothe, and the so-called January 6th Committee have a lot in common. Boothe, who assassinated Abraham Lincoln at the end of the Civil War, was as wild-eyed and monomaniacal in spirit as was John Brown seven years before when Brown’s failed incitement of a slave uprising set off the chain of events that led to the Confederates’ firing on Fort Sumter two years later, initiating the actual war.

Brown and Boothe were both extremists. They felt their causes so righteous that they need not let the rule of law work America’s issues out legislatively. In both cases, the outcome was tragic. But by the time Boothe shot Lincoln, Americans had overwhelmingly purged the demons of extremism from their body politic. They’d had enough of violence and killing. Even Boothe’s murder of Lincoln could not touch off another powder keg. America had fought its internecine war, the question of slavery was settled, and it was time to move on.

Just before he fled the theater after shooting Lincoln, Boothe yelled, “Sic semper tyrannis!” But Abraham Lincoln was no tyrant. True, he instituted martial law early on in the war in order to win it, but he did not see the South as committing treason. “They’re rebels, not traitors” was his attitude. He put down the rebellion for one reason, and one alone: not to end slavery, but to save the Union. And Lincoln’s vision for healing the wounds of the war was charity, not vengeance. Even after his assassination, Confederate leaders and generals went back to their lives as Americans essentially unpunished. Within a decade, America was united again legally and in spirit.

What a contrast Lincoln’s love of his fellow Americans was to the bitter, vituperative, bloodthirsty machinations of the January 6th Committee. The picture the committee paints is that the people who blundered into the Capitol building were waging an insurrection. Only they forgot to bring guns. Or organize. Or generally do anything more harmful than wander around like drunks taking selfies.

The Left keeps saying that six people died as a result of this “insurrection.” It’s a completely false allegation. There were in excess of 100,000 people at the Mall that day and there were some deaths during and around that time, but only one of them was a result of the incursion at the Capitol. It was an Air Force veteran named Ashley Babbitt who was shot in cold blood, without warning, at point blank range by a Capitol Police officer. No charges have been filed against the officer.

The further this January 6th Committee pushes this false narrative of the protesters as insurrectionists, the more they have to lie about it. Thus the committee is not bipartisan, there is no cross examination of their witnesses, no witnesses are called in support of the protesters, and  many of the protesters still sit in jail without due process a year and a half after the melee.

The overwhelming majority of Americans yet today relate to one another in the spirit of loving acceptance that Abraham Lincoln bequeathed to us all whether we consider ourselves Democrats or Republicans, progressives or conservatives, pro-choice or anti-abortion, of-color or pasty-white like Elizabeth Warren. Americans grumble and protest, mock those who disagree with their opinions and have disdain for their politicians, but we are willing to work within the system to keep America great.

The January 6th Committee spits on all that. The January 6th Committee wants to pit one American against another, just as the race baiters continually work to foster animosity among blacks, whites, and any other subgroup they can stir up. They want a Civil War. They relish Ashley Babbitt’s assassination in the same way Boothe thought killing Lincoln or Brown thought inciting ignorant slaves to that day’s version of “suicide by cop” would solve anything. Thus, in effect, they want to take America down. Donald Trump, to them, with his vision of American greatness and his actual track record of success, is their biggest threat, and they see this fantasy insurrection as the vehicle for finally removing him as an obstacle to the realization of their sick vision of the world.

It’s an open question how far this will go. The Biden administration is running the country so incompetently that it seems by design. As to who is behind it all, at least as the silent point man, the smart money is on Barack Obama, the twisted soul  who wanted to “fundamentally change America” and whose first act in office was to remove Winston Churchill’s bust. By using the feckless Joe Biden as their front man and scapegoat, Obama and his junta – the Susan Rice types – can finish the job they got started before Trump, the job of taking down America and having one flat world of little people run by one tight and very, very wealthy clique of elites.

These characters in charge now – corrupt and doddering Joe Biden, the dingbat Kamala Harris, the utterly incompetent Pete Buttigieg, the caricature of a solder Mark Milley, et al – are so badly serving the country that it seems they are certain that they will never be punished for their perfidy. Why do they think this? Because they believe they will never be out of power again. They will hold on to the levers of power no matter how much lying and election fraud and pandemic fear mongering it takes.

What is it they know that we don’t know? Well, for one thing, they know that we are already in a second Civil War. They know it because they are waging it. We faithful Americans just haven’t generally recognized it as such yet because it’s not a shooting war. It’s not a killing war.

Except for Ashley Babbitt. And the John Browns and John Wilkes Boothes of the Left are doing their best to obscure that point as they continue the January 6th Committee hearings like a 21st century reign of terror. Sic semper tyrannis.

For a two-page PDF statement of where Way Out Charlotte Pike is coming from, please CLICK HERE.

The meteor that nearly hit Nashville

See this rock? It was buried like this in the back yard high on the hill at my Erin-Tops Resort Home, vertical just as you see it, with just the tip of the head sticking above ground. I might never have noticed it but my mower blade kept grazing it. The sparks were impressive but I knew I had to do something about it.

One day I finally resolved to dig the damn thing up. I got a shovel, but the rock-hard clay in my yard resisted all efforts and I had to get the pickaxe. It’s a Razorback wood-handled model with a big heavy tempered steel head. I started removing dirt around the rock. Started, but never finished. It just kept going down. So I decided I would break off the top of the rock and be done with it. I rared back with that pickaxe and took a whack at it. Picture the Coyote when one of his assaults on the Roadrunner backfires and a one-ton anvil iron lands on his head. My whole body vibrated and not a fleck of rock came off. I didn’t even make a dent.

John Arra’s Erin-Tops Resort Home is not the place for practical work. Other hare-brained projects have included a pond, the dam of which has washed out several times. A friend suggested he wanted the pond stocked with stupid fish he could catch, thus the name Dumb Bass Pond. Futility is an unknown concept at the Resort Home.

So digging up a big rock just to find the bottom is not out of the ordinary. I am quite aware I could just have built up some dirt on top of it to spare my mower blade. Instead, I decided to keep digging. Eventually I realized I had the makings of a nice little entertainment venue with this remarkable stone as the centerpiece. It kind of reminds me of one of those Easter Island monoliths. See the chin? See the nose? See the long forehead? And the heavy clay I extracted was handy for preventing leaks in the dam. So now we have Standing Stone Ampitheater in addition to Dumb Bass Pond.

Standing Stone Ampitheater tends to fill with water in heavy rains. I should have just made it Dumb Bass Pond and been done with it. But you know, being done with anything is not what work out here at John Arra’s Erin-Tops Resort Home is really all about. And it’s not what this article is about, either. It’s about discovering a meteor.

Now, when your recreation time is composed primarily of the hard manual labor of digging holes and erecting dams, you’ve got a lot of time to think. Reliving the past, imagining the future, contemplating why this yahoo does one thing and that palooka does another. And as more and more of the rock was revealed, I got to wondering how the heck it got there. First of all, why wasn’t it lying down horizontal like most rocks? How in the world did it come to land in my field of clay? And what’s it made of? There’s a lot of iron ore on the property, but this rock doesn’t betray a bit of rust. You can’t tell from the picture, but it has a dark gray color when it’s been nicely washed by rain. Maybe I have the world’s largest chunk of palladium or something! Nah. About as likely as winning the Tennessee Lottery, which I refuse to waste money on and think ought to be outlawed.

Turns out, I am not the only one who’s wondered about rocks like this. Back around the time of the Civil War, civil engineers were working on a railroad through these parts and they noticed a lot of such rocks that were standing vertically in the ground as if they had been thrust there, and the types of rock found were at higher elevations than would naturally occur. They reported these anomalies to geologists. Eventually the geologists figured out that only an explosion could create disruption and debris like the evidence being unearthed. Further exploration revealed that there was a huge crater in middle Tenneessee’s landscape that is bounded roughly by Clarksville, Dover, and Erin and is centered right around Cumberland City, ironically where the gigantic “fossil fuels” energy plant sits now that powers Nashville. Wells Creek runs through this area, thus they named it the Wells Creek Basin.

What caused the Wells Creek Basin? A meteor, of course! I won’t bother with the details here – you can look it up on your dang smart phone instead of watching endless Tik Tok videos and placing Dumb Bass sports bets – but scientists agree, a meteor hit this area somewhere between 90 million and 300 million years ago. John Arra’s Erin-Tops Resort Home sits right on the edge of the crater. Imagine that.

Thus I tell you, be prepared for anything. And if it’s not a meteor, it could be an earthquake. It was just a couple of hundred years ago that an earthquake so violent hit upper west Tennessee that it created Reelfoot Lake. Hey, I wonder if that meteor weakened the earth’s crust here and caused the New Madrid Fault??? When you read the descriptions of how far it penetrated and the massive explosion it caused, you’ll think it could be possible.

So that’s the meteor that nearly hit Nashville. Missed it by just sixty miles and a hundred million years. As they would say out here where the accent still runs deep, that ain’t nuthin’ in meteor math.

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Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, Ayn Rand… and Dean Koontz?

Why wait until 2022 to review a book published in 1994? For the same reasons one might review 1984 this year though it was published in 1949. Because both books are prescient and cautionary tales for our time like Brave New World and Atlas Shrugged. Because thanks to evidence unfolding around us, they speak to us more urgently today than when they were written. And because, thanks to a chance purchase by Mrs. John Arra at a yard sale this year, Koontz’s Dark Rivers of the Heart from 1994 finally got on John Arra’s radar.

In a way, Koontz displays greater foresight even than Orwell and the others. They had the gross tyrannical excesses of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union as models. But with scant evidence from earlier technology, Koontz recognized very early on the potential for abuse of the internet. Most of us were still just signing up with CompuServe, Prodigy, or AOL and maybe getting our first flip phone in 1994. It would be nearly a decade before “24” came along and made us aware of geotracking and satellite surveillance and hacking into civilian systems for terroristic purposes – or law enforcement.

And it is in law enforcement that Koontz recognizes the second forming threat which, coupled with technology, is a poison pill for the Constitution: civil asset forfeiture. This is the process by which law enforcement can seize all your stuff without even a warrant, just under the suspicion that you have committed a crime. So, for example, don’t carry around wads of cash. If you get stopped for a headlight out and the cop sees the cash on your floorboard, that’s probable cause. You are automatically presumed to be a drug dealer. The cop will call for backup. They will take all the cash. And they may take your car as well, assuming its good cop car material.

According to the Institute for Justice, some $68.8 BILLION has been seized from private citizens in this manner over the past twenty years and used to fund local police departments and God knows what else. It doesn’t take much research to find story after story of citizens who have been rendered penniless and impotent by tyrannical use of civil asset forfeiture laws. It is bad law, un-American law. And it has corrupted some local police departments as much as federal agencies because of the incentive to seize property and use it for their own purposes in underfunded jurisdictions. Coupled with the overwhelming force of SWAT teams (also newish in 1994 and prominently featured in Koontz’s novel), the private citizen who’s been targeted does not stand a chance.

It doesn’t have to come from a traffic stop. It can come from something in your “cloud” – a sarcastic or poorly conceived social media post, for example, that can be taken as a veiled threat. Or it can even be something you didn’t do at all: you say you have nothing to hide, so why care? Here’s why: An antagonistic hacker can insert damaging evidence in your cloud, then good luck disproving it belongs to you, like all these enemies of the state who somehow end up with child porn on their computers. Or on a smart phone, the 21st century Ouija board, the portal to every evil in Pandora’s box. This is today’s version of having drugs mysteriously appear in your car when you stupidly consent to allowing a search – because you have “nothing to hide.” It’s best to remember when it comes to search and seizure, even Barney Fife is not your friend. Insist on a warrant before allowing access. Insist on a subpoena before answering questions. IF you are even given the option.

It’s not possible without being a spoiler to detail Koontz’s brilliant portrayal of good vs. evil, citizen vs. state, right vs. wrong in this novel. To reveal anything about the plot is to start unraveling the whole ball of yarn. But suffice it to say, as is apparently characteristic of Koontz’s work, that it has action, suspense, romance, intrigue, and in this case, not one but TWO serial killers! Don’t plan for lights out on time at night. You’ll always want to turn to the next chapter to see what happens.

Despite its clumsy title, for the average reader in 1994 Dark Rivers of the Heart was a cutting edge, fascinating read – and it still holds up. We as Americans had no idea how good we had it then, even with Bubba Clinton in office. The Patriot Act was yet to come. Technology had not compromised every private iota of our lives. But today we see the shameless, absurd way that federal law enforcement uses surveillance powers and entrapment and SWAT teams in abuses like the pre-dawn raid on Roger Stone’s house or the more recent example of James O’Keefe. Like the Russian collusion hoax. Like Ashley Babbit’s assassination by federal police with absolutely no after-action justice for her. Like the many defendants STILL being held without due process from that day.

Of course, the technology in Koontz’s novel like geotracking can be turned on the tyrants as well – Dinesh D’Souza’s new film “2,000 Mules,” which details via geotracking the use of runners to drop fake ballots into dropboxes during the 2020 election, is a perfect example of the blade cutting both ways. But the Biden administration has shown repeatedly it does not care what the law is, nor what court decisions dictate that go against its aims. Even just last week the Justice Department was caught lying about targeting parents protesting overzealous school boards as terrorists.

Today’s reader will more readily recognize that Koontz saw a nascent evil lurking within the American social fabric and metastasizing fast. His novel is full of symbolism of the struggle with amoral forces that the typical American citizen of 1994 barely knew he was stumbling into as he enthused over the internet and everything that came with it.

Perhaps the budding resistance movement Koontz only touches on in the novel is the most tantalizing idea he introduces in the story. How do they organize without being detected in this age of constant surveillance? If you believe that Ashley Babbitt’s murder was the first shot in the new American Civil War, then this novel could be its Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

Here at Way Out Charlotte Pike, cell phone signals just barely, and randomly, reach the John Arra resort home. With tyranny’s compulsion for total domination, it’s no wonder there’s a push for rural broadband, about the least needed government program imaginable. Cows don’t need high speed internet. That’s still a stretch, but if you are living in Gotham, it’s best to get prepared. Start by turning off that tracking and eavesdropping device you’re carrying around in your pocket or purse. At least, try leaving it off more often than on.

The question is, with vaccine passports looming, censorship rising, and blunt force use of enforcement agencies to intimidate political opposition, how many of us in 2022 have yet figured it out? All the more reason to read 1984, and Koontz’s novel from 1994, today.

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Support your local Barney Fife.

The rapidly deteriorating state of America, and indeed civilization, makes an old man wish more than ever to be a younger man. A much younger man. Because the fight for individual freedoms is taking shape. We have fallen so far and the enemies of freedom are so entrenched that it is certain not just to be a long political struggle, but a physical struggle as well. To heal the body politic, therapeutics are proving inadequate. Surgery may be the only option for defeating the cancer.

Will there be another American Civil War? It has already come to blows. The struggle started down that path with the coldcock shooting of Ashley Babbitt. It was America’s Tiananmen Square moment except no one was there to put the brakes on the tank, and no justice has been served against her killer because he was acting in the service of the police state. The physical war against individual rights has spread to Canada with the ruthless smashing of the trucker protest by Trudeau’s stormtroopers, an action reportedly and no doubt actively encouraged by the Biden Junta. Who needs Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping when the supposed steward of your democratic republic is a doddering old fool like Joe Biden or shape-shifting sophist like Justin Trudeau?

Vladimir Putin understands one thing: He has watched the new order of the world taking shape and Russia is the odd man out. Although, Russia could have been America’s greatest ally. Perhaps if the West had focused more on supporting Russia’s transition to democracy instead of China’s bastardization of capitalism, Russia would be serving today as both buffer and counterbalance to China’s rising power over the third world. But with China about to take Taiwan and America self-destructing, Putin sees no choice but to empower Russia by going for Europe’s jugular.

The Biden Junta is compromised by corruption and dominated by misanthropes who embrace the new world of technocratic tyranny. Their useful idiots are those who buy into the Green New Deal, or have been scared witless by a faked-up virus damnpanic, or fall into the victimization-mindset of racial politics. The administration is populated by lightweights and airheads, the kind of stiff-necks who Moses found worshipping the golden calf when he came down from the mountain.

The heroic people of Ukraine are these usurpers’ sacrificial lamb. God bless Zelensky and his nation. Requiescat in pace. Except it won’t be peaceful at all. It is now a powder keg, set to blow the European Pax Americana sky high even if somehow the Ukrainians prevail on the ground. Zelensky is a courageous patriot but he miscalculated. He placed his faith in western allies who were no friends at all. He gave Putin all the excuse he needed to mow down civilians by passing out military weapons to ununiformed citizens. A strategic retreat would have been more effective, governing from exile, waiting for the too-little too-late sanctions to have their effect, and averting the humanitarian crisis that is unfolding.

Meanwhile the pundits and politicians of the American right are delusional. Despite all the unexamined evidence of election fraud in 2020, for the most part they continue to pontificate as if the system hasn’t been broken by fraud. As if the Congressional elections will be legitimate. As if the 2024 presidential election will be as well. Indeed, as if there is still a democratic system in place at all. The fact is, if only you have eyes to see, democracy is out the window in America, at least on the federal level. The Nurse Ratcheds of the world have taken control. If they are not exorcised, the Constitution is a meaningless piece of paper.

If you are a fighter, if you are a patriot because you believe in liberty, it is good to be in your physical and mental prime. Stay fit. The fight for independence, whether personal or national, is a good fight to join. Because the bastards behind all this have to be dealt with not just in defense of the Constitution and God’s liberties it guarantees us as individuals, not just for the sake of the human race, but for the survival of your Self and your family.

If you don’t see this already, there is no hope of convincing you here. It will dope-slap you soon enough. The day will come when you realize you’re penned in, hog-tied, confined to a virtual straightjacket by social credit scoring, political correctness, spoon-fed (smart phone) groupthink, and ultimately, a sort of one-world government of technocrats where you’re either in the party a la the CCP, or just part of the static, faceless mob of the proletariat. Your children, too. And their children. They will all be children of the State, not of their own conscience or in short, of God. Forget social mobility. Under the new system, it will be but a pipe dream like the Bill of Rights.

Whether or not you believe the prognosis for this patient is so dire, be like the wise foxhole atheist: pray, just in case. And know that prayer is not just thoughts and words, it is physical a la Pope John Paul II. So you must be fit. And fitness is not just physical fitness, but readiness. As the great James Brown said, “If you stay ready, you ain’t got to get ready.”

So for those who believe what’s coming is the ultimate challenge to the sovereignty of man and even those who don’t but just in case, here are some guidelines for getting ready for the unfolding Anschluss:

Buy, don’t rent. If you can scrape up even a couple thousand dollars, use it to buy an acre of land out somewhere away from the city. Don’t go into debt for it. Make sure you have clear title. Preferably with access to water and off the main roads. The time may well come when buying property is all but impossible and living in the city is a living hell. Those who can live out in the country will be the least and last affected if things come to that.

Bank as little as possible. Live frugally and save as much money as you possibly can. But don’t keep it in the bank. It has already been shown by Canada that financial attacks are the frontline tools of tyranny. Just keep enough money in the bank to pay your bills conveniently. Stash all extra money where it is not easy to steal and convert as much of it as possible to precious metals. Include in your stash the new goldback currency and silver coins for small transactions. Forget crypto currency. If there is a cyber meltdown, crypto will be worthless.

Grow and store food. Considering the supply chain issues alone, it makes good sense to store at least three months of food and other essentials per person in your household; better, six months. Then start growing food. Learn how to store it. If you become dependent for food on those who want to control you, you are done for.

Buy local. Get away from Costco, Kroger, Lowes, and all chains. You will pay more for sourcing your food, furniture, clothing, and household goods from smaller stores but you will be supporting independent business owners and making friends who will be there for you when the big stores seize up, ration, discriminate (i.e. based on “vaccine” status or other P.C. bigotry), or close down altogether.

Shun tech convenience. Your smart phone is a trap. What you say and do on it can and will be used against you if somehow you get crosswise with the authorities. In fact, if things really go south for you, expect incriminating evidence to be planted on your device. So don’t make a habit of sharing files, texting, downloading apps, etc. Do not use the cloud. If you must gamble, do it the right way: with a back-alley bookie. Do not take out subscriptions for audiobooks, movies, anything. Besides being a money-suck, subscriptions give complete access to your habits and relationships to every vendor you sign up with, and their Godfathers.

Hone a skill. Find what you’re good at and learn how to sell it. There will always be a market for ability no matter what system is foisted upon the human race. Being able to support yourself in any economy is crucial to your independence as a sovereign individual.

Join a church. If you are a true individualist, you will especially need the support of a congregation of fellow citizens to help you navigate the turbulent and shifting currents of life. Not to mention, churches provide ground-level opportunities to help other people, not just talk about it. And do not pass up the opportunity to participate in a Bible study group. The wisdom inherent in the Bible has supported mankind through the ages. You are not so special that it cannot strengthen you, too.

Live, laugh, love is a cliché that is printed ad nauseam on cups, towels, and notebooks, but it is an important reminder: God did not give us life as a punishment. Enjoy it. Make friends. Do good for other people. Enjoy nature. Love a dog. Love your family. Take the high road. And do not let the tyrranical bastards get you down. Staying positive, always putting one foot in front of the other, is the surest way to persevere. If having a happy approach to life annoys the cynical, so be it.

And support your local Barney Fife. In fact, if you are inclined to join the armed forces, don’t. Not while they are focused more on sex change and specious racial ideologies and climate change and such tripe. Instead, sign up with your local sheriff. You get to drive fast and pack heat. The thin blue line between order and chaos used to be the police department. But Police chiefs are political appointees and BLM and such have neutralized their effectiveness. These days they are more likely to prioritize mask mandates than property or bodily crime. But sheriffs are still elected by the people of each county and when push comes to shove, the sheriff is the law in his county. Sure, just as with health officials and school boards, there are some bad ones, but that’s the beauty of local elections – they’re legit. You can vote the bastards out if needed, unlike in the state and federal bureaucracies, where bad officials work like little cancer cells to kill the patient and the elections are anything but honest and transparent.

As we’ve all seen fully on display in Ukraine and we’ve already seen starting in D.C., modern life is no safer from state violence than human life ever has been. You cannot retreat into cyberspace. Make sure you and yours are fit and living in the real world so you are ready for whatever comes.

For a two-page PDF statement of where Way Out Charlotte Pike is coming from, please CLICK HERE.

Like hollering down a well

His Aunt Liza-Jane always said telling John-Robert to behave was like hollering down a well.

He was just hell on wheels. Playing with matches, jumping off the roof like Superman, starting cars when he couldn’t reach the pedals. His soft-hearted single mother couldn’t contain him. He credits military school with saving his life. He made an outstanding Marine aviator. He’s now grandfather to a half dozen or more.

If you have adult children these days, you’ve had that “hollering down a well” feeling more than once. They’re Millennials and Zoomers. You’re a Boomer. We Boomers have been a disappointing bunch ourselves. Materialistic. Self-absorbed. Faithless. Soft.

Not all of us, of course, but way too many.

But at least we still had cojones. The bunch we’ve raised is apathetic, depressed, directionless, self-loathing, frightened of their own shadows, and far too suggestible.

They desecrate their beautiful youthful bodies with tattoos, God only knows what their real hair color is, they wear too much makeup, and they’ve got fake boobs left and right. And that’s just the biological males.

They don’t want to get out of bed in the morning. They won’t move out of the basement. They can’t look you in the eye. They drag college out for years and years. They don’t start businesses, not even careers. They don’t buy cars or houses, at least not with their own money. Their noses are in their smart phones constantly.

Not all of them, of course, but way too many.

The well has been poisoned.

It is apparent that the younger generation has been nurtured with tainted water.

How else can you explain the sheep-like acquiescence to shutdowns and quarantines and vaccine and mask mandates from a virus that doesn’t even threaten anybody but the old and infirm? How else can you explain their mute acceptance of a doddering, corrupt old lecher like Joe Biden as President after a harem-scarem election by mail, taking “no evidence” on faith because that’s what Yahoo News tells them? How else can you explain their “white guilt,” antipathy to the police they are only too quick to call when there’s a problem, and their fanatical following of airheads like AOC? How else could a body possibly mix up male and female and call perversion, “civil rights?” How could any self-respecting young man or woman be so daunted by the idea of “adulting” that they seek safe space rather than jumping in with both feet, ready to take their turns at changing the world?

They have been taught by school and society and even by their parents perhaps intentionally, perhaps by omission, that everything considered good before is now bad and vice-versa.

We have reaped what we have sown. Not all of us, but way too many.

Easy Money

Where did this all start? You can consider history and point to the series of assassinations in the sixties as a turning point. Say what you will about the lustful John Kennedy, he loved his country. He risked his life fighting for it, which is far more than most of us today. Say what you want about the lustful Martin Luther King, he stood up and took the flak for speaking the unpopular truth about actual race relations, motivating his black brothers and sisters to claim their rightful pride and shaming whites into finally doing the right thing.

Kennedy’s and King’s reward for their efforts: Death at the end of a bullet. It’s no wonder that we Boomers were more than a little cynical coming out of the sixties.

But their deaths were effect, not cause. More likely the problem can be laid at the feet of the Greatest Generation. They came of age in the Great Depression of the 1930s and the genocide of World War II and then created the greatest economic and cultural juggernaut in the history of humanity in the 1950s. They were hard as steel in building their own lives but far too soft with the Boomers they spawned. They did not want their children to struggle and suffer as they had to do coming up. They took their unbelievable good fortune from investments in the 1990s and gave their Boomer kids cars and houses and country club memberships and kept their grandkids in private schools.

They were enablers. Not all of them, but way too many.

First Kill All the Smart Phones

How do we fix this? Is it fixable? Where does it lead?

In search of answers, let’s note what else has been going on as churches have failed, younger generations foundered, and the country lapsed into malaise.

Consider this. Let’s say you raise a daughter. As she blossoms into an adult brimming with youthful vigor, smart, educated in the best schools you can afford, she positively glows. You launch her into the world. But she falls behind on her car payments. She loses her job. She doesn’t call. When she rarely visits, she looks like hell and eats like she’s not had a meal in months. Most likely, if you manage to get back inside her life a bit, you’re going to find she’s hooked up with the wrong guy – a loser, a user, an abuser, whatever. Get her away from him, and you get your daughter back on the right track.

It is plain as the nose on our faces but we don’t want to admit it because we like the damn things so much: smart phones have been like that bad boyfriend to this generation. They are the Millennial Ouija board. Where they are a toy for us Boomers, they are like LIFE BLOOD to the younger generations that have grown up on them. They have no idea how manipulated and in fact coerced they are by the hypnotic power of the little screens and the syringe-like accuracy of the misinformation the smart phones feed into their veins. Inevitably the first words when one enters a house for the first time are, “What’s the Wi-Fi password?”

The future belongs to the young. They need to get their noses out of their smart phones and get busy setting society back on the right track or it will be bleak indeed.

Not for all of us, but way too many.

The Tunnel of Stupidity

Marshall McLuhan saw this coming a LONG time ago, in the sixties. His message was, “The medium is the message.” Whut? In a nutshell, and before the concept of “singularity” was anything but HAL in “2001: A Space Odyssey,” McLuhan’s insight was that devices – technology – were driving us toward a “one world” life. News was instantaneously communicated worldwide and wiping out the barriers of time and contemplation that allow for individualism. Back then it was just telegraph, then radio, then television. They were not portable. You had to seek them out. But now the media are nonstop in the form of those ubiquitous aforementioned smart phones. They are the medium now. They are the message.

The eloquent economist Thomas Sowell once opined that it takes high IQ to deny the obvious. We have collectively lived in denial for the past many years now as smart phones have taken over our lives like heroin and with equally deadly results, all the while telling ourselves that the whole phenomenon is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

And it’s not just the young people. Cynical propaganda combined with smart phones have led us older folks into the Tunnel of Stupidity as well. To understand this, do a search on Dr. Robert Malone. Find Part I of his interview with the Epoch Times regarding Mass Formation Hypnosis and Part II about vaccine safety especially as it respects children.

And Friend, do it on your PC. And use Duck Duck Go, not Google. Not your “smart” phone. It will be problematic to find the Epoch Times there. Epoch Times presents fair and balanced news but editorially it is squarely against the Chinese Communist Party. Reading it could hurt your social credit score.

Hypnosis is no joke. It is a bona fide clinical therapeutic. Known most widely for helping control addictions, it is even used in extreme cases to allow surgery on those allergic to anesthesia. If you’ve ever watched a hypnotist at work, you know what power hypnosis can have over an individual. Imagine an evil hypnotist with access to the brains of millions of people at a time.

You don’t have to imagine it. If you know what to look for, you can see it in people all around you. The ones standing on street corners with their necks bent so they can see their phone screens. They are wearing masks. There may be a wet spot on their pants.

Mass Formation Hypnosis is arguably exactly what Marshall McLuhan saw coming some fifty years ago, and it is exactly what the real-life “Singularity” is that we’re facing today. This kind of singularity is not the fusion of human and technical thinking. It is groupthink injected directly into the veins of the entire human race as they hold their smart phones. It is in fact the greatest crime against humanity in the history of crimes against humanity. Young and old, high and low, rich and poor, and otherwise sophisticated, capable people are falling victim to it all the same.

The Spectre of Internment of the Unvaccinated

It is one thing to consider mass hypnosis as an intellectual discussion, to hear about idiocracies like California from the relative sanity of a freer state like Tennessee, but it is a gobsmack to encounter it up close and personal.

Just last month, a friend of nearly forty years – let’s call him Woody – declared that he and his wife had decided they would not associate with unvaccinated people. “But, Woody, vaccines don’t stop transmission of the disease.” He did not argue this point. He only replied, “Well, we just want to be around people who are more careful.”

This bigoted remark came from the mouth of an otherwise very smart, accomplished man. And he knows that “careful” people were not the ones who would have treated him if he had ended up in the hospital before the vaccines. Many of those “uncareful” have now lost their jobs because they refuse to take the vaccine. They refuse because they know that they already have natural immunity and they have seen too many patients end up in their care because of the vaccine, not the virus.

Last week it was reported that nearly two-thirds of Democrats polled and a portion even of Republicans believe that the unvaccinated should be forced to stay home. These are the people who have been hypnotized into an attitude that just a few years ago as freedom-loving Americans they would have considered an abomination. That’s an awful lot of Woodys, millions of them, young and old, pulling for discrimination and tyranny. And rushing out to get tested every other day. And wearing masks everywhere they go. And clamoring for their boosters as soon as eligible. And wanting you and me and everyone to be just as neurotic and miserable as they are.

Not all of them, but way too many.

Live Free or Die

We all know these things:

Your smart phone tracks your location. It knows who your friends and family are and it tracks them, too. It listens to you. It pitches products to you both overtly through ads and subtly through search results. It spoon-feeds opinions to you in the same way. It tells you which way to go to get anywhere. And it has an itty bitty screen, so you really can’t see too much on it at any one time. Indeed, all the information in the world is at your fingertips, but it is presented very, very selectively on that itty bitty screen, and before you’ve seen too much, you’re distracted by something else on that screen. Porn. Betting. Tweets. Cat videos. It buffets your attention back and forth just like a swinging pocket watch on a chain.

Get a grip, man! Would you leave your front door unlocked 24/7? Would you allow a live camera in every room of your house to record your every movement and conversation with unknown people watching you? Would you allow uninvited strangers to direct your purchasing decisions, your investment decisions, your entertainment decisions, your HEALTH choices? HELL NO! So why do you let the damn phone do it?

You may say, I don’t “let” the phone do it. The phone is just a tool. Well yes, the phone is just a tool. So is a hypodermic needle. It can deliver life saving antibiotics to you when needed. But it can also deliver life consuming opioids to you when you are addicted. And Friend, you are addicted. Just take the challenge to do without that damn phone for 24 hours. Measure by measure, that phone has you enslaved in exactly the same way that fishing or betting or porn does it: intermittent reinforcement. Look it up. Preferably in a hardbound encyclopedia. Remember those?

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety,” said wise Benjamin Franklin. You might as easily substitute the word “convenience” for “safety” when talking of smart phones. But in fact if you ask any given person why it’s so important to have their phone constantly at hand, they will tell you it’s a safety issue – so they know where little Suzie is, or so their poor old half-senile momma can get hold of them, or so they can find their way around the city. Bull. We were just as safe – perhaps safer, because nefarious characters couldn’t track us, hack us, or bamboozle us so easily – before the phones came along. The real reason that phone is with you 24/7 is addiction.

There’s good reason the Chinese Communist Party by law requires every person in China to have one except hapless peasants, their permanent underclass. The smart phone is the ultimate weapon of control.

Five Lies You’ll Believe Under Hypnosis

The shots are vaccines. They are not. They do not block the transmission of disease. Why the devil won’t a reporter now ask Biden or Fauci what the justification is for vaccine mandates if the “vaccines” don’t block disease? No one is safer taking the shot except the one who takes it, who is only safer from deadly consequences, not from contracting or passing on the virus.

Masks are effective at stopping transmission of the virus. In surgery where the doctor is wearing a proper mask, yes. In the world at large, no. Mask mandates are acts of total theater. And what damage such social coercion and melodrama are doing to children is only beginning to be studied, yet already the conclusions are such that forcing children to wear masks amounts to child abuse.

Testing is essential. The virus tests are notoriously unreliable. A person can have a negative result, a positive, and another negative all in the same day. Anyway, if someone actually has the virus, by the time they know it they’ve already done all the passing on of it they’re likely to do, just as with the common cold, which is by the way also a Corona virus. Thus quarantines and contact tracing are a waste of time and resources as well.

800,000 Americans have died from the virus. Total B.S. The real number may be as low as 50,000. The CDC is even finally admitting this. Multitudes have been counted who died while testing positive for the virus, but not because of the virus. There are examples galore of deaths by traffic accident or gunshot wound which were attributed to Covid simply because the deceased had a positive test, or was suspected of being positive. There is big money for hospitals in Covid patients. We will never know until a forensic audit of the numbers is done. Don’t hold your breath.

Joe Biden is the duly elected President of the United States. You’ve got to wonder, since they’re pushing these shots even on children who have virtually no threat from the virus and on whose young bodies these untested RNA manipulations are nothing but a massive Tuskegee experiment, what the hell are the health authorities/politicians actually up to? It’s not all about public health. But it is most certainly about ginning up fear again before every election to justify mail-in ballots. Vote counts with mail-in ballots are virtually impossible to audit.

What’s at the Bottom of the Well

No one wants to admit they are slave to a pernicious vice whether alcohol, tobacco, dope, betting, porn, or their pink-encased, latest generation smart phone. But if you are honest with yourself, it’s what takes you right to the bottom of that well ol’ Aunt Liza-Jane was hollering down: the Singularity, the loss of control of your own life and the willing sacrifice of it to benefit others whether it be corporate entities, government tyrants, or HAL.

So long as you are attached to your phone as if by umbilical cord, you are wide open to getting sucked into that Tunnel of Stupidity. Start small. Put it in a drawer an hour at a time. Believe me, Brother, when you are finally free of the addiction, you will breathe better. Then you can use your smart phone, smartly. For taking and making calls when you are not otherwise busy living a real life. You don’t have to go to military school. It’s exercising self-discipline.

Only when John-Robert learned to listen did he get past his downward spiral, and only when we free ourselves from the phones will we all as a society start rising again from the bottom of the well.

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Polite, a poser, or a pain in the…

Nashvillians have a well-deserved reputation for hospitality and friendliness, but from the get-go, we’ve shown the world we can lead with our elbows, too. It goes without saying that James Robertson and the other original settlers were no wimps. It’s a wonder how they got here by foot and on flatboats, felled trees, built houses, cleared fields, planted crops, dealt with bitter cold and blistering heat, and survived constant Indian attacks fueled by America’s enemies the French and the British. They didn’t get all that done through use of please and thank you. They got it done because they were tough as hickory wood.

Hence Andrew Jackson’s nickname “Old Hickory.” He came to Tennessee shortly after it was first settled. Jackson’s hospitality at the Hermitage was famous but you did not want to cross him. He won duel after duel with those who he felt impugned his honor. Woke revisionist historians depict him as a war criminal, but you’ve got to look at him as more of an early Rudy Giuliani: Jackson came in and did the dirty work necessary to pave the way for civilization. He was a heck of a president in contentious times, the first populist to win the office, and a hero to the average citizen not just for licking the British in the Battle of New Orleans, but also for fighting the unconstitutional central bank that was set up to favor the rich at the expense of the common man.

And if Donald Trump wants to complain about the media, well buck up, Buttercup. No political figure in American history has had to fight more slander and malice from media pundits than Andrew Jackson. His opponents fastened on a dubious divorce by his beloved wife Rachel from her abusive first husband. The newspaper writers’ withering, mean-spirited, constant harassment of Rachel and Andrew over this were so extreme that it is said literally to have killed her. Jackson went to the White House a widower.

Jackson was just one of many who put Nashville on the map. Montgomery Bell is another. Today Nashvillians know the name for the state park at Dickson and for the elite boys’ school that bears his name. But he wasn’t so honored because he was mild-mannered. While Nashville was growing he was combing the wild countryside of Middle Tennessee for iron ore deposits. He built kilns and furnaces all over, becoming the pre-eminent producer of iron at the time. Visit Narrows of the Harpeth State Park to see yet today Bell’s most amazing technological achievement. There, so early as 1819 no less, with a brilliant black foreman and a cadre of slaves, Bell blasted a 290-foot tunnel through solid rock from one curve of the Harpeth River to the another to power one of his wrought iron foundries. Towns you can visit today like Cumberland Furnace and Vanleer among others are a lasting testament to his achievements.

Rich, brilliant, and a lifelong bachelor, Bell had some elbows, too. At a time when interracial relations were socially acceptable only as slave and master, Bell lived side by side with his slaves and legend has it, had a common law marriage with a slave woman that produced children, descendants of whom can still be found around Bell Town above Kingston Springs. He eventually freed his slaves and paid for those who wanted to return to Africa. Perhaps it is no random coincidence that it was in an A.M.E. church at Kingston Springs that Stokely Carmichael was elected to lead the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). And that school in Nashville? Bell intended that his funds help educate poor boys. Hah!

How about Sam Houston? Just about everyone knows that Sam Houston was president of the Republic of Texas and that the great Texas city is named for him. But did you know that before all that, Sam Houston was elected governor of Tennessee, the youngest person ever to hold that office? Did you know that before that, he was orphaned young and kicked out of the house in East Tennessee by his unsympathetic older brothers, that he was a teacher and founded a school, AND at times he lived among the Indians as an honorary chieftain in Arkansas? That he was a huge man for the time, over six feet tall, and known for walking the streets of Nashville in a magnificent, multicolored full length overcoat? Or that he fell in love with a young girl named Eliza Allen from Gallatin and won her hand in marriage by the prestige he gained as governor?

The marriage didn’t turn out too well. On their first wedded night, Eliza ran screaming from the Governor’s Mansion and refused ever to speak to him – or of him – again. No one knows exactly why. But it was a humiliation from which Houston did not recover quickly. He resigned the governorship, went back to Arkansas to live with his squaw there, and reportedly drank a lot. Who can blame him? The amazing thing is, he eventually showed up in Texas, helped win its independence and set up the Republic, and when it became a state, served as its first governor. Then when the Civil War broke out and Texas voted to join the Confederacy, he said to heck with this, I didn’t work so hard to bring Texas into the Union only to have it leave on my watch, and he resigned the governorship. So Houston is not only the only American ever to serve as governor of two states, but also to resign from both offices. Needless to say, that is a record not likely to be matched.

So no. Early Nashvillians like Jackson, Bell, and Houston were no wimps. And neither was William Walker, the Grey-Eyed Man of Destiny.

William Who?

Hardly remembered now, it can be argued that William Walker was the most accomplished Nashvillian of all time. Ever. Hands down. And the only native Nashvillian we’ve talked about so far. A child prodigy, he graduated from the University of Nashville by age 14. He then earned a medical degree at U. Penn. He studied further in Europe at Edinburgh and at the Sorbonne. Unfortunately he did not learn his trade well enough to save his beloved sickly mother back home in Nashville. Devastated by her death, he moved to New Orleans where he studied law, set out his shingle, gained notoriety as editor of one of the daily papers (a colleague of Walt Whitman), and fell in love with a deaf-mute girl named Ellen Martin. Alas, she died of yellow fever, once again devastating the young Walker. He disappeared for a year, then turned up in San Francisco, beginning a series of adventures too numerous to recount that culminated in his becoming president of Nicaragua.

Yes, president of Nicaragua. His conquest of the nation made him arguably the most famous American alive in the 1850s, regularly on the cover of the New York Times and every other paper that could get an update on him, and the honoree of parades in every major city he visited during his interregnum.

Unfortunately, his position in Nicaragua put him at odds with Cornelius Vanderbilt, who at the time wanted to build a canal across the country for the same purpose as the later Panama Canal. Yes, that Cornelius Vanderbilt, the one for whom Nashville’s largest college is named. Vanderbilt rallied the royalist opposition to Walker and ultimately had him ousted from office. Walker’s reputation ever since has been as an “imperialist,” but the fact is that he was quite popular in Nicaragua as a democracy-minded president, instituting land reform and universal suffrage and setting up a school system. Imagine how the history of Central America might have been different had Walker succeeded in establishing an American-style democracy in Nicaragua? We’ll never know thanks to Cornelius Vanderbilt. Walker was assassinated on a beach in Honduras by royalist forces as he tried to make his way back to Nicaragua. He is buried there. The concurrent outbreak of the Civil War overshadowed his legacy.

Now think about these four Nashvillians – Jackson, Bell, Houston, and Walker, just four men who were super-achievers in Nashville’s first half century. Think of all they overcame and all they accomplished. And think about what we Nashvillians are doing with our own lives today. Can you see any one of these fellows wearing a face diaper? Seeking a safe space? Questioning their “gender?” Living on a government check? Waiting for a WeGo bus to get where they were going???

Not likely.

Great Nashvillians have never been weak-kneed and they’ve never been posers. They were pioneers. They were non-conformists. They were not the type to pick an avatar and load it with what they wished to be. They ventured; gain followed. They were real people who had warts and shortcomings but who went out and made things happen, sometimes winning, sometimes losing, but never, short of death, too lost to pick themselves up and keep on going. You can bet that using their elbows to reach the top of the heap, to many they were just a pain in the ashcan. Most likely, being from Nashville, they were usually a polite pain in the ashcan, but a pain to their detractors nevertheless because they were all as tough as hickory wood.

The essential question for Nashvillians today is, will we belie the hickory wood of our roots for the balsa wood of the post-Covid, twenty –first century American doldrums?

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The Incredible Shrinking Free World

The joke going around earlier this year was that we need new conspiracy theories because all the old ones have turned out to be true. The biggest conspiracy theory to go poof is the notion that a small cabal of elitists is working toward one-world government. Because it’s no theory anymore. One-world government is already here.

Fears of one-world government have always been fueled by imaginings about the globalist machinations of the Bilderbergers or the Illuminati or various Marxist/capitalist hybrid zombies from Bill Gates to George Soros. But it’s turned out a little differently from all that.

Socialism and communism are just bait. No serious person expects either one to work in the real world. Their promises feel good because everyone shares everything with everybody, like it’s Thanksgiving every day. The collectivist ideologies are the apple held out to the masses by the elitist snake.

For those who fear failing in the free market – which is just about everybody starting out as adults – socialism/communism seems like a godsend. So the inexperienced – along with the gullible and the lazy and the looters and the moochers – are lured easily by the redistributionist siren song. But as Margaret Thatcher noted, the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money. And as Cervantes pointed out, the free cheese is always in the mousetrap.


What you end up with once that trap snaps shut is the tyranny of a ruling elite dispensing bread and circus to the dependent masses. Just like Caesar. Just like King George. Marie Antoinette. Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and the other great tyrants of history. Their examples on a global scale is what one-world government is really ALL about.

The biggest stumbling block to one-world government has been American exceptionalism. Because before “America,” there was nothing but despotism throughout the world. The elites held all the property, collected all the rents and taxes, controlled the agricultural and industrial distribution networks, and made all the laws. In Europe and Asia the elites were easy to identify as the royals and their courts, and in Africa and throughout the Muslim world as the tribal chieftains.

America came along and upset the royalist apple cart. In America, it wasn’t about equality of outcomes but equality of opportunity. In America, you could start with nothing, make a good business, and “have it all.” There was nothing to hold you back if you applied yourself. This was the system that produced Eli Whitney and Thomas Edison and Henry Ford and Ross Perot and Bill Gates and Ben Carson and Elon Musk… and Donald Trump.

For the parasitic modern American political elites – political animals like the Bush family and the Obama junta – a self-starting self-aggrandizing, self-made wealth creator like Donald Trump was NEVER supposed to capture the seat of all political and bureaucratic power in the Free World by winning the presidency.

God knows, it was bad enough when Ronald Reagan held power for eight years. Reagan led actual reform, real accomplishment, tangible prestige for American exceptionalism again after the debacles of Vietnam, Watergate, and the Iran hostage crisis. Bush, the consummate insider planted as VP to temper Reagan, followed him as president and put a stop to all that, ushering in the Clinton kleptocracy of which Joe Biden is the poster child.

When Trump won coming out of right field in 2016, it was a disaster for the Bush/Clinton/Obaman ethic of leveling American exceptionalism and ushering in the unopposed reign of the Chosen People – the political elite who suck the wealth out of the masses and into their own fleshpot fiefdoms, never to be challenged again. World Wide.

This explains the Biden presidency. It is as-if – if not literally – the One-Worlders put Biden into office specifically for the purpose of leveling America. They didn’t have to conspire to do it. The cynical, amoral, bitter leftist zealots created out of the fat of this land did it for them. The good thing: there may be no need for China to wage war against America. The U.S. is toppling on its own. Without America as a bastion of liberty, Hong Kong was lost. Taiwan will not have a chance. Neither will Israel, Sweden, Hungary, Ukraine, nor any of the other countries of this world in which one can still detect a pulse of independence.

As we head into 2022 and the Promised Land of Congressional elections, the mantra you hear over and over again is that a big red wave will turn the bastards out and sanity will return to government. There’s a big assumption in that way of thinking:

Honest elections.

So long as panic can be ginned up over a new strain of the virus, thus “necessitating” mail-in ballots which neuter the whole notion of voter ID, there will be no honest elections. Without honest elections, there is no America. There’s just one flat world of helpless people and the Marie Antoinettes sucking up the fat of the land from the very top.

If anything has seriously, systemically, been done to ensure that the 2022 and 2024 elections are safe from the corruption that prevailed in 2020, it’s the best kept secret since Who Shot JR. As Juvenal asked in ancient Rome, who will watch the watchers? If there is to be a divorce between red and blue states in the U.S., if our divisions are to level us, the fact that this question is unsettled will be the casus belli. The America-haters on the left are not the majority, nowhere near. Only in dishonest elections can they maintain the illusion of winning.

To tweak Hanlon’s Razor a bit, there’s no need to have a Bilderberg conspiracy when stupidity will do the trick. As long as the great middle buys the leftist tripe that America is racist, that voter ID laws violate civil rights, that a nation without borders is truly a nation, that everyone’s got to have the jab whether it makes epidemiological sense or not, and so on and so forth – the bovine scatology dispensed by government and media today is endless – then we’re doomed to one-world government on the modern Chinese model. If Americans don’t smarten up, stand up, and fight back now, by the time this decade is out the Free World will be very small indeed.

Smaller than any nation. Smaller than a single individual citizen. Smaller even than a mouse.


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Freedom’s just another word.

The Epoch Times ran an astute commentary by Roger Kimball last week detailing the corruption of the English language to a leftist agenda. In it Kimball uses the word “free” as an example of the effect of Orwellian Newspeak by the left to purge public consciousness of a word’s original meaning. True freedom threatens the ruling class (“All animals are more equal but some animals are more equal than others,” speaking of Orwell) that wants to impose what they call socialism on the rest of us. Thus “free” only survives in the sense that one may be “free from lice.” The idea of personal freedom is flickering against the prevailing wind of leftist totalitarianism and is threatened with extinction.

Today’s vax-mandate reality provides ample real-world evidence of this. We live in a hyper-materialistic era of smart phones, e-commerce monopolies, and intense consumerism. If you are not online with your smart phone portal at hand (aka the Millennial Ouija Board), you might as well not exist. The concept of freedom has morphed away from that of an autonomous individual with originality, uniqueness, freedom of conscience, freedom of expression, freedom of movement, and the rest of the freedoms summarized best in the Bill of Rights, to one of, simply, the freedom to navigate the material world while being monitored, tracked, and graded every step of the way.

So what if you have to have a Wuhan shot to go to a concert, to get on a plane, to keep your job? You’ve always had to get vaccinated to go to school, right? To enlist in the armed forces, right? To work at the hospital, right? So what’s one more shot? Just one shot and you have to freedom to go wherever you want and do whatever you want. However, if you don’t get the shot, you might as well live on Molokai. So that’s freedom, right?


The “shot” is not even a vaccine as understood for centuries. The CDC even had to change the definition of the word “vaccine” to fit the Wuhan shots. It’s not just one shot anyway, but multiple now with boosters and no end in sight. These shots do not prevent getting the disease nor passing it on to others. They have unknown consequences. News of the dire side effects, even deaths in the thousands, is being suppressed. Addled old Joe Biden who rants about the “unvaccinated” being dangerous to others has not even issued his threatened mandate order, yet corporate giants have lined up like the good fascists they are to force out employees – excuse me, the Newspeak word is “workers” – who won’t take the damn shots. After all, fascism is very good for business. Not so for much small business, but certainly for big business, and size matters, right?


Not in the sense that bigger is better. Bigger business and bigger government doom real personal freedom. “Size matters” when it comes to big business within a fascist system equates directly to the idea that some animals are more equal than others.

In Kris Kristofferson’s “Me and Bobby McGee” the lyrics declare that freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose. It’s a shame we’re getting so close to that point: darkness.

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