So who needs court packing?

The threat of court packing is moot when you have a Supreme Court nearly full of spineless appeasers who abdicate their duty as the court of last resort for the Constitution.

This Supreme Court’s decision not to hear arguments from the state of Texas regarding the several swing states’ highly suspect election results will go down in history – if the history is ever written, given this time of Newspeak and censorship – as the greatest dereliction of duty to the American people since Benedict Arnold. Their excuse: Texas does not have standing.

To paraphrase the plain-spoken economist Thomas Sowell, it takes a high IQ to deny the obvious. It is obvious that the voters of one state can be damaged by another state’s not playing by the same rules laid out by the Constitution in a federal election. The Attorney General of Texas is the highest law enforcement official in the state. If he suspects and claims to have evidence of foul play by other states, then how can he not have standing for the people of Texas – and by default for all other states who played by the rules – to argue his case before the Supreme Court.

Somehow seven out nine justices applied the pretzel logic that only a high IQ can dream up to deny justice to the American people in this issue. John Roberts’ fingerprints are all over this again, just as in the Obamacare case a few years ago when he managed to recast the individual mandate as a tax, thus keeping the so-called Affordable Care Act so-called constitutional.

Two of the oldest members of the court dissented. Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito were the only justices brave and judicious enough to argue for hearing the case. They were fearless in the face of the appearance of partisanship. But actual appearances are that the majority was afraid to judge a case on its merits in the face of blowback from the radical left.

Perhaps the seven justices refusing to hear the case were applying the CYK doctrine – Cover Your Keister. If they voted to allow sunlight to shine on the corruption of the presidential election, then they might have to squeeze in a little tighter in those Supreme Court group photos as their exclusive club of nine became maybe thirteen, maybe more if the Biden junta manages to finish the coup after all and carries through on its threats to pack the court.

But it’s a moot point now. Except for the increasingly unlikely event that some other case makes it up the ladder to the court and the hear no evil, see no evil majority redeem themselves, it has been proved that the left can count on this court to deliver whatever they want. Facts be damned, because evidence and argument regarding the highest crime in American history will never see the light of day in America’s highest court.

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Author: John Arra

John Arra is the pen name of a determined individualist who tries to connect the dots of life by writing.

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