Why are they calling them vaccines?

If somebody were to tell you they’re giving your child a vaccine to protect against polio, you’d have a reasonable expectation your kid wouldn’t get polio, right? You wouldn’t think it was much of a vaccine if it promised only to cripple your child in one leg, not both, right? Or if it had unforeseen side effects? 

Right. The polio vaccine, as the many effective, true vaccines that followed did in similar fashion for their targeted scourges, wiped out polio. The shots for the Wuhan Virus being pushed on the public now do no such thing. In fact, they only seem to do one thing, and not even 100% at that: reduce the symptoms.

The literature handed out with the Pfizer shots says only that it has “been shown to prevent” the virus in a study. But “the duration of protection against COVID-19 is currently unknown.” In fact it states the shots don’t even contain the weakened virus, the hallmark of how true vaccines actually work.


Whatever good the shots do is temporary.

The effectiveness is unknown.

And the duration is unknown.

Thus you can’t count on the shots keeping you from being contagious.

And so the shots do not stop the spread of the virus.

And in fact they may encourage it, including mutations, by giving people a false sense of security. Let’s have a study of bona fide deaths from the virus in vulnerable populations who’ve had the shots.

For all the hoopla about the so-called vaccines, the only good they seem to do is to reduce the symptoms in the vulnerable populations. They are like getting a cortisone shot to reduce your back pain. The cortisone gives you mobility for a while, but you still have a bad back. With what we now know about other palliatives and early treatment regimens, the so-called vaccine is hardly more helpful now than respirators ever were.

And better yet, all this effort put into shots and masks and quarantines and contact tracing could be much more effectively used to educate sickly individuals on eating better, exercising more, and avoiding bad habits so they can handle viruses better in general. Especially now that the virus has mostly played itself out, overblown as it has been all along.

While they are saying it’s killed 500,000 Americans in the last year, there hasn’t been anywhere near an equivalent increase in the overall death count of Americans. Sounds like there have been more than a few clerical errors in counting virus deaths, now doesn’t it? But if the death count doesn’t keep mounting, the Wuhan virus damnpanic can’t be sustained and that’s bad for business. Including political monkey business.

The drug companies making the shots, public health bureaucrats, and control-crazed politicians are counting on your not realizing these very basic facts. They want you to think you’re getting a vaccine, not just an injected palliative. There’s a heck of a lot of money involved. Not to mention, a la the CCP and their social scoring mania, forcing “vaccinations” on every living soul is a heck of a good way to separate the compliant from the uncooperative.

 If you think this cabal that makes up our supposed “public health establishment” is on your side, think again. Just think Zantac. Think Thalidomide. Think Bill Gates’ botched vaccine experiment in India.

If you are not in the vulnerable population, there are serious reasons to question the rationale for having these sera injected into your bloodstream. The shots were developed using new, speculative technology that messes with your RNA. The shots have not gone through the full range of FDA testing and approvals for long-term safety. And if something does go wrong with your shots, thanks to federal law, there’s nobody you – or your survivors – can sue. Basically there is just a complaint department. It’s right there in that literature mentioned before. Good luck with that.

We old folks don’t have so much to lose. Have another drink. Smoke another cigar. Have another piece of cheesecake. Get the shots. Life is short for us anyway. But for younger folks, especially those who intend to bear or father children, think again.

It’s still a relatively free country. At this point, you can mostly still make decisions about your own health and your children’s. Get the shots if you want. But know these shots are not what you understand to be vaccines. They do nothing to stop the virus. They affect your RNA. You don’t know how that might be passed down in your genes. And the same folks who foisted this virus upon the world are the ones so anxious for you to take their shots now.

Who? W.H.O. The puppet of China ably assisted by Dr. Fauci and the C.D.C. and now the Biden Junta. They are no more about health than the shots are about vaccination.

For a two-page PDF statement of where Way Out Charlotte Pike is coming from, please CLICK HERE.

Author: John Arra

John Arra is the pen name of a determined individualist who tries to connect the dots of life by writing.

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