Universal vaccination is exactly the wrong goal.

Whatever the majority of health authorities and politicians are telling you to do, do the opposite and you’ll most likely be better off.

Of course, you may draw the short straw and nothing will stop the Wuhan virus from killing you. But even among the target population, even those who haven’t taken the so-called vaccine, that eventuality is rare.

No sane person is 100% against vaccines. True vaccines. Long before Salk perfected the polio vaccine, the human race had figured out that taking a bit of the poison could create antibodies in your bloodstream to fight the full poison. This saved countless lives even before Salk for a variety of viral scourges. The science that perfected true vaccines, tested over years and thousands upon thousands of animals and humans, was a medical achievement rivaled only by the perfection of antibiotics.

But what they’re calling vaccines today are not vaccines a la the polio vaccine. The “vaccines” being pushed for the Wuhan virus do not create an immunity. They are an injected palliative designed to soften the symptoms and thus to reduce the chance of hospitalization or death.

So if you’re past child-bearing age, if you have diabetes or other have other conditions that compromise your health, by all means, take the shots. At a certain age for us older folks, it’s here today, gone tomorrow anyway, right? The chance of a bad virus outcome outweighs the chance of a bad “vaccine” outcome.

But for the young, the healthy, and especially for those still of child-bearing age, taking the shots is a gamble. Many individuals have suffered awful side effects, even died from side effects of the shots. It is an open question whether the way some of the shots alter your RNA has long term consequences. There is good reason these “vaccines” are not FDA approved. The studies that have been done on them were rushed, limited, and financially and politically compromised. For Heaven’s sake, until years of study have been conducted, they should not be foisted on children. If the adverse reactions and deaths that have resulted from the current “vaccines” were evidenced in real vaccines, they would have been pulled from the market immediately.

There is even a school of thought that considers it a legitimate risk that by reducing symptoms in the healthy, the shots actually encourage spread of the virus. There is another school of thought that suggests the vaccines may encourage mutations of the virus. The millions who have already had the virus have natural immunity and the shots may actually interfere with that. These are reasonable concerns. Shouldn’t decisions about universal “vaccination” be delayed until true, long-term studies have been conducted?

Of course.

But meantime, the constant corporate and government drumbeat is: Get the shots. And worse, the lie is promulgated that the shots stop the spread of the disease. They don’t. The “vaccinated” people who get the virus are called “breakthrough” cases, as if they were exceptional. They are not. They just happened to get tested even though they had no or mild symptoms. The shots do not stop the virus. You do not protect anyone else by getting the shots. You do it for the sake of your own health only.

The health administration and political figures who had the hubris to think they could defeat the virus ordered lockdowns, shutdowns, mask-wearing, school closings, quarantines, and social isolation. These policies have all been shown to be boneheaded. The vulnerable should have been protected and the virus allowed to sweep through the population, going the way all viruses do. Yet the same boneheads now want to mandate the shots, impose vaccine passports, and make kids go back to wearing the suffocating masks in school.

If you get all your news from NPR, ABC Radio News, etc, or God forbid, your “smart” phone, turn them all off. You’ve heard enough of that b.s. by now. Take a listen instead to the forbidden, cancelled voices. Though sometimes wrong, they can’t be more wrong than the official boneheads. Use your discernment to size up what’s right for you.

And whatever the medical Mussolinis of this world are telling you, take it with a grain of salt. And maybe a grain of zinc, vitamin D, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin or whatever a good doctor whom you know and trust recommends.

For a two-page PDF statement of where Way Out Charlotte Pike is coming from, please CLICK HERE.

Author: John Arra

John Arra is the pen name of a determined individualist who tries to connect the dots of life by writing.

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