Two Soldiers

(Please note: Since this post was published, Lt. Col. Scheller has been jailed by the Marines. See Tucker Carlson’s interview with his attorney HERE.)

The contrasting examples of soldiers Stuart Scheller and Mark Milley demonstrate better than any other events since January what America has lost.

When the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan was revealed to the world, Marine Lt. Col. Scheller released a statement on social media calling the military command to account for the deadly and destructive mistakes it was making. In doing so, he put his career in jeopardy and indeed, subsequently he was relieved of his command and had to resign his commission, losing all benefits accrued.

Gen. Mark Milley, on the other hand, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has doubled down publicly not only on the command decisions re Afghanistan, but also has so far not denied his alleged insubordinate actions while serving under President Trump, undermining the American principle of civilian command of the military. If the statements and actions attributed to Milley in Bob Woodward’s new book are true, he is guilty not only of committing treasonous acts, but also of playing an instrumental role in the Biden Junta’s apparent coup d’etat of the legitimately elected president.

Stuart Scheller is a hero. Mark Milley is a chump. Milley knows what bureaucrats and politicians alike know in any Third World government: as long as they support the usurper of democratic power, there will be no accountability, no punishment for illegality, no need for shame. The American republic was set up to make this sort of behavior impossible through the election process, every two years for representatives, every four years for presidents, every six years for senators.

But the Biden Junta believes they will never lose another key election. Why? Because they have rigged the system. If the people can’t vote the rascals out, then the judiciary and the rest of the swamp fall right in line with the wishes of the ruling junta. That is why the Biden Junta could not care less how badly their public opinion falls due to their purposefully incompetent actions whether in energy policy, border security, health care, or defense.

Little more than a year remains until the 2022 mid-term elections. Little has been done by state legislatures to correct the abuses of the 2020 election. If the duly elected officials don’t get busy especially in the key states with the most corruption, we will be right back where we were in 2020 with mail-out, mail-in ballots and manipulated results.

Thus America is an occupied country. Truly patriotic Americans like Stuart Scheller have no place in today’s America. That means you and I don’t either, even the Democrats among us. We have no rights. We have no vote. We have no voice. Get used to it. If you don’t think it’s really that bad, you will soon enough. Because there are precious few Americans today willing to risk their comfortable job, their homes, their personal relationships, and their personal security to stand up for the country we once knew.

Just a few. Like Stuart Scheller.

God bless him.

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Author: John Arra

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