Great Expectations, or Fake Expectations?

Looking forward to the 2024 election is no less stirring than the great expectations that Pip entertained for pursuing happiness with the fair Estella.

Facing daily consternation at the damage to our country and civilization in general, we who believe in American exceptionalism are easily excited by any reason for hope. We know the 2020 election belonged to Trump and was stolen right out from under our noses. We have endured the aftermath. We look forward to November with great expectation.

The huge crowds Trump gathers week after week energize us. The dishonest persecutions of Trump, his associates, and the January 6 protesters tear at our hearts. The Stalinesque theft of Trump’s property in New York infuriates us. The absolutely insane border, military, global warming, sexual, and racial policies pushed by the Obiden administration punch us in the gut. The faltering economy, from which government-caused inflation has sucked the very marrow, empties our wallets.

Everyone knows that Biden is a doddering, corrupt old fool. Everyone knows that people who worship globalism and hate America are undermining our Republic. Everyone – including so-called progressive friends and family when you can pin them down long enough on any given issue to stop spewing Trump-hate – is fed up with turning our culture upside down. Enough is enough! The coming election must turn the corner for America!

Except, it won’t. In our guts we know that the forces torching the world around us will never, ever let Trump become president again. If they did not fear a real insurrection, and the millions of gun-owners who would be behind it, they would have killed Trump before this and been done with him. Yet with the election coming and their ways of cheating well known, Trump is indeed a dead man walking. One way or another, at the end of a bullet or by poisoning like Navalny, they will Putinize Trump to eliminate him if they cannot pull off rigging the election again.

It is a wonder that Trump carries on with the charade of an election that he knows he cannot win. He knows the finish line will keep moving. He knows there has been no substantive reform of the electoral practices that make stealing elections easy in America. Mail-in ballots, early voting, ballot harvesting, drop boxes, hackable machines, social media censorship and misinformation – they are all still in place.

Trump is bound to know that 2024 will end up just like 2020.

Except for one thing, perhaps?

One can only speculate. However, consider this: No matter how carefully the Bureaucracy closed ranks and iced Trump’s people out, they could not possibly have hidden every secret file from Trump’s team, the secret files maintained against everyone who might make a difference. Like the Internet, no file ever goes completely away, because the file collectors, the custodians of the Deep State, never know who they are going to have to neutralize to keep power, whether a threat like Trump from the right… or perhaps a Bernie Sanders or Robert F. Kennedy Jr. from the left… or even one of their true believers at that top who suddenly gets a conscience and threatens to blow the whistle.

Which ones are the pedophiles? The closet homosexuals? The cross-dressers? Which ones have kids who are perverts or dopers? Or have affairs to hide? Which ones have wealth provably stolen from the public coffers? Or dallied on Epstein’s Island a bit too much? It’s all in there somewhere. And the Left has been playing such cards selectively but effectively for decades to influence courts and attorneys-general and political and administrative officials and such to do their bidding at just the critical moment they needed to – such as passing Obamacare through an otherwise unwilling Congress and before a supposedly conservative Supreme Court.

A wish and a nickel are worth exactly five cents. But let’s hope that Trump has an ace up his sleeve. Let’s hope that the reason the Feds raided Mar-a-Lago and have swatted and perp-walked old men like Peter Navarro and Roger Stone and Steve Bannon is that they know Trump has the goods on the Left from those secret files. And the collection of files he’s holding is the ace up Trump’s sleeve they are desperately trying to find.

Trump, we can only hope in this wishful thinking, is a better card player than any of them and will whip out that ace up his sleeve at just the right moment to make sure that this time his legitimate win is locked in. Then our fake expectations will indeed be great expectations – MAGA great.

At this point, we, like Pip, can can only vote in overwhelming numbers and hope. Otherwise, we are all Alexei Navalny, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

For a two-page PDF statement of where Way Out Charlotte Pike is coming from, please CLICK HERE.

Author: John Arra

John Arra is the pen name of a determined individualist who tries to connect the dots of life by writing.

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