Was January 6 America’s final turning point?

The real meaning of the various events of January 6, 2021 is not yet fully apparent to most Americans. But it’s getting there. As sure as the sun comes up in the morning America is waking up to the truth about that day despite every desperate, heavy-handed, pathologically dishonest tactic the enemies of freedom are using to squelch it.

Who are the enemies of freedom? To paraphrase Justice Potter Stewart, you know them when you see them. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and AOC lead the charge in covering up the Deep Police-State role in the so-called Insurrection, but freedom’s enemies are myriad operators just as venal as they are, though far more subtle. Some wear the cloak of the opposition, like a Mitt Romney for example, but in their lust for power they work just as certainly to undermine the best interests of the country and its citizens.

Satan wears many disguises, and of course, the devil is in the details. This phenomenon comes out in many ways often betrayed most plainly by language – the Affordable Care Act, for example, is anything but. In the hands of the enemies within, the Justice Department – including the federal police agencies such as the ATF, the FBI, the CIA, and the NSA – become cudgels against honest citizens rather than their protectors. Add to that list now, the Capitol Police. There’s hardly any justice in all that.

What we are witnessing today – rising inflation, abject humiliation before the world in Afghanistan, chaos on the southern border, rising crime, and short energy supplies to name a few of the issues that have become critical since the Biden Junta took office – is the culmination of nearly a century-long push by the enemies of America to bring it down from within.

When you honestly exam the videos and testimony – to the extent we’re allowed to see either one – it becomes clear that the events among the mob of January 6 were a fracas, not an insurrection. It’s like having kids in the back seat of your car who suddenly erupt into a brawl. You cannot identify who started it, so you punish all of them just to get quiet. Justice is not served, only a tenuous peace.

The fact is, despite Speaker Pelosi’s campaign to make the fracas in the Capitol the focal point of public attention, the mob events were just a sideshow. The real insurrection was the stealing of an election and that backseat fracas was simply used as a distraction from the real injustice – the certification of the Electoral College results. Technically they gave Biden the presidency but they were based on faulty data. Everyone knew it but no one could or would do anything about it thanks to compromised judges, amoral attorneys, and diabolical politicians. Thus, from the moment the vote was certified, America became an occupied country.

President Trump was right to blame Vice President Mike Pence for failing the American people in this moment. He, along with other good, basically honest servants of the people like Senators Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty, and even Kentucky’s Rand Paul, were so horrified by the fracas that they lost their nerve and voted for peace rather than justice. They have been going out of their way to prove their conservative bona fides to anyone who will point a video camera at them ever since. Conservative though they may be, they faltered when America needed them most. They were the last bulwark against a stolen election.

So now we are seeing the results of their failure. We have an imbecile propped up as President. The country is being ruled by committee. The decisions being made are so bad that many wonder if they are intentional, designed to bring America down. And nothing epitomizes the Biden Junta’s dereliction of duty more clearly than their botched withdrawal from Aghanistan leaving thousands of Americans trapped behind enemy lines.

So the question that is the title of this piece hangs over the country now like the sword of Damocles. The Biden Junta has in just half a year changed the trajectory of the country so radically that if it is not changed back just as radically and quickly, it may never be corrected. Once inflation wrecks the economy, once our enemies know just how weak we are, once civil unrest has been unleashed in the biggest melting pot ever assembled since Babel, how soon is it before we have reached the point of no return?

Perhaps that point was actually reached on January 6. If real Americans to do not stand up now, push back against the encroachments on their civil liberties and the Constitution in everything from arbitrary “health” mandates to voter ID, we will never know. But America may end up like one more headstone at Arlington.

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Author: John Arra

John Arra is the pen name of a determined individualist who tries to connect the dots of life by writing.

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