Not this president and not these generals.

In whatever history is written in the future, the crowning achievement for which Joe Biden will be remembered is that he freed Afghanistan from America, ironically in the midst of securing America as an occupied country. Like Caesar’s leading Rome from the greatest republic known to human civilization up to that time to a monarchy, Biden in half a year has transformed America from the greatest republic of the modern era to a Third World dictatorship.

Except… Joe Biden himself could not have done this because he is just a few brain cells away from being a complete imbecile. Hillary Clinton would have been the imbecile in office one term earlier if in their hubris the Left had not failed to cheat the 2016 election. Instead Trump took it, fair and square. And once the American people saw what he accomplished in just one term with every pillar of the Deep State stacked against him, they overwhelmingly reelected him in 2020.

But in 2020 the junta left nothing to chance, certainly not real vote counting, and greatly aided by the Wuhan virus, they twisted all the knobs and pulled all the levers of crooked politics to usher addled old Joe Biden into the presidency with perhaps the only woman in the world despised more than Hillary Clinton as his VP. Neither of these vapid characters is capable of gaining or even treading water in office on their own.

So America is now ruled by a commissariat in Soviet terminology, or in the Third World, what is commonly called a junta, a ruling committee that replaces God as the grantor of liberty and instead dispenses whatever freedoms, whatever success, whatever needs the citizens may have – if they see fit.

Who makes up the Biden Junta? The evidence is now overwhelming. The intentionally disastrous exit from Afghanistan is covered in Barack Obama’s fingerprints.

Just travel back in time a bit. In 2009, Obama was fresh in office and the Alabama Maersk, a freight ship, was taken over by Somali pirates. Eventually they took the captain hostage and fled for the African coast in a lifeboat. The Navy tracked them down and had a clear shot, but the snipers were told by their superiors to stand down. Presumably this order came from Obama himself. But the story goes that the sailors feigned radio interference to proceed. No spoiler here – you can see what happened yourself, with only vague, veiled reference to Obama’s orders, in the excellent Tom Hanks movie, Captain Phillips.

Next up was the Arab spring where Obama encouraged the overthrow of multiple despots throughout north Africa and the Middle East. He did it supposedly in the name of democracy but was he surprised that the power vacuums created were filled by Islamists? Not on your life. But all at the cost of thousands of lives, civil wars, and the creation of ISIS. All of which led to a fiasco in Benghazi, Libya, eerily foretelling what we just watched happen in Afghanistan. We had forces in place to save Americans caught in the whirlwind of a terrorist takeover yet hour after hour, the order would not come down to save them. You can see all this, again with Obama’s role vague and veiled, in another excellent movie, 13 Hours.

Obama’s chief advisor Susan Rice was instrumental in all these episodes which by any faithful American, would be seen as debacles – or in the Somali incident, a near miss. But Obama and Rice and others from his administration who make up the Biden Junta, the real power behind the throne, are high-fiving each other over America’s humiliation in Afghanistan. And loving that Biden gets the blame for it while they pull the strings.

When he very first took office, Obama had the bust of Winston Churchill removed from the Oval Office. Churchill had led the saving of the British army trapped at Dunkirk, prelude to his leading the charge to save Western Civilization from fascism and communism. To a radical like Obama, however, Churchill was no hero but instead a scourge, a symbol of the white colonialism that repressed him so horribly that he was elected president of the United States, fair and square. Such is the twisted ideology of the Left.

Today’s America, thanks to Obama and his co-conspirators, is in worse shape to survive the challenges of its occupation by usurpers of freedom than Britain was to take on Nazi Germany. Even the military brass is dominated by feckless cowards as demonstrated so shockingly in the past few days in Afghanistan. We are trapped at Dunkirk and we need a Churchill. We had one in Trump. History will remember Trump as the last legitimate President of the Republic. Rome never regained its republic and one wonders, who will lead us back to ours?

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Author: John Arra

John Arra is the pen name of a determined individualist who tries to connect the dots of life by writing.

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