Tweets I never tweeted…

…mainly because I don’t do social media, so I have never tweeted. Now that it’s bye, bye, birdie, I guess it’s time to release a few birds of my own:

My pronouns are Y’all and Y’uns.

Trying to have meaningful communication by text is as dumb as two thumbs.

Alcohol may not be the root of all evil, but it’s damn good fertilizer.

What Google giveth, Google can take away.

Don’t be surprised when Maui becomes a naval base for the CCP.

As a small business owner, I have lots of accrued time off – redeemable only postmortem, I’m afraid.

Citizens should be just as well armed as the Bureaucrats.

God is the sum of all our collective and individual love. Satan is the sum of all our collective and individual hate.

The four stages of wisdom: 1. Realizing your parents are not perfect. 2. Realizing you yourself are not perfect. 3. Realizing your children are not perfect. 4. Being fine with that.

War is good economic policy through other means.

When a woman butters a man up, he best prepare to be slid into the oven surrounded by carrots and potatoes.

Senior citizenship is just a state of mind: feeling old, fat, and bewildered.

The American media just makes me a bundle full of pissed off. So does the UN. And the WHO. And Congress. And the NBA. Well, just about every major institution left standing today, come to think of it.

The most tragic victim of Covid 19: Hong Kong.

It seems that most ethnic restaurants these days (Chinese, Mexican, Korean, etc.) are run by some kind of Mafia, picking the locations, financing them, providing the supplies, and feeding immigrant labor to staff them. Just a hunch.

The Obiden Administration’s efforts to level American exceptionalism and quash individual liberties seems to be taken from the disastrous post-Civil War Reconstruction model. The South rose again, so hopefully American can, too.

Re the 2024 presidential election: the die have long been cast and they are loaded. All the kerfuffle about polling, primaries, and debates is nothing but… kerfuffle. The Democrats have committed too many shameless crimes ever to allow legitimate elections to take them out of power.

There’s no such category as hate crimes. All crimes are hateful.

The most ridiculous virtue signaling of all is signing politicians’ speeches for the deaf.

Abortion is the most efficient from of lynching.

Don’t donate to the RNC. You are just throwing your money into a Bush-League, Never-Trumper money pit.

Has anybody else noticed that governments everywhere are trying to take over the jobs that the Mafia was designed to do? Numbers, dope, sex trafficking, protection rackets. Extorting money through taxes is apparently not nearly as fun as all that.

In the battle between the Barbarians and civilization, I’m with Israel.

I’ll try to get some x posts together before it xpires.
Yours Truly, Not@JohnArra

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Author: John Arra

John Arra is the pen name of a determined individualist who tries to connect the dots of life by writing.

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